How much do the Cubs want Hyun-jin Ryu? How much do other teams?

Well, at least one team out there really, really, really wants Ryu. According to multiple reports, the winning bid for the posted Korean pitcher was more than $25.7 million – or about half of the posting fee for Yu Darvish, who was considerably more well-thought-of.

We don’t yet know who won the post, but there are rumors floating around that suggest we could hear at any time.

UPDATE 1 (at 6:51pm CT): OK, I’ll blink and say that the majority of RUMORS floating around there on Twitter, purportedly coming from Korea, say the Cubs have won. They are RUMORS and should be treated as RUMORS. But now you know the RUMORS.

UPDATE 2 (at 6:55pm CT): Danny Knobler just said that the Cubs seemed to be the most interested in Ryu, though that is, at best, him just hinting or guessing that the Cubs have won. If he knew more, he would say it.

UPDATE 3 (at 6:56pm CT): While we wait on more, here’s what I wrote about Ryu previously. The gist is: he could be a nice, middle-of-the-rotation starter for years, if everything goes right. Based on the posting amount, the winning team seems to think he’s a mortal lock for a rotation.

UPDATE 4 (at 6:59pm CT): Jon Heyman (who was among those who “confirmed” last week’s Haren/Marmol trade) says the Cubs bid aggressively, but did not win.

UPDATE 5 (at 7:24pm CT): Obligatory jokes about “sources” and “confirming” aside, Gordon Wittenmyer says sources have confirmed to him that the Cubs did NOT win the bid for Ryu.

UPDATE 6 (at 7:36pm CT): Evan Grant says he hears it wasn’t the Rangers, but he also cautions that folks heard a lot of wrong things back when Darvish’s posting was happening. Tentatively sounding like it’s the Dodgers. Or some other team. Or the Cubs. But probably not the Cubs. Probably the Rangers. Or not.

UPDATE 7 (at 8:01pm CT): Buster Olney says “other teams suspect” that it’s the Dodgers.

UPDATE 8 (at 8:05pm CT): Ken Rosenthal hears the Dodgers were aggressive in the bidding.

UPDATE 9 (at 8:41pm CT): Phil Rogers joins the parade of folks saying it isn’t the Cubs.

  • TT

    RT @osaki_makkura: Chicago Cubs have won the exclusive negotiating right for Ryu-hyun-Jin with a record $25.7 million posting fee. #mlb

  • Austin

    I’m betting it will be the Dodgers.

    • SoCal Cubs Fan

      Ditto….Dodgers just have money to burn on these kind of things.

      • DoubleDown

        Not with banckruptcy looming

  • Rice Cube

    I was just telling my friend that if this is true, I’m kind of pissed that they didn’t throw the bank at Yu Darvish too 😀

  • Jake Kiefer

    I have a bad feeling that this could be money down the drain…lot of people think that Ryu may end up being more of a long reliever rather than a starter…but maybe theoyer knows something other people don’t.

  • João Lucas

    Danny Knobler said to some guy on Twitter he thinks it ISN’T the Cubs. Oh boy.

  • cdncubfan

    Jon Heyman now reporting not the Cubs…

  • Rice Cube

    Simultaneously I say “darn” and “thank goodness” that the Cubs lost the bid, if confirmed.

  • fuckmylife

    This guy is basically Korean Travis Wood. Pass. Glad we missed out for once.

    • DoubleDown

      Don’t know what Korean Travis Wood is but I’m glad the Cubs passed on this.

  • Tyler

    I guess I won’t mind it no matter the outcome. If we can get him, that’d be great, but if not, oh well.

    Although I was a little disappointed when I saw Heyman’s tweet…

  • Jason “Thundermug”

    When I first saw the Cubs winning the bid I said hold on After what happened with Dempster and Haren situations I wouldn’t believe anything on twitter or any site until it’s official.

    I bet the Dodgers or Rangers won ! The Dodgers have been throwing money around like it’s Monopoly money the last few months

  • DarthHater

    I’m finding it very hard to believe that @tampabaynacho could have been wrong about this.

    • DoubleDown

      me too!(shrug)

  • JeffD

    Cubs bid was less than 20Mil for Darvish last year not sure why they’d go OVER for Ryu who’s a less established pitcher..

    • Patrick W.

      The Cubs bid on Yu before the Yu bid was known, obviously so not unreasonable to think they think it would take half of Yu bid.

      Anybody know if any team has a history of bidding funny? 25737737

      • Brett

        A lot of teams do that kind of thing – the final bid for Daisuke under Theo was like 51,111,111.11 I think.

      • Rice Cube

        737 is apparently a Texas area code, suggesting either the Astros (unlikely) or the Rangers (much more likely, with Nolan Ryan as a former star there).

    • Rice Cube

      That’s a pretty good point, which is why I would have been both excited and miffed had this been a Cubs “win” 😀

    • Brett

      I think they were slightly over $20 million, but your point remains.

      • Rice Cube

        MLBTR actually said no club was within $35MM of the Rangers’ $51.7MM bid for Darvish, but the Cubs never actually revealed their number to my recollection.

  • Tony

    I believe it’s Texas…The whole “737” thing..It’s a Texas area code.They also did something funky in the Yu Darvish bid like that also.

    • Rice Cube

      The fee for Darvish was $51,703,411 so I’m not sure whether those numbers reflect Nolan Ryan’s favorite numbers or an area code.

      • Kyle

        Ryan’s number and Darvish’s number in Japan, iirc. Or something like that.

        Not interested in him at that price.

  • doberman1861


    “On November 14, the Boston Red Sox won the bidding rights to Matsuzaka with a bid of $51,111,111.11, outbidding the Texas Rangers, New York Mets, and New York Yankees.[11][12][13] The enormous figure — two[14][15] to three[16] times the Lions’ payroll — astounded both Japanese and American baseball executives.”

    • DoubleDown


      I believe the “actual” amount was far less than Wiki reported.

    • David

      That number includes Nolan Ryan’s number and Darvish’s number.

      • DoubleDown


  • Leroy

    screw Jon Heyman :(

  • TommyK

    I’ll be disappointed if they didn’t get him. Not because I know anything about him, but because this was an opportunity to exercise the big market advantage. You can’t overspend for international free agents or draft picks anymore. The Cubs don’t want to overspend for free agents (which I completely understand). This was a chance to exercise the money advantage with getting tied into a long term deal. What else are they going to do with the money? I’m all for player development, but there are diminishing returns there.

    • João Lucas

      Totally agree. And it’s not like there are other 25-year-old free agent starting pitchers whom we could lock up for multiple years.

  • Rice Cube

    It’s not the Rangers according to the latest Tweetrumors.

    • North Side Irish

      Evan Grant @Evan_P_Grant
      I’m told Rangers did not win Ryu bid; then again I was told last year Toronto had whopper bid for Darvish. Best to wait for MLB to release.

      • Rice Cube

        Best to wait for MLB to release.

        Indeed, but that’s not as fun.

        • DoubleDown

          You want fun? Go to an amusement park. I want baseball facts.

          • Missoula Joe

            Yes, because it’s either an amusement park or deathly seriousness.

            • DoubleDown

              I do take the Cubs seriously.(but I like a light atmosphere too)
              Point well taken.

          • João Lucas

            I just rolled my eyes like 1080 degrees.

            • DoubleDown

              Yikes. That means you rolled your eyes 3 times. Any relation to Linda Blair?

              • João Lucas

                I’ll take that as an “okay, now I want some fun too”. :)

  • joey jo jo junior

    SI says Cubs won the bidding

    • Brett

      Follow the links – SI is linking to a CBS report, which was citing the bogus Twitter rumors. Yay! I’m better than SI at journalism, and I’m not a journalist!

      • Kyle

        I hate to break it to you, but you pretty much are.

        • Brett

          You give me too much credit.

    • DoubleDown

      Link please.

  • Jason “Thundermug”

    Jon Heyman ” I would laugh so hard if the Cubs did win the bidding ” Just because I would like to see Heyman be wrong again.

  • Psy

    I guess Cubs fans won’t be Gangnam Styling at Wrigley next season..

    • Dan


    • Brett


    • DoubleDown

      All the votes are not in. (LOL)

  • gutshot5820

    How is it that these reporters are getting the actual bid amount and the teams that did not win the bid, but do not know the winning team? If one thing the Darvish bid taught me was that even when they do know they do not really know.

    • Rice Cube

      I think they’re being fed information piecemeal at the leisure of the Korean team, then the reporters are working to speculate and try to scoop each other and that’s why we have this bottleneck of useless information until an official press release.

      • Brett


        • Rice Cube

          Fries are done!

          FanGraphs actually had a nifty article today about the luxury tax and how even though the Dodgers are going through money like Kleenex during flu season, they still won’t get heavily penalized until much later in the life of those contracts. I think the posting fee doesn’t count but whatever stupid money contract they sign Ryu to (should they be the confirmed victors in this bidding war) will.

      • DoubleDown

        Is there any cncrete evidence that the Cubs posted a bid? We have heard the Cubs were interested. How factual is that.

        • DoubleDown

          *concrete* *serious bid*

        • MichiganGoat

          Not sure where you’re going with this, do you not read everything else or is this just your attempt to be obtuse?

          • DoubleDown

            My question was to read; “is there any concrete evidence that a serious bid was made by the Cubs?” Not saying they didn’t bid or were not interested. Just wondering if was a serious bid.

            • MichiganGoat

              The bids are secret and never revealed (except the winner) are you questioning that Cubs would enter a bid that was not serious? A team bids based on what they believe the player is worth and what would win- why would any team purposely enter a losing or non-serious bid. That makes no sense quit trying to have a useless discussion just for the sake of discussing something.

          • DoubleDown

            “According to multiple reports, the winning bid for the posted Korean pitcher was more than $25.7 million”

            This is all I have seen and NOBODY is promoting it as accurate.

            • MichiganGoat

              And until MLB reports it offically it isn’t accurate… seriously where are you going with this.

  • Kyle

    Cue anonymous report that the Cubs bid $25.6 million :)

  • Fastball

    RICKETTS authorized $1.00 but Theo got his wrist slapped for bidding $2.00 if it would have been Jed he would be unemployed tonight. Tom Squeak RICKETTS

  • Canadian Cubs Fan

    I hope the Dodgers won the bid, and this guy turns into the second coming if Kei Igawa.

    I absolutely despise that organization after that ridiculous deadline deal with the Red Sox, where they took in all that money for AGonz and bunch of garbage, and still gave up quality prospects.

    Ned Colletti is a terrible GM, and now he has idiot owners spending like drunken sailors.

    The money they gave Ethier was a joke too.

    There, I feel better!

  • the jackal


    • magilljl

      Best comment so far. You win.

  • the jackal

    my money on the dodgers

    • MichiganGoat

      But is it offical? Sources please! Did they make a serious bid? I’ve seen nothing.

      • DoubleDown

        Where you going with this?

        • Drew7

          I think he’s requesting another lesson in BetterMath.

        • MichiganGoat

          Just letting you see how little your comments add to the discussion.

      • Chris

        Nothing official has been released by anyone. This is all speculation based on a few reportes talking to “sources”. Speculation is that the Dodgers won, but nothing factual actually suggests that yet.

    • gutshot5820

      I agree, Dodgers all the way. Huge Korean community there and money to burn. I wouldn’t be too disappointed if we missed out on a potential 3-4 Starter if the cost was too high. There are just as good or not better options in free agency without as much risk if the dollar amount exceeds his perceived value. Darvish, I was pissed because he was potentially a TOR pitcher that could be bought for only money, but I guess the time was not right for the Cubs. This guy, eh…

  • fortyonenorth

    So, the winning team has 30-day exclusive negotiating rights. If they fail to reach a deal, what then? Can he be re-posted? If not, it seems that, even with Boras, there’s a strong incentive to come to terms with the winning team.

    • MichiganGoat

      Yes the money is returned to the team, but I believe there is a significant gap before they can repost or if the can even repost at all. I can’t imagine this would ever happen since the player is going to get a better contract with MLB than anywhere else.

  • Still Love the Cubs

    Kyle, you are going to have a field day if the Dodgers win the World Series in the next couple years aren’t ya?

    All they have done is spend money on trades, FA’s and re-signing their own guys. That is just what Kyle likes to advocate. That a large market team should act like it. I wonder how it is going to turn out for them?

    By the way, I know I don’t always agree with Kyle, but this is a sincere post and question. Do you all think that the Dodgers making it rain is a good strategy and that the Cubs should have done something similar?

    • Internet Random

      I don’t always agree with Kyle

      But when I do, I drink Dos Equis.

      • TWC


    • Kyle

      A field day? No. A sly smirk? Probably. But I have that all the time.

      The Cubs can’t do something similar because they don’t have an owner willing to make it rain like that. But, man, it would be sweet if we did.

      • Still Love the Cubs

        So in other words, you completely support what the Dodgers have done? All of the moves to add to the payroll?

        It will be fun to look at it (crazily assuming that we are all still the same people commenting on BN boards and that Brett hasn’t gotten his dream job with the Cubs by then, doing some Kevin Goldstein culling information and networking and reporting to Theo directly) in a couple of years and see whether their goose is completely cooked and it just wrecks them, or if they turn out with a couple of rings.

        Due to the fact they are about to get a huge TV deal a lot sooner than the Cubs, I have a feeling it won’t turn out that bad, but it also is seriously inflating the market for what other teams are going to have to pay.

        • Kyle

          I haven’t examined the Dodgers too closely.

          Money only matters relative to two limits:

          Their financial limits, imposed either by the realities of the budget or the willingness of the owner to drain his personal wealth.

          The luxury tax threshold.

          And really, the second one could theoretically be blown past if the ownership didn’t pay really extreme penalties.

          • Chris

            This might be a blessing in disguise. If the bidding went extremely high, I’m more inclined to see them sign an experienced ML pitcher for the rotation with the same dollars. It would have been great to do both, but this guy isn’t nearly as talented as some other international signings that have taken place in recent years, so overspending on someone that might be a middle reliever at best would really suck. Still plenty of pitching out there with tangible number to consider rather than try to figure how to translate Ryu’s stats to the ML.

  • Internet Random

    This seems as good a time as any to mention that, so far as looks go, I think Buster Olney and Ken Rosenthal should trade names. Somebody named Buster ought to wear bow ties… and no one else.

  • calicubsfan007

    I am glad that I didn’t see this until now. I would be kinda pissed again at the bloody media. The real winner of all this is the team that posts the player. Especially if that player signs. All that posting money goes to the posting team.