Ever see the movie ‘Big Fan‘? It’s a pretty awesome indy flick starring Patton Oswalt about, among other things, a guy who finally gets to meet his favorite player, pisses that player off, and then gets beat up by said favorite player. That would suck.

I woke up this morning to an unsolicited message from Matt Garza on Twitter. Hooray, right? I’m not so sure …


I really can’t tell if Garza – can I call him Matt? – is being sarcastic there, or if he’s just being playful, and using the tweet as an opportunity to reiterate that all is going well. I tend to think, unfortunately, that it’s the former (and based on some responses on Twitter, other folks read it that way, too). (UPDATE – see the update below from Matt.)

The update to which Matt refers is a really innocuous one, about him getting a scan this week on his elbow, in which I tell folks the scan was a planned one, and probably not reason for concern. The source of this information, linked in the post, is an ESPNChicago article. I concluded the post with “Hopefully the scan turns up clean.”

I thought it was, on the balance, a perfectly nice (boring, even) update on where things stand with one of the Cubs’ most important players. I didn’t draw any certain conclusions or offer anything other than reasoned speculation about his recovery process, gleaned from hours and hours of reading about this stuff. Even that stuff is pretty clearly caveated in words like “probably” and “likely.”

I don’t know where I went wrong …

But it’s a bummer, dude. I’ve made no secret that I’m a huge Matt Garza fan (a site search for cat’s pajamas, the term introduced into the site lexicon by Garza, turns up a shocking number of posts). If I thought for a second that Matt would actually correspond with me, I’d trip over myself to speak to him personally about his recovery. I am, after all, not a journalist – and there’s an expectation that players and management generally don’t speak with fan bloggers about actual news.

I hope the corresponding-with-Matt ship hasn’t yet sailed. (I responded to Matt that I’d be happy to include any additional information he’d like to share, but I’ll understand if he doesn’t respond. I’ll continue to think he’s the cat’s pajamas.)

If I pissed you off, Matt, I’m sorry. If I spoke out of turn or inaccurately, I’m sorry about that, too. That’s all I can offer, though, because I truly don’t know where I goofed.

Now, a piece of this about which I’ve got to be candid and fair: I’ve written at length about Matt Garza as a possible trade piece. Frequently, when talking about his elbow injury, or his role with the Cubs last offseason, I talk about those things within the context of how they affect his trade value. I am, first, a Cubs fan, so I do care about things like Garza’s trade value, as unsavory as that is when you’re, like, actually talking about a human being. That said, with respect to Garza specifically, I also repeatedly said that I was equally open to the idea of an extension with Garza, or a trade. (Another example: “As for the future of Garza, I remain open to either an extension or a trade. I could see either approach being good for the Cubs long-term, depending on the dollars/years in the extension, or the prospects/players in the trade.”)

And now I’ll just try to get over the thought that Matt Garza briefly, vaguely heard about Bleacher Nation for 10 seconds, decided I’d said something inaccurate, and now hates me – if he remembers me at all…

UPDATE, from the man, himself:


Whew. Thanks to Matt for passing along the health update, and clearing my terrified little conscience. You may resume your morning, and I can unclench.

  • DarthHater

    Sounds to me like Garza is edgy because things aren’t really going as well as he would like and he doesn’t want the publicity to further hurt his long-term contract value.

  • EQ76

    Garza 1 / Ace 0

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      No fair. I didn’t even know we were playing …

      • Joker

        Best part of the game? You got trolled by Garza.

        • Fishin Phil

          Would have been even funnier if he’d have included a Tidrow reference.

          • MichiganGoat


          • TWC

            That might have been the single greatest thing ever.

            • MichiganGoat

              Does Tidrow have a twitter?

  • ChiTownGuido23

    Brett, you have nothing to worry about and you report what you read from credible sources. I have been reading addicted to your website for quite some time now for 1 major reason, you do not make things up and only report any cubs news/rumors and always site your sources. Im hoping Garza was being friendly only because you have been extremely professional and a fan first and foremost.

    Keep on Keepin on my man!

  • Mike

    Meh. I don’t think you even needed to write this piece. Your previous post was completely innocuous.

  • Jeremy

    hahaha I actually find this pretty funny. I sent Garza a tweet to defend you Brett. Personally, as funny as it is, I find it somewhat offensive to other Cub fans as well, considering I’m a big fan of Garza as well and were just always looking for updates on him which Brett provides.

    Of all the Cubs blogs to choose, Garza gets pissed at the reliable one. haha.

  • Webb

    Tweets are 140 characters long. You just blogged what, 200-300 words, dissecting the tone in which the said tweet was typed in. I mean… Give yourself a break dude. You’re reading waaayyy too much into something you’ll never get an answer to and is pretty trivial aside from the fact that the dude tweeted you unsolicited and that’s cool whichever way he meant it.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      I hope you’re right. And thanks.

      (And I’m an even bigger loser than you think – it was 600 words.)

      • Webb

        Hey, look! You got your answer!

  • hansman1982

    I thought we’d already established that Garza does, in fact, read BN based on previous conjecture formed from his Tweets and comments.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      I don’t recall that – he doesn’t follow me on Twitter. I suspect that this particular article was passed on to him by someone else, and he didn’t care for it for whatever reason. I truly think very few players read blogs or even mainstream media publications about themselves. I bet it gets really old.

      • hansman1982

        Meh, I take very little stock into who players follow on Twitter – it’s half shielding themselves from BS.

        The follow-up tweet confirms my suspicions.

        • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

          Well, several folks tweeted at him to help try and clear things up. He may not have even seen this post. If he did, obviously that would be swell.

  • wilbur

    I’d say you were objective in your comments and you don’t need to defend yourself. As social media seems to be a medium where responses are by definition both in real time and terse, their value while interesting is both limited and tends to be emotional versus thought out.

    I would write off his response as innocently hitting a nerve and move on. If you have truly offended him he will let you know and if he is offended he’s got bigger problems than you.

  • Cedlandrum

    Look man if he is upset with something you have wrote then he is entirely too thin skinned or he has a comprehension problem because you haven’t “reported” at all how his rehab is going.

  • Seth
  • ottoCub

    i think it’s possible you are misreading his tweet. i read it as a compliment that he is thankng you for an accurate update, whilst other “stuff” is “false or clearly off”. i think he was being very complimentary of you and of this site. here’s my interpretation:

    ” BleacherNation – thanks for the update on my rehab is going… Funny how stuff being reported (in the media, by other sources) is either false or clearly off.. Alls good. “

    • ottoCub

      sorry for the typos. typing too fast this morning!

  • Cedlandrum

    Oh a response on twitter. You are so freaking famous Ace!

  • JR

    Chill Garza.. I wish someone would ask Matt about the report from Gordon Wittenmyer about Garza falling off a bike when he was a kid and a screw being put in his right elbow (which apparently is still there). And the chance of that being behind his random/weird elbow injuries the last couple yrs. It seem really relavant, but I can’t find anything else on it. For a guy wanting the type of dough he is, seems pretty important to teams.

  • Matt

    Maybe he was being sincere and saying thanks for updating people with whats going on and that other reports are false. Who knows.

  • North Side Irish

    Matt garza ‏@Gdeuceswild
    I know @BleacherNation has good intentions.. Never has he written anything bad on twitter.. Justpassing info..alls well

    you’re all good…

  • ichabod

    brett…. you are not the cats pajamas! shame

  • http://obstructedview.com josh

    Of course, the real news is “GARZA TALKED TO ME SQUEEEEE!”

    Guess: he only read a tweet and not the content of the article, so he was just responding to “Garza to have elbow examined” or whatever the tweet said.

  • Joker

    Also remember, you always worry about tone and objectivity in your writings. People on Twitter rarely ever do. It’s often difficult to know what someone implies, and it is rarely ever important anyway.

  • Internet Random

    Either he’s being playful, or he’s getting the scan from his gynecologist and he’s pissed that you confused his elbow with his vagina. From what I’ve seen from Garza, my bet is on playful.

  • Spriggs

    I don’t think Garza is upset… he was probably just freaked out by the whole “God’s Wrath” thing!

  • Adam

    I really don’t think he is pissed off at you. I think he was thanking you for providing a straight forward update

    • Internet Random

      Actually, yeah. That reading makes the most sense. I change my comment to that.

    • TWC

      That’s how I read it, too.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Now I choose to read it that way.

  • Fastball

    Looks like he is just saying what is being reported is false. So he is trying to set the record straight. He is doing fine. I would say most of the media is wrong about all things Cubs these days. I don’t believe anything the Chicago media reports because they are out in front of their ski’s most of them time. Landing in a yard sales crash when they are proven to be way wrong. This site keeps it real but does have a lot of opinions. It’s a site for opinions so I would not worry about it at all.

  • fromthemitten

    he’s probably having a good laugh over this… honestly I think he’s just messing with you especially after his followup tweet. who knows? maybe somebody tweeted that article to him and ranted at him about it or something

  • MichiganGoat

    Mr. Garza I love you.

  • Her Seop Chode

    An idea you most likely already thought about: a first interview for the podcast?

  • Fastball

    Maybe it shouldn’t be reported as God’s Wrath. I don’t think God has anything to do with it.
    He may be a religious guy who takes that to be he is on the wrong side of God. I wouldn’t want that.

    • Spencer

      That’s just a BN staple though.

  • hansman1982


    Reading your previous post and then his tweet I take it as:

    1. Thanks for a non-biased, non-craptacular report on my rehab
    2. Most of the crap out there is crap
    3. There is nothing wrong with my elbow and I am following a normal offseason plan
    4. You are the cat’s pajama’s

  • whiteflag

    Uh like….You got Garza to respond to you. How cool is that?! I doubt he is that upset. I read you article as just an update, and not a omg! his arm is falling off. Don’t sweat it.

  • Fastball

    Trade Rumors? Are there any Trade Rumors?
    What is the deal. Where are the possible deals and who is Theo talking to for trades
    and Free Agent signings? Any speculation.

  • DarthHater

    I think part of the problem may be using the “God’s Wrath” headline and cartoon for routine updates. That creates the impression of some present or future wrath, even if all you are really doing is keeping an eye on the consequences of His past wrath.