2012 Rule 5 Draft (LIVE) – Picks, Moves, Reactions, etc.

The 2012 Rule 5 Draft is set to kick off in about 15 minutes (together, perhaps, with Jason Grilli’s free agent decision), and the Chicago Cubs pick second.

I’ll post the relevant picks here as they happen (the Cubs’ pick, any traded picks, and any Cubs players selected), but here’s yesterday’s primer if you’re late to the party.

The tentative expectation is that the Cubs will select a pitcher, but they could just as easily try and grab a bat or trade the pick.

Here’s the link to follow along live on MLB.com. (Holy crap the audio is terrible.)

  • Carrie Muskat says the Cubs are inclined to pick, and then keep their pick, this year.
  • The Houston Astros select Josh Fields, the best MLB-ready reliever in the Draft. Naturally.
  • And the Cubs select RHP Hector Rondon from the Cleveland Indians’ AAA team.
  • Will have more on Rondon in a separate post when this has all shaken out, but he’s a formerly very good prospect who is coming off of Tommy John surgery, and is apparently throwing very well in Venezuela.
  • Ahh, crap. The Diamondbacks are going to try and do the stash thing with a great young Cubs are, Starling Peralta. He hasn’t pitched above A-ball.
  • The Cubs passed in the second round, as expected, so they are done picking today.
  • Well, crap on a cracker: the Cubs just lost Michael Burgess to the Astros in the AAA phase of the Rule 5, which is usually a total non-event. He’s not a top prospect by any stretch, but he’s also not a non-prospect (recall, he was the main piece the Cubs got for Tom Gorzelanny, once upon a time). Again, not a huge deal, but never fun to lose a guy for nothing.
  • The Cubs passed in the AAA phase.
  • Ouch – the Cubs just lost Matt Cerda, a nice, versatile minor leaguer with the best plate discipline in the system. Probably wasn’t a future big league regular or even bench guy, but it was a possibility. Damn you, St. Louis.
  • Cubs gettin’ poached like crazy in the minor league phases, now losing Alvido Jimenez. I’ll confess, he’s one I’d never heard of until today. A 20-year-old righty in rookie ball. He pitched well there last year, but it was his third straight year at that level.
  • In case you were wondering, it’s rare to get minor leaguer’s back from the minor league phases, so you can expect that Burgess, Cerda, and Jimenez are all gone for good.

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119 responses to “2012 Rule 5 Draft (LIVE) – Picks, Moves, Reactions, etc.”

  1. Victor

    Who could go from the Cubs?

  2. Rizzo44

    Who are the targets?

    1. Kyle

      There’s a number of interesting pitchers and a couple of position players. Most of us seem to want Josh Fields, a relief pitcher from the Boston system who had lights out numbers at AA and AAA last season.

      1. ETS

        Fields is suppose to be up to 97mph and have control. I think the pirates pitcher would be pretty easy to pull another “lendy castillo” trick with if they were so inclined.

      2. Rizzo44

        Ok then lets go get that Boston guy!

      3. ssckelley

        Fields is the top of my wish list for this draft but I cannot imagine the Astros passing up on him.

  3. Kyle

    Still waiting for MLB.com’s promised live video link.

  4. TakingWrigleyToSãoPaulo

    If someone finds the link, can they post it?


  5. Believe in 2015

    Tim crabbe and Miguel Celestino look solid with high upside. This is assuming that the Astros take Lara #1

  6. Melrosepad

    I wouldn’t mind seeing them pick up Jefry Marte. He is only 21 and should at least top the “offense” that Stewart provided last year.

  7. Austin


    This is the link I’m using. Hope it works for you guys

  8. Myles

    I am the only member of the Jonathan Galvez movement, it seems.

  9. Patrick G

    Braulio Lara from TB

  10. BluBlud

    I checked out Jeremy Hazelbaker stats, and I think the Cubs should definitely take him. he has a chance to be pretty good. He won’t be a Star, but he could be a solid OF for a long time.

    1. mdavis

      agreed, i like Hazelbaker as potential break out guy

  11. Eric

    well there goes fields.

  12. BluBlud

    oh well, josh Fields is gone

  13. Kyle


  14. Myles


  15. BluBlud

    oh well, another pitcher coming off an injury filled season. WE really do have a plan, huh.

  16. Kyle

    Why did I ever doubt that the front office would seize every opportunity to add another pitcher coming off of surgery and injury?

    Apparently really hard.

    And we just lost Starin Peralta.

    1. Kyle

      That should read “apparently throws really hard.” Reference to hitting 98 this year.

    2. MightyBear

      You can’t blame the front office because the Astros took Shields. I think this is payback for stealing Deshaies. LOL Actually, it’s the smart move. I’m glad the Astros are going to the AL West because in 2-3 years they’re going to be a powerhouse. Good GM.

      1. Kyle

        I wasn’t blaming the front office. Simply making an observation that they seem to believe recently injured pitchers is a new market inefficiency.

  17. BluBlud

    starlin Paralta is gone.

  18. North Side Irish

    wow…TWO elbow surgeries?! that was an interesting choice…

  19. Guancous

    All this Rule V talk is equivalent to preseason NFL wailing. People complain about roster moves of special team gunners or practice squad members.

    That said, any infusion of talent is a good thing.

    1. mul21

      Rule 5

  20. North Side Irish

    Ben Badler ‏@BenBadler
    Rondon hasn’t stayed healthy the last three years, but talked to scouts who saw him throwing hard in Venezuela. Not surprised he went high.

  21. mdavis

    woulda liked hazelbaker. but of course pitcher

  22. Kyle

    This is a great warmup for the Rule 4 next year when I get a huge metaphorical crush on a player only to have the Astros take him.

  23. MightyBear

    Where’s Luke? How do we feel about losing Paralta? Please advise.

    1. mul21

      It sucks hard. I’ve seen him pitch in person and he throws relatively hard and was pounding the strike zone when I saw him. His only issue has been consistency, but he’s got the ceiling of a #2 IMO.

    2. North Side Irish

      Luke Blaize ‏@ltblaize
      Ouch. Aggressive pick for AZ. But ouch. RT @BleacherNation: Crap. Cubs just lost Starling Peralta to Arizona.

      Luke Blaize ‏@ltblaize
      @BleacherNation I did not think he’d be the first Cub taken.
      View conversation

  24. North Side Irish

    Ben Badler ‏@BenBadler
    Marlins take LHP Braulio Lara from the Rays. Control is raw but throws hard. Really like what the Marlins did today.

    I wanted that to be the Cubs…

  25. sclem21

    Goldstein Effect

  26. BluBlud

    Rondon looks like a potential starter eventually, but the injury thing is concerning. He has decent stats, but I guess we’ll see.

  27. MightyBear

    F’ing Diamondbacks. I’m beginning to hate them too.

  28. Brandon

    Whats the chance the Cubs take another player in the next round? The draft is still 4 rounds or until nobody picks isn’t it?

    1. Kyle

      It’s already over. We passed in the second round of the MLB portion.

      We might take someone in the minor league portion, but I guarantee it won’t be anyone worth caring about even a little. Organizational filler.

    2. Spencer

      It’s over. Cubs passed in Round Two, and only two teams (Astros and Marlins, of course) took two players.

  29. Segal27

    I really wanted Hazlebaker but whatever

  30. Myles

    Apparently Rondon is a starter. That sucks.

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