Indeed, the offseason is here …

  • The Giants are your 2012 World Series champions, which was an inevitability before the first pitch last night. Winning run scored by … yup, Ryan Theriot. The Tribune describes him as a “World Series Hero,” and happily points out that he left the Cubs in 2010 only to win two consecutive World Series, first with the Cardinals, and now with the Giants.
  • Baseball America has reported that the Cubs have tapped Vanderbilt pitching coach Derek Johnson to be their minor league pitching coordinator. The Cubs haven’t yet made an announcement of the hire, but it would mean the current coordinator, Dennis Lewallyn, has been bounced from that role. Lewallyn came to the Cubs’ organization back in 2006 as the Tennessee Smokies’ pitching coach, and he was promoted to minor league pitching coordinator in 2011. I’ll have more on Johnson when the move becomes official, but he’s obviously an extremely highly regarded coach at an extremely productive college program.
  • The Cubs’ AFL prospects get a look from, and a review of their seasons thus far. It’s a decent overview, though someone should probably tell the author that the Cubs’ High-A club is in DaytonA, and that, if Matt Szczur had hit .360 in 2012, he’d probably be quite a bit higher on prospect lists.
  • Carrie Muskat also takes a look at some AFL prospects, as well as guys playing winter ball. She also points out that a number of prospects will be coming back to Mesa this week for the annual strength and conditioning camp, now called Camp Bussy/Camp Jarrow. It used to be called Camp Colvin, after it was started by former Cub Tyler Colvin. Why not just keep calling it that? It’s not like William Wrigley, Jr. is still hanging around the North Side.
  • Vijay Tekchandani has been promoted from community affairs and projects coordinator to traveling secretary, replacing Jimmy Bank, who was dismissed last week.
  • A look at Michael Bowden’s story from a Red Sox fan’s perspective – this is the kind of background that you’re really going to find only on a fan blog these days (which is not intended as a pat on my own back, mind you; I just wanted to emphasize that these type of stories are worth a look when you can find them).
  • The MLBullets at BCB focus on the Giants’ second World Series win in three years. How swell for them.
  • Myles

    I want to wish Ryan Theriot the best but I just can’t. :(

  • Spriggs

    Front page of the Phoenix paper – the Theriot fist pump photo. Sports section WS photo in the same paper – Theriot sliding home with winning run.

  • BD

    Congrat to Ryan Theriot- you are the new Craig Counsell.

  • ssckelley

    Bowden for Byrd trade was definitely a win for the FO.

  • Frank

    Isn’t Theriot the one who trashed the Cubs when he signed with St Louis? Something like “I’m on the right side of the rivalry now” (I don’t know the exact quote)
    Anyway. Here’s my opinion on Theriot and San Francisco. (and yes it’s a quote)
    “Who gives a flying monkey turd”.

    • Colin

      He said that on Waddle and Silvy veeeeeery sarcastically.

  • Rice Cube

    I felt like using Theriot as a DH was insulting to all other DH’s, but then I also figured that everything Bruce Bochy has touched this postseason has turned to gold, so whatevs 😉

    • DocPeterWimsey

      Well, the Giants are a team that competes largely with pitching, but, yeah, it’s surprising that they didn’t have a better option for DH.

      The Tigers had similar flaws. I can see flipping Delmon Young from LF to DH if you have the chance. But you do not stick a defensive replacement guy like Berry in the #2 slot!

  • Fastball

    congrats to The Riot. I realize he took a shot at the Cubs after leaving town. But really his comments weren’t really off base all that much. The atmosphere in the Cubs organization sucked and he confirmed it. Ricketts made and is still making wholesale changes throughout the organization. Theriot was a winner his whole life before coming to the Cubs organization and was on a winner for the most part during his tenure with the Cubs. To bad Hendry and previous ownership kind of let it all go to hell in a hand basket so to speak. Theriot seems to be one of those players who plays on a winner every where he goes. He isn’t necessarily a key contributor to the winning ways but he is on a winner most of the time. Funny how fate works. He must have some kind of luck on his side. I think if I was in a casino I would want him standing at the craps table next to me. Just Saying he is a lucky fuc**r. I don’t hate on people just because they are better at being lucky than most. I always wanted to have a little luck in baseball but it was never on my side from a health perspective. So Theriot enjoy your 2 WS rings and I hope we don’t see them being sold on Pawn Stars in some future episode. That’s as many backhanded compliments as I know how to give.

    • Cubbie Blues

      I don’t hate on people just because they are better at being lucky than most.

      You don’t have to hate on him for being lucky. There are many other ways in which he can be hated. For instance, you can hate on him for being a douche nozzle.

    • Rice Cube

      I think you can separate out the emotions of hating a guy from the objective viewpoint that he sucks at baseball.

      • terencem

        Hahah. One is independent of the other but both are true.

  • Frank

    A douche nozzle? Ouch. I think he’d rather be called a douche bag?

    • mudge

      Douche nozzles aren’t my favorite things, but they’re right up there.

    • David


      “1) The underappreciated apparatus of the Douche that actually does the stinky work. Attached to the Douche Bag.
      2) A male who acts and looks like an utter jackass. Someone who transcends common insults to the point that simply calling him a “jackass” or “douchebag” will no longer do. Much more offensive than simply calling someone a douchebag.”

      And now shorted by my teen-aged niece to simple a “nozz”.

      • Cubbie Blues

        Just so it’s clear, I was using the definition #2. I really don’t think he is underappreciated at all. Coincidentally he could also be called a #2.

  • rbreeze

    Congrats to the Giants and Theriot! He was in the right place at the right time two years in a row. Theriot was a support player at best when he was here. He would never win anything here the way the Cubs were going the last few years. You may not like him for whatever reason(s) but he is a WS champion two years running.
    I am more impressed with the Giants. They rode the momentum of beating the Cardinals right into the WS and beat maybe a better team on paper. And swept them!
    But they did it with great pitching, solid defense and timely hitting and without the big boppers in the lineup. They did this all year long. Great team effort!!! Only two players remain from their starting 8 field players of 2010. And they did it with the likes of Pagan, Crawford, Scutaro, Blanco and others that will never sign a $20 million a year contract for anything. They have a great coaching staff and a lot of smarts and heart!!! Good for them and Theriot too!!!!!! I only wish the Cubs will play this way some day soon.

  • ruby2626

    Just a comment on Ryan Theriot. 2 years ago I stayed after a Cub game with my 9 and 7 year old boys to try and get some autographs. Without a doubt he was the biggest jerk of any of the players. While most of the players were not accomodating his arrogance kind of stood out. He scored the winning run last night but with his consistent .270 average, low on base pct and below average fielding I’m sure most of his career will be spent on somebody’s bubble. By the way on our hunt for autographs the only guy who went out of his way and couldn’t have been nicer was Sean Marshall, not coincidentally my favorite player on the Reds.

  • 5412


    I have a question. Theriot was primarily a backup in San Francisco. Would you rather have had Theriot or Mather.

    I go for Theriot also. Good for the Giants probably paying him four times what Mather makes to have good folks on the bench when they need them. The Cubs could not justify the money because they knew they were going nowhere anyway.


    • terencem

      Mather is a 4th/5th outfielder (with limited third base experience). Theriot is a backup infielder. I don’t see what you’re comparing?

  • Carne Harris

    Congrats to The Riot.

  • ferrets_bueller

    Theriot is a douche. He has dissed both Cubs fans and the Cubs, as well as Cardinal fans. The cardinals fanbase hates him as well. When both rivals dislike you…you know you have a problem.

  • FFP

    Still liking Bowden for this team. Good link. Sent me hunting for others, too. Mechanics “robotic” say some scouts. Self-taught “it’s what felt natural to me growing up” didn’t have any instruction as a kid says Bowden.
    This from 2008:

    • FFP

      • FFP

        Third try any one?

  • Cub Style

    Step 1: Acquire Ryan Theriot

    Step 2: ???

    Step 3: Profit

    • MichiganGoat

      Ah underwear gnome logic for the win!

  • Curt

    Ryan theriot is just a so-so player on a good giants team who easily could have won without him , hero(not) he’s still a douschenozzle and I just can’t be happy for him partly jealous I’m sure but his attitude towards the cubs since he left enjoy yr ring Ryan bc it dosent change the fact that yr a dousche.

  • Spencer
  • neumann

    You can call Theriot whatever you want, make fun of his postseason OPS, but the fact is that in a game where losing meant facing Verlander again, in that 10th inning, batting against tough and capable pitcher he delivered a hit, and then scored a run on a hit that would not be a double with a slightly better defense, or would not be a hit all. Congrats, Ryan. And you too, Angel.

    • Drew7

      yeah…the dude just oozes clutch. *sigh*

  • Tommy

    Brett – Thanks for linking that article on Bowden. From reading that, can it be assumed that Theo was the one who determined to flip him back and forth from reliever to starter, then relegate him back to the minors to disappear into anonymity? If so, what a coup to get him for the Cubs for Marlon Byrd, no less.

    • Brett

      You can bet that Theo was definitely very involved in those decisions, yes.

  • bluekoolaidaholic

    Congrats to the “nozz”? No way.
    Sorry, it isn’t ok for him to bad mouth the Cubs that gave him his break and trained him.
    You didn’t hear that crap from Fontenot who also got a ring after leaving.
    Also I thought he over celebrated after his very minor contribution to the effort.
    Definitely low class.

  • Stu

    What is lost in all of this is the fact that the Giants built a terrific team. It is ironic that 2 former Cubs are part of it. I guess starting pitching and defense do win championships.

    Did they interview the sabermetric geeks afterward? Maybe Theo, the messiah, should reflect a little and be a little more humble.

    • Drew7

      “I guess starting pitching and defense do win championships.”

      I’d like to know who it was that said those things didn’t play a big part in winning.

      “Did they interview the sabermetric geeks afterward?”

      What does that even mean?

    • terencem

      The Giants are built around a few stars Cain and Posey. These are the types of players every GM wants to have to build around so I don’t think it matters how they look at the game. Their best 3 pitchers per BBREF WAR were drafted by the team. Their best 5 hitters were drafted or acquired in trades because they had the pieces to acquire them. Building around an MVP caliber catcher and all-star caliber third baseman was a good start for the offense.

    • DocPeterWimsey

      Did they interview the sabermetric geeks afterward?

      If they did, then the sabre geeks would have said that it’s no surprise that the Giants made post-season due to their pitching. They would have pointed out what most “old-school” types should have noted: Giants fielding was, overall, an average and very mixed bag, with some very good fielders and some not very good ones.

      Most sabre geeks have been saying for years that you might as well flip coins when predicting the post-season. That probably isn’t true for the first round (where the priors said that the Giants should win, btw.), but if there is a rhyme or reason to who wins the LCS or WS other than “special sauce” (high K rates), then nobody has found it yet.

    • Diesel

      Yeah the cubs are winning the world series. It’s just one guy at a time for different teams.

  • nkniacc13

    wonder if the cubs will make a play for Hyun-jin Ryu a Korean lh pitcher that will be posted

  • Serious Cubs Fan

    Whens the new podcast come out? Is it every Tuesday night?

    • Brett

      We’re still working on our set schedule, but, yes, it will always be in the first couple days of the week (which might not be posted until Wednesday, though, given the production stuff).

      • Serious Cubs Fan

        k nice thanks. looking forward to it

  • North Side Irish

    Cue the “Theo held on to him too long and should’ve traded him” comments…

    David Kaplan ‏@thekapman
    Cubs top prospect Javier Baez is undergoing tests after injuring thumb in AZ Fall League Checking for a break. Rest of fall league in doubt.