This game was the very definition of SCardenfreude. Everything went right for the Giants (right down to the physics-defying grounder by Hunter Pence, which he hit three times with one swing), and everything went wrong for the Cardinals.

And there was much inappropriate whooping and hooting from Cubs fans.

  • Brent

    It isn’t lame when it’s the Cardinals. At least we could sort of blame Bartman when the Cubs blew a 3-1 series lead. The Cards just blew.

    • hansman1982

      No Bartman has nothing to do with anything. Blame prior for choking, Gonzalez for the error or Dusty for just sitting there gnawing on the toothpick.


      • CubsFan66

        I agree! Get over it! It was the players not a fan!!!

        • cubbiesOHcubbies

          I couldn’t agree more. Alex Gonzalez lost that game for us. If he just gets one out on that routine grounder the Cubs end up leading 3-1 at the end of the 8th. Leave Bartman alone. He was the least of the Cubs issues on that evening.

          • JR

            I have always said that Gonzalez costs the Cubs that game. I am not sure why he doesn’t get more blame. The green turtle neck, and head phones didn’t help Bartman out with public perception. But he had little, if anything to do with that loss. If Alou turned into M. Trout maybe he catches that ball. Doubt it though.

            • Cyranojoe

              You know, if he’s not wearing the headphones — which made him appear to not be paying attention to the game — I wonder if Bartman gets trashed as badly as he did. Eh, probably.

              I remember believing it was catchable when I saw the play, and believing I would’ve stayed out of the way if I’d been in the crowd. Still do, but that doesn’t change the fact that the game was won and lost on the field.

      • Mat B

        Don’t forget Alou. If he hadn’t thrown his hissy fit, everybody’s head would have still been in the game.

        • Ryan

          This 100%

          • David

            I’ve always disagreed with this. Any player in that situation is going to try to get the ump to call fan interference. I don’t know if at the time Alou thought he really had a shot at the ball or not, but even if he didn’t, I guarantee that just about any player will react the same way to try to get the interference call.

      • cubfanincardinalland

        I don’t blame Bartmann for the loss, but Moises could have caught the ball. I wish he would come back to Wrigley, the fans would cheer him. Come on back Steve and lets get this goofy thing over with.

        • rhino70

          In the three years Moises Alou played left field for the Cubs, he NEVER knew there was a wall there. Never went near it. Then, one night when he decided to venture over that way, he got pissed at a fan when things didn’t work out.

          Alex FREAKING Gonzalez is the reason the Cubs lost that game. He turns an EASY double play, and the Cubs are out of the inning with a 5 run lead…

          Sorry, I had to vent.

          • wilbur


      • Kevin

        In reality it was Moses Alou’s who created the stir.

      • Ari Gold

        Prior didn’t choke. Far from it. What was he at like 120 pitches. He was gassed. It was all on Gonzalez.

    • Carew

      Dont blame Bartman. It was poor, poor defense, poor managing, and an unnecessary freakout by Alou

      • Brent

        I agree with all of this but that was not the sentiment at the time as you may recall.

        • hansman1982

          after my response I realize I may have over-reacted…I apologize.

          Yes, at the time Bartman = Devil but that just isn’t fair.

  • MichiganGoat

    It is all because of Dick Tidrow, bless the Voodoo Slayer Dick Tidrow.

    • Fishin Phil

      Don’t mess with the Tidrow!

      tee, hee, hee

  • MichiganGoat

    And the Pence hit with the 3000 f/sec camera was amazing to watch.

    • Featherstone

      Maybe the voodoo has turned against the cards. That hit could be repeated 1 million times and 99.99% of the time it would be a weak grounder to short starting the double play.

      • MichiganGoat

        Not voodoo, DICK TIDROW and the almighty stash made that hit possible

    • bob

      That camera is just incredible! It may be the thing that finally makes Instant Replay a viable and conclusive tool in the game.

  • The Dude Abides

    Brett curious how many years you think before Cubs seriously contend with the Cardinals? Thy have what we are looking for, many layers of developed talent and a payroll that allows them to keep what they want and go get free agents to fill in the blanks. They lost the series but pretty impressive organization.

    • cubfanincardinalland

      Why do people overrate this organization so much. What layers of developed talent? Desalso-.226 hitter, Kozma-failed prospect who was exposed big time, Jay-ok little player, not a difference maker, Craig-had a good season, but they are starting to figure out how to get him out. Freese-this is no young prospect, he is 30, an average overall 3rd baseman who is coming back to earth.
      Motte has developed into an excellent closer, I will admit that. Boggs-take a shower. Garcia-completely inconsistent, Joe Kelly and Lynn-they both started to come back to earth big time. Rosenthal-this guy I would love to have. Miller-overrated from the get go.
      Most of the impact players other than Molina they got in trade and signs. Holliday, Carpenter, Wainwright(will take 80 million to sign after next year), Lohse(about to go bye bye). The Reds are the team I worry about beating over the next five years.

      • Mat B

        And yet with all that, they continue to defy expectations. I don’t know, maybe it’s the coaching. Somehow they always believe they can win, and then they turn the belief into reality. I would love to see the Cubs turn that many “deficiencies” into World Series wins and big runs in the playoffs.

        • Cyranojoe


      • hardtop

        i agree: they really didnt deserve to be there. but, the sun shines on a dogs ass some days… in this case, an in-bred mullet wearing dog with bitching tattoo of an iroc z on his flabby bicep

      • Sircub

        I don’t really understand this take. The cardinals were silly good this year. Yes they were lucky to make the playoffs with their record, but their record was unlucky compared to their run differential. You named a lot of players there who you weren’t impressed with, but to me, regardless of whether you appreciate the quality of their home grown talent, you have to recognize the quantity of it. You didn’t even mention Matt carpenter, Carlos Beltran, or, oh yea, Yadier Molina. Any time a rant on how a team is overrated skims over a player who put up an MVP-level season ( he won’t win it, but Molina was ridiculous this year), you clearly aren’t giving them their due. Look, it made me as happy as anyone to see them fail, but this team is objectively good.

        • TWC

          You didn’t even mention … Yadier Molina.

          That’s because Neck Tattoo is an unmentionable.

    • Brett

      Two years.

      • Jeff

        Brett, is that because the Cardinals will be that bad in two years? not because somehow we found some starting pitching? :)

        • Brett

          Just call it the wait-til-next-next-year spirit of a Cubs fan. :)

          • TWC

            Did you just say “what ’til next year”?

            • Brett

              Been a long time.

              • TWC

                I know, right? Would have been even better had I not fracked it up with a typo.

      • The Dude Abides

        Thanks Brett, really don’t see it but hope your right. Right now Barney & Castro maybe Rizzo (Allen Craig) and Garza & Shark are they only players we have who could replace their starters so we have some work to do. Hope for the best.

  • JR

    Hunter Pence, LOL.. That dude is on some serious uppers. I find it absolutely amazing that he is good at baseball. He is the Tyler Hansbrough of mlb.

  • Big Joe

    Funny how a story about the Cardinals losing last night, turns into a Bartman and ’03 debate. I seem to remember another story about a week ago. That one began by explaining that your average Cub fan’s hatred for the Cardinals is mere jealousy, due to the success of one team, and the predictable failure of the other. It may be. But, I find it a little sad…no, lame…that there is even a story here. You guys want to celebrate the demise of the Cardinals, while playing in mid-October, in the NLCS? Yeah, I agree, now. Jealousy.

    • JR

      Go trim your mullet and get blacke out drunk with LaRussa Big Joe. No one wants to hear your b.s.

    • cubfanincardinalland

      My dislike for the Cardinals is not jealousy. It is caused by the complete lack of respect they and their fans have for other teams, their sense of entitlement, and their self image that they are just better than everybody else.(Last night you saw baseball’s true best fans).
      The long slow decline(they really were not even very good this year) of this team has begun. Enjoy the ride.

      • Pete

        I work 2 blocks from Busch and it was really fun to feel the tension of the fans yesterday. I recognized it as us before Game 7 in ’03. The game was going to be played but we knew the outcome. And, actually, the nature of the Card fans has changed over the last 25-30 years. Back then, the fans did not actually concern themselves with the Cubs all that much, as the Cards were winning and we were not. However, there was always a certain Jethro Bodine element of the fan base that has been growing over the years that are very vocal, flinging their crap like so many lower primates.
        Also, the playoffs belied the self-given title of “best baseball fans” – game 3 was still not sold out two hours beforegame time. Really?

        • Jethro Bodine

          there was always a certain Jethro Bodine element of the fan base that has been growing over the years that are very vocal, flinging their crap like so many lower primates.

          Uncle Jed, what’s he talkin’ about? Granny’s been makin’ me stir the lye soap and I ain’t been hurtin’ nobody!

          • TWC

            Some folks’ll never eat a skunk
            But then again, some folks’ll.
            Like Cletus
            The slack-jawed yokel.

            • Jethro Bodine

              Hey, Elly May! Give that there feller a good lickin’!

              • Internet Random

                Donna Douglas was hot.

    • Mat B

      I will admit to some jealousy and resentment. I recognize that the Cardinals often have the type of players I want the Cubs to have. Guys who won’t take the idiocy and immaturity, and will call those who indulge in it on the carpet behind closed doors. Can you imagine Albert Pujolz and Yadier Molina allowing a teammate to give anything less than 100%? With all that said, yes, I am quite glad that the Cardinals have been eliminated. It would have been excruciating for me to see them reach the World Series again.

  • cubfanincardinalland

    The real message today for Cub fans, is to look at the Giants and realize that it does not take 3 or 4 years to develop a contending team in the NL if you have money to spend. Look at their roster now vs. 2010 when they won the World Series. Buster Posey and Pablo Sandoval are the ONLY two position players that were on the team then. Every other one was aquired in the two year period.
    Now they had Cain, Vogelsong, Bumgarner, Zito and Lincecum(who is no longer a starter). But are you trying to tell me there are not guys out there like Zito, Vogy, and Bumgarner to aquire. The bullpen is much the same, but a new closer.
    Go out and get some ballplayers Theo and Jed. It can be done.

    • Featherstone

      Their rotation and our rotation are a world apart. They also built their rotation from within. Cain, Bumgarner, Vogelsong, Lincecum are all developed by the Giants and no pitchers of their quality are not available on the FA market which is why there is an issue.

      • cubfanincardinalland

        They got Vogelsong off the scrap heap, he was pitching in Japan 3 years ago. Lincecum got pounded this season and booted out of the rotation. Cain is a top starter, but to me guys like Greinke, Anibel Sanchez, Brandon McCarthy are just as good if not better than their other starters. You can’t just sit around and fill your starting staff totally with 22 year olds you hope develop into major league starters, and rejects from other clubs looking for turnarounds. We have Jeff and Garza, give Wood a shot, that is a start.

        • bbmoney

          I’m not understanding this arguement. Rebuilding a terrible team, which the Cubs are, is just slightly different from re-tooling a team that won the world series 2 years ago. This whole rebuild thing is a complete apples and oranges comparison.

          It also doesn’t help your case that all the core players (Lincecum, Cain, Bumgarner, Posey, Sandoval and all their lights out relievers) are all internally developed……which is what the current FO is trying to do, it just doesn’t happen overnight. If you’re mad we haven’t developed this kinds of players…that’s more on Hendry at this point. Starlin’s the only internally developed player we have right now as good as the five guys i just listed, no one else is in the same zip code.

    • DocPeterWimsey

      I think that the lesson is that if you have 3+ good starting pitchers and a couple of high WAR players, then you can make up the bullpen and the rest of the lineup as you go. However, that still requires some luck on the run: after all, the Philies had that this year and they required a huge comeback just to look respectable in the end.

      • hansman1982

        Yes the margin between the cubs this year and the cardinals wasn’t as far as some folks like to make it seem. Figure the bullpen is mostly a crap shoot, 3-4 of your position players will play far above or far below their expectations that leaves only about 6 positions that will swing a season by acquiring the “right” players.

        • DocPeterWimsey

          Actually, the difference between the Cubs and Cards was huge this year. The difference between the Cubs and Giants was also pretty big. (I’m not sure if you misread Cards in my post or mistyped Cards for Giants in yours!) Here’s the most basic breakdown:

          Net Homers: Cards +25, Cubs -38, Giants -39
          Net Doubles+Triples: Cards: +23, Giants +11, Cubs -19
          Net Walks: Cards +97, Giants -6, Cubs -126

          So, the Cubs’ batting + pitching did as well as the Giants’ in HR only. The Giants did much better for net doubles+triples and walks. And the Cards’ team effort was much better than either Giants or Cubs in net HR & net walks.

          Indeed, one wonders whether the Giants (who sputtered for much of the season) would have made post-season had they been an NLE or NLC team. However, they’ve been very good over the last month plus of the season, so that spluttering does not matter much now.

  • Big Joe

    I’m speaking bullshit because I’m not jumping for joy that the Cardinals lost? I’m a huge fan of the Cubs. Sorry if the season doesn’t end for me as soon as the Cubs play their last game. I’m a baseball fan, first and foremost. Mullet and drunk jokes? That’s your response? Yeah, I guess the truth hurts, eh? Grow up. I’m no Cardinal fan. But, I sure hope that the Cubs can emulate even a portion of their success someday.

    • JR

      What do you what me to say? Sure the Cardinals have been better than the Cubs the last 100 yrs. Just because a lot of Cubs fans can’t stand them doesn’t mean we are jealous. We have a lot of making up to do, no doubt. If you want to watch the Cardinals in all their glory great.. But don’t come on a Cubs site and expect others to jock the Cards like you seem to do Mr. so called Cubs fan.

    • Ogyu

      Come on, guys. Hating your biggest rivals–including taking delight when they lose a big game–is one of the joys of being a fan. It isn’t (or, at least, shouldn’t be) real hatred. I “hate” the Cardinals and their fans, but if I had to go to war for my country, I’d fight for their freedom just as much as for that of Cubs fans. In short, IMO, there’s no need to throw accusations of jealousy at other Cubs fans who want to have some fun at the Cards’ expense, and also no reason to disparage other Cubs fans who don’t get into the “hated rival” thing to the same degree. So, let’s save the accusations of jealousy for the Cardinal fans in a few years–when they will be jealous of us–and save the mullet jokes for the true mulleted multitude.

      • Cyranojoe

        This. This this this this this this. The only thing that upsets me about Cubs v. Cards is that we aren’t seriously considered rivals by many Cards fans and an increasing number of the public, on account that the Cubs have sucked so hard for so long. It’s not a decent rivalry if you can’t put up a decent fight, and the Cards have been in the upper deck for a little too long lately. Honestly, seeing them lose gives me hope that next year they’ll dip and we’ll improve and things will even out… at least a little.

        As for jealousy, that’s part of a good, healthy rivalry. And a feeling I will never ever admit to feeling about the Cardinals, nay, I tell you! NEVER!!!!!!! {/dramaqueen}

  • Big Joe

    I’ve been visiting this site for a long time. I’m not “jocking” the Cardinals at all. I just wish A LOT of Cubs fans would show a little class. I realize that’s asking a lot. I’m not here to argue with you. I’ll just drop it.

    • MichiganGoat

      My hate is very, very real. I hate that team as much as I love the Cubs it is my ying/yang of baseball. I get great joy at watching them fail and I always will. There is no class to my hate, hate is a classless activity and today that hate is happy, happy, happy

      • Boogens

        I know historically that the Cubs – Cards rivalry has created a lot of genuine hate for fans of both teams but it didn’t really hit home until recently for me. The Cards historically have been a model for other organizations to follow in baseball. So while I disliked them I did respect them and didn’t begin hating them until LaRussa. He is such a paranoid pompous ass that he made respecting that organization impossible. Did I leave out paranoid? Additionally, smug bastages like Al Hrabosky and Mike Shannon that take every chance to rip on the Cubs underscores the pettiness of their fan base. Anyway, I agree with the previous bloggers that say that just because Cubs fans hate the Cards (and their fans) doesn’t mean that hatred is based on jealousy. A natural by-product of that hatred is wanting them to lose at every opportunity.

        • mike

          I agree. I used to respect them for many years, even when Herzog was managing, but it was when they brought in LaRussa that I really started to hate the Cardinals. He IS a pompous ass and seemed to go out of his way to torment the Cubs. And certain players under him just seemed to act like thugs, like Steve Kline, man what a jerk he was! And Matt Holliday, that dirty little punk, Im glad karma was served to him last night! People use jealousy as an argument, give me a break! I could change loyalties anytime I want and follow a team like the Cardinals, but that would make me a bandwagon jumper and thats something Ill never be.

  • MichiganGoat

    Boys and girls today is a happy, happy day. The Cardinals choked, they were made to look foolish by Dick Tidrow’s Stash. Today is a day to celebrate not argue over why we hate the Cardinals… WE JUST HATE THEM AND TODAY THAT HATE HAS TURNED INTO JOY! So enjoy the tears of meth addicted Cardinal fans and stop arguing over 2003 and the reasons why the Cardinals are our nemesis. ENJOY THEIR CHOKE JOB, EMBRACE THE CARDINAL HATE

    • Spriggs

      Great night last night! I reveled in watching the cardinal gazes from the dugout in the final innings – during that epic downpour. Pouting. Sad. Defeated. Crushed. Those few moments salvaged the “2012 baseball season from hell” and turned it into merely “the baseball season from purgatory”.

      I embrace the hate. I hate their team, the city, and anyone in the media who says they have great fans. I hate Joe Buck almost as much as I hated Jack Buck. I went crazy last night, Jack.

      In 2006, just moments after they beat Detroit, a cardinal fan I hadn’t spoken to in over 20 years called me to say, “F you Spriggs! and F the Cubs too”, and hung up.

      • Mat B

        I reveled in the shot of Scutaro throwing back his head in the rain and, soaking it in. That was baseball perfection!

      • stillmisskennyhubbs

        It was almost as good for me as watching Game 7 of the ’85 WS when I was living in KC, the 11-0 finale….there were so many long faces in the Cards’ dugout (including duh Jack Clark’s, which was equine already); disputatious excuse-making, whiney, “lower-primate” Redbird fans (they still haven’t stopped flinging dung); and the spectacular flameout of Joaquin Andujar’s hissy fit on the mound with the whole baseball world watching.
        That was a beautiful night, as was last night…..Nothing wrong with Schadenfreude if there’s not much Freude elsewhere right now !

        • Spriggs

          That was a beautiful night! Herzog and Andujar getting the early heave-ho was gorgeous. cardinal class at its very best that night.

    • DarthHater


      Yes, embrace your hate and feel the power of the Dark Side, my little capricornian apprentice…

  • Cubbies4Life

    JR, you made me laugh out loud! Thank you. Also, how poetic was it that the Cardinals’ last chance hit on the last chance out, in a downpour of Biblical proportions, was popped up by Holliday – – and caught by Scutaro! Now, THAT’S some damned fine baseball karma! Congrats, Giants!!!

  • Clark Addison

    Bruce Bochy Is the best manager in the majors. He always gets the most out of his teams. He did it with the Pads and noe with the Giants.

    I remember when we poached Riggleman from the Pads in the 90s, and they promoted the guy nobody had heard of.

    • Lou

      And to think the Cubs could have had him…but oh yeah, we hired Pinella.

  • Curt

    karma is a bitch is it not Matt holiday ,and now the cards don’t have to worry about not selling out World Series games.

  • SalukiHawk

    I think most of my Cardinal hatred lies in the fact that their fanbase are the ‘sorest winners’ on the planet. My friends that call themselves Cardinal fans are the first ones to text, call, flood my facebook and twitter timelines with every great play and win the Cards accomplish. They are also the most boisterous in pointing out the Cubs ‘deficiencies’ and lack of success. Every rebuttal has 1908 included without any substance behind it. They are also the self proclaimed ‘best fans in baseball’; however, I have yet to find one who really study and understands the nuances of the game on the level of your average Cub fan.

    Yes, jealousy of their success has a little to do with my hatred towards their fans and team; however, their mindless chatter and ‘rub it in’ attitude is what I resent the most.

    For a good laugh and to illustrate my point follow @BestfansStLouis on twitter

    • beerhelps

      You know, some would say @BestFansStLouis is just a small sample size of their total fandom. I would say that it’s pretty representative. God I hate them as much as I hate those dumbass Lions The Bears beat last night.

      • SalukiHawk

        Couldn’t agree more with this statement…

  • scorecardpau

    today I am a happy man. I absolutely hate the cardinals. I hate the bird, I hate the color red,I hate the city, It is very well known by all who know me that I am a Chicago Cub fan.
    This weekend my niece got married to a cardinal fan. As a mesure of good faith, and to welcome him to our family I borrowed, and actally wore a cardinal jersey for her. (don’t worry I didn’t let it touch my skin) I also wore Chicago Cubs sox, tshirt, blue pants and blue underwear. The best part was from the time I put it on, the cardinals didn’t win another game. in retrospect it may have been the best thing I have ever done. I love it when the cardinals loose, and i guess maybee it was worth wearing the ugly shit for a few hours if it helped to ensure they lost!!!

    • Cyranojoe

      OMG what a torture that had to have been! You are the most incredible uncle in the world, and god bless you and any supernatural force that imbued that shirt with the power to make the Cards lose. Keep ahold of that magical jersey, my friend!!!

  • ihop

    I was watching the the 2012 season highlights and I completely forgot that Rizzo was on the team

  • Brian Peters

    This is a really obvious point, I know, but the only way to get out from under the idiocy that is the Cardinal organization–from the owner, to Mike Shannon/Hrabosky, to the players and fans–is for the Cubs to win the Series. That may not happen by the time I leave this Earth, but it will eventually, and that thought CRIPPLES Cardinals fans. The reason they spend so much time railing on the Cubs is because they want to keep them down. When the Cubs reach the promised land–and, let’s face it, it will be the greatest sports accomplishment in more than a century and won’t easily be forgotten by Cubs OR Cardinal fans–the Cardinals will no longer have s$*t to say about us.

    That said, it WAS much easier to watch THIS Cardinal team–sans LaDouche and Pujuice–get this far. I think Matheny is a decent man who shuns the arrogance that came in the big, fat presence of his predecessor.

    • cubfanincardinalland

      This is a great point. Does it really make any sense why a Cardinal fan would obsess so much about the Cubs. But deep down in every Cardinal fan is a dreaded fear when the Cubs win the World Series. Because as Dale Sveum said this year, when they do win it all, it will be a part of sports history that will be talked about for centuries, a global event. And every Cardinal fan knows that even if they win the Series every other year for a decade, they can never be the history that the Cubs will be.
      It drives them nuts.
      Want to know what the Cardinals are all about. At the Busch Stadium souvenir shop, you can buy an Ozzie Smith jersey, Gibson, Brock, McGee, tons of former players. Do you know what jersey is no longer sold there? Tells you about what they are all about.
      Arrogance and petty.

  • Spencer

    An EBS about the Cardinals in October has more comments than most of the EBS’s in September about the Cubs.

  • bluekoolaidaholic

    I guess I hate the Cardinals for the attitudes of a few players and it seems like every one of their fans that I know are pompous and arrogant poor sports. It’s about Berkman’s smirk, and dirty player Holliday and arrogant Carpenter.
    Jealous? Yep, I love Molina (arguably the best player in baseball imho) and Freese and what about Albert and Ozzie and Stan the man? They have and have had some of the classiest and best ballplayers of all time. It’s just the jerks like Holliday that I hate I guess.
    But in reality, I’m a Cubs fan so when I am really honest about it, it isn’t just the Cardinals. I don’t like it when ANY team speaks un-classily about us. I hate Dusty and Votto and company just as much and would have felt the same animosity if they had been in there instead of the Cardinals. I enjoyed the Reds collapse almost as much as the Cardinals loss last night.
    Maybe I’m wrong, but I always thought that Dusty was the goat for the Florida debacle not Bartman. He was just a fan (probably a good one, like you and me) that was in the wrong place at the right time.
    Anyhow, I am just enjoying the moment like MG says and I’m thanking the Cards and Reds for providing a lot of entertainment and enjoyment with chokes

    • Brian Peters

      I agree with 99.9999% of what you said. But………………Albert Pujols=”classy”? Are you kidding me? He’s a jackwad.

      • Internet Random

        “Jackwad” is too kind for Pujols.

        Smith and Musial are hard not to like. The rest, I don’t care for.

    • Spriggs

      I also agree with most of what you said, but when it comes to the “classy” players – be careful. You can cherry pick a few players from any organization and call them classy. You can also cherry pick a few bums and drug abusers from most organizations. But can you find this many problems from the Cubs over the same 30 or so year period?

      – Cocaine trafficking trials of 1985 – Keith Hernandez, Lonnie Smith (both while on the cardinals.
      – McGwire admits to using Androstenedione
      – Templeton refusing to run out a groundball at stl – gets boos and then gives a series of obscene gestures to the fans. Refuses to play in All-Star game since “not startin, ain’t departin”
      – Darrell Porter (enough said)
      – Steve Kline publicly states he hopes someone hits a liner off Prior forehead so he doesn’t have to see him anymore.
      – Matt Morris publicly states he hopes the Astros beat the Cubs out if the cardinals don’t (during the 2003 race).
      – A cardinal pitcher dies in a crash after a night of drinking at Mike Shannon’s establishment in 2007. Marijuana is found in his car and blood.
      – LaRussa is arrested for being intoxicated in his car, asleep at an intersection in 2007. He drops the “do you know who I am” line on the police.
      – Rick Ankiel recieves 8 shipments of human growth hormones by mail between January and December 2004. These are illegal drug distributions without prescriptions.
      – Scott Spezio leaves the club for 5 weeks in 2007 to admit himself into a drug rehabilitation center. The cardinals release him in 2008 after a 6-count warrant was issued for his arrest. Offenses in the warrant included DWI, assault and battery, hit and run with property damage, assault with a deadly weapon.
      – Even Fredbird the mascot gets into the act by stealing jewelry from the players lockers in 2000. He was arrested for burglary and jailed.

      I won’t include the pitcher who died in 2002 and the questionable circumstances surrounding his death.

  • DocPeterWimsey

    I think that the most telling stat is the lack of walks that the Cardinals drew. They killed the Nats with walks: the Cards took nearly 6 per game in that series as opposed to 2 per game against the Giants. It was not a case of the Cards expanding their strike zone, but of Giants pitchers throwing strikes outside of the Cards “swing” zones. It also had a big effect on the Cards power: they slugged far less against the Giants than against the Nats.

  • Leroy

    What’s amazing is the number of people who called for Matheney’s head after the game. I would love for a rookie coach to take me to the NLCS.

    • DocPeterWimsey

      That’s just dumb. Managers might affect close games. However, the Cards got shellacked in the last 3 games, getting outscored 20-1. What does a manager possibly do about that? Given that the Cardinals won both of the close games, I’d say that Matheney did as well as he could have done.

  • Katie

    My own mother and stepfather are Cardinals fans. I have endured years of ridicule for being a Cubs fan. When the Cubs finally win it all, I hope they are still alive to see me stay drunk for a week. But we all know after the Cubs win it all the comments from the Cardinals fans will then turn to how many WS championships we’ve won to theirs. The rivalry will never die. Ever. But we need those rivalries in sports. Players and fans feed off of it. But the fans just kill me every time we make it to the playoffs. The panties are on too tight and the second one thing goes wrong, you feel the whole fan base say “Here we go!” and throw up their hands. When I watched the Nats lose that last game to the Cards, their fans were still on their feet and cheering til the bitter end. A lot of Cubs fans would have had their heads in their hands or have left the stadium already. Not ALL Cubs fans if course, but remember in 2003 the faces of the fans when Gonz booted that grounder that would’ve ended the inning. In most people’s minds it was over right then. Even though we still had games to play. In a lot of people’s minds it was too late. The curse, blah blah blah. I guarantee the players felt it. That has to change.