Matt Garza continues to recover from the “stress reaction” in his elbow, which nominally dates back to his pre-trade-deadline shortened start against the Cardinals back in July, but which probably is the kind of thing that develops slowly over time.

So far, all signs are that the recovery is going well, but we’re going to get a new data point soon. Garza is set to have another scan of his elbow this week, per ESPNChicago, and that scan will allow the Cubs to better plot out his plan for the next few months. I suspect he’ll do some light throwing before Spring Training, but we’re not likely to hear of him doing his full array until February or March. The scan is just part of his regular check-up program, by the way, so there’s no additional reason for concern.

For his part – on Twitter, I mean – Garza says he’s getting ready, and doesn’t say anything that would raise your eyebrow about his health.

Hopefully the scan turns up clean.

  • CubFan Paul

    i love the egg on Garza’s face for not signing the Danks-like extension. Now he may never be offered $70M again. he and his agent tried to be smarter than the arbitration process

    • Webb

      Everybody looses from this injury. This was the worst case scenario for Garza, the Cubs, and anybody thinking Garza could help them. He won’t sign an extension because his value has deminished and will become a free agent at the end of next year. The Cubs will hope to get a Dempster-type return come July.

      • Brett

        It’s not quite yet worst case scenario (blowing his arm out this Spring would be), but the thrust of your comment is quite right. This all went very badly for everyone.

      • cubs1967

        a Demspter type return; damn; hope it’s better than a fringe P prospect and an unnecessary 2b or 3b prosepct not better than our own Baez-Vitters-Lake combo; Jedai basically gave away Dempster.

        the prudent thing would be to keep Garza and try to add to the Sp staff with Smardz, but it’s more fun to lose on purpose……..

        gotta love Theo saying the new TJ injured Baker (is this a game to see who has the most pitchers recovering from injuries-Garza-Baker-Vizcaino)…saying Baker could be an extension candidate…………really- when he’ll be 32 in 2014………pppppppplease; we are not all dumb and stupid like DarthHaterboy………why would a non-contending team keep a 32 yr old………..cut the BS Theo.

        105 yrs and counting………..

        • Carew

          Why insult DarthHater when hes not even in this discussion…

          • Tommy

            It’s an unwritten rule not to join in conversation with that guy. It’s like feeding stray cats.

            • Mick

              I’m surprised the banhammer has yet to be swung. In the, “Nate Silver (THE Nate Silver) Says Cubs Owners Have an Incentive to Spend” post Brett threatened to give him the boot if he kept up the direct attacks.

              • Brett

                I no longer comment on when it actually gets swung. Take that however you will.

                • DarthHater

                  Please don’t ban him. It’s hard to find such good sources of material. 😉

                • hansman1982

                  then we will surely live in fear of the banhammer! This is a move that only tyrants take and will NOT BE TOLERATED! GIVE ME LIBERTY or give me comments section!!!!!!!!!


          • MaxM1908

            It’s also an unwritten rule not to read his posts lest you enjoy witnessing a crime against the English language.

          • DarthHater

            Hey, I’m kind of flattered that Grandpa1967 finds me worthy of being shouted off his lawn. I just think his posts would be much funnier if he would only learn how to correctly spell Jedi.

        • JR

          What’s the point of coming on here Cubs1967 and raising hell everday about Theo. The people on this website are not Theo or Hoyer. We are Cubs fans trying to discuss Cubs stuff in a civil way. The front office obviously hasn’t been perfect, but why not write them directly? What the hell do we have to do with the decisions they make? Everyday you’re going completely ape sh*t on the people on here who have nothing to do with the signing of Baker, or waiting to long on trading Garza, or the Dempster fiasco. Pull it together, and send a letter to the real people who make the decisions. Come on now…

        • Mick

          Whoever wields this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.

  • North Side Irish

    A big part of Garza’s value at the deadline last season was that the acquiring team would have him for all of 2013 and would thereby get a chance to make a qualifying offer (and get draft pick compensation). My question is, when does he have to be on the roster for the acquiring team to qualify for compensation? I’m assuming it’s Opening Day, but I don’t know for sure.

    For example, if Garza shows up to ST healthy and looks good, could the Cubs trade him before Opening Day? Would the team acquiring Garza then be eligible to receive compensation? I’m just curious since that was a big part of his value last July.

    It probably doesn’t matter though because I assume he’ll need to show he’s healthy in real games before he regains enough value to make a trade worthwhile to the Cubs.

    • Brett

      It’s Opening Day. So, yes, if he’s looking healthy in Spring Training, you can expect lots of trade rumors (especially if the Cubs pick up two more starting pitchers this offseason).

  • Mick

    Kind of funny that the timing of his elbow scan seems to fall right in line with the GM meetings, you know, the meetings where the groundwork for most offseason trades are set. I’m sure it’s completely unrelated and this elbow scan has been scheduled for a month.

    Speaking of the Tigers, it may be a move before the move or maybe apart of the move itself but, when the Tigers sign Anibal Sanchez (it’s a foregone conclussion in my mind now) could the Cubs be interested in Porcello? The move I’m referring to is when the Cubs trade Garza to the Tigers for Castallanos.

  • Chachi CardsFan

    I love reading this site… if not for the humor that you guys think your sCrUBS will ever compete with the big boys of the MLB. Big Dreams for a down and out franchise.

    1. Take down Wrigley
    2. Move the team to Anchorage
    3. All of you come cheer for the Cardinals and a real winner


    • JR

      Good insight. If we come over to the dark side do we have to get blacked out drunk LaRussa style and pass out at a stop light? Didn’t know if that was a mandatory, since thats what the leader does.

    • Mick

      …queue pick of cards fan

    • Njriv

      I would rather die not seeing a Cubs WS than being a Cardinals fan.

      • Carew

        amen brother

  • daveyrosello

    I would still like to see if Theo could interest Detroit in Garza for Castellanos (sp?), or Texas for Olt. We REALLY need a 3B, and none are available unless the Mets punt on Wright. I certainly don’t think Vitters or Valbuena (shudder) are the answer, and the Cubs can’t afford to wait 2 years for Baez to arrive.

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