Today the Chicago Cubs added to their impressive front office brain trust with another up-and-comer: Scott Harris.

Harris, 25, comes over after two years as the Coordinator of Major League Operations in the Commissioner’s Office. Before that, he was an intern with the Reds and Nationals. He’s working on an MBA from Columbia, too. Take notes ye desirers of a front office job.

The Director of Baseball Operations Рformerly Scott Nelson Рwears a variety of hats, including the administrative portion of managing the 40-man roster (like, making sure all of the rules are followed properly), as well as handling other administrative tasks throughout the organization. I get the sense that it tends to be a lower-level front office position (as in, lower than a GM or an Assistant GM), but one that is definitely a part of the front office, if that makes sense. It seems to be a variable position, depending on how the guys at the top want to use your skills.

The position, it seems, is often filled by a young up-and-comer, at least if Theo Epstein’s experience is any guide – before taking over the Red Sox, Epstein made his bones as the Director of Baseball Operations for San Diego under Larry Lucchino.

Best of luck to Harris, and it will be interesting to watch his development in the Cubs’ organization. It seems strange to use that sentence about a front office executive rather than a prospect, but I guess he’s kind of like a front office prospect.

Wonder where his waiver claim tool falls on the scouting scale?

  • daveyrosello

    Jedstein should use their Jedi powers to net one of Castellanos, Olt or Moustakas for the Cubs. It will take some work and some significant pieces, sure, but all three of those young 3B should be available from their teams in the right trade. And with nothing in the veteran 3B free agent or trade market available, that’s the only way the Cubs are going to solve their problem, since Vitters clearly is not the answer.

    1. Castellanos. His value will never be higher as a trade chip, because he has the minor league success to show, but is not yet a proven ML-er. And he is not going to play in Detroit, he’s blocked. The choice for the Tigers is between Castellanos and VMart. Wouldn’t you take the latter (if you were Detroit) and help your team elsewhere by trading Castellanos? Money isn’t an issue for them. You are not going to move Miggy off 3B, why would you do that? He has max value there. Delmon Young is now gone, VMart becomes their DH.

    2. Olt. Basically the same story here. Beltre is going nowhere. Texas won’t feel gunshy about trading a prospect with high value, when they have ANOTHER prospect with even HIGHER value that they ALSO need to find a spot for (Profar). You should be able to trade for Olt.

    3. Moustakas. KC needs pitching, period. Moustakas can get them some. If they trade him, they simply move Alex Gordon back to 3B, freeing up a LF job for Wil Myers on opening day. And they have yet another corner IF on the way up in Bubba Starling, so I don’t think they’d be against the idea of trading Moose.

    Come on Jedi, solve a big problem for the Cubs.

    • hansman1982

      KC would NOT give up Moustakas in getting Garza or any pitcher not named Hernandez to replace his offense with Myers.

      • daveyrosello

        Sorry, I’ll have to disagree here. Myers has shown a LOT more with the bat in the minors than did Moustakas. Moose is a good prospect, no doubt, I’ve seen him play many times here in KC. But Myers looks like the (much) better long-term bat.

        I’ll give you that Moustakas has shown a solid glove at 3B, but Gordon was no slouch there, either. Point being, if you’re KC, you’ve got to give something of value to get something of value. Otherwise, they’ll never improve.

        Why wouldn’t Garza or Shark for Moustakas make sense for KC? And for the Cubs? I’m ignoring any additional filler players from either side that might be needed to consummate an actual deal, with regard to talent balance and/or $ considerations.

        • hansman1982

          The big thing is that Moustakas has hit in the bigs. Myers has not. There is still a very real likelihood that he can’t hit in the bigs.

          • David

            Shark might make more sense for kc since he has more controlled years. Also, if the Cubs took Bruce Chen back in a trade that would be attractive to the Royals.

  • fromthemitten


  • http://bleachernation ferris

    prolly get olt an a good pitching prospect for sori,garza, an cash right now, before hamilton decides 3-4 yrs is ok.

    i was suprised to se pitt. go 8.5 per on martin for sure,a.j. I could see it but wow.

  • PiattCountyGuy

    So, the new director of baseball operations for the Cubs is 25 yrs old……damn, do I feel old