Get ready to watch a fleet of Cubs fans swooning.

According to a report from Dave Kaplan (and a radio report from Bruce Levine over the weekend), a new name has entered WGN’s search for a new color broadcaster to pair with Len Kasper on Chicago Cubs broadcasts. Well, it’s an old name: it’s Mark DeRosa.

DeRosa, 37, has entered the twilight of his playing career, and spent two seasons with the Cubs in 2007 and 2008, instantly connecting with fans. I suspect that the fact that his two years here were both playoff years didn’t hurt that connection. (Side note: his trade to the Indians netted pitching prospect Chris Archer, who would go on to become one of the most important pieces in the trade for Matt Garza, another Cubs fan favorite. The transitive property of DeRosa.)

He’s got limited broadcasting experience, having worked a few days in the post-season with the MLB Network. He’s expressed an interest in broadcasting, but he’s also said that, when his playing days are over, he might want to take a little time to just be a husband and father.

Because the Cubs’ contract with WGN, who hires the broadcasting team, runs only through 2014, WGN may be able to offer only a two-year deal, which could force them to get more creative with their choices. Houston Astros’ broadcaster Jim Deshaies, CSN analyst Todd Hollandsworth, and Fox analyst Eric Karros are believed to be the other candidates right now. Sarge Matthews, currently broadcasting for the Philadelphia Phillies might also still be in the running.

The rub in all of this? DeRosa is still looking for a playing gig. Jon Heyman says DeRosa hopes to catch on as a 24th/25th man type this year.

Even if he doesn’t find a playing job, that might not be settled until February. The Cubs obviously can’t wait that long to make a broadcaster decision (I mean, right? They’ll have Spring games in late February, though I suppose they could do those without the official color man.)

So, what do you think? Do you like DeRosa as a candidate? I can’t say I’ve heard him all that much, but I do know he’s a popular figure around these parts. I think Deshaies remains my favorite, but, given the contractual constraints, I’m open to WGN getting creative on a new face.

  • JulioZuleta

    Please God no.

  • MontelleW

    To quote Harry, “Holy Cow!”

  • Boogens

    I’m with you, Brett. Deshaies is the guy by a wide margin.

    • bluekoolaidaholic

      If Sutcliffe doesn’t want it then Deshaies is my man. He would be great with Len Kasper too.

  • Adam of New Mexico

    I can see it now DeRosa heads from the booth down to the on deck circle… player / announcer. Maybe he can wear a wireless headset and give color from on field.

  • P hertz

    No DeRosa, please!

  • Tom

    When is the Fan Convention? I expect they would want to have this all wrapped up before that.

  • Dustin S

    To be honest, I haven’t heard of too many names that get me very excited for the booth. Deshaies would be far and away my top choice. Hollandsworth is ok but I don’t know about listening to his voice for a whole game. Karros and Matthews are awesome former Cubs from a fan standpoint, but I don’t really like their announcing. Giving a top gig to DeRosa when he’s never announced seems like a big gamble. So I guess we’ll see how it pans out. I just know if it’s Len and Karros I’ll be asleep by the 4th inning most games.

  • jesus zuniga

    Sign him to a 5 yr deal.2 on bench.3 as color man..a slpit contract..go de rosa..i dont care whi they fill in with.

  • Spriggs

    Considering the other names in the running – I’m in on DeRosa. Likeable guy might be a good fit for Lenny. Someone Lenny could mold and who would probably be willing to be molded a little. Might even be more interesting than the field product.

  • MightyBear

    I think they should sign DeRosa to play third and if he can’t play, move him to the booth.

  • ssckelley

    Heck with the broadcast booth, can he still play 3rd base? Perhaps he can platoon both 3rd base and the broadcast booth. :)

  • Cedlandrum

    This isn’t the job to break into broadcasting on.

  • TWC

    Considering that I mostly listen to the radio broadcasts and only watch three or four games a year, I’m hoping that Moreland gets promoted to the TV side and Pat Hughes gets paired with someone who is, like, good.

  • Wes

    As long as when he talks they post a picture of his wife.

  • ETS

    mlbtr says the marlins want derosa to play baseball for them yet

    i wonder if anyone has ever gotten a booth contract offer and a major league offer in the same offseason?

    • Spriggs

      Not really the same thing, but in 1960, Cubs radio broadcaster, Lou Boudreau and Manager Charlie Grimm switched places for the rest of the season.

      I think Fishin’ Phil had a calendar trivia entry on that earlier this year.

  • StevenF

    As interesting as that sounds, I’m with Cedlandrum: This isn’t the job to break into broadcasting on. Let him cut his teeth somewhere else and re-visit any possible openings in 2015. And by the way, I too am no fan of Keith Moreland on radio. I don’t want any part of Hollandsworth (talks WAY too fast), Karros (nice guy, but boring) or Sutcliffe (great memories but a stiff on the mic). I haven’t heard Deshaies, but reports are good.

  • cubchymyst

    MLB trade rumors say the marlins might be interested in DeRosa as a player.

  • Carne Harris

    DeRosa or Karros are probably my favorite now that the field has gone to crap and Sutcliffe doesn’t seem to want it. Deshaies seems to be a non-company shill type who will say it like it is, which is good, but he’s not an ex-Cub. That’s not that important for a play by play guy but for the color guy it’s much more enjoyable to have all those stories they tell be centered around the Cubs.