Unsurprisingly, the Chicago Cubs’ restructuring efforts continue, even a year after Theo Epstein, Jed Hoyer, and Jason McLeod were brought in to head up the Cubs’ redevelopment efforts. Today, in addition to announcing changes in the front office and on the coaching staff, the Cubs announced a number of changes on the amateur side of the organization (and on the pro scouting side), including a number of new hires and promotions.

From the official press release (which includes some names/positions about which we’d already heard):

The structures of the Cubs player development and scouting departments are now as follows:

Player Development

– Brandon Hyde, Director of Player Development.

– Tim Cossins, Field Coordinator. Cossins joins the Cubs from the Marlins organization.

– Alex Suarez, Assistant Director of Player Development/International Scouting. For Suarez, this is a promotion from coordinator of player development/international scouting.

– David Macias, Player Development/International Scouting Assistant. Macias was an outfielder in the Cubs minor league system from 2008-11.

Amateur Scouting

– Jaron Madison, Director of Amateur Scouting.

– Lukas McKnight, Assistant Director of Amateur Scouting. For McKnight, this is a promotion from regional crosschecker.

– Shane Farrell, Amateur Scouting Assistant. Farrell pitched for Marshall University from 2008-11 and scouted the Cape Cod League last summer.

Additionally, the Cubs have hired Chris Clemons, JP Davis and Alex Lontayo as new area scouts, while Mark Adair is now a regional crosschecker after previously serving as a pro scout.

International Scouting

– Louie Eljaua, Special Assistant to the General Manager/Director of International Scouting.

– Alex Suarez, Assistant Director of Player Development/International Scouting.

– David Macias, Player Development/International Scouting Assistant.

– Paul Weaver, International Scouting crosschecker, coordinator of Pacific Rim Scouting.

Pro Scouting

– Joe Bohringer, Director of Pro Scouting.

– Andrew Bassett, Pro Scouting Coordinator. For Bassett, this is a promotion from baseball operations assistant.

Additionally, the Cubs have promoted Jake Ciarrachi to pro scout (from pro scouting coordinator) and hired the following new pro scouts: Steve Boros, Terry Kennedy and Mark Kiefer. Denny Henderson and Steve Hinton have moved to pro scouting from amateur scouting. The Cubs have also hired Jason Karegeannes and Brad Kullman as major league scouts, joining Dave Littlefield (special assistant to the GM/major league scout).

Onward and upward, presumably.

  • Believe in 2015

    In other news, The Cubs are going to give Alberto Cabrera a chance to be a starter next year. He will start the year in Iowa

    • Noah

      The only possible way this succeeds is if they get him to throw a vastly improved change up from what he threw coming up in the minors. That was the main reason they converted him to a reliever in the first place.

    • Njriv

      For some reason, I have a good feeling about this. This is really a low-risk move if it doesn’t work out.

      • Myles

        He was awful as a reliever, you might as well see what you got as a starter. It’s a no-risk move because he looked like there was no way he was going to be more than replacement in the ‘pen with his pitch set.

        • Drew7

          Is this sarcasm?

  • Tim

    Brett you listed david macias twice :O

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      That’s because he’s in two different “departments.” And I didn’t list him twice, the Cubs did. :)

      • BD

        I was just glad that it didn’t say “Jose Macias.”

  • abe

    I like to see that the cubs are bringing in some front office talent.

    • abe

      i mean young talent

  • mudge

    but they’re still neglecting the back office.

    • Chase S.

      I’m not sure why, but I laughed hysterically at this comment. Awesome.

      • Internet Random

        Yeah, that’s not bad.

  • Curt

    I’d like to see as much improvement on the field as on the front office myb the one will catch up with the other.

  • Fastball

    Any knowledge of these folks previous significant contributions and what their specific skill sets are?

  • cubsin

    The Cardinals fired the scout that insisted they draft Pujols in the 13th round several years ago, but after he was an established superstar. So the track record of a scout doesn’t guarantee much of anything.

  • calicubsfan007

    A great team starts with great leadership from the top. Here’s to (hopefully) a great future. *raises the glass of Guinness*

    • DocPeterWimsey


  • Steve Kermath

    Is Terry Kennedy the newly signed pro scout the same guy who played catcher in the bigs and was a manager for the Iowa Cubs in the ’80’s? I always liked that guy.