And Bleacher Nation leaps into 2005 …

Over the years, I’ve been asked a few times why the site doesn’t have (or I don’t do) a podcast. Invariably, the reason always came back to some combination of time and talent (I have little of either). I held out for the possibility that someone with mad podcasting skillz would come along and offer me the possibility of teaming up with someone smart, talented, and able to, like, actually produce a podcast (I think it involves wires and eye of newt). Someone great. Someone with credibility. Someone worth dusting off my headphones, and digging in for the hard work.

Well, I waited for a few years, and that person never came. So, I settled for Sahadev Sharma.

I kid. Sahadev’s great, and you undoubtedly know his work from ESPNChicago, Baseball Prospectus, and Twitter, among other places. We’re going to try our hand at the weekly podcast thing, with our debut episode down there below. Eventually it’ll be on iTunes and all that good stuff, but there’s a learning curve. We’ll get there.

And, in the interim, you can send questions, comments, etc. to the official podcast email address ( if you want your thoughts included on a future show. Make sure you include your name and city, and all that usual stuff.

For now, hopefully you enjoy the first edition, which ran a bit longer than anticipated (what, me and Sahadev, verbose? No way!), but features a useful discussion on the virtues of Halloween as a mustache-growing excuse.

Of course we also talk about baseball, with a look at Ozzie Guillen’s firing, the Cubs’ scouting staff changes, the death of the Cardinals (spoiler alert: Sahadev loves the Cardinals (probably)), Bob Brenly’s replacement, and what might have been in 2012 for the Cubs – good and bad.

  • EdgewoodDirk

    This is incredible! Thank you, Brett. I’ll be listening each week.

    Again, excellent.

    • Brett

      Thanks, Dirk. Appreciate it. Hopefully they’ll be enjoyable.

  • TWC

    ZOMG! Ace said “asses”!

    • TWC

      This podcast needs to have a parental advisory sticker.

      • Brett

        Ha. And I *think* Sahadev says “shit” near the end. Apologies to the tender ears…

  • Dave

    Listening and thus far I am disappointingly unoffended. But good stuff so far, making sitting at my desk doing paperwork a little less dull.

  • SirCub

    Snikees! It’s a BN Podcast!

    Mind = blown.

  • Will

    Sweet. Can’t wait to slap it into my ears this evening on my homeward commute!!

  • MichiganGoat

    Cewl an new way to spend my prep hour

  • hansman1982

    Great Galloping Gallamines!!!!

    I now have a way to spend a day of commuting!!!!!!!!

  • TonyP

    Stupid filters at work, excited to listen tonight at home!!

  • MichiganGoat

    So I think the name of the podcast should be “Tidrow’s Stashe”

  • Luke

    Keep this up and you are guaranteed to be selected to fill Brenly’s seat.

    • Brett

      Ha. That’s the plan!

  • Jon

    Cool. Keep us apprised on when it hits iTunes.

  • jeffy

    Nice work, Ace. Sounds great.

    One technical suggestion: Sahadev’s mic is a bit poppy (maybe a bit too close to his mouth).

    • Brett

      Thanks on both counts, Jeffy. I’ll make sure he hears that.

  • Alex

    This is fantastic Brett. Thanks so much. I look forward to listening to your podcast every week.

  • SirCub

    “The Unnamed Weird Podcast Thing”

    That’s a perfect name for it!

  • terencemann

    Looking forward to it. I need a new podcast now that Up & In is gone.

  • TWC

    I’m not a podcast guy — they always make me feel a bit uncomfortable, as if I’m eavesdropping. I also find talk radio — especially sportstalk radio — completely repulsive. Considering both of those things, I might not fall into your audience target here. But with that said:

    1) Were one of you watching TV at the beginning of the podcast? I heard something constant in the background (ESPN/talk radio-ish), but couldn’t identify it. I either got used to it or it went away.

    2) Sahadev’s voice swirled around a bit. It’s like he was using an omni stereo microphone and kept moving his head. This might only be noticeable on headphones.

    3) Do you have a cold? You were sniffing. You might want to get a cough button for that in the future.

    4) I hate Sahadev for calling the Cardinals the #2 greatest MLB team ever. I cannot forgive him for that.

    5) Let’s see the mustache.

    All in all, I did enjoy the show, and I expect that I’ll tune in regularly. I’m happy to support your attempts at dominating all forms of Cubs media. When does my newsletter subscription start?

    (Finally, it may be too early to even conceive of such a notion, but for what it’s worth, I think the coup-de-grace for your show would be to get an interview with Dick Tidrow.)

    • Brett

      Thanks, TWC.

      1.) Not I, and I didn’t hear anything on the call.

      2.) I noticed that one, too, and I think it is just a proximity-to-the-mic kind of thing.

      3.) Yes, and I used my mute button, but it apparently did not work. I’ll have to figure that out.

      • TWC

        … and #5???

        • Brett

          If I get a good picture of the full costume, I’ll share it … (and it will then be used against me for years to come).

    • Sahadev Sharma

      Thanks for the feedback…
      1) No TV or radio on my end either, not sure what you were hearing, but at one point I thought I did hear something random…

      2) I move around a lot, I’m not a big fan of sitting still, especially when talking. So that’s probably what you’re hearing. I’ll do my best to make sure the mic and myself stay still. That probably is the reason for the mic pops someone mentioned earlier in the comments.

      4) Haha, I understand and completely accept your hatred. But I stand by my comments!

  • Ed Wiese

    A good name would be “From Addison and Clark” or From Sheffield and Waveland” GO CUBS

  • LEO R.


    Enjoyed your first podcast. I’ll look forward to it each week. Perhaps you could have Luke on from time to time to discuss the minor leagues.

  • Captainplanet54

    Really enjoyed the podcast looking forward to more!

  • Rich

    Love the podcast. Music is a cross between a UPS training video opening and a 70’s porn movie. Love it !

  • Tommy

    Just had a chance to listen to the podcast. Real good stuff, Brett. Hope you can continue to do more!