It’s the third episode of a super awesome podcast featuring me and Sahadev Sharma. You can listen to the podcast there below, or download it for later listening. Eventually it’ll be on iTunes so you can just subscribe. Hopefully that’ll be in place by this time next week. (Yes, that’s what I said last week. But this time it should really, truly, hopefully be true.)

As always, you can send questions, comments, etc. to the official podcast email address (podcast AT bleachernation DOT com) if you want your thoughts included on a future show. Make sure you include your name and city, and all that usual stuff.

On this week’s episode, we get way too comfortable in sharing, bust out some awkward GM Meeting moments (hooray, we did a radio bit!), and dig into the opening chapter of the Brett Taylor Story. We also reveal the name of the show, which finds its roots in the fact that we had so much trouble coming up with a name right now.

Oh, we also talk about quite a bit of baseball, including prospect thoughts in light of BP’s top 10 list, the naming rights at Wrigley Field, and the attractiveness of free agents Brandon McCarthy and B.J. Upton.


  • TWC

    Seriously? We actually have to *listen* to find out the name of the podcast? Jeeeeez…

    • Brett

      That’s half the fun. Naw, but seriously, it’s the first thing Sahadev says (and then we discuss how we landed on it a little later).

  • MichiganGoat

    So sad it’s not named Tidrow’s Stashe

    • Brett

      Sorry, dude …

  • Jim

    That’s some sweet intro music…

    • Brett

      True story: my brother is a formerly semi-professional musician, and that’s a tiny piece of one of his songs. I heard it and thought it made for a perfect podcast intro (without the headache of licensing issues).

  • Cubbie Blues

    Your kids coming out of a chute?

    • Brett

      So to speak.

  • Stinky Pete

    Too bad you found a name. I think “Out of the Chute” would have been a fantastic name!

    • FFP

      Two guys sit around and shoot the chute.

  • TWC

    All Things Considered is NPR’s afternoon show, Ace.

    • Brett

      So I was right. Is it classy?

      • TWC

        You were rightish. But “classy”? If you’re of the NPR-is-for-snobs ilk, perhaps you would call it that. It’s a quality news program.

  • terencem

    That’s easily a 65-70 podcast name.

    • Brett

      I’d totally take that.

  • skidrow

    So starting next week we have to pay for the podcast?

    • TWC

      Do you have to pay for any podcasts on iTunes? (Serious question)

    • Brett

      No way. It’ll just be available on iTunes to folks who prefer that route.

  • Coldneck

    Most are free, some are paid.

  • TSB

    How about “Marshall Field” for the new name? Can change it to ” Macy Field” later, if the price is right …

  • TonyP

    Love Love Love the podcast. Very enjoyable.

  • Hawkeye

    Maybe it’s just me and my imaturity that I thought I lost when I graduated from college, but does the picture used for the podcasts slightly resemble a phallic symbol? The headphones hanging down add some additional detail giving the look of an entire package. Thoughts?

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  • ETS

    What’s the podcast email? If I want to email in thoughts, comments or questions?

    • Brett

      If you’re for realsies, it’s podcast AT bleachernation DOT com.

  • hansman1982

    Apparently someone doesn’t listen to the podcast.

    • ETS

      I do, hence my knowing such an email exists, but I didn’t want to re-listen to find out what the address was. I did find it though ((podcast AT bleachernation DOT com). The reason I didn’t see it at first glance is that I was looking for an @ – spelling the address out in words just doesn’t stand out. Thanks though.

      • hansman1982

        oh, ya, epic fail by me. I originally intended to include the email in the reply there…my bad.

        • ETS

          No problem. i read comments enough to know you meant no ill intent 😉

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