There’s actually going to be a fair bit going on here today (for a Saturday, anyway). Among other things, we’ll take an early look at the non-tenders from last night that might interest the Cubs. Until then, Bullets …

  • Casey Coleman, who was DFA’d earlier this week to make room for Scott Feldman, was waived, cleared waivers, and has been outrighted to AAA Iowa. Like I said when he was DFA’d, I wouldn’t mind seeing him make a full-time conversion to the bullpen at this point. The Iowa rotation could be mighty crowded anyway, with guys like Arodys Vizcaino, Chris Rusin, Brooks Raley, Michael Bowden, Alberto Cabrera, Nick Struck, Dae-Eun Rhee, and others depending on how the rosters shake out throughout the offseason.
  • Still no formal comment from the front office on last night’s non-tender/non-renewals. I’m sure there won’t be anything earth-shattering, but I’d still like to hear their thoughts on why they thought dropping Putnam and Chapman (now, as opposed to two weeks ago, for example) was the right risk/move. I also want to hear where things stand on efforts to re-sign them and/or Ian Stewart. Not a huge deal either way – just curious.
  • Doug Padilla is no more. Well, that is to say, he’s covering the Cubs for ESPNChicago no more, as former Blackhawks beat guy Jesse Rogers is taking over the Cubs beat, and Padilla is heading back to the White Sox. Given that he’s already covered the Cubs in recent years, and given that I like the cut of his writing jib, I would have preferred that Sahadev Sharma get the gig, but I’m open to Rogers. I thought Doug did a fine job when he took over the day-to-day from Bruce Levine, so we’ll see how Jesse does.
  • To the extent we needed confirmation, Jed Hoyer yesterday confirmed that the Cubs have indeed spoken with (and visited with) Japanese free agent pitcher Kyuji Fujikawa, who is reportedly down to the Cubs, Angels, and possibly Diamondbacks.
  • Hoyer on trade talks: “We have a lot of good players, [but] we don’t have a ton of surplus. Because of that there is no one particular area people are hitting us on.” That pretty much sums it up, eh? The roster remains a work in progress.
  • Some members of the Cubs’ front office participated in Movember (a month-long event for those who like mustaches, raising awareness for prostate cancer and other male cancers, and portmanteaus), and took a class photo before, presumably, doing some shaving. It’s like a Where’s Waldo of mustaches.
  • You know that posting system that forces MLB teams to bid against themselves and pay ungodly sums of money for the right to negotiate with Japanese players? Well, MLB and the NPB are working to try and fix the system, perhaps making it more of an open auction.
  • BN’er Dave on Facebook (are you a part of the BN Facebook community yet?) shared a couple photos from his visit to Wrigley Field for a season ticket holders event. It looks like they’re working on the Old Scoreboard (cleanup and maintenance, it looks like):

  • And it also looks like the Cubs are installing a greenhouse in the bleachers:

  • BD

    Brett- did you get to go to the zoo?

    • Brett

      Thank you for asking – very nice of you. Yes, we did go for an hour in the early evening (the Cubs’ news accommodated nicely, though I was that obnoxious dad on his phone the whole time). They put up a pretty serious set of lights at the Columbus Zoo, and do a light show thing for the holidays, so it was pretty cool. The kiddo loved it.

      • BD

        Glad that it worked out for you! We are planning to hit the “Zoo Lights” at our zoo this season as well.

  • Idaho Razorback

    Slow news day when we’re talking about the zoo.

    • bluekoolaidaholic

      More excitifng than Michigan football. Ha Ha Ha
      Just kidding Brett.

    • Brett

      Well, to be fair, it actually isn’t a slow news day – it was pretty news heavy late last night, and spilling over into this morning (with a couple more posts coming). That’s a ton for a Saturday.

      The zoo is just awesome, and always bears mentioning.

      (See what I did there?)

      • Wilbur

        Bad form to call out your own puns, my kids hammer me constantly on that. I’d be lion if I said otherwise …

  • Boogens

    Brett, I absolutely agree with you that Sahadev would have been a much better choice than Jesse Rogers. The podcasts that you and Sahadev host are great listening and Sahadev is simply much more informed that Jesse on the Cubs.

  • Spencer

    I dunno if this was mentioned last night, and I’m too lazy to see if it was, but the point you make about why non renewing Putnam and Chapman now instead earlier when they needed to make 40 man decisions is a good one. Could have cleared space for more guys. Unless something earth shattering happened between then and now, they had to have known they weren’t going to get a new K. Stewart, I suppose, probably did come down much closer to the wire than those two.

    • King Jeff

      If they had done it before, wouldn’t these guys have had to clear waivers? I could be wrong on that, but at least this way they still can sign either one back as an unrestricted free agent, with at least a chance at bringing them back if someone else shows interest.

  • Justin

    Sorry for all Chiefs fans out there, it’s a sad day. Reports are possibly could be Charles or Flowers. Pray for them all.

    • King Jeff

      It’s neither of those guys.

    • http://bleachernation ferris


    • MaxM1908

      Well, based on the reports that the player was 25, it would likely be one of Stanzi, Tanney, Charles, Newsome, Moeki, Powe, Belcher, Arenas, or Brown.

      • skidrow

        It was Belcher.

  • George Altman

    I guess I don’t get the angst on keeping Chapman/Putnam at the Rule 5 deadline and now non-tendering them. I mean, who didn’t the Cubs protect that would be a potential long-term loss? Struck? Struck couldn’t find home plate with a search party in the AFL, and didn’t make the 2012 BA Top 30. He’s not likely to make any lists this off-season. They’ve cleared 3 spots for FAs, Rule 5 pickups at the Winter Meetings, and whether they did it last night or a week ago, who cares?

  • fromthemitten


    I saw these two men walking into the tent

  • Mhandler2000

    Chapman averaged a strikeout an inning (12 IP, 12 SO) which is good. But he also had 10 BB ( 2 intentional) in those 12 IP, Not so good.

    • USS

      Yes, but look at the sample size. I would not have let him go @ 25 years of age.

  • David

    That’s the exact same “greenhouse” setup they had for building the patio/video board in right. I wonder if this means they have started working on the one they were discussing putting in left.

    • David

      Nevermind… that’s right field. Hmm.

  • Sean

    Rodgers covering the Cubs will be interesting. He did great work with the Hawks…

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