Yesterday the Cubs revealed their slate of games for the 2013 Spring Training – the last one at Hohokam, as the Cubs move into their new digs in 2014. Because of the World Baseball Classic, which will take place concurrently with a large portion of Spring Training, the schedule starts a bit earlier than usual, which is awesome. Baseball sooner? Yes, please.

Here’s the schedule, per Carrie Muskat:

Feb. 23 vs. Angels at Tempe
Feb. 24 vs. Giants in Mesa
Feb. 25 vs. Dodgers at Glendale
Feb. 26 vs. Rockies in Mesa
Feb. 27 vs. Dodgers in Mesa
Feb. 28 vs. Athletics in Mesa
March 1 vs. Diamondbacks in Mesa
March 2 vs. Giants at Scottsdale
March 3 (ss) vs. Brewers in Mesa; vs. Angels at Tempe
March 4 vs. Indians in Mesa
March 5 vs Rockies at Scottsdale
March 6 vs. Rangers at Surprise
March 7 vs. White Sox in Mesa
March 8 vs. Reds at Goodyear
March 9 vs. Indians in Mesa
March 10 vs. Padres in Mesa
March 11 vs. Diamondbacks at Scottsdale
March 12 off day
March 13 vs. Rockies in Mesa
March 14 vs. Dodgers at Glendale
March 15 vs. White Sox in Glendale
March 16 (ss) vs. Royals in Mesa; vs. Rangers at Las Vegas
March 17 (ss) vs. Athletics at Phoenix; vs. Rangers at Las Vegas
March 18 vs. Padres at Peoria
March 19 vs. Rangers in Mesa
March 20 Off day
March 21 vs. Mariners at Peoria
March 22 vs. Brewers at Maryvale
March 23 vs. Angels in Mesa
March 24 vs. Indians at Goodyear
March 25 vs. Giants in Mesa
March 26 vs. Reds in Mesa
March 27 vs. Royals at Surprise
March 28 vs. Mariners in Mesa

So, who’s up for a St. Patrick’s Day trip to Las Vegas to watch the Cubs?

  • AJ

    I’ll be heading out for some games the 6th-11th, also plan on hitting up a few WBC games. Went last year during St. Patty’s day and the ASU campus was hoppin.

  • HR Trucker

    I’ll be listening to the first game while at my annual Ice Fishing trip, such good contrast.

  • Tim

    When will broadcasting schedules be released?

  • cjdubbya

    Wife and I will be headed out the 24th through the 28th. Never done ST before and looking forward to it. Anyone have autograph tips?

    • AJ

      If you get there early you can go right down to the dugout and guys will sign. Also last year around the 7th guys would leave and they walk right by the stands to get to their cars. Got to meet Reed Johnson, he stopped signed and took pictures with us.

  • Frank

    I live 100 miles from Vegas, so I might go.

  • Westbound Willie

    “Anybody have any autograph tips”?

    What player from this group of misfits would you even want to watch play much less get an autograph from?

    This isn’t the 1969 cubs

    • cubfanincardinalland

      We would rather get your autograph instead Willie. What day do you pick up your unemployment check, we can get with you then.

    • AJ

      Well if you go over to Fitch Park you could see guys like Almora, Baez, and Soler.

  • Carne Harris

    I grew up in Arizona so always had a soft spot for Hohokam until a couple years ago when they were dicks at the gate and wouldn’t let peeps bring umbrellas in despite it pouring rain. Big ole pile of umbrellas at the door (which mostly got stolen later as they said they weren’t responsible for them), bunch of wet people in the stands. Always comforting to see minor litigation concerns replace basic human decency. /rant

  • sven-erik312

    Being a musician, I work so much in December that the whole month is nothing but a daze, and I am one as well. My connection to the outside world seems to get put on hold from November 30 until January 1. So this is great, baseball in less than 2 months folks, see ya in January!