This should come as no surprise to you folks, as it’s been written about here quite a bit this week, but now there is a national report connecting the Cubs to Angels starter Dan Haren.

Jon Heyman reports that the Cubs and Red Sox are among a handful of teams (he doesn’t name the others) actively speaking to the Angels about a trade for Dan Haren. You’ll recall that Haren is subject to a 2013 option for $15.5 million ($3.5 million buyout) held by the Angels, and a decision is due on that option by 11pm CT tonight. The Angels, all things considered, would like to deal Haren before having to decide whether or not to pick up that option. If they deal him, they could send along $3.5 million (since they’re obligated to pay at least the buyout price anyway), making Haren a mere $12 million one-year commitment. That could net them a nice prospect, despite Haren’s down 2012 season.

(The Cubs, however, might prefer to just take on the full $15.5 million, and part with a lesser package of prospects. It’s up to the Angels, really.)

Haren, for his part, expects to be dealt today.

The national media – Heyman, in this instance (and Ken Rosenthal, earlier in the week, who did not list the Cubs as a possibly interested party) – sees the Cubs as an unlikely or odd fit for Haren, given their presumed non-contention in 2013. But, as I explained earlier in the week, Haren, for the Cubs, represents the opportunity to pick up a quality pitcher on a one-year deal, whom they could flip at the deadline in 2013 if they, indeed, are not competitive. Getting Haren – or someone like him – on a one-year deal in free agency would be impossible.

Keep your eyes and ears open, folks.

UPDATE (11:50am CT): Bruce Levine hears from a source that the Cubs, indeed, have interest in acquiring Haren. Though the source went on to note that Haren is “one of many” starting pitchers the Cubs are considering. Also, you have to remember: there are probably a lot of teams interested in picking up Haren, each for their own reasons. A team on the cusp of competing next year may be more willing to pony up the prospects than the Cubs, who undoubtedly view Haren as much as a flip candidate as an actual piece to the competitiveness puzzle in 2013.

UPDATE 2 (at 12:05pm CT): Ah, remember all those update posts from the trade deadline era? This might turn into one of those. Jon Heyman tweets that the Yankees are not in on Haren, and says that it’s the Cubs, the Red Sox, or … others. Not exactly a huge help, but at least we know it’s down to 29 teams! (Not 28, because the Angels might keep him.)

UPDATE 3 (at 1:20pm CT): Jim Bowden says the Angels aren’t interested in picking up Haren’s option and then trying to trade him later in the offseason. In other words, according to Bowden, we’ll have a kind of resolution today: either Haren is traded, or becomes a free agent.

  • ferrets_bueller

    Sounds like the angels have very little to no leverage here. Could end up being a steal for the cubs.

    • Brett

      Lot’s of teams thinking that way, though.

      • DocPeterWimsey

        Which, in turn, will drive up the Angels’ leverage!

  • DocPeterWimsey

    If you open the check book they will come.

    OK, open that checkbook. What 3Bman of the sort that Theo & Jed really want is going to come for it? What CF/RF of the type that Theo & Jed really like is going to come? None, of course: they are not on the market.

    And that is my point. You do not get to target general types: you can target individuals, and it’s often possible that none of those individuals fit into the general type that you want. (I’m a little skeptical of whether any of the available starters are the sort I want, especially given how much the demand from the East Coast is going to drive up their prices.)

    At any rate, calling the guy with the highest OBP among NL leadoff batters a waste of either money or roster spot suggests that your ideas of “right players” are much, much worse than Jed & Theo’s.

  • MightyBear

    OK, open that checkbook. What 3Bman of the sort that Theo & Jed really want is going to come for it? What CF/RF of the type that Theo & Jed really like is going to come? None, of course: they are not on the market.

    I agree with Doc. BTW I love how Doc pulls the quote out of a post before he makes a comment.

    • MightyBear

      Oh shoot. I got it backward.

      • DocPeterWimsey

        lol…. However, I’m having a bad day with keeping the replies linked to the original post. Must be senility creeping in again.

        • Cubbie Blues

          You are over 170 years old.

          • MightyBear

            170? How were those championships in 1907 and 1908? More importantly the run between 1876 to 1881 must have been fantastic! Other than shitting in a box outside that is.

  • chris

    Did I miss something? Why is everyone speaking of DeJesus in the past tense?

  • Ogyu

    Does anybody know if there is a particular time today by which something has to happen regarding Haren? Perhaps 5 pm Pacific Time, or something like that?

    • Kyle

      His option has to be picked up by midnight eastern time, 11 p.m. central time.

      I could easily see trade negotiations going beyond that, because unlike Santana, they are guaranteed to find someone who will take him at that contract.

      • Ogyu

        Okay. I now see this from MLBTR this morning:

        11:50am: The Angels are still working on trading Haren today, Jim Bowden of ESPN and MLB Network Radio reports (on Twitter). They aren’t interested in exercising his option and trying to trade him later.

        Don’t know how much truth there is in it.

    • Brett

      Option decision is due by 11pm CT, as the post notes. But technically, there’s no other deadline. Could happen sooner, they could just decline at the end, or could pick it up.

      • Ogyu

        as the post notes

        Oops. :-)

        • Brett

          I know. Total dick move for me to say it. Couldn’t stop myself. :)

          • Ogyu

            Total dick move for me to say it.

            “Oh, not at all,” he replied, in his most passive-aggressive manner. 😉

  • cerambam

    Brett, are we gonna get the newest update here or in its own post?

    • Brett

      If it’s a final determination, it’ll get its own post (whether or not it’s the Cubs, at this point).

  • tjtrigo

    Anyone hear if the Cubs are after more than just Haren, i.e. Bourjos, Wells (God help us)?