Ever wanted to hang out with your favorite Chicago Cubs player? Maybe just for a day? What would you do? Where would you go? What would you have him sign?

No, I can’t give you a day with your favorite Cubs player. But I can give three of you an Egraph, which may be the next best thing.

I’ve discussed Egraphs here before, but in case you forgot, the gist is this: Egraphs areĀ a next generation autograph that provides a personal interaction with your favorite player*, including a personal written and voice message made just for you. Here’s an example from David Price:


It’s all digital, so you can take it anywhere – and in the digital age, it’s just as permanent as a piece of paper. But this one comes with a personal message and an audio recording, too. Here’s another example from Kerry Wood – make sure to click play so you can hear the message, too. I am officially jealous of “Bob.”

In short, these things are badass. And I’m not just saying that because of the contest.

But this IS a contest, and that’s where your lucky self comes in. I’ve got three to give away (you choose who you want from the list below, as long as they don’t sell out between now and the end of the contest), and three ways to win (with one winner coming from each avenue):

(1) Enter on Twitter. Basically, you “follow” BN on Twitter, find the tweet about this contest on BN’s Twitter, and you retweet it. That’s it. Make sure you’re available to be contacted by direct message if you’re the lucky winner.

(2) Enter on Facebook. Basically, you “like” BN on Facebook, find the post about this contest on the BN Facebook Wall, and drop a comment about what you’d do with your favorite Cubs player if you had a day to hang out with them. (Let’s keep it clean …. ) That’s it. Make sure to check your Facebook messages after the contest ends to see if you won – you may actually have to go into your messages to see if you’ve got one from me (Facebook thinks that messages from pages like BN must necessarily be spam (sigh), so it sometimes screens them out, and doesn’t display that you’ve got a message. You can still find it, though, if you just click into your messages manually).

(3) Enter in the comments here. Basically, you just drop a comment about what you’d do with your favorite Cubs player if you had a day to hang out with them. (Again, clean.) That’s it.

I’ll pick a random winner from each avenue, and contact you when the contest ends tomorrow evening at 8pm CT. That’s Friday, November 16 at 8pm CT. Enter by then if you want to win. Yes, you can enter all three ways, but no, you can’t win three times.

Good luck!


*Well, assuming your favorite player participates – not all of them do, but it’s a pretty healthy selection. And you don’t have to choose a Cubs player, obviously.

  • DowntownLBrown

    I would spend a day with Alfonso Soriano. Hopefully he would teach me how to do the hop catch so I can implement it in my company softball league.

  • cubchymyst

    Spend the day at the barber with Jeff Samardzija

  • william

    i would whant to hang out with garza and talk bout our high school rivalries since i went to clovis high and he went to clovis west and shoot the breeze about lifes curves and adventures and as for somthing for him to sign i would prob ask for him to sing the back to back state champion clovis high baseball

  • william

    sorry ment sign not sing lol my laptop messes up sometimes

  • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

    Can we get Cubs1967 a personalized Theo demon doll?

  • http://www.fantasybaseballinsiders.com Nick Kappel

    I’d build a time machine, stuff Mark Prior in it and send him back to replay Game 6 of the 2003 NLCS. And then pray it ends differently.

    • DocPeterWimsey

      YOu are several days too late. Go back to Game 2 and get Dusty to yank Prior with a huge lead in the 5th or 6th inning. You’ve now just changed Game 6, too.

  • bob

    Theo Epstein

    • Theo Epstein


  • terencemann

    Who the hell is Andrew Lorraine?

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Technically a guy who pitched for the Cubs at one time.

  • Tremendous Slouch

    I would spend the first part of the day scrubbing Mosies Alou’s hands and then help him track down Steve Bartman so they can hug it out…

  • Jack Weiland

    First, Matt Garza and I would get some pizza together. Nothing too crazy, maybe like peppers and onions or something. Maybe throw some sausage in there if we’re feeling wacky, I don’t know. I’ll discuss that with Matt Garza when the time comes. Then we will watch some TV on my couch for awhile, probably like the Maury Show and People’s Court because those shows are a hoot. Then we would run around the block because WHY NOT. And then we would finish the day by riding unicorns straight into the sun.

    The end.

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