This weekend, CSN’s Dave Kaplan went on an unprompted – but apropos, given the Winter Meetings – Twitter rant about the state of the Chicago Cubs’ organization over the past several years. It was a thing of beauty, and useful to keep in the back of your mind as we observe the events this week in Nashville.

Away we go, in chronological order …

Whew. Throw in some cursing and a “Hallelujah, holy sh*t. Where’s the Tylenol?” and I would have been reminded of ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’ (which, incidentally, I watched last night, in an annual tradition).

Kap’s rant didn’t go unnoticed by others in the Chicago media. The Daily Herald’s Bruce Miles gave Kaplan a gentle ear flick:

Miles later made clear that he likes Kap, and Kap emphasized that he wasn’t try to rip on Hendry, just the organization as a whole.

The Chicago Tribune’s Paul Sullivan was a bit more blunt:

And that was before 50% of Kap’s rant was completed.

(I suppose it’s worth pointing out, without too much comment, that Kaplan works for CSNChicago, an entity partly owned by the family that currently owns the Cubs (and hired the current front office), and Sullivan works for the Tribune, an entity whose parent company (the Tribune Company) used to own the Cubs (and hired/employed the former front office). I’m not saying their employers prejudice their respective positions, but I’m sure they partly¬†inform¬†those positions.)

In the end, the tweets made for meta gold, but it’s not like anything Kap said was incorrect. The organization was in shambles two years ago, bloated by useless commitments, understaffed in the front office, uninterested in modern analytics, and unable to consistently acquire and develop future MLB talent. As Theo Epstein said last year, you can’t turn an ocean liner on a dime. It takes time.

  • Vince

    Prior got hit by a pitch coming back to him and a few other things? Seems more like a freak injury rather than being able to stay healthy. Also I would hope that Hendry had more credible prospects than Theo and Jed have. It has been 1 draft and 1 season which they actually tried to get reasonable players out in trades. If they had more credible prospects than what Hendry left then we would of had an even bigger problem Kyle

  • Larry Bittner

    WOW! I love reading this sh**! I would love to read a business review of the Cubs turnaround in a few years. Hell, the book would be a great read. Merry Christmas

  • wingit

    Any coincidence that Kaplan is on ‘vacation’ this week and is not hosting his CTL Live show or the Hot Stove show on CSN, live from the Winter Meetings. I think he might have gotten in a little trouble over this.

    • Brett

      Nah – he was already headed out on vacation at the time.

      • wingit

        Brett, Follow my thinking here. I’m a huge Cubs fan, suburbanite of Chicago, follow your site reiligioiusly. Its great BTW. But CTL live is Chicago Tribune Live and that’s who he was bashing even though he is a CSN employee they are tightly linked..I think there is some fallout here. It”s clear Sullivan – who I can’t stand, dislikes him and so do many of the Trib reporters if you ever watch the show, no matter the topic. Cubs, Bears, Sox, Bulls etc Rogers an Sullivan need to go away. Patrick Mooney does the best job of all from a local standpoint. as an fyi…my Dell keyboard sucks to type on…skips letters all he time

  • wingit

    He had to at least get a slap on the wrist for his twitters….