It’s Game Six for the Cardinals and Giants tonight at 6:30pm CT, Carpenter versus Vogelsong. Since the Cardinals never lose elimination games, and they wouldn’t be the Cardinals without taking it to the elimination game, I’m thinking the Giants will probably win. But it won’t matter …

  • According to Bill Center of the North County Times, the Padres have officially dropped their claim against the Cubs for compensation related to the Cubs hiring Jed Hoyer and Jason McLeod last year. That compensation issue, never made as sexy as the Theo compensation issue, was put off and put off after not being settled back in Spring Training. It was never expected to be much, and in the last few months, when folks asked, I said some variation of, “I think all sides have just kind of let it go.” Now, it sounds like that’s exactly what happened. Why? Well, there could be a variety of reasons, but I’d guess it’s a mix of three things: (1) the compensation was never going to be a whole lot because the previous Padres’ CEO was perfectly happy making Josh Byrnes his new GM, and thus felt like losing Jed wasn’t really a big deal; (2) the ownership change on the Padres’ side this season pushed these kinds of things off to the side; and (3) the compensation was probably to come from a list of minor leaguers, none of whom emerged as guys the Padres felt like they just had to have. With a full year passing, the Padres probably just decided to move on (or the two sides had some kind of agreement on a drop dead date). Whatever the case, it sounds like this story is over.
  • The A’s, Diamondbacks, and Marlins got together in an interesting deal yesterday, with Chris Young going to the A’s, Heath Bell, Cliff Pennington and cash going to the Diamondbacks, and a meh prospect going to the Marlins. I’ll address the implications in an upcoming Lukewarm Stove, but I wanted to mention it, lest you think I wasn’t paying attention (and I wanted to note that … really? A big trade during the playoffs? That almost never happens – indeed, I can’t think of the last time it happened).
  • Jason Aldean and his Night Train Tour (I don’t know what that is) will be playing at Wrigley Field next year on July 30. Yay, revenue.
  • Dan McNeil looks at the candidates to replace Bob Brenly, and suggests that Steve Stone, improbably, is the favorite.
  • MichiganGoat

    I thought there was “no moves during the playoff” rule?

    • King Jeff

      It happens all the time. I think Derek Lowe was traded during the playoffs last year.

    • Evan

      I think the rule is that there can be no major announcement during the World Series not the playoffs, but I could be wrong.

    • Nick Nesler

      it can only happen on an off day.

  • Frank

    Me too. I thought it was something like midnight after the final game of the World Series was the earliest possible.

    • Evan

      I think you can during the divisional rounds and the league championship rounds just not during the actual World Series. I remeber Selig was angry with Boras and A-Rod when they came out and said he was opting out of his contract during the World Series a few years back.

  • JR

    I like when the Cubs negotiate trades/compensation with the Padres. It usually seems to go well. Lets trade with them early and often this offseason.

    • stillmisskennyhubbs

      The Cubs and Padres have invented the PNTBNL: the Player Not To Be Named Later….

      • JR

        Good stuff!

  • Carne Harris

    Kind of a bummer trade for us if we were looking to pick up one of the Dbacks extra OF’s.

  • Tony

    Chris Yong blows. LOL @ the Marlins. Of course, Bell blows too, so LOLs all around!

    • JR

      Exatly! The Marlins are ridiculous in so many ways. Genius move picking up Carlos Lee Marlins. LOL everything Marlin.

      • JR

        After thiking about it at least the Marlins went for it. Thats more than you can say for the other Florida team. If the Rays ever grew some nuts and became dealine buyers, they could be the team representing the AL. I am looking at you Soriano in a Rays uniform. Match made in heaven. To bad they are both to stupid to realize it..

        • gutshot5820

          I agree with you totally. It is much better to go for it then not to. The only thing it cost the Marlins and their fans was money from the owner’s pocket. Why do fans think so negatively about spending? Detroit spent quite a bit of money in the offseason and they are doing fine. Only two teams can make it to the World Series, so no matter how much you spend or don’t spend it will not guarantee a World Series, but it will definitely improve your chances.

          • Kubphan82

            WS winners last 10 years…

            2011 STL… 11th in payroll (Cubs 6th)
            2010 SF… 10th in payroll (Cubs 3rd)
            2009 NYY… #1 (Cubs 3rd)
            2008 PHI… 12th in payroll (Cubs 8th, playoffs)
            2007 BOS… #2 (Cubs 8th, playoffs)
            2006 STL… 12th (Cubs 7th)
            2005 CSox… 13th (Cubs 8th)
            2004 BOS… #2 (Cubs 6th)
            2003 FL… 25th (Cubs 11th, playoffs)
            2002 ANA… 15th (Cubs 12th)

            7/10 were all in double digits for payroll…

            It’s not about spending money, it’s about spending it wisely. #5, 8, or 9 will win it this year… I can break down DET, year by year if you want to show you how they built… Just like the Cubs are attempting right now…

  • Ted

    Brett, have you heard any Cubs/Otani connections? Would be good way to get pitching depth.

    • JR

      Not Brett, but I would be shocked if the Cubs weren’t in on Otani. Considering that the Cubs young pitching blows, and the approach of the Front office to buy young talent to bolster the system. It seems like a no brainer, unless Thed sees something they don’t like with him..

      • Evan

        Otani wouldn’t count against our international signing pool would he? If he does count agaisnt it i think the cubs are already maxed out on their international cap with the Juan Carlos Paniagua signing.

        • nkniacc13

          Im not sure I know that Boston, LAD and Texas have all sent reps there to talk to him according to mlbtr. They won’t have to pay a posting fee thou

        • King Jeff

          I think he does count against it since he’s an amateur free agent.

  • abe

    I hope the Red Soxs have to give up huge prospect for compensation to the Blue Jays for Farrel. Hopefully it will be their top prospect Bogart. It will serve them right.

    • JR

      It’s already been announced. Aviles is going to Toronto. Which I guess is a decet get for the Blue Jays.

  • ferrets_bueller

    . . .waiting for the trolls to post about this proving Jed is worthless in 3….2….1….

    • DarthHater

      heh heh

    • @cubsfantroy

      Jed is completely worthless…

  • Kevin

    Jed is only as good as Rickett’s pockets will allow. I’m not sure TR is totally upfront and honest with the Cubs faithful followers. Certainly, I hope he proves me wrong.

  • nkniacc13

    If your building from ground up then your not going to spend a bunch on FA which i get im going to very interested to see if the Cubs trade any prospects this winter to try and get some pitching into the system

  • josh

    does anyone think cubs will be in play on that Japanese pitcher?

    • Njriv

      I’m indifferent, I think they should because he’s young, 18, he’ll spend time in the minors, so he”ll have time to adjust to America, unlike the other Japanese players that come over are usually older and are thrown right into things. But, on the other hand, it’s a lot of money to invest into a young kid.

      • Luke

        Cubs have virtually no cap space on the IFA budget, and that budget does not reset until next summer. I doubt the Cubs could land him no matter how interested they are.

        • WGNstatic

          Is there a listing somewhere of how much cap space teams around the league have left?

          It seems poor timing for him (not that he could control it) to hit the market at this point in the year. Any chance he could wait to sign with a team until June to maximize his bonus?

          • CubFan Paul

            If Otani doesn’t wait til July 2013 he’s getting bad advice. The Cubs will have more than $2.95M that all teams had this year, so Otani would be smart to wait and not accept only ‘$2.95M’ from a team that hasn’t signed any IFAs (are there any left?).

  • Jade

    Am I the only one who thinks Steve Stone makes way to much sense for the Cubs booth? In a way Stone is perfect. Back in the days of Harry, Stone was the informative calm one, while Harry bellowed like a drunken fan praying for a long one. (home run)
    These days old Stoney would be cast as the cantankerous cigar smoking anti sabermetric ex player. A great foil for the nerdy Kasper. It could be too much clash if Stone didn’t understand his role. He would no longer have to be the voice of reason saddled with the ‘drunken fan’ for a partner. He could relax into his crabby old school ways. plus if it didn’t work the CUbs only have 2 years on the WGN deal, but if it did they could make Stone part of whatever new thing ( a Cubs Channel?) they decide to do.
    People forget Harry was only with the Cubs for 16 seasons + 10 with the White Sox. Though he made the HOF and his name in a large part because of the added 24yrs with the Cards, but Stone has been in Chicago longer. Another 8 years would make it 30 years on TV and a World Series would probably punch his HOF ticket and MAYBE put up a statue. One would think that would all be greatly important to a baseball lifer like Stone, but who knows. We’ll see.

    • Tommy

      Jade – yes, yes, yes, yes, and YES!

    • JR

      I may be in the minority but I can’t stand Stone. I use to like him back in the day, but that dudes head has gotten pretty big over the years. I am sure it’s a nightmare working with Hawk, but Stone annoys me too.

      • Boogens

        Hard to say whether or not you’re in the minority. I do want Stoney back. I was really pissed off when he left in the first place but over the years he’s been very snarky and petty towards to the Cubs, so I can see your point of view. If he can bury the hatchet and let go of the past then I’m all for him coming back.

    • Stevie B

      ^^^ I’m in on this too…

      Stone is a great baseball mind, plus this club is missing a face older fans can connect to. I’m 43 and all my old connects, the last of which being Woody, are all gone.
      Who is going to be my next Sandberg, Sosa, Maddux, or Wood?
      Bringing back Stone would calm the natives until the core of this team reveals itself.

  • nkniacc13

    they may depending on if he counts against the spending limit. If so then no because they are maxed out if they don’t count then id be shocked if they weren’t even thou the Cubs haven’t been mentioned as a team that has been in on him

    • JR

      Does anyone know if he counts against the international signing amount? And why would all those other teams still have money to spend on international players still? Other than Otani isn’t most of the talent signed already?

  • IndyCubsFan

    You’re not alone! I used to be a Steve Stone fan too, but he’s kinda rough to listen to now. I wouldn’t be opposed to Chip Carey! He wasn’t too bad! What does everyone think of bringing Grace in?

    • Boogens

      Chip Caray is a play-by-play analyst. Je’s not going to be replacing Brenly.

      • Boogens

        Sorry — meant to say “He’s”.

  • calicubsfan007

    I really think that the Dbacks won this trade, with the A’s in second. The Dbacks got a really good closer for a outfielder who’s best season was 2010. But, maybe he is kind of like Soto in terms of being good in random years, since Young was goodish in 2007. Maybe Beane sees that trend too. Young was such a feast or famine type of hitter, as his career BA was .239. And his WAR dropped from a solid 5.2 in 2010, to a meager 1.9 in 2012. So, anyone who thought that we missed out on a “huge opportunity” with Young, think again. Oh, and his oWAR and dWAR this year were definitely nothing to write home about (1.0 and 1.0).

    • Cubs1967

      ummm……yeah…..we missed out, but nice try. he’s still better than dejesus so what’s your point. he was hurt most of this year so get off the 2012 stats; he’s under 30 and would of cost less than marmol if the asleep jed/theo team had been paying attention.
      young has a 12 WAR since 2010……so yeah…cubs should of been on this one.(plus he killed us back in 2007)……..but NO>>>>>>>let beane get him and based on cespedes, looks like beane knows OF better than our tag team.(n\hmmmmm the A’s had dejesus once….don’t see them wanting him again……..)

      baseball america has the top 5 drafts by mlb teams……..kind of useless as baseball is so hard to predict, but the cubs were not in top 5. that is stunning………..i thought all this losing on purpose was for a reason……????……….so I expect the threesome to have the cubs in the top 5 every year for the next 4 yrs or when they might try to stop losing on purpose ….(maybe that’s why the padres said no…..the guys we got suck?)

      • calicubsfan007

        @1967: Okay. I am really saying what I saw. I have watched the Dbacks quite avidly for the past 7 years, as they are my second favorite team. I included the stats to back up what I was trying to prove. The guy has always had holes in his swing. He would be a great asset to us if he was younger and if he was more consistent. I am not going to try and venture a guess on the whole compensation thing, since I am not very savvy on the whole compensation thing period. The Dbacks have a very, very rich farm system, so Young became expendable to him. He was not very consistent before an injury riddled 2012, his career BA is .239. He made the All Star team in 2010 because of his hot start, yet he cooled off after the break. The guy is a decent fielder who cost more money than he was worth. $7,000,000 in 2012 (injured), $8,500,000 in 2013, and a possible team option of $11,500,000. We do not need or want that kind of salary weight. Granted, this isn’t the same level of ridiculous money paid as ARod or Sori, but it seems pretty ridiculous based on all the play that I have seen.

        • DarthHater

          Dude, there’s no point trying to reason with Andy WAR-hole. Some website says Young has higher WAR than DeJesus, and that’s more than enough fodder for another day of ranting against the FO.

          • MichiganGoat

            Agreed, you just have to stop feeding the trolls.

  • die hard

    Stone is/was good..need a fresh perspective and preferably former Cub….

    • Tommy

      I thought I’d never say this…but I agree 100% with die hard.

    • The Dude Abides

      I think Milton Bradley is looking for work and his take would be interesting…

  • TeddyBallGame

    Brett, this article makes no sense. The Padres MADE us give up Cashner in exchange for Rizzo. They robbed us!!!

  • Kevin

    If other teams are being proactive and swinging deals during the playoffs, which, by the way, should not be allowed since there are still 3 teams in the playoffs, dont you think the Cubs are just laying down by not doing anything? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want any non-impact trades just for the sake of making a trade but wouldn’t you feel a little better if the Cubs actually showed up on the radar screen?

    • Brett

      You mean you think the fact that three teams – out of 27 – made deals, it demonstrates that the Cubs are doing nothing? In October?

      • cjdubbya

        Yup. Rumor has it that Theo, Jed and Jason are all vacationing with their wives down in the Caribbean, and that they’re planning to stay there until late February. Not even going to go to the Winter Meetings, just saying “we’re going to maintain the status quo”. I’m sure that’s *exactly* what’s going through their heads.

        I think the thing that stands out to me is that in the past year, it seems like the deals with the most chatter surrounding them are the ones that don’t get done, while the deals that do get done are the ones that just seemingly appear out of nowhere. Maybe I’m crazy, but that’s kinda how I recall the past year or so w/ the new FO.

        Nah, I’ll stick w/ the Caribbean vacation idea. One of those truly remote places w/o cell phone reception, they’re just going to cut themselves off from the rest of the world completely. That sounds legit.

  • Chad78

    It was good tonight at work when I walked in just as the riot made it 6 to 1 giants! And the cardinal fans said we don’t need you in here! I have never been more proud to be a cub fan! Fuck the cardinals! And my wive is from St. Louis…..!

  • Cubs1967

    anyone notice how easy the red sox-jays trade for a mgr went??
    guess that answers the question as to who screwed up those negotations that became an embrassment to MLB and the chicago national league ballclub inc……….the cubs… that means kenny crane(shocker!)…….and the deer in headlights owners-…mccaskey—er ricketts.

    let’s hope that is not done again……….

    • bbmoney

      Well maybe if the Redsox hadn’t asked for young MLB talent and had instead been willing to take journeyman 2b/ss the negotiations would have gone a little quicker. Just a thought.

    • Carew

      Im still gonna blame the Red Sox, who were just flat-out greedy over a guy they didnt even want and isnt even a player

  • Bobo Justis

    Why does anyone like Steve Stone? He has the White Sox taint. And for those of you mired in the Sandbergian Era, what do you think the odds are of the new regime bringing back a smug, pompous, know-it-all who reminds people of bygone times of Cubdom? The odds are only slightly better than the odds of bringing back Harry Carey.

    The only thing about baseball that Stone has figured out recently is that Harrelson is a dope. How many years did that take? (Answer: Enough years to amass a small fortune.)