Cubs Sign Pitcher Andrew Carpenter to Minor League Deal with Spring Training Invite

The Cubs have made another minor signing – in the literal sense – this week, inking pitcher Andrew Carpenter to a minor league deal, with an invitation to Spring Training.

Carpenter, 27, is a big reliever who broke into the bigs with the Phillies as a 23-year-old back in 2008. From there, he never really got a chance to stick in the bigs before doing the wavier wire shuffle for the last couple years. In that regard, he is the consummate Spring Training invite, where he’ll compete for a bullpen spot.

Carpenter, a second round pick back in 2006, was a starter for most of his career in the minors. In that role, he was just OK, but in the last couple years, he has seemed to flourish in the bullpen (including a 2011 stint with Ryne Sandberg’s Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs, in which he threw 60.1 innings with a 1.79 ERA, 0.978 WHIP, a 9.7 K/9 and a 1.6 BB/9. He was silly good. But, of course, he was a 26-year-old in AAA).

This is a fine minor league signing, one that comes with no risk, and you can expect some more like it before February rolls around.

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35 responses to “Cubs Sign Pitcher Andrew Carpenter to Minor League Deal with Spring Training Invite”

  1. Ron

    Is this the same type of deal Camp was brought in on last year or did he get a major league contract right away?

  2. Andrew

    Hey will they air the fujikawa news conference

    1. Spencer
    2. Rcleven


      1. Tim

        There’s some Winchester thing on csn

  3. Rcleven

    Talk about throwing it against the wall and see if it sticks.

  4. MichiganGoat

    MOAR I tired of all this minor signings, when will Ricky open up his pocketbook and sign all FA to a ten year 300M contract. We have the money, MOAR ;)

    1. Brian

      You forgot to add about 500 extra, useless words, in there, head Sheep!!.

      1. MichiganGoat

        Sorry my bad… Rabble, Rabble x1000 and a Baaaaaa there that should help

        1. Spencer

          Yeah. Immensely.

  5. ETS

    can we sign some left handed version of the “no risk ST invites”? I like James russell, but he may need some help at some point.

  6. ZachCubs82

    What was the final word on Girilli? Was his decision announced?

    1. ETS

      I think he decide Gary Sheffield was a much better player than agent.

    2. MichiganGoat

      Yes in about 10min, no wait 1 hour, no wait I was just kidding, but I will decide to leak another story in a few days — something like that

  7. Curt

    ok I’m sorry but what’s the point of this signing don’t the cubs already have plenty of guys already who are quite good enough for the majors but do well in the minors. Unless its another depth signing , I could be wrong and I’m probably am but the cubs seem to hve all kinds of these guys you could throw a dart at whichever one you hit makes the team myb he’ll be ok at aaa, am I mistaken Brett.

    1. Kyle

      He has just enough of a live arm that maybe he wakes up some day in January and suddenly becomes a good pitcher.

      And he literally doesn’t cost you anything but a bunk in ST, so why not?

    2. Internet Random

      There’s depth of our own bench and depth of flippable inventory to take into account.

    3. Spencer

      Literally every single team in Major League Baseball makes signings like this. There is nothing to complain about here.

      1. Kenster

        Couldn’t have said it any better ^^ exactly what i was gonna say.

  8. Cubbie Blues

    On a side note:

    Neil deGrasse Tyson ‏@neiltyson

    Things you might say if you flunked Astro101: “If we ever send humans to the Sun, it’s probably best to go at night”

    1. DarthHater

      I believe that’s a politically correct version of an old joke, the incorrect version of which had to do with the plan’s of the Polish space agency…

    2. Danny Ballgame

      Got to love a good astrophysics joke.

  9. Need mee owner

    Who cheapest owner ricketts or the wrigleys?

    1. Kyle

      Which Wrigley?

  10. justinjabs

    I read this as “Andrew Cashner” for a good 2 minutes before realizing. Man, am I tired / confused

  11. carmelo

    Look for more signings like this—Long Beach St connection, our new Scouting Director and Player Personnal Head were LB ST. coaches at one time—Carpenter pitched @ Cal. St. LB.

  12. Westbound Willie

    When are the cubs going to sign someone that I actually know their name? Where does theo finds these guys? And if he’s looking for this kind of garbage it would make sense that this type of signing takes away from looking for a real player.

    1. BWA

      He’s not doing this alone, the front office has plenty of personnel to make minor moves and bigger ones all at once. Also, not saying they are big name players, but Baker, Feldman, and Schierholtz are all respectable players and if you followed baseball much outside of the cubs you would have probably at least heard their names.

  13. bill godman

    So far,so good. I especially like signing of Carpenter. 10-15 more wins In 2013.

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