Because we’re all tense, awaiting the latest rumor (or, God forbid, an actual move) from the Winter Meetings, how about a bit of lighter fare?

He was a great story, then an All-Star, and then a bench bat. But then a younger player came along and took his job. Now he’s headed to Japan to make some money and prove himself.

From BN’er Dylan, it’s time for Fun With Movie Posters: Mr. Baseball, starring Bryan LaHair.

  • http://www.worldseriesdreaming.com dabynsky

    The opening dream sequence of that movie where he keeps get a final strike and missing seems very appropriate here.

  • MichiganGoat

    Good work we all need some humor

  • Bric

    Hey Ace- if you want some distractional pics to get our minds off the winter meetings how about a poster with Svuem with a duck on his head?

  • swaz46

    With those arms, he’s definitely laHAIR.

  • FFP

    So, this movie was a total ripoff of the excellent book You Gotta Have Wa

    Get a copy http://books.google.com/books/about/You_Gotta_Have_Wa.html?id=-hfSgvW6diwC

    • FFP

      It’s a little dated, but it is a great sports book, a great Japan book and a good time in a cold (OK cooling) winter. I enjoyed the heck out of it.

      • FFP

        Bryan, if YOU haven’t read it yet, you should read it

  • Dylan

    Sweet! Thanks for sharing! :-)

    Will certainly miss him. Glad that I got the chance to buy a LaHair #6 shirt last summer.

  • DaveReese

    haha this is so awesome!!

  • FFP

    OK. I just saw Tom Selleck’s arms. Lahairsute.

  • OlderStyle

    I was thinking who would play principals in Moneyball 2: The Jedstein Story
    Theo: Ben Affleck, natch.
    Jed: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, gotta have young star power.
    Tom Ricketts: Randy Quaid, he’d bring that “special” element.
    Jim Hendry: Gary Busey, it works in so many ways.
    Alfonso Soriano: Dulé Hill, 1000-watt smile, athletic build.
    Ryan Dempster: Will Ferrell, he could do the Harry Cary impression.
    Carrie Muskat: Meryl Streep, why not add a sports movie to her resume.
    I’d pay to see that.

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