A night of excitement, hype, build-up, and no pay-off. Someone wanna make a prom joke?

  • As you’d expect after another Trade Saga like last night’s non-trade between the Angels and Cubs involving Dan Haren and Carlos Marmol, pretty much everything in the Cubs’ world right now is about that deal. The full story of what happened hasn’t yet been published, and, as I said last night, probably never will be. The best we can do is make some educated inferences to piece things together. We know that Carlos Marmol had a limited no-trade clause, and we know that he was the first person to spill the beans. We know that up until an hour before Haren’s option deadline, LA sources were insisting other teams were involved in trying to get Haren (which now sounds like a hapless pump strategy from the Angels). We know that the deal fell apart late, reportedly because the Cubs pulled out. We know that the Angels did not deal Haren to anyone else, and paid $3.5 million to buy out his option. We also know that the Angels were able to trade Ervin Santana and his $12/$13 million 2013 option, but somehow were unable to trade Haren, even if they ate a million or two of the expected $15.5 million option (which they happily would have done, since they ended up having to pay him $3.5 million anyway).
  • Taking all of that together, what’s our narrative? Assuming we don’t get any additional information, it looks pretty clear to me. The two sides negotiated and finalized a trade, pending Marmol’s approval, and pending a review of medical information, as is always the case (but almost never an issue). The Cubs reached out to Marmol for approval, perhaps even telling him that a deal was done (because it was). He agreed to be traded, and starting talking to the media. The Cubs received Haren’s medical information, and something spooked them. From there, either the Cubs asked for more money or more in trade, or they simply pulled straight out. It may not be as black and white as “Haren is broken,” but if it hadn’t started with a medical issue, Haren would have been traded to another team. How else do you explain the Angels feeding the media a story about a bunch of other interest (but then no taker), and the Angels finding multiple suitors and a taker for Ervin Santana, but not Dan Haren? Sure, the Cubs could have been playing chicken with the Angels about the amount of money in the deal (and each team called the others’ bluff, driving off the cliff at 11pm CT, when Haren’s option decision was due), but where were the other teams? Are the Angels really such a crappily run organization that they didn’t have a back-up team in place, if Haren was, in fact, totally healthy? They aren’t that crappily run (no org is), and, thus, no other explanation I can presently think of makes sense. It was the medicals that started things unravelling.
  • Here’s what’s annoying to me about folks in the media who are now pointing out the similarities between the Haren/Marmol trade and the Dempster/Delgado trade: the only thing that was actually similar is how many members of the media said the trade was a done deal and “confirmed.” In the latter deal, the Braves leaked word of the trade to try and force Dempster’s hand in deciding on the trade, and the no-trade rights were the hold-up. In the Haren/Marmol deal, Marmol leaked word of the trade because he was willing to waive his NTC, and the Cubs pulled the deal late (presumably because of medicals). Where is the similarity? Seriously, the only similarity is how many members of the media were willing to say they had confirmed a deal. I spent the latter part of last night, and a chunk of this morning questioning myself – wondering if I did things in the best way, the most transparent way, and the fairest way. I think I did – I never said it was a done deal, and throughout, the post title indicated a trade “may” have happened – and even I feel bad about how things went down. We should all use these times as opportunities for reflection, and try to get better.
  • I had a bunch of tabs open where I had collected all of the “confirmed” articles and tweets I saw throughout the night, but I just closed them. No need to post a bunch of frustrating screenshots. Almost all of it is in my time line, and, even if those articles are changed or tweets are deleted, that’ll serve as the mirror for posterity.
  • So, what now? Well, it’s hard to imagine the Cubs not trading Marmol before the season opens, given that they’ve already had him waive his NTC for a deal. He knows they don’t want him. As for Haren, yes, he’s a free agent, but (1) the Cubs have a reason to be afraid of signing him, and (2) he might not want to come to Chicago anyway. In other words, the fact that this all happened doesn’t make the Cubs any more likely to sign him than any other team. Heck, they might not even want to give him guaranteed money at this point. Like I said above, medical issues aren’t black and white – an issue on which the Cubs didn’t want to take a chance, another team might not see as an issue at all. I’m suddenly watching Haren’s free agency with great fascination, regardless of whether the Cubs are involved or not.
  • Instead, the lasting thought I’ll leave you from this fiasco is about the awesomeness of Matt Garza. While the trade was going down, Garza was frantically tweeting about his fond farewells to Marmol, his excitement for next season, his excitement to have a horse like Haren in the rotation, etc. And then the trade busted, leaving us with this gem:


  • (In case Twitter styling is lost on you, that’s Garza first tweeting “Hearing trade is off… Oh well, still excited about February though!,” and then friend of the program Matt Clapp tweeting in response, “This is awkward,” and Garza responding, “Agreed!” Which is hilarious.)
  • Hey, one non-Marmol/Haren Bullet: Cubs Convention passes go on sale Wednesday, November 7 at 10am CT. I’ll be there. We can get a beer and talk about the inevitable five more trades that will fall apart between now and January 18, when the Convention begins.
  • the jackal

    %%%%^^%$& media $#@%$$$ media %$$###$$% media…. nah jk what else can we expect from them god bless u media may we wait just a bit longeer next timeee ty now you have bout 3,876,098,0999 mad cub fans left us with blue balls like getting anna kornokova all the way to 3rd base the a rude phone call from her husband telling her she has to come home dohhhhhhhh!!!!!

  • the jackal

    trust me i believe its 4 the best we didnt get Haren i use to be an old mlb scout.. ok no i didnt but i did save alot of money by switching my insurance to GEICO lool but yea haren is washed up trust me watch his next season stats ull be thankfull

  • Tom

    Thanks for the coverage of the deal that wasn’t ! I heard about the possible deal anfd turned to this site for real news on the subject.

  • ColoCubFan

    Brett, you did a super job of keeping everyone posted on the latest updates. No reason for you to feel bad at all!

    I’m wondering where all these leaks come from. Supposedly Marmol let this one out of the bag, but there seems to be a clear lack of communication that seems as simple as telling everybody in the front office to keep their big mouths shut until it’s all over. This never used to happen, or if it did, was never released to the public as such. Damn internet!!!

    • DocPeterWimsey

      This never used to happen, or if it did, was never released to the public as such. Damn internet!!!

      And that’s your explanation: before the Internet, it was not possible to instantly state these things. As for Marmol keeping his mouth shut, well, why should he? It’s his life and given the what people tweet routinely (“My three year old almost made it to the toilet on time today!!!!”), it hardly seems unreasonable that he’d broadcast this.

      Instant broadcasting that by-passes traditional media still is quite new, and baseball front offices are not the only places adapting to it. It’s come up in my profession (academia): traditionally, people like to keep job offers fairly quiet, but thanks to social media, they now all are instantly broadcast. This generates a lot of complaints about “leaks”: but there are no more leaks than ever before, just greatly accelerated dispersal of leaks.

      • Lou

        I disagree on protocol. Just because someone has the ability to state something about “his life” doesn’t mean that it’s a necessity that he should. Yet, it’s his life. So what? I think their should be stricter protocol with teams and their players and members of baseball ops in adhering to stricter standards of protocol. If protocol is dismissed as to be so lax, what’s stopping MLB from instituting protocol during the winter meetings and trade deadlines about GMs speaking on terms concerning “rumored” trades before or even if they actually happen. Bottom line, while we might chalk it up as “human nature” to be excited to be the first to “freely share” information, it’s also human nature to bypass the words “might be” and go the word “traded” when they accompany each other in a sentence. Not an indictment of the press, or Brett, but rather one of internal protocol of MLB organizations. Because, in the end some who knows in the organization generally starts “the leak”, whether it be baseball ops or players.

  • the jackal

    please get villleuvea… villenowski villephinilia… aww 4 get it …. dude from toronto lol


    sOUNDS like a good assessment . Garza comes to mind . Theo is known for garbage trades and hopefully he nixed this deal, if he saw a medical report that should concern the Cubs with Haren medical report.

  • cavemencubbie

    Social media has caused me to lose any credibility with so called news reporters who I see as nothing but as…hs transmitting gossip. They are not interested in truth, just trying to ‘scoop’ their peers.

  • IndyCubsFan

    Brett, have you ever looked into getting a BN app?? That would be sweeeeet! Keep up the good work, man!

  • gblan014

    That’s a fair point, Kyle. I feel like a lot of people want to ignore the bad moves that this front office has made, either in Chicago or elsewhere, and only focus on the positives while it’s the complete opposite with Jim Hendry, where the negatives are always talked about but the good stuff he did is just ignored.

    • DoubleDown

      What bad moves has this FO made exactly? I feel had the Haren deal gone through, it would have been a bad move.

      • Kyle

        The trade for Ian Stewart, the signing of Gerardo Concecpion, the rostering of Joe Mather.

        • DoubleDown

          1) I personally don’t like Stewart(I know you don’t either) but I certainly don’t think it was a bad move to aquire him. Was it a gamble? Yes.

          2) Concepcion has been a disappointent for sure, but again this was another gamble, and I think it unfair to blame the FO. Besides, I don’t thind Concepcion has been tossed in the waste basket yet.

          3) I think the Mather issue had more to do with Sveum than the FO

          • Lou

            3) I think the Mather issue had more to do with Sveum than the FO


            • DoubleDown

              Its been well documented that Sveum, however misguided his judgment is in regard to Mather, thinks highly of Mather. I think there are a lot of fans that are bewildered by the bond. Again, I would not say the FO made some kind of embarassing mistake here. Mather is what he is, a utility player.

  • cubs1967

    i’ve never seen anything like this in nearly 40 yrs of watching baseball: cubs mgmt could not get a trade for their new President done, never did trade really for Jedai or Jason, screwed up the dempster trade and now the haren mess. what the hell is going on at clark and addison?. perhaps theo and jed should take social media classes as to how trades should work in the 2012s. no other team had 2 trades all confirmed by numerous media outlets and then NOT traded. once, a fluke, twice, a trend.

    reading my cubbie propogada last nite also known as The Vineline, nice photo of dejesus’ wife in a cubbie uni (love them fake hooters)……..at least he can “hit” it right on woman, noticed in the circulation disclosure, the Vineline avg the last 12 mos was 31,000 plus, but this actual issue was only 26,000 plus. SO, 5000 subscribers have left in a year?…..am i reading that right?………so not only does the convention not sell out, 500K in fans have left, but the Vineline too is losing readers!
    Does anything this ownership touch not get worse?
    Most businesses that lose this much business from all angles STOP what is creating it, but not the beloved, we’ll suck it up for 3 more yrs.lsoing 90 plus. damn we are appreciated!
    soon to be 105 yrs and counting………

    • Njriv

      I think I speak for all when I say Cubs1967 please just shut the fuck up.

      • DarthHater

        Dude, please consider joining Americans Stopping Sentence Fragmentation And Ridiculous Tirades. We’re always seeking new members!

        • MichiganGoat

          What…. Does…. A sentence mean I ….. Am fragmented to write complete ….. magazine fake hooters black bear

        • 100 Years of Tears

          Ha… ASSFART… I hear they really stink.

        • cubs1967

          i’m sorry you intellectual level cannot decipher sentences with fragments; perhaps you should re-consider that GED you don’t have. it might be useful tool for you in you employment endeavors.
          Otherwise; you have NO point; so if you don’t like what i say; don’t fucking read it. we all are entitled to our opinion; even a clueless theo sucking dumbass like yourself can have an opinion.
          you have a great day.
          (P.S. you really should take that photo of theo and jedai off you bedroom ceiling).

          • Dr. Percival Cox

            Unintentionally hysterical

          • DarthHater

            Me feel bad you brain no work good.

            • Dr. Percival Cox

              Be careful, he’s using his Jedai Mind Trick.

              • Yoda

                Write so good you will not when an IQ of 9 you have.

      • Frank

        I’ll second that.

      • cubs1967

        say it to my face, internet coward.

        • DarthHater

          Ladies and gentlemen, Ludacris is in the house!

        • MichiganGoat

          Hello, I am continually confused by your consistently poor writing and nonsense logic. However, the most frustrating aspect of your comments in your continued inability to be criticized by anyone. You talk illogically without ever coming to a conclusion outside of a less than polished bashing of all things Theo & Jed. Is that direct enough or are you going to tell me to F*** off again, just remember stay classy 67 Brett has warned you.

          • cRAZYHORSE

            Middle finger salute goat. The Cubs lost 100 games plus this year. This team is terrible and it is a reflection of the front office past and present.

            • Leroy

              you can not blame the front office for this year. It was a big risk on almost everyone.

            • DarthHater

              A horse giving a goat the middle finger — I’m pretty sure that’s one of the signs of the Mayan Apocalypse.

              • Leroy

                didn’t you hear? Even the mayan’s scaled it back!!!

        • Carew

          If I personally did know you, I would say it to your face

        • Njriv

          I would have no problem saying it to your face.

          • DarthHater

            Yea, but be careful or he might throw an orthopedic shoe at you.

            • calicubsfan007

              @Darth Hater: Yeah, be careful. A orthopedic shoe is quite the weapon. Especially when it is used by the right person.

    • MichiganGoat

      Sigh…. and your point is? How is this the FO fault, they found something that did not agree and the walked away and the Dempster-Brave deal was not on them, so how is this the FO or ownerships fault. I’m guessing you would complain about this deal regardless of how it ended….

    • baldtaxguy

      So many nuggets in this one. Like lyrics to a song….

      “once, a fluke, twice, a trend.”
      “at least he can “hit” it right on woman”

    • Leroy

      no other team had 2 trades all confirmed by numerous media outlets and then NOT traded.

      And you know this how????

      • David

        My guess is that in times before everyones brain fart had to be expressed on twitter that we would have just seen a brief story a day or two later with a mention that the “Cubs and Angels discussed a Haren for Marmol trade but couldn’t reach agreement”, and that’s all we’d hear of it.

  • cjdubbya


    I was out of commission so I just read up on the goings-on of last night, and that looks awesome. The hype of twitter and members of the media needing to claim “FIRST POST I WIN TEH INTARWEBZ” just reminds me of this video…


    I really wish that people that actually call themselves journalists (which you have not – you’ve made this distinction for yourself abundantly clear, though you do carry yourself in that fashion, which is why BN is my absolute, de facto go-to for Cubs news) would realize that while it’s good to be first, it’s imperative that getting the thing right is the most important thing.

    Or, Dewey Wins.

  • Carne Harris

    You gotta like Garza (except when he’s throwing to first), but his nickname should be Spaz.

  • Fastball

    God I love getting beat up on here. LOL
    Sometimes I just wonder if they actually have a plan or if they are wishing in one hand and shitting in the other to see which one they fill up first.

    I know my opinion doesn’t mean crap. The only reason I come to this board is to express it whether it’s right or wrong. I like the feedback. I don’t take it personal. Blog’s are for opinions and fact. We got some of both on here. That’s why it’s a blog. I think it’s great that there are so many varied reactions. Shows people care about this team. I sometimes think that the folks who are critical care as much if not more than those who aren’t critical. And then those who are disciples of Theo and Jed have their valid points too. Mostly I don’t care about the stats end of the conversations. Mainly because they aren’t that interesting to me. But I appreciate those who keep them in high regard. I like the reactions to things transpire and that’s probably my biggest reason for reading. The player reviews are nice and keep me from searching all over hell’s half acre so thanks for those Brett.

    • Carew

      I like this post. This is a good one. There are just some others that seem to be uh ignorant

    • DarthHater

      First Rule of Fight Club: You do not talk about Fight Club.

  • Fastball

    Before it gets too late in the day.

    GO BUCKS!!!!
    GO IRISH!!!!

    as soon as Roundball starts it will be GO HOOSIERS!!! and the others especially OSU can go pound sand.

  • Lou

    All I’ve got to say if that if Glanville gets a chance for a Cubs’ analyst interview, he’s gonna give us some deep thoughts. From his Twitter this afternoon: From the book Cutting For Stone by Abraham Verghese “Life too, is like that. You live it forward, but understand it backward.” #baseball

    Wow, yes makes sense in light of what transpired last night. But man that’s deep.

  • mysterious4th

    I’ve supported the front office like no other but they need to speak up about this. 2 trades that got fans totally stoked……….and nothing!

  • http://www.PolitiJim.com PolitiJim (@politiJim)

    Brett proving why is one of the best sportswriters in the business. Very well written, handled and reported.

    I don’t hate Carlos, but without him finding consistency (under real pressure) by now, I’m hoping there is a better closing option when things really matter in 2014.

    • Carew

      every season matters

  • HotRuta

    Well, it’s clear from the comments that Cubs fan frustration already is in High gear.

    I think you nailed it on the deal collapsing. It looks like LA overplayed its hand, and after something questionable came up in the Medicals, the Cubs decided that the price was just too high. I also had a fleeting thought that the Cubs might have had some interest in Marmol from another team, such that as the deal developed they saw a better offer materializing.

    I would not be surprised to see a Haren FA signing as a “project” — although first we have to finalize the details to bring back Zambrano …

  • Stu

    The Cubs are going to learn that they eventually will have to put a winning team on the field. They are buying time right now to pay down the Rickett’s debt in purchasing the franchise.

    Brett does a great job of dissecting the little details of each move the FO is doing. What he doesn’t want to come out and acknowledge is the financial aspect because it takes away from the emotions of “being a lifelong CUBS fan”. And paying Theo his contract to spin things doesn’t come close to the money not spent on Free Agents

    The bottom line is that the CUBS will have a boatload of cash that won’t be spent on the organization and will go into the pockets of the Rickett’s family. That is not a problem, but grow up a little and realize what is going on. If you don’t have a problem with it and like the product you see on the field, good for you.

    • Dr. Percival Cox

      I think this pretty much nails it. Those of us who support the rebuild do so because we want to pay off the Ricketts debt. There is no other reason whatsoever to take this approach. I do think you should write to Theo. If he doesn’t hear from you, he may not know that the goal is to win at some point.

      • Kyle

        Is Stockholm Syndrome a “reason”? Because that’s what I’m going with.

        • Dr. Percival Cox

          Shocking that you think those who disagree with you have a mental disorder.

          • Kyle

            IANApsychologist, but I don’t believe Stockholm Syndrome is considered disorder. It’s simply a phenomenon of human nature.

        • DarthHater

          Any four of the following six items must be met for the diagnosis of Chronic Kvetching Syndrome (CKS) to be appropriate:

          1. The behavior must occur on most days, indiscriminately, to anyone who will stop and listen to it.

          2. The supply of things to kvetch about is inexhaustible.

          3.Those subjected to it on a regular basis find it irritating and seek ways to escape from the immediate proximity of the kvetcher.

          4. The behavior cannot be explained by any diagnosable physical or other psychiatric condition.

          5.The incidence of kvetching increases in direct proportion to the amount of time people are willing to listen to it and

          6. The subjects addressed are not of the type that complaining about helps, in any way, to alleviate.

          • MichiganGoat

            Perfect absolutely perfect

  • Stu

    I am grateful that Brett does not censor those that do not drink the Theo kool-aid,

    Is it really a mystery that the Cubs made the playoffs when the Tribune Company had to sell the team? I understand that it is harder to field a winning team with the lack of star quality free agents now available. More teams have a large bankroll behind them to bid up marginal players. So you have to be more creative with BOTH free agents and your farm system.

    But I want to ask the Theo/Messiah worshippers, do you feel like you have gotten your money’s worth when you go to Wrigley Field and see Joe Mather and other Rule 5 castoffs knowing that the Cubs will be competitive in 2-3 years?

    • Dr. Percival Cox

      I got to see Castro, I got to see Rizzo, I got to spend an afternoon at Wrigley on a beautiful summer day. I was pretty happy. The only problem was the Theo Temple was PACKED afterwards and so I tried to go to the Hendry Temple, which had been closed due to lack of interest.

    • mudge

      I like and respect Theo Epstein. Seems like a straight shooter. It’s okay to disagree with people without accusing them of “drinking the Kool-aid.” I find the repeated references to Epstein as “The Messiah” to be anti-Semitic. Cut it the fuck out. Thanks.

  • http://It'searly Mike F

    I completely disagree. Yes fans don’t have anyone pointing a gun to pay the freight. But this to is clearly the case for Tom Ricketts. Make no mistake if its about winning this is risky strategy. And further, it indeed he’s a good owner, something to be determined, he has a responsibility to put a good product on the field. His debt is really his problem and overemphasized frequently by people who either don’t understand the structure of it and the simple fact that valuations are much today than they were when he bought the team, or are driven to lose to lose. But none of that really matters, his debt is strictly his issue anyway you cut. He’s no victim, and if he didn’t know what he was doing when he bought, he should sell it. As much as I hate to say, this whole reasoning as Boras has pointed out is hog wash. And I am no fan of Scott Boras. Far too many Cub fans think a little of the winning this decade now requires some sort of sick atonement. I wonder, when you buy a Chevy, do you accept a lemon as atonement for the excess of the last 40 years? Hell no, you want it right. It is insane to think its wrong for Cub fans to want a competent team today!

    • DoubleDown

      “I wonder, when you buy a Chevy, do you accept a lemon as atonement for the excess of the last 40 years?”

      Never have bought a Chevy and never will. LOL

    • DarthHater

      when you buy a Chevy, do you accept a lemon

      This is a trick question, right?

  • Stu

    Yeah, getting to the playoffs twice is so overrated. It might take a little bit more for the non-koolaid drinkers to drop $100 for “sunshine” and watching Rizzo and Castro.

    I hear that Ricketts might be looking into getting a tax exempt status for all of the FO worshippers out there. It does have a religious tone to it.

    • Dr. Percival Cox

      Let’s try this. What is the argument for “the plan?” That is, why do some of us feel that Theo is taking the right approach?

  • the jackal

    nygerrrrrrrrr morgan love his gritty fightin spirit

  • Stu

    If the plan is about winning, you put the best team out there that your resources can put together. You look at each position of your roster and you ask yourself, is this the best possible player that we can have or do we need to upgrade?

    If upgrading does not prevent a better player in the “immediate” future from your system playing, why wouldn’t you do it? For instance, how does signing a proven major league player to a 3 year contract to fill a position of need hinder the development of a prospect that is at least 3 years away from possibly making it.

    And that is assuming that all of these prospects are can’t miss. My point is that there is nothing stopping the CUBS from doing BOTH other than to save money.

    • Dr. Percival Cox

      So clearly you don’t think Theo is doing that. Why, then, do some of us support what he is doing? What is our argument?

    • DoubleDown

      One of the most important poitions that needs to be filled is 3rd base. What would you recommend as a “fix” at 3rd going into 2013? Just curious, as FO hasn’t figured it out in your opinion.

  • die hard

    If Romney wins, he will eliminate tax breaks that would benefit the Ricketts which will affect further investment in the team.

    • DoubleDown

      So if Obama wins, it will lead to more tax breaks for the Ricketts? Even if that was true, how would it affect the Cubs? His personal income has no bearing on investment with the team.

      • die hard

        Romney promised to keep rates same but eliminate deductions for millionaires. Obama promised to raise rates without changing deductions for millionaires. Any business investment write offs, depreciation, loss carry forward, amortizations, credits all at risk under Romney, not Obama. This is why I cant understand why Big and Small business is for Romney. Ricketts will have less incentive to spend on the Cubs is my point.

        • Pat

          Except that the family is reinvesting any excess money into the team. That means no profit, which means no taxes.

  • die hard

    Noticed this on Cubs Website….Recall player several years ago celebrating too hard and breaking ankle….Commish ought to ban those 3 player jumps too…really, players should act like theyve been there before…peer pressure celebrations never end well…

    CHICAGO — Top prospect Javier Baez has a non-displaced fracture of the tip of his right thumb, but was expected to be ready to go in Spring Training, Cubs general manager Jed Hoyer said on Thursday.

    Baez was playing in the Arizona Fall League when he was injured last Friday, apparently while giving someone a celebratory high-five. Infielder Logan Watkins, who played for Double-A Tennessee, was added to the Mesa Solar Sox roster to take Baez’s spot.

    “It is unfortunate,” Hoyer said. “[Baez] had some really good moments in the fall league and also had some really good learning moments.”

    Brian Harper, who is a hitting coach for the Solar Sox after serving as the manager at Tennessee, kept Hoyer updated on Baez’s progress in the AFL with daily reports, saying the shortstop had made good adjustments.

    “That’s the real shame of it — [Baez] played plenty of games this year,” Hoyer said. “To be a young player in the fall league and having to make adjustments was really good for him. The injury won’t hinder anything going forward.”

  • Dustin

    Any chance they go after B.J. Upton??

    • Njriv

      I hope so.

  • die hard

    From Detroit Free Press—-Marmol to Tigers?

    “The market for free-agent closers looks limited.

    Perhaps that’s one reason Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski repeatedly talked up rookie Bruce Rondon as a closer candidate for next year in the same news conference this week in which he announced the club wouldn’t pursue free agent Jose Valverde, its closer the past three seasons.

    Free agents hit the market today. Here are the closers available, as compiled by MLBTradeRumors.com. For each, we’ve added a thought on why the Tigers might be reluctant to pursue him. All are right-handers.

    • Jonathan Broxton. He was 23-for-27 in save chances when the Royals sent him to the Reds in late July. With K.C., he had many of the high-wire acts Valverde had with the Tigers.

    • Matt Capps. He missed most of the second half with Minnesota because of shoulder inflammation. The Twins declined his $6-million option for next season.

    • Ryan Madson. After he had 32 saves for the Phillies in 2011, he signed with the Reds and missed this season because of elbow surgery.

    • Brett Myers. He had 19 saves for Houston when the White Sox got him in late July. With rookie closer Addison Reed faltering in September, the White Sox went with a closer-by-committee instead of putting Myers in the closer’s role.

    • Mariano Rivera. It’s hard to see him pitching for anyone but the Yankees.”

  • GoCubsGo

    Why not Marmol for Delgado with the Braves?

    What would it take to get Josh Johnson? ( I am sure Marmol would only be a piece)

  • calicubsfan007

    I think the idea of getting back Demp after the whole issue of him showing the backside to everyone in the Cubs family is quite ridiculous. I can’t stand that guy, not after what happened. It takes years for us to forgive. Just ask Bartman.