According to Dallas Morning News reporter Evan Grant, bids on 25-year-old Korean lefty Hyun-Jin Ryu were due at 4pm CT today (a couple hours ago).

The Cubs are one of several teams who have interest in the pitcher, who is being posted by his team in Korea. Recall, the posting process essentially works like this: teams submit blind bids for the right to negotiate a contract with the player, and the highest bid wins that right (assuming Ryu’s team accepts the bid).

You shouldn’t necessarily expect to hear anything on the posting bids tonight, though. If the Korean posting process is like the Japanese posting process, even after receiving the bids today, Ryu’s team will have about four business days (or more) to decide what to do. When Yu Darvish was posted, it took five days from the day bids were due until we found out who had won. When Daisuke Matsuzaka was posted, it was 11 days. So, that is to say: it can take a while.

For more on Ryu, and the Cubs’ interest, here’s your background reading.

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      Not seeing it. Is it every page? Are there any ads sticking out strangely where they don’t look like they belong (that’s usually the culprit)? What browser are you guys using?

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        No problems with Mozilla firefox. IE it went way left and my anti virus went off, cleaned something up and it was ok. Changed pages and it was screwed up left. There must be a virus running through IE.

  • MightyBear

    I hope they get him. The more young pitching they can get, the better.

  • Fastball

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  • Sully

    I have that problem with this page also. No big. Thought it was me. maybe it is.

  • Mike Taylor

    They really think he can slot into the rotation this year? I think he should start in AAA and then come up at the trade deadline. If we do get him, I suspect we’ll be dealing Rusin and or Raley before spring. There’s not enough room in the AAA rotation for 3 lefties.

    Nick Struck
    Hyun-Jin Ryu (L)
    Yoanner Negrin
    Rusin/Raley (L)
    Alberto Cabrera
    Eric Jokisch (L) deserves a spot as well.

    I think we outright Casey Coleman. It’s just a matter of time.

    • hogie

      I thought I had heard some about Cabrera getting a real shot to make the bullpen this year, even talks of a shot at the closer role should we deal Marmol. As interested as I am in how the rotation shakes out, it was our bullpen that sunk a ton of games for us last year. I wonder how that will shake out without Marmol?

      • Kyle

        The front office has said they believe Cabrera can return to starting without going back to being absolutely terrible like he was the last time he was a starter.

        • Luke

          It’ll be interesting to hear if some of these plans change now that the Cubs’ have a new pitching coordinator in the minors.

      • MichCubFan

        The bullpen doesn’t really matter for a team like ours and we need starting pitching. If Cabrera could stick as a starter he could be a decent back end guy.

  • hogie

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  • Cheryl

    Seems ok now. Did what Mick did

  • Jason “Thundermug”

    Some team like the Rangers or the Red Sox or Dodgers will offer money $$$$ . I am not saying the Cubs bid isn’t alot of money but usually some team goes Hogwild and spends way too much with these bidding wars. The Cubs will probably finish 2nd ( always a Bridesmaid and never a Bride)

  • d

    wonder if he’s good enough. his average velocity has been always under 90miles……. five million should be sufficient.

  • Korean goat

    Minimum posting fee $10m? a korean media say now the eagles want that money at least and if below that, Ryu can’t go to america. very ridiculouse because i think that money is too expensive. Many people here think that $3m posting fee and $9m(6yr) is expected. i don’t know how much bid Theo did but want to say Theo to rethink.

    • NCMoss


    • Luke

      Eh. I’d do $11 million posting and $9 mill / 6 years contract if that’s what it takes. That averages out to around $3 mil a year and is heavily front loaded into a period in which the Cubs have money to spend. It isn’t ideal, but neither is the Cubs’ lack of pitching talent. If he reaches the majors and pitches even two or three seasons for the Cubs, that expenditure will be well worth it. If he doesn’t, it hardly breaks the budget.

  • Eric

    I like this guy. He could be like the left handed Korean Zambrano. Big guy, work horse, works in the low 90s can get it up to 95ish. Good movement, never injured quality #3 type pitcher.

    • Kyle

      That’s probably overstating him quite a bit. You’re going to see a lot more 89 mph fastballs than 93s, let alone 95s.

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