It’s the seventh episode of a super awesome podcast featuring me and Sahadev Sharma. You can listen to the podcast there below, or download it for later listening. You can also subscribe via iTunes. Here’s your iTunes link, and you can also find it by searching in the iTunes store. For those of you who use other feed-catching services, here’s the podcast feed.

As always, you can send questions, comments, etc. to the official podcast email address (podcast AT bleachernation DOT com) if you want your thoughts included on a future show. It’s fun to include you folks, so, like, do it. We’re tentatively going to have an email blowout next week.

But this week is all about the Winter Meetings, naturally. Sahadev and I go rapid-fire through a number of players who’ve been attached to the Cubs in rumors, and talk about what the Winter Meetings are all about.

We also totally called the Yunel Escobar to the Rays move a couple hours before it happened (we recorded last evening), and I pat myself on the back repeatedly throughout the episode – often at Sahadev’s expense.


  • JoeyCollins

    Question of the day… do i stream the BN podcast at work on my phone, using my data? Or do i wait til i get home to use my Wi-Fi? Probably not gonna wait.

    • Brett

      That’s a heck of a nice compliment right there.

  • Myles

    I’m an actuary grad from Purdue. Your time-value of money is pretty much accurate, so congratulations.

  • Ryan P

    Honestly, its finals week… CMON! I’m not blaming you Brett/Sahadev, but the BN Podcast may be big-time contributor to my very average grades this semester.

    • Believe in 2015

      Hahaha. I’m in the same boat.

    • Brett

      My bad …

  • Chris M

    Hey how crazy would it be to offer big z a one year deal.

    • Believe in 2015

      Crazier than an antelope with night vision goggles.

  • cubzforlife

    BN has cost me about 5,000.00 this year in missed customers. What I’m doing now is the perfect example.

  • Spencer

    I don’t have much time this week, so I was thought to myself that I’d just listen to the first 20 mins. Mistake.

    • JulioZuleta

      Same. If I fail out it’s Brett’s fault.

      • Brett

        Sahadev deserves some blame, too.

        • JulioZuleta

          True, awesome that he’s involved now. A lot of things about ESPN radio and have let me down over the years, but I was a big fan of his, and of the show, when he was a part of Waddle and Silvy.

          • JulioZuleta

            Speaking of ESPN, Amazon has a full year subscription of ESPN the Magazine for $5. I probably won’t even read the magazines, but you get a full year of Insider with it. I bought it just for that. **End promotion**

  • Byron Browne

    ESPN; isn’t that the NFL football network?

    • JulioZuleta

      Pretty much. I’m not a big ESPN fan, but every now and then Keith Law sneaks some good stuff in with his condescension, so I figured it was worth $5

      • Brett

        Well, I’m going to have to take that plunge.

  • Troy

    Cashner out for 3 months?because of a hunting accident. Rizzo trade looking good