In a trade that will be discussed at length in the coming days in baseball circles (and, given its scope, probably around here, too), according to multiple reports, the Marlins just sent everyone – I don’t use that hyperbole lightly – to the Blue Jays for a variety of prospects, and a whole lot of salary relief.

The damage:

The Blue Jays get Josh Johnson, Mark Buehrle, Jose Reyes, John Buck, and Emilio Bonifacio. They also get a modest $4 million in cash tossed in.

The Marlins get Yunel Escobar, Adeiny Hechavarria, Justin Nicolino (a nice pitching prospect), Henderson Alvarez, probably Jake Marisnick (a very nice outfield prospect), Anthony DeScalfini (another nice pitching prospect), and Jeff Mathis.

The money aspect is being sorted out, but you can expect that the Blue Jays are taking on most of the salary, given the prospect return (which is good, but not great). The Marlins clearly just wanted out from underneath the contracts of Buehrle and Reyes … they guys they signed last Winter. (Recall, they’ve already dumped Heath Bell.)

The implications of the deal for the Cubs are relatively simple: the deal takes the Blue Jays out of the trade market for a starting pitcher (like Matt Garza, for example), but it also takes them out of the market for middle tier free agent starting pitchers, which they’d been rumored to be pursuing. All in all, it’s a slight net win for the Cubs, but obviously a very small one.

The implications for MLB, obviously, are much greater. The immediate reaction has been, in large part: shame on the Marlins. They baited taxpayers into paying for a luxurious new stadium, bought a bunch of free agents on back-loaded deals that everyone knew they would eventually dump, couldn’t fill the stadium, and in just one year, indeed did the dumping. Because the stadium deal for Miami had already looked ugly, I don’t think it will be used as additional ammo against publicly-financed renovations to Wrigley Field (more than it would have been already, I mean). But it doesn’t help.

UPDATE: I should add that this deal hasn’t been confirmed by the teams yet, though (all jokes aside) it seems like a done deal … pending MLB’s reaction. I have a hard time seeing MLB shoot down a trade in the best interests of baseball, but this might come close, given the negative near-term impact it could have in Miami.

  • Tommy

    How much longer does MLB allow Loria to run this organization like a fantasy baseball team? The guy is the biggest joke in all of professional sports (and that’s saying something). The sad thing is, we all knew this was going to happen. I just don’t think anyone thought it would all happen at once!

    Loria is bad for baseball and needs to be booted out.

  • Rizzofanclub

    Ok people stop with the awful trades for Stanton. Do you really think that the cubs would not get outbid by teams that have better (closer to playing) prospects? I mean look at the Rangers stop for one second and think they would not trade Olt, Profar, and Cody Buckel. Thats 3 prospects in the top 100 that will be ready to play mid season next year. I love the passion of cubs fans but C’MON MAN!!!!!

    • BluBlud

      The Cubs have the ability to offer other potential stars that can play right now. If the Cubs are willing to offer Shark, Jackson and Baez, the Marlins may want to consider that.

  • Fastball

    Cubs can’t pull of a trade such as the
    one being ranted about. People talking about Miami . They have a ton more talent than we do. Who cares what Miami’s owner does with his team. IMO he just made a great trade to get his organization younger with excellent talent. He signed flippable players and that’s what he dice. Sounds like the Cubs MO to me. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

    • Brian Peters

      No one has indicated that the “talent” Florida got back is all that great. The problem with Florida, is that they have these big signings to draw people to the stadium. This year, of course, was the unveiling of the new stadium, so they had to draw more people than ever before. It’s fine that they have the money to sign all these fairly big name players, but it’s not right–in any sense of the word–to burn the barn at the end of the season. People in FLA already don’t come to the stadium….either one, to be frank, and TB is always competing…..and I think the Marlins owners will find out in 2013 that burning the barn isn’t the answer. Hell, they should already know this, considering that has long been their modus operandi.

  • Brian Peters

    P.S.: It’s not what the Cubs are doing. Maybe what they USED to do, but not anymore. The FO, in case you haven’t noticed, is pursuing middle-rung (sometimes lower-rung) talent to flip them. They don’t sign folks to long contracts (like the Marlins did with Reyes, etc.) and then have a bonfire. It’s not the same thing at all.

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  • DarthHater