God bless the Giants. For a day, at least. The Cardinals are all universe in win-or-go-home games, but the Giants have won five straight elimination games in their last two post-season series. I also prefer Matt Cain in tonight’s game over Kyle Lohse. We’ll see what happens at 7pm CT on FOX.

In that version, Dawson actually steps through the ivy, “Field of Dreams”-style, as Wood pulls him out.

“What year is it?” a blinking Dawson asks, just as he does in the final version.

Wood tells him it’s 2012.

“Have the Cubs won yet?” Dawson asks.

At this point, Wood looks at Dawson and sadly shakes his head. Both men slump their heads in abject disappointment, at which point Dawson steps back into the ivy.

  • Funny, but you can understand why the Cubs probably didn’t want State Farm to use that one. I assume it’ll be an extra on the Blu-ray.
  • Chris Jaffe offers his “day-versaries,” noting that it’s been 40,000 days since Three Fingers Brown made his debut, and 10,000 since the Ferris Bueller game at Wrigley Field. There are a bunch of other notable dates in history in each of those pieces.
  • Tim Souers with a look at the Cubs’ Halloween candy selection.
  • Brett Jackson and other Cal baseball alumni took on the 2013 Cal team and lost 5-3.
  • Baseball America looks at some of the top performers in the Arizona Fall League so far (no Cubs), and also some of the Rule 5 eligible players who are playing in the AFL, and are likely to be rostered before the Rule 5 Draft (no Cubs).
  • This isn’t directly on point right now, but you can put it in your back pocket for future use, because I’ve always liked this system: it’s John Sickels’ grading system for prospects. It includes his definitions of “A” prospects, for example, versus “B” prospects. I like to use those grades, so it’s worth a look.

The MLBullets at BCB, understandably, focus on the NLCS.

  • gutshot5820

    Brett, what do you think about this guy from Japan? Shohei Otani, 18 yrs old and throwing 99-100 mph out of high school. He is skipping Japan majors and going straight to MLB. Is he a free agent or does he go into the international draft pool because he has no contract with the Japan league? This is a player we should go to bat for, but it would be a cost a ton of money with the Red Sox and Dodgers interested too.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      I’ve got a full article on Otani coming later today.

      • gutshot5820

        Nice, thanks Brett. Looks like he is leaning toward the Dodgers from what I’m reading so far. I’d be very upset if we didn’t even bid on the guy considering he is right in line with our young minor league stars age wise.

        • Chris

          The Cubs are limited by their international budget. The Dodgers and Redsox can’t just outspend everyone without penalties, but I believe the Dodgers saved some of their budget, so they have more available than the Cubs this season. What I’m unclear about is whether this kid is trying to sign immediately or will he wait until the 2013-2014 signing period starts, which I believe is in July. The Cubs would have more money than most teams available, given their record. But maybe him signing for big money with a different team is best. I’m skeptical he’s as good as advertised, and I’ve read his secondary pitches and control are lacking. Regardless, my guess is the Cubs have kicked the tires on him, but won’t have the money available to be serious with him until the next signing period begins.

          • terencemann

            The rumor is that he is leaning toward teams with past success with Japanese players, not just the highest bidder, so that would hurt the Cubs even if they had the money.

  • Rcleven

    Slow day for Jaffe?

  • Featherstone

    Anyone else notice that Holliday is probably going to miss game 7 tonight with a back injury. I hope it is directly related to his dirty slide into Scutaro.

    • Cubbie Blues

      I hope it is directly related to him getting herpes from Braun.

  • http://worldseriesdreaming.com/ Rice Cube

    I would’ve been amused if Kerry Wood had tossed one of the 1907 or 1908 trophies into the wheelbarrow too.

    • DocPeterWimsey

      Purists would have gotten upset: the Cubs didn’t play in Wrigley yet!

      • http://worldseriesdreaming.com/ Rice Cube

        Everybody’s a critic 😉

      • John

        I also don’t think they had trophies back then. Have you ever seen a picture of the Cubs’ trophies?

        • http://worldseriesdreaming.com/ Rice Cube

          Nope. How did people celebrate back in the “Aughts”?

  • BluBlud

    Off the subject, But I believe if the Cubs were to trade for Chase Headley(Not Cheap), Sign B.J. Upton, and keep Soriano, that they could have a playoff caliber lineup as early as next year.

    RF Dejesus
    CF Upton
    1B Rizzo
    LF Soriano
    3B Headly
    SS Castro
    C Castillo
    2B Barney(If not included in Headly Deal)

    I think we would have a pretty scary lineup.

    • Hee Seop Chode

      all hitting and no pitching makes the Cubs a dull team.

      • RoughRiider

        No pitching and a lot of hitting. Looks like a lot of high scoring losses.

      • terencemann

        Yes, just go get Chase Headly and Justin Upton because the Cubs have the farm system to do that.

        • terencemann

          Oh, you’re talking about BJ Upton. In which case, you’re still not building a high scoring team and the pitching is still what it is.

          • BluBlud

            I’m pretty sure that the Cubs will go after some pitching help, so I felt no need to mention it. If the Cubs sign 2 of Marcum, McCarthy, Lohse, Jackson, Peavy in no specific order, then the team looks pretty good. competative at the least. I’m all for the internal rebuild, but we are not going to win with just internal talent. It seem when I mention the fact I would prefer to win with all home grown talent, people were bashing the Idea. So now when people mention trades and signings, people don’t like that either.

        • BluBlud

          We can trade for Headly. We have the prospects to get it done. Its just one trade. Upton is a free agent, so there are no prospects needed to aquire him. I’m almost certian the Cubs will be at the least, in the running for Upton. Theo would be dumb if he doesn’t at least explore it. We would be able to get the both for around 20 million a year. We definitely have the money available, and they are both young. By the time Baez(possibly 2B if Headley is at third) and Soler are ready, and Rizzo and Castro are considered vets, the Cubs would have a pretty deadly middle of the order as all those guys would still be 30 or under. In the mean time, they would still be competative.

  • RoughRiider

    I read somewhere that Shohei Otani was going to enter the draft. I’ve never heard of anyone from a foriegn country (other than from a U.S. Property like Puerto Rico) entering the draft. But, if it’s true it doesn’t matter who has interest, it matters who drafts him. I wonder if the Cubs would draft a High school pitcher over an almost ready for prime time starting college pitcher. Otani probably wouldn’t be ready fro the Major Leagues until 2016 or 2017 where a college pitcher could be available by 2014 or 2015.

    • Chris

      I don’t think that’s accurate. He was contemplating entering the Japanese draft, but chose signing with a Major League team instead.

  • Cubsfanforlife


    Headley is going to cost a TON in return, he just had a great year. I am not saying the Cubs couldn’t get him, but do you really want to give away one of Soler/Alamora/Baez plus one of the pitchers you just drafted and someone the caliber of Darwin Barney?

    Headley, 28, is under team control for two more years, but both are arbitration years. He made close to 4 million last year, what’s he going to be in line to make after hitting .286/.376/.498 with 31 homers (remember half of his games are at Petco Park, imagine what he would do playing elsewhere), 115 RBI’s, 17 steals, and playing very good defense? The guy had an incredible year! It might cost the Cubs two of the guys I originally mentioned(Soler/Alamora/Baez). The Padres know the 3B market is bad.

    I would love for Headley to be a Cub, but his price tag is so high right now it’s never going to happen. My personal opinion is the Cubs should go after Yunel Excobar to play 3B for the Cubs next year. He is signed through 2015 at 5 million a year. He has attitude problems, is coming off of a down year, and the Blue Jays want to move him. He wouldn’t cost the Cubs a whole lot, and would be an upgrade over Valbuena. Solid glove, decent power/speed, and is only one year removed from a .370 obp. Not an ideal 30 HR corner infielder, but a very solid player.

    I also don’t think the Cubs are going to be able to get two of the Marcum/McCarthy/Peavy/Haren/Jackson group. I think those guys are going to command more $$ then the Cubs are willing to spend. They also might want to play somewhere that has a shot at winning. The Cubs are going to have to lower their expectations on pitching. Still, I wouldn’t mind seeing Jonathan Sanchez and Scott Baker signed on the cheap. Maybe paying a little bit higher price for Carlos Villenuvea.

    I have complete faith in the front office, they have done nothing so far that has shaken my trust in them. I hope the fan base stays patient and allows them to do their work. Remember Hendry had close to 8 years to screw this thing up let’s give these guys the time they need.