We’ve been waiting all day for the Cubs to make a few roster moves, what with today being the deadline for teams to finalize their 40-man rosters for the purposes of the Rule 5 Draft (which takes place on December 6). The Cubs’ roster stood at 39 coming into today, so movement was necessary lest they risk losing some of their more experienced prospects in the Rule 5.

And add they did: four of the youngsters we expected them to, in pitching prospects Trey McNutt and Robert Whitenack, as well as second baseman Logan Watkins and third baseman Christian Villanueva.

To open up spots for those four, the Cubs dealt Jake Brigham, designated Bryan LaHair for assignment, and waived pitcher Carlos Gutierrez, who cleared waivers and accepted an assignment to Iowa.

With that, the Cubs’ 40-man stands at 40. Nick Struck is probably the biggest name the Cubs leave exposed to the Rule 5, but even that isn’t a huge surprise. As the offseason moves on, the Cubs will have to make more moves, obviously, as they add free agents and (possibly) a Rule 5 pick of their own. They’ll have to clear more spots first.

I’ll have more on the implications of these moves, individually (especially the LaHair one, which the Cubs apparently are telling folks is about LaHair heading to Japan (must not have found any takers for him)), but I wanted to get you the moves, themselves, ASAP.

  • Did I Miss something

    So your trying to tell me that the Wrigley Renovations don’t have anything to do with the cubs unwillingness to lock up there current stars to long term deals and to lock up Major league All Stars???? Honestly answer me

    • MichiganGoat

      Everyone repeat after me: IGNORED, IGNORED,IGNORED

    • Carew

      well their current stars are either very young and cost controlled, are hurt a lot, or had his very first year as a starter…

  • Did I Miss something

    See Michigan Goat is the kind of person who take take anyone who disagrees with him and he has no personal idea’s,just blindly follows whatever the FO says as facts,but they are not facts…They are opinions and guess’es……..

    • MichiganGoat


      See how easy it is – Troll Avoidance 101

  • Did I Miss something

    Whats wrong goat boy?………..Not intelligent enough to debate someone who disagrees with ya………..

    • Eric

      I love how you talk about intelligence while at the same time using the incorrect form of YOU’RE. Very nice.

  • Did I Miss something

    I love how easy it is to get his Goat………lol………..Did I make you mad goat boy

  • Did I Miss something

    @ Carew but don’t Youg Stars Like Riz dserve to learn from All Stars that are Veterans………..Hamilton could teach the Young Kids on the cubs a hell of alot and not just on the field……….He could teach them tons about the pressure and nonsense that comes with being a Proffessional Athlete and how to avoid the troublesome lifestyle part of it……….

    • Carew

      the thing with that is that Hamilton still has A LOT of trouble avoiding the life…

    • Lou

      Problem also is some team is probably going to give Hamilton way more years than he deserves with a contract, making it impractical to sign him and that team’s probably the Phillies.

  • Carew


    • MichiganGoat

      It’s already been used but now it’s back and the site gets to be muddled by this insanity

  • Did I Miss something

    I disagree with the Upton turning out like Figgins…..but i can respect your opinion(unlike others I like to hear people who think differently then I do……..I would never want to go somewhere well people just tell me what i want to hear,but thats what a man does…a kid just wants to hear sugar coated things)……..So what you are telling me is that there is no Big Time Stars on the Free Agent List that would make the Cubs winners in 2013?

  • Did I Miss something

    The truth is if the CUbs Ownership allows the FO to go out and sign Big Time Free Agents to huge long term deals and then Ricketts goes to Emanuel and ask for the $160 Million my Mayor is gonna get the Heat from the My Govenor about doing it and his Threats to not help the City at all if they give in to the cubs………..Trust me it is talked about every day here locally about the fight between the Mayors office and Springfield

  • Did I Miss something

    Truth is you don’t know who I am…………I could be Bartman and just want to get on all the cub fan sites and Piss as many of you off as I can………..you know just get on any site and disagree with everything ya say just because I can………

  • MichiganGoat

    Oh BetterNews (or whoever you are) is your life so sad and empty that you keep changing names and IP addresses so you can to continue to troll around on here. And it’s just my luck that when I have time to read and respond you somehow return.

  • Did I Miss something

    Goat if you will notice I only get on here for 12 hr time slots and 3 days a wk………..See I get paid alot of money to get online while making huge sums of money and I can spend my time upsettling blind fools like yourself……….

  • Did I Miss something

    See as a Kid I was sneaking in to wrigley and watching the likes of Grace and Sandberg and Dunston……….You know the ones you only seen play on TV and maybe once a year if you talked mommy and daddy into bringing you to the Big bad City………or was you even born when they played goat………..did you only see them play in re-runs

  • Did I Miss something

    Whats wrong Lil Goat Boy……….is your moms internet slow in her basement……….maybe you should move the computer out of the basement and somewhere you can get a better signal….or won’t she let ya?…………

    • kranzman54

      Relax man, we all want to see the Cubs succeed. I don’t care if he is 13 (I know he’s not). I love your interest to teach him how to be a “man”, but maybe working in a little more encouraging way would be helpful instead of cornering him and ridiculing him in front of everyone.

      • King Jeff

        It’s better to not respond. He’s just trying to get people to pay attention to him. I know it’s a pain, but the best thing we can do for everyone is just ignore him and let Brett handle the rest.

  • MaxM1908
  • #1lahairfan

    Why did the Cubs put Whitenack on?

    Is any one else really afraid of losing Frank Batista?

  • Dan Hyde

    Man the discussion was interesting to read up to a certain point. Thanks troll for ruining what was a great read.

  • http://bleachernation.com someday…2015?

    To everyone on bleachernation –

    I check BN everyday, and enjoy reading everything from the well written articles by Brett and Luke, to the great debates that take place in the comment section… I just want to wish all my fellow die hards on here a very happy thanksgiving, and thank all of you for making bleachernation as great as it is!

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Thanks, S2015.

  • B_Scwared

    Chone Figgins. I think he’s done, but I could see the Cubs making him our new CF. Take off the Mariners hands for the league minimum. Bat him lead off (yikes), switch hitter, try to get his OBP back up, and move DeJesus to 2nd in the order. Low risk, moderate upside.

  • The Dude Abides

    Danny Valencia seems like someone the FO would take a flyer on for a look at 3B. Not bad for the Twins a couple of years ago.

  • JR

    I would be all for the Cubs getting Chode Figgins on the cheap. Even if he’s bad he’s something.

    • Frank

      He’s not bad. He’s horrible. No thanks, even on a minor league deal.

      • JR

        Ok, because the Cubs all kinds of talent MLB ready at that position..

  • Serio

    Did I Miss something?

  • ncsujuri

    Ignorant question but how does the Cubs DFA of LaHair = LaHair to Japan?

    • ncsujuri

      I mean I get the part about his DFA meaning he’s off the roster and therefore free to go to Japan, or anywhere else for that matter. And I get that the FO tried to get another MLB club interested in acquiring him, but is there some process that I don’t know about where MLB clubs send players who are AAAA players to Japan?

      • bbmoney

        I mean DFA doesn’t equal Japan.

        But I thought I heard LaHair or the cubs issued some kind of statement saying they were working together to hook him up with a team in Japan, so that’s why everyone is thinking that’s where he’s headed. Could be wrong.

        • bbmoney

          Yeah….apparently I heard that in Brett’s article….rough morning.

          • Cubbie Blues

            That’s also where he can expect to make some coin before he has to sell cars.

  • willis

    I’m a little surprised about Whitenack…but also excited. Maybe he’s ready to have a big year and compete for the rotation in 2014. A long way to go, but if the FO thought he’d be a target in this draft, then they must love something about him.

    Agree with all the rest.

  • hansman1982

    It’d be interesting to see a listing of the guys protected for the Rule 5 draft in the last 10 years (I know this would be difficult to compile). I know the selections have a pretty bad record of producing much (sans Bautista, Hamilton, Victorino).

    • AB

      Dan Uggla and Joakim Soria were Rule V picks too

    • http://www.worldseriesdreaming.com dabynsky

      Johan Santana is the classic example of a rule 5 pick that worked.

      • DocPeterWimsey

        Yes, and after every Rule 5 draft, fans from 30 fanbases will be exclaiming that the guy that their brainless GM let go is going to be the next Johan Santana. Simultaneously, fans from 30 fanbases will be exclaiming that the guy that their brainless GM picked is an obvious loser (otherwise the other GM would have protected him) and loudly lament that the GM should have found the Johan Santana that certainly lurked in the draft pool!

        • http://www.worldseriesdreaming.com dabynsky

          Yes more often than not the guy drafted is David Patton and not a Johan Santana. But the list does go to show that there are impact players that get taken in the rule 5 draft.

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  • die hard

    what if didnt have Soriano contract overhang?…lots of flexibility then

    • hansman1982

      The Soriano contract is not hindering us right now.

      • Lou

        Not, hindering us but boy if we could get a pitching prospect or top 100 prospect for him just so we could give that job to someone else.

        • nkniacc13

          yeah if you had someone ready to fill it

          • Lou

            You do actually. His name is Dave Sappelt.

            • nkniacc13

              he’s not going to put up the power numbers that sori will. You have to have someone in the line up outside Rizzo and Castro that can turn a game around with 1 swing of the bat

              • Lou

                I’m gonna pull a hansman here and say “Who cares” and “It doesn’t matter.”

        • DocPeterWimsey

          True, it would be cool to flip Sori for a good prospect. And Sori’s contract is not preventing the Cubs from signing anybody. However, a paucity of desirable talent is! There’s nobody worth signing for 3B, all of the CFers have at least one obvious flaw in their game, and there is one pitcher for every 5 slots that need to be filled by MLB teams!

          How much of this is simply that the planet cannot sustain 30 MLB teams?

          • Lou

            So, I’m guessing you’re not being facetious in saying the planet cannot sustain 30 MLB teams? IF so, I’d agree. As for one pitcher for every 5 slots, I think a couple of teams with the luxury of having 6 pitchers and only 5 slots, but those teams are few and not sure if Sori fits their needs.

            • DocPeterWimsey

              Sort of. Obviously, if the whole planet decided to pitch all of their other sports and focus solely on developing baseball players, then perhaps we’d have enough guys. However, most of the planet is much more interested in (real) football than in doing that.

              My thought is that 50 years ago, we had half of the MLB teams that we have now, but nearly the same number of miLB teams: individual franchises had almost twice as many farm clubs, and independent leagues were much stronger. However, even then, there was huge disparity in the talent on different teams. And now we’ve got twice as many teams, and the game has evolved so that in a lot of ways, you need more players (especially pitchers) to play well.

              And that gets back to the “lets spend $$$$!” idea. Yes, the Cubs have money to spend. However, it’s not like you can put a big pile of money under a net and expect some 0.800 OPS thirdbasemen to come out of the bushes sniffing it! They all are playing and under lock & key.

              • cubchymyst

                I think over the next couple decades some of the top athletes will shift from playing football (NFL) to playing baseball. I think the combination of the concussion issue and the larger contracts in baseball will cause this funnel.

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