The 2012 Rule 5 Draft is set to kick off in about 15 minutes (together, perhaps, with Jason Grilli’s free agent decision), and the Chicago Cubs pick second.

I’ll post the relevant picks here as they happen (the Cubs’ pick, any traded picks, and any Cubs players selected), but here’s yesterday’s primer if you’re late to the party.

The tentative expectation is that the Cubs will select a pitcher, but they could just as easily try and grab a bat or trade the pick.

Here’s the link to follow along live on (Holy crap the audio is terrible.)

  • Carrie Muskat says the Cubs are inclined to pick, and then keep their pick, this year.
  • The Houston Astros select Josh Fields, the best MLB-ready reliever in the Draft. Naturally.
  • And the Cubs select RHP Hector Rondon from the Cleveland Indians’ AAA team.
  • Will have more on Rondon in a separate post when this has all shaken out, but he’s a formerly very good prospect who is coming off of Tommy John surgery, and is apparently throwing very well in Venezuela.
  • Ahh, crap. The Diamondbacks are going to try and do the stash thing with a great young Cubs are, Starling Peralta. He hasn’t pitched above A-ball.
  • The Cubs passed in the second round, as expected, so they are done picking today.
  • Well, crap on a cracker: the Cubs just lost Michael Burgess to the Astros in the AAA phase of the Rule 5, which is usually a total non-event. He’s not a top prospect by any stretch, but he’s also not a non-prospect (recall, he was the main piece the Cubs got for Tom Gorzelanny, once upon a time). Again, not a huge deal, but never fun to lose a guy for nothing.
  • The Cubs passed in the AAA phase.
  • Ouch – the Cubs just lost Matt Cerda, a nice, versatile minor leaguer with the best plate discipline in the system. Probably wasn’t a future big league regular or even bench guy, but it was a possibility. Damn you, St. Louis.
  • Cubs gettin’ poached like crazy in the minor league phases, now losing Alvido Jimenez. I’ll confess, he’s one I’d never heard of until today. A 20-year-old righty in rookie ball. He pitched well there last year, but it was his third straight year at that level.
  • In case you were wondering, it’s rare to get minor leaguer’s back from the minor league phases, so you can expect that Burgess, Cerda, and Jimenez are all gone for good.
  • Seamhead

    Interesting that out of the top 25 picks or so, only Fields, Silverio and Lara are names that were projected to go.

  • MightyBear

    I just started following Luke on twitter. Thanks North Side. I appreciate your help.

  • MightyBear

    I hope we don’t lose any more players but I especially hope we don’t lose any more pitchers.

  • BluBlud

    wow, we just lost Micheal Burgess

    • BluBlud

      no big deal, I guess.

  • MightyBear

    If Rondon’s coming off TJS, can he start on DL? A little help please.

    • BluBlud

      He not coming off of TJS, he coming off of UCL, or is that the same thing.

      • Really?

        Same thing.

    • Kyle

      He can start on the 60-day DL. If he spends less than 90 days active and the rest of the time on the DL, he must make up that time next year before he loses the roster restrictions.

      • MightyBear

        Thanks K-man.

  • cubchymyst

    What is the AAA draft, astros just took Michael Burgess of the AA roster

  • Kyle

    Houston takes Cubs organizational filler Michael Burgess in AAA version. Cubs pass. I’m done paying attention now.

  • Eric

    man someone in the astros has a fatwa on the cubs. They steal our pick and then they just take one of our guys for shits and giggles. Someone must have some posters with alot of dart holes in it in their room.

    • MightyBear

      We took their announcer and they got pissed.

  • Mike

    What are the chances starling peralta is able to stick with the dbacks ?

    • Myles

      About as good as Lendy Castillo’s were

  • MightyBear

    We just lost Burgess? WTF? F’ing Astros. I’m beginning to hate them too.

  • Pete

    As the chiefs batboy this year it is sad to see Starling go. He looked like he could have been really good. He had a perfect body to be a starting pitcher and had a great fastball and slider. He was dominant at times last summer.

    • Grant Jones

      You batboy at the Chiefs? Shoot me an email, if you can get it from my profile.

    • Grant Jones

      I batboy for a MWL team also

    • JBarnes

      Batboy for the Chiefs? I was on the grounds crew the past couple years.

  • MightyBear

    God I hope this ends soon. We’re bleeding prospects.

  • MichiganGoat

    Well that was exciting and short 😉

  • Noah

    Someone just took Matt Cerda as well. How does the AAA version of the Rule 5 draft work? What do you have to do to keep a player you pick? Just keep them on your AAA roster all season?

    • Kyle

      Wait, really? I didn’t expect to lose anyone worthwhile in that portion.

      There’s no roster restrictions on the minor league portions. He belongs to the Cardinals now.

  • mak

    Keeping this in perspective: Peralta, Burgess and Cerda are not in the Cubs top 50 prospects. Peralta has some potential with the fastball, but really hasn’t come close to figuring it out. Would be pretty shocked in the D’backs find a way to keep him on the roster all year.

    • Kyle

      Peralta is absolutely in the Cubs’ top 50 prospects. Cerda probably is.

      • Kyle

        Or rather, was.

    • Noah

      I’d say that having none of them in the Top 50 is a bit of pushing it. For example, Burgess both walks and can hit for some pop. However, I would agree that none are in the Top 20, and any of them being more than replacement level fodder on a MLB roster would be a surprise. It’s an annoyance, but nothing that impacts the team’s short or long term plans in any real way.

      • Kyle

        Peralta has much better potential than mere replacement fodder.

        Cerda’s ceiling is probably decent utility infielder, though.

        • Whiteflag

          Cerda will go on to be an MVP in a cardinals uniform. That is just how life works when you’re a cubs fan. Peralta hopefully won’t stick on the d-backs roster all season.

          • hansman1982

            Sickels has him at a low to moderate chance of sticking with Rondon at Moderate

      • AB

        Yea, Peralta stings alittle bit. For Cerda, it sucks but theres no shortage of middle infield prospects in the Cubs middle levels. Burgess probably would have been run of the mill Iowa filler.

  • Mr. Cubster

    The Book on Hector Rondon…

  • BluBlud

    Does this mean that Lendy and Rondon will have to start on the 25 man roster next season.

    • Kyle

      Rondon, yes, unless he is on the DL.

      I’m pretty sure Lendy got his 90 active days in last season and is now unrestricted. He’ll go back to AA, most likely.

  • MightyBear

    And the F’ing Cardinals took Cerda. Those SOB’s. God I hate them and everything that’s related to them.

  • willis

    Jiminez just nipped. Man, there are guys getting picked off left and right.

  • MightyBear

    Now we lost Jimenez to the Jays! If the Orioles take a Cub minor leagure, I’m going bird hunting this weekend. And I don’t hunt.

    • TonyP

      Deep breaths MB deep breaths!

      • MightyBear

        This was the roughest Rule 5 ever!

        • TonyP

          I missed all the excitement, I was in a meeting at work. Probably better off or I would have gotten all worked up also 😛

    • Andrewmoore4isu

      I lol’d in class

  • Spencer

    What are the rules for the minor league portion

    • Kyle

      Jiminez was a 20-year-old who repeated rookie ball the last three seasons. Not really worried about losing him.

      • BluBlud

        Jeminez had some decent number the last 2 years and he is only 20 with some upside, but it’s still no big deal.

    • Kyle

      It costs $12,000 to make a AAA round pick, and teams can protect 38 additional players on their AAA protected list (besides the 40-man MLB roster).

      It costs $4,000 to make a AA pick, and there’s another 37-player AA protected list.

      If a player is taken in the AAA or AA portion, he belongs to his new team with no roster restrictions.

      • GDB

        So the next question is – did the Cubs have full minor league protection rosters? Or did we leave some gaps?

    • ETS

      There are three separate phases in the Rule 5 Draft: the Major League phase, the Class AAA phase and the Class AA phase. A player selected in one of the three phases must be placed on the Major League Club’s Reserve List in the same classification of the phase in which the player was selected. Within each phase, only players from a Reserve List of a lower classification Club are eligible for selection. Major League Clubs select in reverse order of their League standing at the close of the preceding championship season. Keep in mind that the roster size for purposes of the Rule 5 draft is much larger than the actual playing rosters. The Major League reserve roster is 40, while the playing roster is 25. The AAA roster size is 38, and the AA roster size is 37.

      • MightyBear

        So we had 115 players protected and we lost 4? Wow.

  • leroy

    Why are all these players coming off of Tommy John surgery. It seems a lot more in recent years than previous.

  • dan

    Oh no we just lost our bat boy to St Louis !!!!!!!!!!

  • BD

    The only one I’m bummed about it Peralta. Potential doesn’t necessarily mean anything, but the Cubs need all the pitching potential they can get. I would rather have Peralta than this new guy Rondon.

  • Mr. Cubster

    I just hope that we left Crane Kenney unprotected!

    Oh wait, who would want him though?


  • Cubby Mike

    As your system gets better, the time comes to cull the heard. Now it’s time.

  • Kyle

    There was someone on this site who was really pimping Cerda as a prospect at this time last year. In a legit way, not a Klafcynzski way.

    • TWC

      No lie: Ben Klafczynski bat 1.000 over 36 games last season in the Frontier League.

  • Brandon – AA Correspondent

    Losing Burgess hurts a bit. I liked his power potential A LOT. I see him as a very solid outfielder with a decent eye and lots of power. It would not at all shock me to see him in the Big Leagues in 2014 or 2015. As the Astros make there way to the AL….perhaps a stint as a DH makes sense. Sad to see the Cubs give up on him; but wish him all the best in Houston’s organization. What a great opportunity for him.

  • gutshot5820

    Theo sures loves him some TJS pitchers. His eyes must light up as soon as he hears TJS. Must be the new “moneyball.”

  • gutshot5820

    Thank goodness a lot of these guys are now gone. i would be more worried if they actually made the cubs team.