Before your head goes exploding off of your shoulders, remember: “inquiring” about a player is only slightly more than nothing. Teams talk to other teams about players all the time.

That said, when it is “your” team talking to a team about one of the best young players in baseball, you can allow yourself a moment of titillation.

From Nick Cafardo:

Giancarlo Stanton, RF, Marlins — It would be a coup for whichever of the 25 teams (I’m exaggerating) that would or have bid for him to actually acquire him. But commissioner Bud Selig is watching the Marlins closely after the salary dump in the Blue Jays deal. While Selig did not step in to change or block that trade, he may not look too fondly upon a deal for the Marlins’ biggest draw. Teams would have to give their very best to the Marlins for baseball’s best young slugger. The Phillies, Red Sox, Yankees, Orioles, Cubs, and many more are inquiring, according to a major league source.

Obviously Stanton’s name popped up around here when the Marlins unloaded Mark Buehrle, Josh Johnson, and Jose Reyes on the Blue Jays (leading to Stanton’s very public comments expressing discontent), but there was little indication that the Marlins would be willing to move him this offseason. In fact, there have been outright denials, which would probably be more meaningful if we could believe a word that comes out of the Marlins’ collective mouth.

So, how attractive is Stanton as a target? Well, if you can get past the knee issues (for which he had surgery this year, and recovered nicely), you’re talking about a 23-year-old (just turned 23 two weeks ago) who has a 140 OPS+ over three partial seasons in the big leagues when he was just 20, 21, and 22. His cartoonish numbers would be awesome if he were putting them up at this age in AA. But he’s been doing it against the big boys. This past year he hit .290/.361/.608 with a 5.8 WAR, per FanGraphs.

He’ll be arbitration-eligible for the first time in 2014, and he’s going to break some records in that process, if his production continues unabated. Still, he’ll offer a great deal of surplus value over the next four seasons, and he’ll also offer the simple value of, “there aren’t 30 Giancarlo Stanton’s in baseball, so it’s worth whatever you have to pay (in money) to have one of them.” To put it plainly: considering the whole package, he’s probably one of the five most attractive players in all of baseball.

Should we actually discuss possible trades? It’s fun to do, but you’ve got to remember how extraordinarily unlikely a deal is, and how impressively thin this rumor is. The Cubs have inquired about Stanton in the wake of a massive unloading by his current team. I’d question the sanity of any GM that didn’t at least place a phone call.

Given his cost-controlled contract, similar age, and huge upside, you can safely assume the Stanton conversation would begin (but likely not end) with Starlin Castro. I can make an argument for that swap (plus an additional minor piece or two coming from the Cubs), given Stanton’s better offensive production and better offensive upside (but slightly worse contract situation, and less valuable defensive position), and given the Cubs’ theoretical – but far off – depth at shortstop. Given their ages and contracts, the move would largely be rebuild-neutral, too.

Would the Cubs make that swap? Would you?

Seems pretty unlikely, given the risk, but any other package you try to put together – Anthony Rizzo, Javier Baez, Arodys Vizcaino? (remember, guys like Jorge Soler, Albert Almora, and Juan Carlos Paniagua can’t be traded until a year after they first signed (unless they are PTBNLs, which is complicated, because they’d be playing in the Cubs’ system long after they’d “been traded”)) – can almost certainly be bested by another organization. Probably one with more top-level pitching prospects.

So, I don’t really see it. It’d be great to add a player like Stanton, but most teams would agree with that sentiment. Are the Cubs willing to outbid all of them? Could they even outbid them if they tried?

(A word on the Cubs’ inclusion in the list of teams inquiring on Stanton: you’ll note that most of the biggest teams are listed, and you’ll also note that Cafardo undoubtedly still has ties to this front office from its Boston days. That means both that the rumor is more likely to be legit (but, again, it’s just “inquiring”), and that Cafardo could have listed any number of other teams … he just happened to have info on the Cubs. In other words: lots of teams would want Stanton.)

  • JR

    Stanton is obivously a stud and has crazy power. But that dude gets banged up a LOT. He is always nursing some type of injury. I’d love to have him in a Cubs jersey, but not at the cost it would take considering how much he gets hurt at his young age.

  • gutshot5820

    Let’s trade Soriano, Lake and Vitters for Stanton?

    Reading these trade proposals, I can now see why everybody gets so emotional and upset when anyone suggests we should be able to compete and develop our prospects at the same time. Apparently, all our prospects are sensational, not one of them are going to get injured and each one of them are going to reach their ceilings. We are going to field and All-star team entirely made up of our low A prospects in three years and anyone who thinks otherwise needs to shut up.

    • gutshot5820

      Oh yea, and we need to suck for the next three years so we can have more, not less of these grade A prospects, so we can get waves of them coming once the current ones become All-stars.

  • someday…2015?

    I would do a Castro, Vizcaino, and Jackson for Stanton trade… Castro is a young SS who is going to give you 200 hits a season and most likely a .300+ average + he’s already a 2 time all-star. You get Jackson who before he struggled last year, was considered by many as a future solid, 5-tool center fielder. Im guessing the Marlins would want pitching in any Stanton deal so Vizcaino would make sense. If the Marlins demand the Shark instead of Vizcaino then you bite the bullet and pull the trigger… Too bad none of this means anything seeing as the Cubs would have to sell the farm to outbid other teams and other teams will more then likely “sell the farm” to get Stanton. Realistically it would probably take Castro, Soler, Shark, Vizcaino, and Rizzo just to compete with other offers. Oh and the only reason I didn’t add Almora to that is because I don’t believe he is eligible to be traded yet.(may be wrong about that. If so, then add Almora to that.)

    • terencemann

      They already have Yunel Escobar at short so they probably don’t need another shortstop. Castro is a lot less valuable right now as a third baseman.

      • Justin

        Why not take Escobar for 1-2 years in replace or Castro. He makes far less errors than Castro. Stanton is a stud. Pick him up!!!!

        • DocPeterWimsey

          Castro has much better range than does Escobar. In the end, that will create far more outs than the extra errors will cost. Moreover, Castro’s errors probably will decrease with time: but it’s improbable that Escobar’s range will improve. (In general, he’s pretty average on range stats and he’s already 30.)

        • Dr. Percival Cox

          Emanuel already won’t talk to Ricketts. Can you imagine the fallout if Escobar came to Wrigley and pulled his eyeblack stunt here?

    • Justin

      Given how the Marlins are, it probably wouldn’t take much to go after Stanton. It’s Selig that is stopping any moves right now so offering Castro would be the only thing that I think would make a trade happen since he is owed a lot of money and is still young he can still be the face of the Marlins franchise like Hanley was. I would love to see Stanton hit in Wrigley all year. Pick up Drew for a couple years to fill in then. But unfortunately just came out Marlins not looking to trade Stanton and are seeking more power elsewhere:

  • http://bleachernation ferris

    castro is proven an under contract,rizzo is gonna be a star,an shark is a big part of the future.other than that you anyone is a poss candidate, i think volgleback and jackson would be a nice place to start for a trade for stanton

  • J Wilson

    I would absolutely trade Starlin Castro in a package for Stanton. That kind of power is extremely rare these days, and I haven’t seen any hints that Castro can get on base in the near or distant future. I’d rather trade Castro than Baez, Almora, or Soler.

    Cubs Trade: Castro, Josh Vitters &/or Brett Jackson, Viscaino, +/- top pitching prospect
    Marlins Trade: Stanton, whatever else.

  • Frank

    I’d give virtually any combination of prosects in

  • Frank

    I’d give virtually any combination of prospects in addition to my left nut for Stanton, but like Wil Myers, there are just too many other teams with much more to offer that would be in on him. Seattle and Arizona are two teams I could see as perfect matches.

    • arta

      lol, they may want the right one. lol

  • #1lahairfan

    I would never trade Castro for Stanton. He is under contract. I can seem having a future better than Jeter’s.

    • ZachCubs82

      You see Castro really having a better career than Jeter? Are you serious? Castro has a lot of talent, but I don’t think Castro should be mentioned in the same breath as Derek Jeter. As for numbers go, Jeter does not have the greatest, but he brings something to a team that few people have. I also think Castro needs to be a lot more disciplined overall as a baseball player before we start comparing him to one of the greatest competitors the game has ever seen in a long time. I feel Castro is a great part of the Cubs franchise, however for the right deal, I’d send him packing.

      • Noah

        I think Jeter, despite being a clear first ballot Hall of Famer in my book, gets more credit than he deserves for the Yankees’ success in his career. I would say Castro has the tools to be just as good as Jeter, and we won’t know for some time if he can put them together and stay healthy enough to do it.

        With that said, I’d probably trade Castro straight up Stanton any day of the week if we could get Stanton to agree to a long term deal in the process. With contracts and the fact that Stanton has had some health issues, it would take some more consideration.

  • ramin

    people are getting way over their heads here. There is no way in hell theo would give up the farm he built in a year for one player. Rizzo and castro, please, be real.

    If this was 2014 or 2015, with a stocked farm system and a core of players been established, thats when theo will unload his farm for a young star.

    but now you are basically starting the rebiulding all over by unloading your farm system.

    • Kyle

      Rebuilding with one 23-year-old superstar who is probably the best hitter in the league >>>> rebuilding with a nice collection of 4.5 star prospects, which is what we have now.

      • ramin

        are you willing to give up both castro and rizzo, two proven hitters for one proven hitter, now you have a hole at shortstop, and first base, no guarantee soler and vogelbach will pan out

        • Kyle

          Am I willing to give up two proven hitters for the best hitter in the Natinal League? Of freaking course.

          Like I said, this is the equivalent in 2002/03 of asking if we’d give up Corey Patterson *and* Hee Seop Choi for Albert Pujols. Two for one? Bad deal!

          • bbmoney

            Staton is great. Comparing him to Albert Pujols….a bit out there. The power is bigger. So are the contact issues.

            He’s the best power in the NL, not the best hitter. Very, very good obviously. But the Pujols comp. is getting ahead of ourselves….just look at Alberts first three years.

            • Kyle

              You are right that they are different hitters, so it’s not a great straight comp because Stanton depends more on power than contact. It’s more of a value comp, because people just don’t seem to have the slightest clue how good Stanton is.

              Stanton has been *better* through age-22 than Pujols was. Pujols at that age put up a 151 OPS+, Stanton 158.

              The year they turned 22, fWAR, normalized to 150 games (to smooth out for injuries and partial seasons):

              Griffey Jr. 7.2
              Stanton 7.1
              Pujols 5.7
              A-Rod 4.9
              Bonds 4.5

              I really, genuinely hope that the people who are poo-pooing the idea of trading for Stanton for anything the Cubs have just don’t understand how good Stanton is. Because if they did and still thought that our piddling collection of prospects mattered compared to a player of his caliber, I’d be truly embarrassed for them.

              • terencemann

                Once again, Kyle wants to plug a hole in the damn by taking 3 fingers out of other holes.

          • ramin

            corey patterson only had 1/2 a year of success compared to castro’s two years of consistent hitting. hee seop choi was no where the same prospect as rizzo, you loose those two, now you have a hole at ss and 1b,

            • Kyle

              Sorry, but you are incorrect. Hee Seop Choi was a *better* prospect than Rizzo. Choi peaked at No. 22 on the Baseball America prospect lists. Rizzo peaked at No. 47.

              Patterson, it’s true, did not have the two years of Castro’s success. But he did have the No. 2 prospect in baseball ranking.

              In 2002, Patterson/Choi was a better trade package than Castro/Rizzo is today, imo, though it’s close.

              • Zachary

                Ya but choi didn’t put up the numbers that rizzo did in AAA. I love Stanton but giving him a all star SS an a possible all star first basemen for a right feilder wouldn’t be the smartest thing. I would give up one of those two and multiple prospects.

                • DocPeterWimsey

                  I would give up one of those two and multiple prospects.

                  And if I were the Marlins, I’d take another, better offer: because you’ll know that they would get it.

                  (I’d be surprised if Selig lets them make this deal; it was odd enough that he commented on the last trade, and clearly the Marlins are on a bit of a probation.)

                  • Kyle

                    Selig likes to bluster, but I’d put the odds that he nixes a baseball trade (i.e. one that isn’t a pure salary dump) at about .0001%.

                    • DocPeterWimsey

                      Ordinarily, I would agree. However, given his comments on the prior trade (and the mere fact that he even commented on it), a Stanton trade that looks at all lopsided (e.g., most of the ones proposed here!) almost dares him to intercede.

          • JR

            Corey Patterson and Choi aren’t even in the same ballpark as Castro and RIzzo. I think it’s safe to say at this point that Castro and Rizzo will at least be decent in the majors. I would not trade them for Stanton. It’s not like Stanton doesn’t get hurt constantly either.

            • ramin

              thank you

            • Kyle

              In 2002 they were. I’m amazed by how many Cubs fans have very, very short memories.

              Patterson and Choi were the No. 2 and 22 prospects in all of baseball. They were better prospects than Rizzo, Soler, Almora, Castro. Baez is starting to approach what Choi was, but that’s the only comparison.

              • Nathan

                The reason you are wrong is because you keep saying in 2002 Choi and Patterson were a better package then Rizzo and Castro now. Your statement might be true if you go three years back, but with Castro has done his first 2 and half seasons and what rizzo did last year, patterson and choi would be right now.

              • terencemann

                Quit theory-crafting the past. Albert Pujols was never available and we don’t know what the cost would have been for him. Plus, they used their prospects to trade for Ramirez, Lofton, and Lee so it’s a moot point.

            • Kyle

              In 2004, Choi put up a .771 OPS in 245 PAs, his first extended success in the majors.

              Anthony Rizzo has a .727 OPS in his career right now.

              • DocPeterWimsey

                Unfortunately for Choi, a big part of that OPS was his OBP (0.350). That was invisible to Dusty Baker, who saw only Choi’s low BA (0.218). In Dusty’s defense, however, Choi’s low BA was not some sort of BABiP fluke: he was K’ing in 29% of his PAs. Supposedly he never regained the bat speed that he had before he had cysts removed from his wrist: he spent the rest of his career as a 3 True Outcome guy, whiffing and walking while hitting 15 or so HR in half-seasons of PAs.

                • Kyle

                  Nah, that can’t be it. Wrist injuries heal and then the guy is good as he used to be. Wrist injuries never permanently derail careers :)

              • hansman1982

                If you just want to skip over first year failures like you did with Choi then Rizzo gets a boost to an .805 OPS.

                2003 Choi wRAA – 2.7
                2012 Rizzo wRAA – 10.1

                Still want to say that 2003 Choi = 2012 Rizzo?

          • TakingWrigleyToSaoPaulo


            Think this maybe a bit of an overstatement. In 2002 and 2003, Choi never hit more that 8 home runs and never had a batting average over .218. Corey, never hit more than 15 bombs in a full season and had only one year that he batted close to .300. Albert on the other hand, had averages of .314 and .359 (with OBPs over .400) and hit 34 & 43 HRs in the respective years.

            Giancarlo’s numbers while good do not compare to Albert’s. Starlin’s numbers in his first 2 years (consider position value as well) and Rizzo’s extrapolated numbers are superior those of Patterson and Choi.

            Think it would be reasonable to give up Rizzo OR Castro and high upside prospects but not and All Star SS and a potential All Star first baseman with MLB experience.

            That being said, I feel as if I am wasting my breath even posting about this. The odds of this happening are about the same as getting mauled by a polar bear and a regular bear on the same day….



          • hookersorcake

            Wow Kyle – I used to think you were kinda smart and offered an interesting take on things.
            You can’t trade more than one of Castro – Rizzo or Shark for Stanton.
            The Marlins can have one of them
            And they can have a B starter – Castillo – Barney – Soriano – Marmol (we eat the big contracts. and they can also have a top prospect. Soler – Baez – Alamora

            That I would do. But you can’t give up 2-3 MLB all-star talents for one guy. If Stanton gets hurt you’ve just devastated the entire franchise for a long time. And Stanton turning into a Grady Sizemore is a real possibility.

  • Mike Taylor (no relation)

    Jorge Soler projects to be Stanton-esque when he reaches the big league level. The deal he signed was very club-friendly and it would make no sense to include him in any trade, especially when Stanton reaches his first year of arbitration in 2014.

    Including Starlin Castro for Stanton would not make sense because Adeiny Hecchavaria projects to have similar output and I am surprised that he was included in that mega trade. He has a club-friendly contract as well.

    The Marlins need a first baseman and an outfielder to replace Stanton, and probably a pitcher to go along with another outfielder in case Coughlan stinks it up for another season.

    Realistically, they would want us to offer Rizzo, Soriano (and eat all of the contract), Jackson (or Vitters) and Vizcaino (or Rusin). What we could offer would be Vogelbach, Soriano (and eat half of the contract), Jackson or Vitters, and Rusin.

    • Kyle

      1) No, Soler does not project to be Stanton-esque. As awesome as Soler is, his ceiling is *still* a smidge behind where Stanton is now. Let alone his actual projection.

      2) Soler’s “deal is very prospect friendly. It is not club-friendly in the slighest. He gets all his money guaranteed if he burns out, like most prospects do, and he gets to opt-out into arbitration if he hits it big and can make more money.

      3) Nowhere in Hecavarria’s slighest wet dreams is he the quality of hitter Starlin Castro is.

      You seem to be taking prospects’ ceilings, describing them as “projections” that they are 100% to hit, and then adding on a bit for good measure.

      • DocPeterWimsey

        describing them as “projections” that they are 100% to hit, and then adding on a bit for good measure.

        Indeed, for every Stanton, there probably are dozens of guys who had projected ceilings at Stanton’s level, but who were revealed to have some then-unrecognizable flaw revealed by AA+ pitching and/or who were derailed by injuries.

  • Spoda17

    The fish do not need a SS, they just got one in a trade. There is no chance this will happen, no matter what package we put together. If we made this trade we would be exactly the same as we were in 2011, and 2012… “one” good player and no one to put around him with a desimated farm system again.

    No chance we make this trade, and we shouldn’t.

  • bbmoney

    why is everyone so eager to trade Castro? For Upton, for Stanton, for whoever?

    I’d love Stanton. He’s terrific. I’d trade any several of our prospects for him. I’d rather trade any of our prospects or virtually any combination of say 3 of our prospects for Stanton rather than include a proven MLB SS like Castro. He’s already proved he’s an above average offensive SS, is still developing power, started showing a little bit better plate discipline, showed above average range and defense (after April at least)….and is 22. Just don’t get it. Baez < Castro. Soler < Castro. Almora < Castro. None of those guys have played a full year above low A yet.

    • ssckelley

      I am eager to trade Castro for Stanton because Castro plays a position that the Cubs are the most strongest as an organization.

  • fromthemitten

    The Marlins have repeated that they will not trade Stanton this offseason… I imagine the GMs inquiring are like vultures circling a dehydrated dude crawling along the desert

  • ramin

    cubs biggest need is pitching, they have a nice positional prospects, look for theo to add pitching through trade.

    We should be realistically talk about a potential rick porcello trade, they are more likely at this moment talking to the royals or tigers instead of the marlins.

    • Kyle

      False choice.

    • Luke

      A good front office should explore all possible ways to improve a team, and can do so simultaneously. They can inquire with the Marlins and the Tigers at the same time.

  • http://BleacherNation Dean

    Looks like the advertising dollars are really starting to roll in. Congrats Brett

  • ssckelley

    Drew7, I agree but the question is what all would you give up to get him?

    • John

      Barring the Nolasco deal, I just don’t see it, as we have little besides Baez to offer. I mean, I’d trade Baez in a heartbeat for Stanton, but I doubt the Marlins want Castro (who is signed to a team-friendly, but still expensive deal) or Rizzo, who will also be in arbitration soon. Why would the Marlins want either guy, when they will soon be (or in Castro’s case already are) as expensive as Stanton?

      • ssckelley

        I have made this argument before that the Marlins would now want Castro due to his big contract, but after rethinking this and seeing how the commish is watching the Marlins closely a contract like Castro’s may make sense considering his contract is decent considering the position he plays and the potential he has. When Stanton goes Super Arbitration his contract will go through the roof and they will end up paying more for Stanton than they would for Castro.

        But this is all hypothetical anyway, fun to talk about but I doubt the Marlins will trade Stanton.

        • ssckelley

          oops, not want his contract

          it is monday

  • ssckelley

    “All the things. There’s nothing in the Cubs’ current possession that is tradeable that I wouldn’t trade for him.”

    So Kyle, you would trade Almora, Soler, Baez, Vogelbach, and Vizcaino for Stanton?

    • Kyle

      Two of those you listed aren’t tradeable.

      But if they were, oh god yes. Without even flinching.

      • Kyle

        It’d be like asking me if I’d rather have Javier Baez or the bottom five in our organizational top-25. Quality >>> quantity.

      • ssckelley

        It doesn’t matter if they are tradeable or not, it was a hypothetical question.

        I do not think trading the entire farm at this point is a good move. But fair enough, you answered the question.

  • Ted

    With our luck: the FO empties the piggy bank for Stanton and there is much rejoicing on BN (myself included). Despite a solid (if injury-plagued) season by Stanton, the Cubs continue to clean the basement in one of the league’s weaker divisions, lacking many other impact players (having shipped them to MIA). Meanwhile, Baez performs to his ceiling all the way to AAA, Junior Lake wins ROY and All-Stars Rizzo and Shark help Miami to its third World Series victory in its lifespan, a period one-third the length since our last appearance. After the WS, Miami dumps again, flipping the now-expensive Rizzo for Profrar, a slumping Olt, and Nolan Ryan, who “wants to touch that sculpture in center field.”

    • OlderStyle

      Ha. I think this is referred to as Cub Fan Syndrome.

  • BWA

    get a life

    • MichiganGoat

      This is a comment to last nights troll

  • NCMoss

    Before everyone starts bashing this guy, I’d like to remind you guys that his only purpose here is to start fights. He’s just some schmuck who has nothing better to do than that. He probably has a crappy job and gets a lot of crap from his boss and coworkers. No wife or girlfriend to complain to or if there is one, they’re probably sick of his complaining by now. His last resort for having some control is the internet, where he can piss off other people and “control” them into arguing with him. Take the high road and just ignore him. Eventually he’ll go away.

  • GDB

    Cubs speaking to the Marlins about Stanton is no more than I would expect from our front office every off-season. Not just Stanton either, I would expect the Cubs to ask about all the potential superstars around baseball just as part of their information gathering, but perhaps with more emphasis on the superstars that belong to small market teams with the hope of prying someone loose.

    So in addition to Stanton, I assume the Cubs have asked about people like David Price. I have no expectation of us trading for any such players this year, but what else are the front office going to do until spring?

  • gutshot5820

    Although I would love to have Stanton on our team, considering we would have to outbid all other teams for what would determined to be a fair trade, it would clean out our farm system. Wouldn’t it be smarter to sign Hamilton for 150M instead and gain somewhat similar production? It only costs money and we get to keep our prospects. That being said, neither scenario makes sense for the Cubs at this time.

  • http://bleachernation ferris

    can we get stanton/nolasco for lake/vitters/coleman/jackson/vogleback ? I think we can and should, so many seem to not want us to go for stanton because soler is on his way, but stanton is a stud at the big league level,we could then deal soriano an cash to t.b. for shields, they need to replace uptons production. sign pagan or victorino 2yrs 15m = 7.5 per…. just like that we’d have a solid lineup an pitching staff, and not hurt our farm system.


    shields/shark/garza/nolasco/wood…………thats solid…..imo

    • Boogens

      Can’t see how the Marlins would like that one at all. You might only get Nolasco for that package.

  • Westbound Willie

    I’m really not sure what all the ruckus about Stanton is here. Real simple. The cubs don’t have anybody at any level that the marlins would have interest in so that’s that. Why waste time posting about this? What has Epstein done as a cub that would make one think that he’ll pull a big trade off?

    Those days are over. Everyone should be happy with the Scott bakers and weener navarro of the world.

    Lets just all move on to the next ridiculous subject like mike Bowden being stretched out or starlin Castro running the bases looking behind himself the whole time.

  • MichiganGoat

    I want to thank everyone got ignoring the troll that has been filling the site with nonsense the last few nights and will continue to muddy the late night. Just ignore this person wants to engage people in his stupidity. Continue to ignore.

  • Westbound Willie

    Hey Michigan goat- who put you in charge here? Do you honestly think that anyone needs your guidance here? If someone posts something that hurts your feelings then just ignore and move on. Nobody is interested in your opinion on who to respond to.

    • MichiganGoat

      Willie if you want to continue to engage with the trolls (that have now been deleted) go ahead, but those of us that have been around since BN’s infancy don’t appreciate the constant trolling by a few sad individuals. But if you don’t like what I say follow my advice – IGNORE. I will follow that advice with you.

    • Brett

      Willie – it has nothing to do with hurt feelings, and he isn’t referring to you (in case his comments hurt your feelings). MG is correct that there are certain obvious trolls who are trying to do harm to the site (rather than actually discuss the Cubs), and they are best left ignored.

    • MichiganGoat

      Willie just so you are certain my comment about people ignoring trolls was not directed at you (I see how that comment was right after you comment might make you feel like it was directed at you), but if you’re upset that I comment about thanking people for ignoring last nights trolls then I’m not sure what to say to you.

  • Big Joe

    The guy showed his disgust on Twitter after the Marlins blew up their team. Just think of the fit would throw if he learned that he been trad team that lost 100 games the previous season…and were likely to repeat that feat next season. Poor Stanton would need a straight jacket.
    Castro for Stanton, straight up? Nope. As you stated, it would start there, and need more. Although, I believe it would take than a couple “minor” parts included. Castro, Shark, high-end prospect..and I believe that Miami is tempted. Castro, and Rizzo MIGHT be enough. Doubt it.
    Bottom line: never will happen. Never. Cubs don’t have enough to offer.
    Too bad, too. When Stanton is a Yankee…I will be sad.

  • Lou

    I’ve heard the Royals are shopping Wil Myers for pitching. They’d like Shields or possibly Lester. Would Shark work for them or am I way out of bounds on this one???

    • Brett

      I might get slapped for this, but I think Shark actually has MORE value than either of those guys. The question, I suppose, is how confident you are that he can repeat his 2012 development.

      And if you think he can, might you want to keep him? Which, I know, is sacrilegious to say when talking about a top 3 prospect like Myers …

    • Mick

      For the Royals sake I hope they keep Myers. Trading one of baseball’s top prospects for a couple years of Shields or Lester would be crazy considering their current roster. At least with Shark, they’d get 3 years of team control. But still, the Royals could be really, REALLY, good in a few seasons when their current roster all hit their prime at the same time and their other prospects crack the big leagues. I mean, 7 of their top-10 prospects are pitchers so you’d think they’d be able to at least partially fill their rotation then.

      • hansman1982

        Eh this is what you use prospects for, to acquire proven talent. If they think it could put them over the top before their window runs out then go for it.