Something hugely important happens today, and I hope you’re all doing your duty and paying attention.

I mean the start of the GM Meetings in California, of course, because nothing else that is happening today is even remotely relevant in this space.

  • According to KTAR in Arizona, Mesa Mayor Scott Smith had some interesting thoughts on the disintegration of the ASU/Cubs plan to share the new facilities being built for the Cubs in Mesa. According to Smith, contrary to ASU’s accusations, it was the University, and not the Cubs, who became unreasonable and difficult to deal with. Smith says that the deal would have cost ASU nothing, was convenient for ASU, and should have been the “perfect situation” for all sides. He was forced to pull out of the talks, he says, because he no longer wanted to spin his wheels as a mediator.
  • Recall, that ASU/Cubs plan would have had the Cubs picking up a little extra revenue, but had the potential for conflicts about usage throughout the year (who gets what facilities when).
  • Per The Cub Reporter, Adrian Cardenas is now a minor league free agent, by virtue of his minor league service time and not being on the 40-man roster. He could re-sign with the Cubs and play at AAA Iowa while hoping to get a bench job eventually, or he could move on to another organization.
  • Speaking of those minor league free agents, Jairo Asencio, who was a Cub for a hot minute, just signed a minor league deal with the Brewers, having left the Cubs behind.
  • Carrie Muskat answers questions, and takes on the why-did-the-Haren-Marmol-deal-fall-apart question that everyone’s asking, but she doesn’t have an answer, beyond a guess. The most interesting question and answer she got was someone asking why Bryan LaHair doesn’t try out third base. You’d have expected the answer to be something like, “LaHair can’t play third base, and the Cubs know it. It’s a first baseman, and an occasional outfielder, only.” But, instead, her answer was this:  “LaHair has been asked about third base and said no.” Strange. I mean, it could really be the same thing – he said no because he knows he can’t do it. It’s just a strange way to answer the question, though – why would the Cubs ask if they didn’t want him to at least try? And if they asked, and it came with the possibility of him, you know, keeping a starting job, why would he not even try? Let’s not lose sight of the forest – having watched him, I don’t think he could handle third in a way that would, overall, help the Cubs. Still … just a strange response. Makes you wonder things.
  • Darwin Barney won an award I’ve never heard of (the Wilson Defensive Player of the Year) for being the best defensive player on the Cubs.
  • David and Kim DeJesus are hosting a fundraiser next Monday to raise money for ALS research (Lou Gehrig’s Disease).
  • Cubbie Blues

    “It was close to the ASU campus,” Smith said. “We could arrange the practice facilities so there was complete separation between the ASU facilities and the Cubs facilities. They literally would have had to go out of their way to interact with each other. It was a perfect situation.”

    Appearing on KTAR’s “Arizona’s Morning News Weekend” show on Saturday, Smith said moving to the new stadium wouldn’t have cost ASU anything, and, in fact, the university would have received the first one million dollars in revenues from the stadium.

    I’ll take the Mayor’s version over ASU’s all day. ASU has enough problems as it is, but there has to be something more that we aren’t hearing right?

    • Brett

      Oh, I’m sure it’s not as black and white as we’re permitted to see. Negotiations like this are insanely complicated. Each side can spin roadblocks however they’d like, and be completely “truthful” at the same time.

  • Melrosepad

    Might be in the minority, but I hope Cardenas comes back to the Cubs. I like having him as depth and really think he could be a good bench guy for us.

    • CubFan Paul

      he could be a good bench guy for us or a placeholder at 2B after Barney is traded. he’s a lefty that walks & hits

  • Austin

    I wouldn’t be all that surprised to hear that ASU got greedy with the deal and thought they deserved just as much acess to the facilities as the Cubs and started asking way too much because they figured the State and citizens would have their back. Just another guess but I wouldn’t be surprised at all.

    • Spriggs

      I agree. ASU thought it would be easy to spin it as those “greedy billionaire” Cubs owners not being true to their word and reneging on the agreement. From all accounts I am seeing – the students at the university are upset with ASU, not the Cubs. The Mayor has tons of credibility here and is a straight-shooter, so this will not help the ASU image.

      This is most unfortunate. Seemed like such a good thing for both parties. Would have assured the success of the Wrigleyville concept with so many students attracted to the area.

  • the jackal

    why cant cardenas play 3rd

    • cubchymyst

      I asked this before, apparently his defense is horrible.

  • David

    I’m guessing she means he’s been asked by the media, because I can’t see any chance the team asked him to.

    • Brett

      Strange way to phrase it, if so.

  • Leo L

    I seems like the could have played Cardenas more during the season. but never did. correct me if am wrong. But if I am right, do you think the adminstration knew that there would be no room for cardenas on the 40 man roster and likely gone so they never really gave him a chance or was it his abilities?

    • Drew7

      I’m really not sure why he didn’t get more of an opportunity, but I suspect they didn’t think his defense was good enough.

  • MightyBear

    One great thing about keeping DeJesus around is we get to see his wife.

  • Kevin

    Just read the article on Reinsdorf, what a douche!

    • MightyBear

      Where’s the article on Reinsdork? We already knew he was a douche but I’d still like to read the article.

      • Kevin

        Brett’s 1st link

  • August

    Lahair is a lefty, so third would not be a natural position for him. But I’ve got a question: how many lefties have ever worked out at 3rd? Or were they just the “throws right, bats left” variety. LaHair is cool as a Rizzo – relief type guy. He beats whoever else we’re gonna find walking around town. My vote is trade Lake and some of our older 2B prospects for a top-shelf 3B AAA prospect.

    • Brett

      LaHair bats lefty, but he throws righty.

  • August

    By the way, by reading Bleacher Nation posts daily, I can now, proudly, say I have learned how to spell “Douche”. Before, I would have sworn the word contained an “S”.

    • Brett

      Dhoosh, like whoosh.

  • Alex

    Gee, I don’t see Pat chiming in on the ASU/Cubs deal today.

    He was SO adamant at the fact that it was Ricketts’ fault the deal fell through, from the ASU post a couple of days ago. Even though I made all the points listed in the KTAR post today, he still wouldn’t hear it.

    This is gonna be a rough read for him, if he hasn’t already read it.

    • Pat

      Nowhere in the article does the mayor say that ASU tried to change the initial terms. All he says is that it was a good deal for them (in his opinion).

      • Alex

        And it also didn’t state that the Cubs were trying to change the terms. In fact the Cubs were still willing to move ahead under the original agreement. Mayor Smith simply said that ASU became increasingly difficult to deal with.

        In the they stated that ASU wanted 24/7 access to the facility for events outside of baseball, including concerts.

        Mesa is building this facility for the Cubs. It was a nice proposal by the team to bring in ASU into the mix and make it a Win/Win proposition for the Cubs and ASU. Too bad ASU had to go and screw it up.

        I don’t know what kind of power play Michael Crowe tried to make here, but it’s making ASU look pretty foolish.

  • Eric S

    Keeping in mind LaHair probably said no because he bats and throws LEFT. It’s very difficult for someone to throw across their body playing 3rd base and throwing left handed. First base it’s easier as it doesn’t involve coming across the body to make a play. That’s probably why Rabbit said no deal, because it would be such a stretch. Keep in mind too that Rizzo is ALSO left handed so he won’t be moving to third EVER either.

    • Brett

      As I said earlier, LaHair throws righty.

  • Bradley Morton

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    • Drew7

      You’re a bit tardy, son.

    • hansman1982

      Thank goodness I am headed to the polls to vote here soon…I hope my guy wins! (checks Google to see who is running). Yup, Ross Perot is my guy!