We’re having a few friends over for a Halloween get-together today. My costume? Hopefully my friends have a sense of irony – pajama pants, food-stained white t-shirt, flip flops, wrist brace, unkempt facial hair and messy hair. I’m a blogger.

  • How close was Rick Hahn to becoming the Chicago Cubs’ GM last year? In a word: not. Although he was a popular media suggestion – a smart, analytical, in-town up-and-comer – Tom Ricketts had never even met Hahn when the GM speculation was swirling. It looks pretty clear that Ricketts had his eye on an Epstein/Hoyer-type coup from the beginning. Hahn, for his part, may have always wanted the White Sox GM job, which he was officially handed yesterday (with Kenny Williams moving up to Executive Vice President). (That article has more on Theo/Hendry/Ricketts, too. Likely nothing you didn’t already know, but it’s well-packaged.)
  • The World Series shifts to Detroit tonight for Game Three at 7pm CT (why wouldn’t it be tonight, at the same time as my Halloween party and the Michigan/Nebraska game? – I think I’m going to DVR the latter, so no spoilers!). Ryan Vogelsong versus Anibal Sanchez. It’s virtually meaningless, but if you’re desperate to find an offseason rooting interest, go ahead and pull for a disastrous outing by Sanchez. There are GMs out there who put way too much stock in postseason performance, and him belly-flopping on the most important stage could give those types just a bit of heartburn. The Cubs’ men in charge know better than that, so *if* they are going to be in on Sanchez, he might become the teeniest, tiniest (and I mean tiny, folks) bit more attainable if he’s considered “bad” in the post-season. That ship may have already sailed, though. Like I said: if you’re desperate for a rooting interest.
  • Another charity writes in to the Sun-Times to let them know that Rick Telander’s hit job on the Cubs’ charity efforts was bogus.
  • Did you know that Ryan Theriot has been on a bunch of post-season winners since leaving the Cubs?!?!?!?
  • A profile on Cubs relief prospect Tony Zych, whom Luke profiled yesterday.
  • Tom Ricketts owns a portion of an English soccer (football) team. Who knew?
  • Internet Random

    Theriot is a feminine hygiene product.

    • mysterious4th


    • Oso


      • MichiganGoat

        Douche – for the win

  • jh

    WOW, big surprise that Ricketts is the owner of Derby County. Ticket prices will probably go up and they’ll hire a hot shot executive who’ll take over 1 year to turn us around. I for one will no longer spend my hard earned dollars for this rubbish on the pitch!

  • @cubsfantroy

    I liked Theriot when he was in Chicago, but after the comments he made after leaving Chicago, F him.

    As far as the whole GM thing, I’m glad we have Jed and Theo trying to right the ship. We needed people with a plan, no matter how frustrating it has been or how frustrating it will be.

    • MichiganGoat

      But he is a champion douche

      • Boogens

        Too funny! Nicely played!

      • DarthHater

        But he is a champion douche

        He’s the Douchemaster General!

  • DarthHater

    Waiting impatiently for first rant about how Ricketts is gutting the Cubs’ payroll so he can pump money into his English soccer team…

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t a teeny, tiny part of the reason I included that one …

      • DarthHater

        You enabler! 😉

      • Kyle

        Can I say that I’m not surprised that they are a mid-table team in a second-rate league?

        High-level sports ambition and the Ricketts do not seem to go hand in hand :)

        • DarthHater

          Okay, we have our first entry, but it’s not much of a rant. You can do better, people! 😀

  • Dr. Percival Cox

    After this post-season Ryan Theriot will have 2 rings; Ryne Sandberg, 0.

    So Cubs.

  • die hard

    WS to be played in 45 degree weather at game time…..and why isnt the season only 154 games with double headers or 140 games without so WS can be over by Oct 7?….Greed will kill this past time

    • Internet Random

      Wow. I only mildly disagree with something die hard said.

    • Tommy

      I agree completely, die hard.

      OMG, what did I just say.

      • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

        This is why die hard isn’t just a troll.

        • Tommy

          I begrudgingly agree.

        • Drew7

          If he threw a Tidrow comment next I’d laugh my ass off.

        • Internet Random

          [D]ie hard isn’t just a troll.

          … He is also a poor speller.

          • DocPeterWimsey

            He just spells the way that Tom, Bert and William taught him.

            • Ogyu

              Kill the burrahobbit!

    • Jimmy james

      You could always do world series in a neutral, warmer or domed locale…….(ducks)

      Not that I am an advocate of such a thing but it’s just as likely as a shortened season (we’ll never see either)

    • cubchymyst

      It snow a little during the 1997 world series when it was Indians vs Marlins (God I had the Marlins). I agree the season should be shortened some.

  • Kevin

    I agree with a 154 game season, but doubt any change is forthcoming. Too much tv revenue on the line.

    • MichiganGoat

      By cutting 8 games a season over a 20 year career you are cutting out a whole season of stats (160 games) so reaching career milestones like 3000 hits or 300 wins or becomes increasingly difficult and that’s why I don’t see anything changing.

  • Kevin

    Maybe playing at least 4 day/night double headers could accommodate a 3 game wildcard playoff series format without extending the existing WS schedule.

  • Turn Two

    Love how giants win with scrappy players outside of Cain and posey who are elite. They make a strong case for rolling with the Barneys and acquiring strong pitching instead of slight upgrades at non power positions. I know this post will make me unpopular here.

    • Dr. Percival Cox

      Not quite sure how you’re defining “Scrappy,” but the Giants are starting:

      Pablo Sandoval (124 OPS+)
      Marco Scutaro (145)
      Brandon Belt (124)
      Angel Pagan (121)

      Along with the aforementioned Posey (178). That’s a pretty good lineup.

      • Bill

        Scrappy might not be the correct term but that lineup strikes no fear in me as an opposing pitcher. They had several guys have career years or near career years, and they have a good pitching staff. This is the kind of team I see falling on their face next year. The stars were aligned perfectly for them this year and congratulations on them taking advantage, but this doesn’t look like a team built to win long term. Maybe I’m wrong.

        • DocPeterWimsey

          The Giants probably will contend again next year because their real strength is starting pitching, not offense. If their staff stays healthy, then they’ll be competitive with just an average offense. Moreover, they play in what is probably the weakest division in MLB. So, “alignments” really were not that important. Moreover, any pitcher not afraid of Sandoval is an idiot. Belt is going to be a very good player for years to come: fortunately, the Giants have gotten over their obsession with the “established veteran” Huff! Pence is an average (or a bit above) outfielder: again, not spectacular, but with the Giants pitching, they don’t absolutely need it. (It would make life easier, obviously!)

          Scutaro is a classic “moneyball” player in the sense that his classic stats are not eye-popping, but he frequently posts pretty good OBP and decent slugging due to a pretty good walk rate and a good doubles/triples rate. They are not brilliant numbers, but they are above average for middle infielders. He didn’t have a career year – in fact, he had a career average year! – but like Pence, he does not hurt the cause.

          Pagan is having a lucky run, and as he’s a free agent this winter, some team is going to deeply regret that.

          • Bill

            Just like the Giants came down to earth after their last WS, I think the same will be true this time. No, Sandoval doesn’t strike fear in me. Good hitter, but he’s not a big bopper, and he’s one twinkie away from not being able to get around the bases without an oxygen tank. Sandoval is going to be one of those guys who breaks down in a hurry.

            Scutaro played nose bleed level over his head. Come on, he hit 30 pts higher than his career BA, and his OBP and OPS were better than his career avg. Look at his splits between his time with Col and SF. Tell me, which one is closer to real Scutaro? He was a -0.1 with Col. He’s 36 years old.

            Pagan played over his head.

            Kudos to the Giants for catching lightning in a bottle. Let’s don’t foget they got career shattering numbers for 113 games from Melky “Don’t forget the PEDs” Cabrera. Vogelsong and Zito are in their mid 30’s, so how long to they keep pitching like this? The only two pitchers that scare me are Cain and Bumgarner.

            I could see the Giants falling fast next season. The Dodgers should be very tough to beat in the division.

            • DocPeterWimsey

              The Dodgers will have a tough time mustering the pitching, particularly given the concerns about Kershaw’s and Billingsley’s arm healths, and the perpetual concerns about Beckett’s arm (which, at this point, might simply be old). The Dodgers will have a pretty good offense, but unless the Giants have a couple of injuries, it will be tough for the Dodgers’ starters to approach the Giants’ starters. (The FA market won’t help much this winter, and the Dodgers do not have anything in their system to trade for pitching.)

              • Bill

                Do you really expect Vogelsong to repeat what he did this year? Zito is getting old. Cain and Baumgarer are good, but I wouldn’t trust any of their other starters to be good next season. Dodgers aren’t going to need a great pitching staff with the lineup theyll be throwing out there. The pitching staff might hurt them in the post season but it should certainly be good enough during the regular season.

                • DocPeterWimsey

                  I expect Vogelsong to be a quality pitcher again in 2013. I also expect Lincecum to be a quality pitcher again in 2013. Zito will be the best #5 starter in MLB.

                  And, yes, the Dodgers will need good pitching. Remember, it’s actually easier to win with excellent pitching and average offense than it is with excellent hitting and average pitching: yes, the run-differential is the same, but expected wins given the same run-differential are increases as the runs-allowed decreases somewhat and the variance on expected wins increases even more.

                  • Bill

                    The Giants had better and younger pitchers when they won the WS a few years ago. They didn’t repeat. I’ll be surprised if Vogelsong keeps it up given that he’s 35 years old. Lincecum can’t be worse, but there’s no guarantee he’ll be anything like he was before. Everything I’ve read says the scouts don’t know what’s happened to him but that he looks terrible. They aren’t sure if he has an injury that he’s not telling people about but is stock is way down.

                    As for the Dodgers, we’ll have to see how there pitchers come into spring training. Nobody is saying they can throw out 5 bums for starting pitching, but they certainly don’t need SF quality starters to win the division. The lineup is stacked. Look at how the Reds did this year without great starting pitching.

                    The other thing is the Dodgers have money to spend. I disagree with you about the FA pitchers available. While there aren’t any aces (past Greinke) there are numerous options that would provide them with solid number 3 starters or better. They could sign Haren, Sanchez, McCarthy, Jackson, etc. All of these pitchers have had more success than Vogelsong. The Dodgers could sign a couple of these guys if they feel the need. Even a guy like Dempster could provide them a quality number 4-5 starter.

                    The stars never properly aligh for you two years in a row and the stars were lined up perfectly for the Giants this year in a season where everything went right for them. What happens next season if Baumgarner or Cain go down with an injury? Now, that pitching staff doesn’t look so great (especially if Lincecum doesn’t have a bounce back year).

  • http://bleachernation.com ramy16

    The Giants just happen to catch fire at the right time! I dont know if you guys remember in 2006 when the Cardinals beat Detroit… Once again Detroit had to play the waiting game.. Looks like dejavu all over again with a week lay over and rusty as hell!

  • Turn Two

    Yeah funny how effort guys always get lucky

  • arta

    good pitching stops good hitting. give the Giants credit.

  • cubfanincardinalland

    Many things the Cubs can take from the Giants success. First is that you can find good players that win, and it does not take 4 years for a team with a 100 mil payroll to be competetive. The two heroes in last nights game, Blanco and Vogelsong were picked up from the junk piles.Scutaro and Pence they just aquired, because they had prospects to trade. They basically turned their lineup over in two years time, sans Panda and Posey.
    Another thing that the Cubs are addressing is working counts, and look at SF. They were last in the majors in homeruns, but second in fewest strikeouts. They work counts, are not afraid to hit with two strikes, and put the ball in play. That is how you win.
    Another thing to look at is how Crawford and Belt developed. Belt hit .229 last year with a strikeout almost every 3 at bats, and Crawford hit .209. Not unlike Jackson, Castillo, Valbueana, and Travis Wood. Young guys take time to come around, if they have natural ability, they get better.

  • http://Ehanauer.com Clark Addison

    They key to the Giants’ success is pitching, pitching, pitching.

    And Bochy.