According to multiple reports, the Boston Red Sox have come to terms with free agent outfielder Shane Victorino on a three-year, $39 million contract.


The Cubs were briefly connected to Victorino earlier today – probably as his agent shopped around for final offers – and I said I didn’t necessarily see a ton of value on a three to four-year, $10+ million contract. Well, he got three years and $13 million per, so, yeah … not really shedding too many tears on this one.

There are some tangential implications for the Cubs:

  • Boston was not involved in the possible Michael Bourn race, so the fact that Victorino goes there doesn’t really help the Cubs (if they are truly in on Bourn, that is). Indeed, the fact that Victorino got $13 million per year probably makes Bourn (and Scott Boras) rather happy. Can he plausibly ask for … $16 to $17 million per year now? I think he can.
  • The signing does not displace Jacoby Ellsbury, for those who are hopeful. The current center fielder is under contract through 2013, only, and Victorino could hold down a corner spot before sliding into center in 2014, should Ellsbury depart. I still don’t see the Red Sox shopping Ellsbury, and, even if they did, there will be teams much more interested in his 2013 services than the Cubs.
  • The Phillies were a possible destination for Victorino, and they’ll now have to look elsewhere. That could mean Bourn, or it could mean a trade. Danny Knobler has reported that the Phillies want a right-handed hitting outfielder whom they can insert into the middle of their lineup. Yes, that screams Alfonso Soriano.
  • The signing means Cody Ross definitely won’t be returning to the Red Sox. What are the chances he could be a right field target for the Cubs? Nice power, nice overall player … doesn’t get on base as much as you’d like.
  • Ben

    OF market is drying up quickly. If Hamilton re-signs with TX, and Ludwick with the Reds, there won’t be much left of quality.

  • Justin

    I’m glad they didn’t get Victorino. I just don’t get what Cherington is trying to do there in Boston. They had a great team in place to compete. If you take out todays sigining and put those players back in the lineup from that trade last year, that lineup would be stacked with additions of Napoli and Gomes

  • Freshness21

    Boston must have bad contract disease. Yuck

  • Randy

    I don’t really see anyone in the Philly’s top prospects that I would want to trade for. I say they go all out and offer Garza and Soriano plus a ton of cash to try to get Myers and Zimmer from the Royals even if we have to throw in some of our own prospects.

  • Spencer

    Dodged a bullet here, I think. It definitely pushes up the market for Bourn which is a bummer. I don’t think I would want him at those prices suggested

  • rbreeze

    Unless Victorino has a re-birth his ability is going down and I think that Napoli is living off of a banner year in 2011. Too much money for these two. Boston should have at least kept Adrian Gonzalez but he was a big part of that deal with the Dodgers.
    I say we stick with the plan, don’t throw away any money, win 60 some games next year and come out swinging the big wallet during next winters meetings.

  • B_Scwared

    I’m intrigued with the potential of Worley and Dom Brown from Philly even if their minors are weak. Worley is supposedly getting shopped now too

  • ChicagoMike702

    I know Victorino fans but I always found him vastly overrated and last year was just bad. Big overpay in my opinion. It’ll be interesting to see what this contract looks like 2 years from today.

  • Patrick W.

    Man what a weird signing. Did his agent convince the RedSox that Victorino is the next Jason Werth? And if so, how? And if so, is that really good enough for hat contract?

  • Matty V

    I was in favor of Victorino as a cheaper, shorter-term option over giving Bourn tons of money and years. My max for Victorino was around 2/$20 mil. Since The Red Sox went past both those marks, I’m happy the Cubs didn’t sign him.

    The free agent market is starting to look a little bare and what’s left is overpriced in my opinion. I’m more hopeful for some creative trades over the next few weeks than signing someone mediocre to more money than they are worth.


    Maybe Little Theo should run around with a picket sign – Handing out 5 million dollar contracts……only disabled All Stars need to apply.

    • Brett

      Humor me: why, again, do you call him “little” Theo?

      • cRAaZYHORSE

        With a Cub Record of 61-101 under his belt as President of Baseball Operations little Theo might be too kind . In a couple of years when his babies Cubs develop, King Theo should rise again.

        • Brett

          Just making sure it wasn’t some super-clever thing that I didn’t get.

          Imagine my relief.

          • cRAaZYHORSE

            Imagine going into a Chicago bar that is not within 5 miles of Wrigley Field. Little Theo are kind words. On your nest visit to Chicago,and the Cubs are in losing streak visit any bar, and ask the locals on how they feel about him . Usually it just a middle finger salute no words needs to be exchanged.

            • Lone Ranger

              “King Theo” has a nice ring to it

  • TH

    Blahhh…No thanks. Would rather live through another sub-par year. Jackson has better potential assuming he can get on base…which he hasn’t done yet…hear’s to wishful thinking. Cheers!

  • fromthemitten

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a 4th OF by the end of this contract… not high on Bourn and his high strikeout rate either.

  • Lone Ranger

    Would the Indians have an interest in Soriano? Or is there no chance?

    • cubsin

      It doesn’t matter. Soriano would use him 5/10 rights to block the deal, and I don’t blame him.

  • JR

    WTF Boston. That is just terrible..

  • Tyron

    Theo n Jed r done makeing moves,what’s
    new,!!bunch of junk arms

  • King Jeff

    So, if Shane Victorino signed a 3 yr 39 million dollar deal, what does that make Josh Hamilton worth? 3 years 90 million?

    • JR

      I think a 3 yr $90 mill deal makes sense for Hamilton if a team is built to win now.. But that Victorino deal sucks big time.

  • JPBleedsBlue

    So glad to see Cubs didn’t go after Victorino. Overvalued player. Boston can have him. He is definitely on the downward slide of his career.

  • cheryl

    There’s a lot left undone Marmol, Soriano to trade – a third baseman, outfielder and a starting pitcher to obtain. Didn’t expect Soriano to be traded but thought there might be a chance to move Marmol. Any chance for one more major move before theyclose up shop?

    • Patrick G

      There is still 2 more days

      • DocPeterWimsey

        Indeed, it’s not just the Cubs: there really has not been anything other than a few free agent signings. All of the rumored big trades (and there have been many completely unrelated to the Cubs) are remaining just rumors.

  • Lone Ranger

    These rumors would be through the roof if Garza was healthy during these winter meetings.

    • Brett


  • cubzforlife

    Dave Kaplans tweets are a bold reminder how bad the Cubs were run. Its amazing they won as many games as they did. I can’t face the possibility of another 100 loss season but from everything I read here it sure looks like it’s coming. Damn.

  • mudge

    They don’t close up shop. Sometimes at the winter meetings they’re laying groundwork for future deals.

  • Tim

    First baseman Mark Reynolds has a nice market, tweets Jon Heyman of CBS Sports, including the Cubs, Yankees, Indians, Marlins, Mariners, Orioles, Rays, and more. The Mets were previously linked to Reynolds.


  • kranzman54

    The guy did steal a ton of bases last year, but this contract just seems silly. Stay away Cubbies! This really does hurt our chances of getting Bourn at a reasonable rate though. Bummer.

    • DocPeterWimsey

      This really does hurt our chances of getting Bourn at a reasonable rate though.

      It depends on what your idea of “reasonable rate” is, but Bourn was never going to sign at a deal that most people here will consider “reasonable.” People need to abandon the idea that any of these guys are going to sign to team friendly contracts, or that there are any FO’s out there who get free agents (as opposed to retaining players already under contract) to team-friendly deals.

  • kmr1453

    Brett, I’m surprised you are saying Ellsbury won’t be moved. Where is Gomes going to play?

    • Brett

      Either left or right field? Gomes doesn’t have to be a 160-game starter – he never really has been before.

    • DocPeterWimsey

      Gomes will play regularly when Els gets moved to the DL in the 5th or 6th inning of opening day.

  • FFP

    There is a lot to like in Cody Ross.

    • Jade

      The thing that worries me about Ross is before his career year at Boston he put up two seasons of 730 & 735 OPS in San Fran. His road OPS away from Boston (where he feasted on the Green monster) was 684. At 32 I don’t see much upside especially for 3yrs/30 mill.

  • Stu

    Well that explains the previous post about how “bad” the cubs were when the Messiah took over.

    You guys really are proactive in PR control.

  • Cubbie Blues

    I have never understood why if one team over pays it effects the market for everyone else. One deal doesn’t make a market.

    • Kyle

      What it comes down to is that what most fans and commentators are spazzing out as “overpays” aren’t really. Teams have a ton of money to spend and only one thing to spend it on, so it’s going to get spent.

      • Brett

        It is that (not an overpay), but it is also the simple fact that one deal can absolutely set the floor at which an agent/player will dig in their heels. Sure, every team could stand firm, but they usually don’t. Someone bends, because it only takes one.

        (Sometimes, though, it is a massive overpay – one NL exec said that he’d expected Victorino to have to settle for a one-year, $8 to $10 million deal.)

        • Kyle

          Then that NL exec misread the market, badly. Victorino reportedly (which is always a bit shaky, so who really knows) had a 4/44 offer from another team.

          • Brett

            Which underscores the point that the “top” of the market on a guy is not necessarily any more correct (on his true value) than the “bottom” of the market. Obviously, in hindsight, we know this to be true.

          • DocPeterWimsey

            Rival executives also have good reason to “creatively round down” the estimates. That generates the buzz that people aren’t going to offer, say, Victorino money to the likes of Victorino. However, FOs clearly are much worse at doing that than are the agents: if nothing else, then they know that the GMs know that they are lying!

    • DocPeterWimsey

      It makes much more credible the agents’ claims that team A is willing to pay their client $X+YM over Z+2 years instead of $XM over Z years. Remember, the GMs cannot consult each other on offers (that’s collusion), and there is no official registration of offers as in other sports.

      So, the fact that Boston was willing to offer Victorino what they did is going to make the Phillies find it easier to accept that some other team is offering Bourn more than the Phillies are.