Happy Thanksgiving, friends. I think it appropriate today to say that I am always mindful of the fact that I am super fortunate to have my dream job here at BN, and I am thankful to each and every one of you for helping make it so. And I’m thankful to have an awesome place to talk about the Cubs with passionate and thoughtful fans. You guys rock, this place rocks, and the Cubs (eventually will) rock. Thank you, kindly.

  • The Cubs are selling a holiday four-pack of tickets (you can get up to 12 tickets to each game) starting tomorrow morning at 10am CT (their version of a Black Friday sale, I reckon). A two-ticket set will cost anywhere from $98 in the upper deck reserved outfield to $212 in the bleachers. So, you’re looking at a range of about $13 to $27, face. Not too bad if you can find a combination of games that fits your schedule. And how can you say no to that face?

(Actually, for realsies, I think that’s a pretty clever campaign.)

  • Bryan LaHair’s deal in Japan is pretty player-friendly: he gets $2 million per year for the next two years, plus a $700,000 signing bonus. And he gets the right to opt-out after 2013 (presumably if there’s interest here in the States in giving him a starting job). Once again I say good deal for everyone.
  • The rink at Wrigley Field, due to open tomorrow, has been delayed slightly by the unseasonably swell weather. I guess you can’t really complain about that – just get outside and enjoy it. The Cubs will be updating folks as soon as they know when the rink can open.
  • A little background on the Cubs’ marketing plans and their move back to a local agency after working with a New York-based firm last year.
  • Cubs pitching coach Chris Bosio is raising money for his charitable foundation (which works to combat cancer) via an auction taking place December 9. You can find the details for the auction here.
  • Also in that article: Bosio had double knee replacement surgery as soon as the season ended. Oof.
  • If you’re wondering about the posting schedule for this weekend, it will be lighter than usual tomorrow, both because it’s the day after Thanksgiving, and because the family and I will be traveling. This weekend should feature typical weekend posting (that is to say, Bullets and any breaking-type-stuff), and then we get back to normal on Monday (which begins the week before the Winter Meetings).
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    Happy Thanksgiving BN folks!!! Thank you, Brett for providing us with this venue.

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    Happy Thanksgiving to all! I am so thankful for Bret and Luke running the site and keeping us infromed of everything Cubs! It is awesome to be able to share an opinion with all of the BN contributors and see how fanitical Cub fans are. Be Safe and Enjoy!

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    As I get older I appreciate the things I enjoy more and more. BN has become one of those major contributors. Thanks Brett, Thanks, Luke and thanks to all of you who share my passion for all things Cubs.

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    Today the goats get revenge on the Turkeys!

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    Happy Thanksgiving Brett. Enjoy the time off with the family. You deserve it.

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    As a long time Cub fan (my mom and dad took me to my first Cub game the summer of 1935 before my first birthday making me 78 and alive for 76.7% of the LONG drought) I have loved Bleacher Nation since I found it about a year ago. My wife kids me that the only reason that I go on the internet is to read BN. It’s almost true but there is Face Book, Amazon and ebay.
    Keep up the great work Brett and Luke. Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!!!

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    I know I haven’t commented much recently, but this is still my only stop for Cubs news and I visit almost every day.

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      Ian you’ve been missed, how’s the band?

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        I second.

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        Thanks for asking guys!

        We released a new album in September and have gotten really good reviews.
        We also just recorded an hour long podcast with a well known dj/journalist which, I believe, will be broadcast in December.

        I’ve certainly kept up with you guys, checking this site daily.
        I haven’t felt compelled to comment – the Cubs being what they are, with so many moves and decisions being based on acquiring assets for moves down the road, I don’t get too worked up about any single move.

        That being said, I love Darwin Barney and hope we keep him (but that’s simply the soft-hearted emotional Cub fan in me).

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    Japan Today reports LaHair has signed to play in Japan.