Interviews with candidates to fill Bob Brenly’s job as the color commentator on Chicago Cubs broadcasts will begin this week, and the Cubs may have a list of five finalists for the job.

According to CSN’s sources, Dan Plesac, Rick Sutcliffe, Eric Karros, Todd Hollandsworth, and Gary Matthews are the five remaining contenders for the job.

We’ve heard a fair bit about Plesac, about Sutcliffe, and about Karros already. Hollandsworth, as a pre-and-post-game analyst for CSN who’s filled in for Brenly on occasion, was always expected to be a candidate. Matthews does the color job for the Phillies currently.

What I find most surprising about the list is the fact that we could have – and did – named everyone on that list the very day Bob Brenly announced his departure. I would have thought there would been a name out of left field. Sarge is probably the closest to that, but obviously he has the Cubs connection.

I’m not complaining about the names, of course, as I think a couple of them could be fine. I do wonder whether the expiration of the WGN contract after 2014 is impacting the search. If WGN can’t offer a deal longer than two years, it’s easy to understand why they might have to focus on guys with a Cubs connection – guys who might have a special incentive to want the job beyond money and security.

WGN will handle this round of interviews, with input from both the Cubs and CSN.

  • Cubbie Blues

    I take it Glanville is out of the running? I guess Sutcliffe makes the most since if they are looking for Cubs connections since he helps out every Spring Training. Is Matthews contract up?

    • Internet Random

      Sad to see Glanville not mentioned. First thing I noticed.

      • Boogens

        Agreed. Nothing personal, I just prefer not to hear him speak.

  • Internet Random

    I hope they take Len’s input very seriously. Part of me thinks that I’d be fine with whatever Len thinks is best.

    • Cubbie Blues

      Agreed. The most important part of the equation is going to be the chemistry between Len and whomever they opt to go with. Of course on the flip side, if they don’t get along at all, that could be very entertaining as well.

    • CubFan Paul

      I bet Len would pick Hollandsworth. & as a CSN employee the WGN expiring deal doesn’t matter as much as it does to the outside candidates.

  • MightyBear

    I think Sutcliffe and Karros would be good. Plesac and Hollandsworth not so much. I never heard Matthews so no comment there but I do wonder why he would want to leave Philadelphia. I know Chicago’s a bigger market but not that much bigger and he’s been with Philly for awhile.

  • Curt

    plesac or sutcliffe please, karros is boring and idk enough of Matthews style to comment , hollandsworth would b fine too.

  • David

    Karros, please.

    Only because EVERY single other name on that list would be the epitome of terrible.

    • Spriggs

      But what’s up with his hair? I can’t tell what that is. It reminds me of that awful, awful do that Miller had (NBA) — the guy that was on the Heat last I knew.

  • Brian cubs fan

    Bring back the big blue train toot toot

  • Kevin

    Sutcliffe or the Sarge

  • Spriggs

    I’m fine with any of these guys except Plesac. Doesn’t anyone recall how unbearable he was when he sat in for Brenly a few times? He talks way, way, way, way too much. And his high pitched loud, giggly voice will eventually drive all of us crazy.

    Sutcliffe, Karros, Hollandsworth, Matthews, Plesac would be my order of preference.

  • TKO

    Has anyone heard Sarge call a game? Do the fans like him in Philly? He was popular here when he played, so it could be fun if he’s actually a good color man.

  • cys_av8r

    Hollandsworth is my vote. He does a great job pre/post game and tells it like it is usually.

    • Drew7

      Yeah, usually after tripping all over his words and blinking like he’s strung-out.

      • DoubleDown


      • DoubleDown

        Lets stick to what we know. Strung out is not something you shold be putting out there like candy. Just saying.

        • Drew7

          Why don’t you stick to replying to people who aren’t tired of your bullshit act? Just saying…

  • TKO

    Here is a link to a poll of Phillies fans on their favorite announcer (which is a couple years old). 18% picked the Sarge. His TV play-by-play partner got 2%. The radio guys each got in the 30s. It looks like, at least as of 2010, Sarge was reasonably well like by Phillies fans despite being paired with a partner that no one liked. A google search did not yield any “I hate Gary Matthews” results, which is a good sign.

    • Brett

      Is registered? If not, also a good sign.

  • Rice Cube

    Even if Eric Karros doesn’t project well, his hair is probably going to be loud enough 😉

  • Idaho Razorback

    Spriggs, you took the words right out of my mouth.

    • pete

      That’s the first thing I thought too. That mop was made for either 1975 or radio.

      • Coal

        Karros’ hair was doing some equally weird stuff during the World Series coverage this year. Hair made for radio.

        • Internet Random

          Hair made for radio.

          … 80s synth-pop radio.

          • Brett

            You have won.

  • auggie1955

    It will be interesting to see who gets the job. If they are looking for someone with Brenly’s sense of humor, then Plesac or Sutcliffe would be the favorites. If the Cubs are looking for more professionalism, then Karros would be a great pick. I would enjoy Plesac, but I don’t think Theo is the type who enjoys listening to comments from the color man knocking his players. If the Cubs have a say in the selection, I think Karros gets the job. To me the Sarge and Hollandsworth are just too boring.

    • DoubleDown

      I believe WGN will be selecting the the next color man, so Theo’s thoughts would be irrelevent, technically.(I say technically because I find it hard to believe he doesn’t carry weight in the decision)

  • mudge

    None of the candidates are acceptable to me.

    • Boogens

      Just curious – was Brenly acceptable to you after Steve Stone’s unfortunate departure in 2004?

  • mudge

    Just kidding. I’d vote for Sut or Sarge.

  • StevenF

    Most people don’t realize how good Sarge is. I would take Plesac next on the list, and I do believe he’d settle down a bit by his 2nd year. Karros and Sutcliffe are too stiff and monotone, and Hollandsworth ALWAYS talks way too fast. Give that guy some ludes and powder that shiny forehead.

  • calicubsfan007

    I think one qualification for the position is to not have crazy, weird hair. Makes me think of Flock of Seagulls. Karros is the guy with the sunglasses. (= [img][/img]

  • Jim

    I don’t think that I would have a problem with Karros, Plesac, or Hollandsworth. Of course it would have to come down to how they interact with Len. Please no to Sutcliffe! I liked him as a pitcher but the way he talks annoys me. Whoever it is has to have a sense of humor and the balls to say it like it is. Those were both good qualities in Brenly and Stone.