Sometimes you see a picture – or, in this case, conceptualize the contents of a picture – and you know, “well that’s just gotta be a photoshop.”

So when I heard that there was a picture of coyotes (like, of the actual, wild variety, not the Wile E. or the Phoenix hockey variety) at Wrigley Field, I knew there was some photoshop joke there.

But not so. Photographer Will Byington was in Wrigleyville late Saturday night when word started circulating around the Cubby Bear that there were coyotes prowling around outside. So he grabbed his camera, and boom, magnificence:

 (Kudos to Will Byington for the quick trigger – hit up his photography site as a thanks.)

Coyotes in suburban (and, in this case, borderline urban) Chicago is apparently not completely atypical, but you don’t usually see them roaming the streets looking for food/scalping Cubs tickets.

The picture is, of course, ripe for captioning, so give it a go if you’d care to. Otherwise, just enjoy the picture.

  • Mike Taylor (no relation)

    “We heard there used to be donuts here…”

  • Tyler

    “Has anyone seen our Cubs?”

    • Tyler

      Upon further research, it appears baby coyotes are called “pups”, not “cubs”.

      Comment retracted.

  • Shawon O’Meter

    This is too easy and not original at all, but applicable: Coyote Ugly!

  • Andrewmoore4isu

    So we can eat the cubs inside there?

  • Karen P

    “We heard that you have a billy goat problem. Anything we can do to help?”

    • Jason

      I like this one :)

  • Rcleven

    Maybe they heard Deer was at Wrigley.

    • hansman1982

      Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. FTW!!!

  • AZCubsFan

    Cubs situation not as bad as we thought. Those are only Coyotes at the doors not Wolves.

    • cheryl

      Just wait.

  • Kubphan82

    Apparently the Cubs are considering all options. If Air Bud can play basketball, we should see what a coyote could do at 3B…

    • Kubphan82

      Maybe the coyotes are just waiting for an arm to fall off from the Cubs IR…

      • Brian Peters

        Now THAT is funny, Kuphan!!!

  • Don

    With the coyotes around Wrigley, that should take care
    of all the goats!! The curse is over!!

    • MichiganGoat

      It’s not our fault!

  • @ScoutingCougars

    Pig-rat, 10 o’clock.

  • wilbur

    Waiting to have a howling good time …

  • Josh

    Is this the line for the cubs?

  • Dan

    We escaped from Lincoln Zoo for this?

  • ThomasK

    We can haz monkeys off your backs?

  • DarthHater

    Guess it’s true they really can sense the weak and sickly prey.

  • PRcajun

    Theo and Co. have a new way to determine who’s worthy of making the 40man roster. Like clearing “internal waivers”…the Cubs Way.

  • Larry Bittner

    Maybe the Coyotes are looking for a Tony Campana snack…

    • DarthHater

      They say he’s faster than the Road Runner.

  • Fastball

    Coyote Cubly.. We are here..

  • MichiganGoat

    As a goat we fear damn coyotes

  • BluBlud

    1st Coyote:
    This is the line?…….. For opening day 2014?

    2nd Coyote:
    Yeah. Haven’t you seen their record the last 2 years?

    1st Coyote:
    Yeah man, but these are the Cubs!!!!!!

    2nd Coyote:
    I know. I guess we’ll have to wait til they start spending money on players before we come back here to eat.

  • Katie

    So, uh, they got, like, chili dogs here?

  • DarthHater

    Hey, Theo, let us in! We’ve brought your Acme Baseball Team Rebuilding Kit!

  • fortyonenorth

    It’s Theo and Jed reenacting a scene from Twilight. Wolves are so much cooler but, well, it’s Theo and Jed.

  • Camiata2

    We heard that there are bison and dogs here to consume. Is it true?

  • Camiata2

    Tom Ricketts was serious about stopping the scalpers

  • Kubphan82

    Now Jed/Theo have a new excuse as to why attendance fell…

  • cheryl

    I’ll play third. You pitch!!!

  • cubfanincardinalland

    We heard a bunch of seagulls show up here every afternoon around 5.

  • Kubphan82

    I still think having a coyote infestation is a step above anything US Cellular is capable…

  • NLIADad

    I heard somebody spotted Giancarlo Stanton at a starbucks nearby!!!

    • Brett