Ever wanted to hang out with your favorite Chicago Cubs player? Maybe just for a day? What would you do? Where would you go? What would you have him sign?

No, I can’t give you a day with your favorite Cubs player. But I can give three of you an Egraph, which may be the next best thing.

I’ve discussed Egraphs here before, but in case you forgot, the gist is this: Egraphs areĀ a next generation autograph that provides a personal interaction with your favorite player*, including a personal written and voice message made just for you. Here’s an example from David Price:


It’s all digital, so you can take it anywhere – and in the digital age, it’s just as permanent as a piece of paper. But this one comes with a personal message and an audio recording, too. Here’s another example from Kerry Wood – make sure to click play so you can hear the message, too. I am officially jealous of “Bob.”

In short, these things are badass. And I’m not just saying that because of the contest.

But this IS a contest, and that’s where your lucky self comes in. I’ve got three to give away (you choose who you want from the list below, as long as they don’t sell out between now and the end of the contest), and three ways to win (with one winner coming from each avenue):

(1) Enter on Twitter. Basically, you “follow” BN on Twitter, find the tweet about this contest on BN’s Twitter, and you retweet it. That’s it. Make sure you’re available to be contacted by direct message if you’re the lucky winner.

(2) Enter on Facebook. Basically, you “like” BN on Facebook, find the post about this contest on the BN Facebook Wall, and drop a comment about what you’d do with your favorite Cubs player if you had a day to hang out with them. (Let’s keep it clean …. ) That’s it. Make sure to check your Facebook messages after the contest ends to see if you won – you may actually have to go into your messages to see if you’ve got one from me (Facebook thinks that messages from pages like BN must necessarily be spam (sigh), so it sometimes screens them out, and doesn’t display that you’ve got a message. You can still find it, though, if you just click into your messages manually).

(3) Enter in the comments here. Basically, you just drop a comment about what you’d do with your favorite Cubs player if you had a day to hang out with them. (Again, clean.) That’s it.

I’ll pick a random winner from each avenue, and contact you when the contest ends tomorrow evening at 8pm CT. That’s Friday, November 16 at 8pm CT. Enter by then if you want to win. Yes, you can enter all three ways, but no, you can’t win three times.

Good luck!


*Well, assuming your favorite player participates – not all of them do, but it’s a pretty healthy selection. And you don’t have to choose a Cubs player, obviously.

  • Coldneck

    I’d like to take Tony Campana to get a Happy Meal. He and my 5 year old could play on the PlayPlace together.

  • TonyP

    I would take Mark Grace clubbing and look for some slump busters!!!

  • Billy

    I’d want to hang out with Castro I know where I wouldn’t take him and that’s out drinking we know that’s a bad idea. I’d probably take him to one of my men’s softball tourneys so we have a better chance of winning.

  • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

    Sorry Brett, but I would probably have a few beers with Shark and talk Notre Dame football. He seems like a cool dude. Know I should only want to have a convo with Cubs, but David Ortiz would be another dude that would just seem like a good guy to have a few beers with.

  • Kyle

    I need to wait and see who we bring back this offseason. Because my first choice would be a personalized apology for sucking at baseball from Ian Stewart.

  • Todd

    I would ask Andre Dawson what he did in the Ivy for the last 15 years? Maybe he could solve the riddle of Field of Dreams! Go Cubs!!!!

  • Tyler

    Kerry Wood and I would go get frozen yogurt, then we’d go see Wreck It Ralph. And we’d share a popcorn.

  • Idaho Razorback

    Concur TonyP!!!!!!!!!! I love me some fat girl.

  • Cubbie Blues

    I would like to take Shark out and throw him some deep outs and skinny posts. It would have to be at the Big House though.

  • Stinky Pete

    I would ask David DeJesus why he’s not on the selection list, cry a little bit, then just sit and stare at him. The corner of my mouth turned up ever so slightly. Just enough to come off as a little creepy, but harmless creepy.

  • Spriggs

    Over the course of a whole day, I’d be worried that things might get ugly at some point… so I’d pick Jed Hoyer. I might be able to kick his ass, if necessary.

  • Jason

    Clearly the answer here is Matt Garza. The guy can’t even stand still in the dugout and seems like wherever he goes he’s the life of the party. Plus I’m pretty sure he’d be down for a game of capture the flag with nerf guns in the middle of a Target somewhere.

  • http://deleted Mr. Gonzo

    I’d attend a home Cubs game with Ryno on our shared birthday (9/18), sing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” together at the 7th inning stretch from the box, and get pointers from him in the batting cage. Then we’d get some beers.

  • Brandon Newberry

    I would love to spend the day with Darwin Barney…I know he isn’t a star player, but I love watching him play!

  • Dustin

    I would probably want to hangout with Dejesus or lets just say his wife lol. So I would really like to go to his house and have a huge pool party with him and his wife and all of her beautiful friends. To sit by a pool and have beautiful woman feeding us and watching them “swim” would just be an amazing night. The end

  • sclem21

    I’d just spend the day holding hands with Antonio Alfonseca.

  • Spencer

    I would ask Matt Garza if he hates Brett.

    • Fishin Phil


  • Schuyler

    I would organize a flag football game with all of my friends and pick Samardijza with my 1st and possibly only pick. Then I would throw the fade route to him every play and win. I would then challenge him to a game of Tecmo Bowl on Nintendo where I would be the Raiders and along with Bo Jackson, I would crush him.

  • Jeremy halverson

    Starlin ans I would go to a local juvenile home and help kids less fortunate than I am.

  • Greg

    i would take castro to chinatown, run up an enormous tab, and then pretend i forgot my wallet

  • MichiganGoat

    I would like to sit down with Kerry Wood at the Founders Tap room and enjoy some Dirty Bastard, Breakfast Stout, and Centennial IPA while we watch a Cubs game.

  • Katie

    D-Lee. I would just stare at him dreamily and ask him to model some pants from his playing days. Then I could die a happy woman.

    I can’t believe I kept that clean.

    • Cubbie Blues

      Cleat chaser, remember this is not a dating site.

      • Katie

        Ha! His are the only cleats I’d chase.

        It is too a dating site. Brett said so. But just for me! :)

        • hansman1982

          Hey, BN Dating works for Katie!

          • Katie

            Yeah, it got me the worst blind date ever.

  • fortyonenorth

    Batting practice with the kids, of course!

  • Dave

    The only acceptable answer: David DeJesus, I would use interpretive dance to seduce his wife.

  • kranzman54

    I think I would wanted to be courted by Jeff Sam, spend the day at Wrigley and take some BP so I can look foolish trying to hit his fastball.

  • cjdubbya

    I would probably spend the day keeping Darwin Barney away from my wife. He threw her a ball in Pittsburgh the day of Samardzija’s complete game (the aftereffects of which have been seen here a number of times – the Gatorade shower), and now he’s her pseudo boyfriend. Huzzah.

  • hansman1982

    Two answers:

    1. Starlin Castro – I’d hook him up to electroshock and force him to concentrate watching a round of golf – every time he got distracted or dozed off – ZAP!!!

    2. Javier Baez – cause if I’m gonna do that to Castro I need someone along that can do whatever the f%*# they want.

  • Jim

    A game of catch. Duh.

  • Internet Random

    Interrogate Ryan Braun, on the record and under oath.

    • hansman1982

      Depends on what the meaning of the word “is” is.

      • Katie

        I did not have sexual relations with those PED’s.

  • James

    First time commenter, and I’ll probably get blasted for this, but I would love to hang out with Mark Prior. When he was healthy, he was a great pitcher, but I’d love to just go hang out. Maybe throw the ball around. If not him, then I’d love to hang ou with Kerry Wood. We could go bowling.