In a trade that will be discussed at length in the coming days in baseball circles (and, given its scope, probably around here, too), according to multiple reports, the Marlins just sent everyone – I don’t use that hyperbole lightly – to the Blue Jays for a variety of prospects, and a whole lot of salary relief.

The damage:

The Blue Jays get Josh Johnson, Mark Buehrle, Jose Reyes, John Buck, and Emilio Bonifacio. They also get a modest $4 million in cash tossed in.

The Marlins get Yunel Escobar, Adeiny Hechavarria, Justin Nicolino (a nice pitching prospect), Henderson Alvarez, probably Jake Marisnick (a very nice outfield prospect), Anthony DeScalfini (another nice pitching prospect), and Jeff Mathis.

The money aspect is being sorted out, but you can expect that the Blue Jays are taking on most of the salary, given the prospect return (which is good, but not great). The Marlins clearly just wanted out from underneath the contracts of Buehrle and Reyes … they guys they signed last Winter. (Recall, they’ve already dumped Heath Bell.)

The implications of the deal for the Cubs are relatively simple: the deal takes the Blue Jays out of the trade market for a starting pitcher (like Matt Garza, for example), but it also takes them out of the market for middle tier free agent starting pitchers, which they’d been rumored to be pursuing. All in all, it’s a slight net win for the Cubs, but obviously a very small one.

The implications for MLB, obviously, are much greater. The immediate reaction has been, in large part: shame on the Marlins. They baited taxpayers into paying for a luxurious new stadium, bought a bunch of free agents on back-loaded deals that everyone knew they would eventually dump, couldn’t fill the stadium, and in just one year, indeed did the dumping. Because the stadium deal for Miami had already looked ugly, I don’t think it will be used as additional ammo against publicly-financed renovations to Wrigley Field (more than it would have been already, I mean). But it doesn’t help.

UPDATE: I should add that this deal hasn’t been confirmed by the teams yet, though (all jokes aside) it seems like a done deal … pending MLB’s reaction. I have a hard time seeing MLB shoot down a trade in the best interests of baseball, but this might come close, given the negative near-term impact it could have in Miami.

  • Chicago Taxpayer

    Hey you bought into Theo’s talk and his Dream…..hey man thats your Right to do……,but don’t get mad at people when they don’t just swallow his talk……..People have rights to think his talk is a dream and it’s bulls#$t………Thats the problem with your type ,you can’t take it when people disagree with this losing to maybe some day win…… one’s getting mad at you or attacking you for believing in a plan that has a very low,low percentage of working…..

  • Chicago Taxpayer

    Chase if you are talking about me changing my name……You are partly right son……..My name was never 1967 anything………but my name has been changed so many times on here,but none have been as true as todays….I am a City of Chicago Taxpayer and I can look out my window and see wrigleys lights……

  • http://n/a jtcubsfan44

    dude, we haven’t won in 104 years, I can be patient for a little while to see the cubs become a contender every year. Whats your plan taxpayer?

    tell that to the nationals

  • Chicago Taxpayer

    The rays are going to trade one of there starters for offense and they are losing Upton……….The Rays are not gonna be the same team and neither are the Yankees in 2013……….Baltimore and Toronto will be a Force in 2013 in the East……..With this Trade the Blue Jays are gonna be a force……….Reyes will give Toronto a Great leadoff Hitter……and there staff will be strong……..

  • Fastball

    Not a follower. Don’t like Theo and Jed but don’t dislike them either. Im a Cubs fan not a Front Office Fan.

  • http://n/a jtcubsfan44

    Thats not what I asked………… So we should do whatever it takes to get Stanton?

  • Chicago Taxpayer

    I am glad you brought up the Nationals…….and you are a Young Kid and I know what your thinking”Hey I am young and I can wait it out..I got time” and don’t you think some kid your own age thought that in 1910 and he said that agian in 1925 and in 35……….Well My Great Grandpa and my Grandpa and my dad did wait and the first two dies waiting and so have many,many others…….There Blood sweat and tears poured into this stadium and city as the Labors Union that I and my family have been a part of for over 104yrs have always done the work on wrigley and before it was wrigley……..Thats who Theo and Ricketts owe a championship to.Not you or me or anyone who comes into the town and visits maybe 3-4 times a year from ohio or kansas or michigan or texas……..He owes it to the fans of this team and city who are dead and gone and was promised…….Not lies that they don’t have money over a move to get the taxpayers to pay for a stadium they have the money to rebuild themselves……..We deserve more then lies……..if you want to learn something learn respect about the fans that have come before ya……Moves of signing big name major league ready talent is what is needed and trying win now and in the future,but this lie or telling people they have no money when the proof is there they do is ignorant and just as bad as what Loria did to the Taxpayers in Miami

  • Chicago Taxpayer

    The Nationals GM proved that GM’s today want to guess and make up rules as they go…….If he handles strasburg better and has him go to extended spring training and Starts him later in the Year & allows him to pitch in October the Nationals would have beat St.Louis and those 3 games SF had at home would have been moved to the Nationals Park and that would have been harder for SF to win on the road 2 in a row..maybe SF still wins but Pitching let the Nationals Down vs the Cards and Strasburg would have gave the Cards/Giants hell…….Rizzo made a huge mistake that may come to bite him in the ass if the Nationals never get back in that position…..

  • http://n/a jtcubsfan44

    They haven’t said they don’t have money. They’ll spend it, when we’re closer to be competitive. I come from a long line of Cubs fans too, and I know we’re going to get one soon.

  • http://n/a jtcubsfan44

    I was talking about the way he built a winner through the draft and free agent signings, not that situation………. And you don’t know any of that about the playoffs… Anything and everything happens in the playoffs…… The Nationals are going to be good for years to come.

  • Chicago Taxpayer

    Yes we should do whatever it takes to Get Stanton and if that takes Castro….I say Pull the trigger and fast……….Ask yourself this…………..When did the Team ever have to come out and yell at Stanton to hustle and make a Play………..??????????????? I will give ya time to think????????????????? Never………..Thats your answer…………Castro doesn’t hustle sometimes because he got sick of losing and the lies by the Front office I understand that and thats why seveum had to talk about it in the press……I and now Stanton is pissed and I understand him being pissed….A Change of scenery is good at times and this is one of those times for both players

  • Byron Browne

    Thats right, trade the store for Stanton. He can bat between laHair and Stewart. That’ll strike fear in the Central Divsion!

  • http://n/a jtcubsfan44

    The Marlins just got TWO shortstops. One of which was arguably the best prospect they got in the trade. I would absolutely trade Castro for Stanton, but they would not do that. Stanton makes $6 mil. less a year, is one of the best players in baseball, and they have two good shortstops now.

  • Chicago Taxpayer

    Hey I clearly stated that SF could have still one,but if your best pitcher only has so many innings then you start him later in the Year and get him to Pitch in October because thats what this game is about……..No one was ever named Mr.April in me I have been there numerous times and no one named that….GM’s today are trying to come up with a new system that has won no series championships…….The Players Union and Agents have made it a Spend to Win league and Owners are trying to revolt…….Now I have no love for Castro and if I could get Miami to take him and Seveum and his staff I would tommorrow……..I truly believe we need a true cubs family in the Front office………Ricketts needs to tell Theo & Hoyer ya tried but the Local fans aren’t showing up and the local press are turning on us……Ya tried but here’s your money just move on……or he can act like a true owner and make them get some big time major league talent……Henry did it to Theo in Boston and thats why Theo wanted out,be is just a big baby when he doesn’t get his own way……..If theo was such the brain child in Boston why did Henry try to Hire Billy Beane 3 times while Theo was GM and even after they one chamiponship 1………First thing is these Young Guys need to play for a Manager they respect and one that is a Hall of Famer and that man is in the Philly’s farm system because Theo let his ego get in the way of hiring the correct guy for the job……..

  • Chicago Taxpayer

    Aquiring Stanton at all cost and signing him to a 10yr Deal should be a number one priority for Ricketts………He writes the paycheck and he can sling his weight around……He needs to act like the so called “Number One Cubs Fan”……To get the Seats 100% Filled the fans need a proven Major League Leader to get behind and for the Youth to look up to………If they want the prospects I say do it……..Amora is from the Miami area and this would give him a chance to play at home and Soler is from Cuba……Miami would want them and thats a win-win situation for the cubs……TO have Castro and Rizzio and Stanton,Soriano in the same line up would make the central pay attention

  • Dan

    Taxpayer – I say you crazy

    • David

      And his posts make my eyes hurt. On the bright side, his posts are so easily recognizable that it’s almost as good as having an ignore button. One huge block paragraph and tons of………….. and it’s “move along, nothing to see here”.

  • Kyle

    “Nope, I am looking at all the other holes the Cubs have. Getting rid of Castro does not hurt due to what they have coming up and getting a 1st baseman is easy. Worst case you plug LaHair back at first.”

    The vast majority of “what they have coming up” will become worthless.

  • ssckelley

    “Are you trying to argue that very good hitting right fielders are bad for a team’s chance of having success?”

    No, but your next sentence nails it. “No one player makes a team, and no one player (usually) can sink it. ”

    “That said, when a team has a chance to grab extremely elite talent, a team should pursue that chance. There are maybe three guys in baseball with a bat comparable to Stanton. If he’s on the market, the Cubs have to be in serious pursuit of him.”

    I am fine with that but I think giving your top 3 prospects in Almora, Soler, and Baez is to high of an asking price.

    • Tim

      atleast when the cubs are in this position of their rebuild

  • Chicago Taxpayer

    All this talk is Great for entertainment,but the facts are the FO is gonna spred some lies about how they have no money for Major League Ready Talent Like Stanton,so it’s probably better to talk about who the cubs can get………..Is BJ Upton a real possibility?

    • Luke

      Money doesn’t come into this at all. The Cubs can’t trade for a guy if Miami won’t agree to their best offer. And there are plenty of teams in baseball who can beat the best offer the Cubs can make.

      Just because the front office can’t make every deal we want them to doesn’t mean they aren’t trying or are too cheap or anything of that nature. The Cubs don’t operate in a vacuum.

  • hookersorcake

    Good luck selling Castro jerseys in Little Havana.
    Now at least Cubs fans will know what tanking looks like. Getting rid of A. Sanchez, Hanely, Infante, Bell, J.Johnson, Reyes, Buerle, Buck, Bonifacio, and Ozzie after one year in their new stadium, that the tax payers paid for. WOW! I live down here and its a nice stadium and a great place to see a game, its just too bad. People will not go next year out of spite. This is insanely bad.
    The Rays should petition MLB to swap stadiums with the Marlins.

  • lou brock lives

    Mark Buerhle will not play for Toronto in 2013. He only agreed to play in Miami based on Ozzie being there & now will have to move his family to Canada. NO WAY does he even consider playing up there. Buerhle will need to be moved back to Chicago, St. Louis, or a longshot KC – otherwise he will RETIRE from baseball & walk away from the remaining years of his contract. Trust me on this – I know him very well.

    • Tim

      I wonder how you have this information

  • calicubsfan007

    Why does it seem like the Marlins are having a fire sale every other year? If we could get Stanton for a good deal, then I am on board. But definitely not for Baez and Almora. One or the other and other prospects, not both and prospects. That is insane. We have to spend a little to make a little, that is how a business works. But if the Marlins try to work us over, I would be pissed at Theo and Jed if they allow that to happen.

  • Tim

    Outside executives tell Joel Sherman of the New York Post (via Twitter) that of all the players the Marlins floated at the GM meetings, Stanton was not among them.

  • The Next Theo Epstein

    Brett, please keep an eye on the developing situation with Giancarlo Stanton in Miami. The Cubs will empty the banks for that guy if he reaches Free Agency.

    • Tim

      He is not a free agent until 2017

      • The Next Theo Epstein

        True, but he doesn’t seem too interested in playing for them anymore. I guess what I’m trying to say is that the usual Cubs’ hesitation to spend on a long-term contract would not apply if they were to acquire him.

        • Ted

          This is where you get your name

  • chris

    Looks like the Marlins accidentally the whole team.

    Is that bad?

  • mysterious4th

    I am waiting for one of these trades to have a marmol-haren/dempster-delgado (I’m so tired I can’t 100% say I remember that’s the braves piece for that almost trade)almost traded and many sources were saying it was done and only to have it fall apart in the lasst moment.

  • Spencer

    Everyone likes to talk about Stanton (and rightfully so), but a more realistic target is probably Logan Morrison who I think could be a nice fit for the Cubs in 2013.

    • calicubsfan007

      @Spencer: I agree with that. He seems more accessible to obtain and he can be a valuable asset for us. I think he is also under control longer. Correct me if I am wrong on that.

    • Brett

      I thought the same thing.

    • AP

      Agreed. Stanton is still cost controlled and is likely their biggest name/draw. There’s no way they’re parting with him for anything less than a king’s ransom.

    • MichiganGoat

      Agreed we really don’t have what it takes to get Stanton unless we give up Rizzo, Castro and a couple top prospects. The bidding on him will be huge and I just don’t see us able to compete.

  • kd22

    Best part about this deal is it pushes Villanueva even further out of a rotation spit. He is the one guy the Cubs need to get now. Give him a chance in the rotation and if that doesn’t work he’s a proven dependable bullpen arm.

  • Bleachernationer

    Pipe dream: Giancarlo Stanton trade for Jeff Samardzija, Matt sczur, junior lake, josh vitters, Brett Jackson, Dan Vogelbach, Dillion maples?

  • someday…2015?

    If I was Theo and Jed I’d be thinking about going after Stanton right now. I was talking about trades a few days ago, and trading Baez for Upton or Bauer because we have Castro which makes Baez expendable. Same goes for Castro. If Baez is as good as people say he is and can be, I wouldn’t be shocked at all to see a Stanton for Castro swap… For the record this would be the only deal including Castro that would get me exited. Imagine a future of Rizzo, Stanton, Baez, Soler, and Almora. Scary stuff right their. Well scary for the rest of MLB.(Even without Stanton.) All that would be missing is a WHOLE LOT of pitching.

    • calicubsfan007

      @someday: It would be an interesting thought to trade Castro for Stanton. Or trade Baez for Bauer. My only problem with Bauer is the question that why are the Dbacks so willing to trade Bauer after one year and after being considered a high prospect?

      • someday…2015?

        I got the same question @cali and I trust Theo and Jed to know why the D-Backs are down on Bauer. If it’s just an attitude problem then their could be a potential deal their. If it’s a loss of velocity and arm strength then I would hope Thed knows to stay away from that… I do believe a Castro for Stanton deal could help out both teams, doubt it would ever happen though.

      • RoughRiider

        The reason the Diamondbacks are willing to trade Bauer is that they aren’t too happy with players that have appeared to be uncoachable. He has some value as a top prospect and they might get somone in need of pitching to over pay for the hype that he has generated in he past.He has his way of doing things that worked for him in the past but not in the Major Leagues.He has been stubborn to the point of rebellion and won’t listen to the pitching coach or his catcher.

    • ssckelley

      These Stanton for Castro talks are insane, the Marlins just traded for 2 young shortstops! They are not going to want Castro, who has a back loaded contract, for their best young hitter.