Cubs Claim Pitcher Sandy Rosario Off Waivers from the Red Sox

The Chicago Cubs’ 40-man roster currently, technically, stands at 39. They are waiting to make the Ian Stewart and Nate Schierholtz signings official, but, when they do, they’ll have a bit of a roster crunch.

But that isn’t stopping them from making moves with that one, technically open spot. Today they added right-handed relief pitcher Sandy Rosario off of waivers from the Red Sox. Rosario, 27, had a few looks with the Marlins over the last few years, but could never stick with the big club. He has decent minor league numbers, and capped it off with an insanely-ridiculous set of stats at AAA last year (1.04 ERA, 0.846 WHIP over 26 innings with 24 K and just 2 non-intentional walks). He’ll get a look in the Cubs’ bullpen if he can stick on their roster throughout the Winter.

Rosario has had an adventurous offseason already – the Red Sox claimed him off waivers from the Marlins back in October, but then traded him to the A’s for pitcher Graham Godfrey. Two days later, the A’s waived him, and the Red Sox picked him back up a few days ago. And now he’s been waived again, and claimed by the Cubs.

Does that mean a bunch of teams like him and want to keep grabbing him, or that no teams really want him and like to keep dumping him?

I kid. Obviously he’s a guy who is good enough that many teams want to keep him on the 40-man roster, but he’s right there on the bubble.

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74 responses to “Cubs Claim Pitcher Sandy Rosario Off Waivers from the Red Sox”

  1. calicubsfan007

    At least the guy has a wide variety of team jerseys. (=

    1. Westbound Willie

      He has a funny name for a guy that looks like he’s from Africa.

      1. Stan

        What the hell does looking from Africa look like to you?

      2. #1cubsfan2013

        racist much

        1. RoughRiider

          I’ve been all around the world in my life and he could be from a lot of places. He actually looks like he’s from Salcedo, Dominican Republlic.

  2. ETS

    do you get a jersey in 2 days?

    Again, no left handed bullpen flyers?

    1. calicubsfan007

      @ETS: For reasons of pride, I would demand a jersey if I were him. (=

      1. ETS

        I wonder if his accountant has trouble keeping all his incomes from various states straight…

        1. calicubsfan007

          @ETS: Who knows? Maybe he gets a different accountant every time he moves? New team, new jersey, new accountant? At least we then can’t say the guy is complacent. (=

  3. Brian cubs fan

    could be a decent arm out of the pen

  4. cubsin

    My gut reaction is they’ll waive him whenever Shierholtz and Stewart officially sign and hope he clears waivers so they can send him to Iowa and take a look at him in Spring Training.

    1. Myles - WCSW

      I absolutely think you are correct.

      1. John (the other one)

        Yup. I’m betting that Beane and Cherington were trying to get him through waivers and option him to AAA too.

  5. MightyBear

    Cherington, Beane and Epstein/Hoyer have all wanted this kid. Must be something there.

    1. EQ76

      wanted him so bad they let him go

    2. Westbound Willie

      He probably owns a chain of high quality dry cleaners

  6. calicubsfan007

    Hey, this could be good. I just like to poke fun at a guy who is forced to change zip codes as many times as his underwear. (=

  7. lou brock lives

    We ‘d have all kinds of roster space if my proposed 4 way trade came thru.

    1. calicubsfan007

      @Lou: It would be a great trade if it works out the the possible kinks.

  8. ssckelley

    The Cubs grabbed him off waivers so they could offer him back to the Sox in a trade. :D

  9. John

    With the quality of players the Cubs are picking up for cheap, they can now afford what they need most . . . a full time medical staff of doctors in various disciplines to handle all the injuries that this new roster is recovering from. None are “recovered”. A new investment for the Ricketts . . . a total care baseball rehab facility. Call it “Baseball, Bones and Bandages, Inc”.

  10. Curt

    why? And will koye hill get another look lol.

    1. ssckelley

      I heard they are looking at Koyie Hill for center field and Sveum will bat him leadoff. Hill will make us forget all about the legendary Joe Mather.

  11. Hee Seop Chode

    I like the move. Maybe roster space becomes available with a Soriano + 1 trade? The bullpen was terrible last year, and Rosario had enough success last year for a look.

    no risk = all reward

  12. Big Joe

    Another player that NOBODY wants. Welcome to the Cubs: where every scrub has a shot.

    1. JR

      I just watched Rudolph with my daughter, and the Cubs have the Island of mis fit toys for sure..

      1. willis

        One of my favorite Xmas specials…and that comparison is absolutely spot on. I guess that makes Theo the flying lion dude.

        1. FFP

          Hope Cubs have better luck mining this market for gold than Yukon Cornelius.

    2. MichiganGoat

      Every team makes wavier moves like this it really doesn’t mean anything except it gives people something to complain about.

      1. FFP

        Since he is on several teams’ bubbles, it might be a reflection of the size of our bubble compared to other rosters’ compositions right now. Comparable to 2013 Sox, A’s, and Marlins; sounds about right.

  13. GoCubsGo

    Prelude to trade. I still get this feeling that we end up with Olt or Castellanos. I know our front office wants one of those guys really bad.

  14. Big Joe

    Another possible “asset”? Someone to “flip at the deadline”? “Low risk, high reward”? Are we “adding depth” here??? Does this guy have “high upside”??? Have I missed any other bullshit excuses for signing these type of players?

    1. JR

      Chill dude. The Cubs suck ass… Signing Victorino, Hamilton, and Greinke aren’t going to get them closer towards their goal of winning a title.

      1. willis

        Yeah but I get what he’s saying. Every signing has been the same…and the reasons behind them gets boring.

        1. MichiganGoat

          Boring does not equal wrong. Sometimes I think fans just want to sign a big name for the sake of signing a big name. This is plan and the quicker everyone embraces that the easier this rebuild will be.

      2. JR

        Actually, the Cubs AAA team in Iowa sucks ass. Thats the problem. Until they get their upper minor league fixed the Cubs will be shit.

      3. Big Joe

        I never said any of those guys would. But, now that you brought it up, I believe that signing ANY of those guys would bring the team closer to competing, than, say…um…signing THIS GUY.

    2. dw8

      Cuz 2009, 2010, 2011 were so awesome.

    3. Westbound Willie

      You missed one. This guy can be a good mentor for all of our young superstars that are coming up from the minors.

  15. Patrick G

    Mlbtraderumors mentions braves are in multiple trade talks, seeming to be for a corner outfielder. Would be nice to get an arm or two for Soriano from them if we eat some dough

  16. Matt

    I’d like them to get Delgado from the Braves for Soriano

  17. Kyle

    There’s definitely a chance for something here in the back of the pen. I don’t hate this at all and hope we find a way to keep him.

    1. cjdubbya

      When Schierholtz & Stewart get added to the 40-man, who gets bounced?

    2. cjdubbya

      I’m also right on board with you in that I don’t hate this move either.

  18. MightyBear

    When do Schierholtz & Stewart have to be added? Is there some kind of rule or is it when they sign? If it’s when they sign, can’t they wait to sign until spring training and then be added? A lot can happen until then.

    1. Kyle

      It’s when they sign. In theory, they can wait forever.

      In practice, the player is going to want the security of a signed contract sooner or later.

  19. lou brock lives

    Run Raley & Rusin thru waivers & that will open up at least 2 spots. If nobody bites they clear waivers & go on Iowa roster where they both belong anyway.

  20. lou brock lives

    Oh yeah I forgot Lendy Castillo as well – I doubt any interest there either.

  21. cubsin

    The Cubs didn’t keep Lendy Castillo on the 25-man roster for 90 days prior to September just so they could waive him this Winter.

  22. Big Joe

    This is just sad. Another example of a big market team, going on the cheap. Like the wife of a wealthy man, shopping at Goodwill. I understand that things don’t happen overnight. I also understand that, at times, a couple moves like this one are necessary. I think they could sign a few impact guys, and still compete in the short term. The fanbase will turn on these guys, soon. Very soon.

  23. gutshot5820

    Every team makes these kinds of moves in concert with other signings. Cubs seem to be on a perpetual buy-low some reward type of moves. I’m actually sick of these moves, how many number four, five starters, zero or negative WAR players do you want?

    I like the premise of the buy-low, but how many actually turn our to be impact players? slim to none. I buy lotto tickets, but I don’t blow my savings on them and I certainly don’t use that strategy as a plan for my future.

    1. Myles

      Thankfully, neither do Jed and Theo, because they aren’t using Sandy Rosario as the plan for their future. They are taking just about no risk and hoping to get better than no reward.

      What is the problem here?

      1. another JP

        The problem is that this news was reported in the first place. Now I’m not complaining about Brett mentioning it because I really like this site, but 15 or 20 years ago this type of acquisition was nothing more than a footnote. And when you consider that LA is spending massive money for ever free agent out there some folks just can’t take it when we’re doing the rebuild from-the-bottom-up approach. If Theo hired a janitor for less than scale people would bitch about that too.

        1. TWC

          You’re absolutely right, this sort of acquisition is a footnote. Ace reports it because that’s what his job is. The problems happen when people use it as a springboard to rehash their grievances with the FO, or those who support the FO use it as proof that this is all a part of the Theo/Jed plan. I’ll bet that the Cubs FO spent a lot less time thinking about this acquisition than many folks ’round here have spent freaking out about it.

          It’s pretty much a “meh” story. Let’s hope it works out, right?

          1. another JP

            Yeah- like what can it hurt? We have KG, Russell, & Camp and if Marmol is dealt we’ll be thin on quality relievers. Get a bunch of bodies out there and see who sticks– better to spend resources on starters & position players anyway.

            1. cas-castro

              we have Kevin Garnett? who is KG on the Cubs? Im gonna have to look that one up. I havent seen the 40 man roster lately

          2. Hee Seop Chode

            I think you might be mistaken here. The plan of flipable assets/recovering tj pitchers/low risk & high reward deals are the result of a carefully crafted, well thought out plan. This particular guy was most likely highly scouted because he fits into what they’re looking for on all 3 fronts. I seriously think the fo is very excited about Rosario based upon other signings from the past 12 months.

  24. bluekoolaidaholic

    Just another bum on a crap team that loses 100 games on the cheap.
    (see Big Joe comment above)

    1. Abe Froman

      I’ve been shaking my fist at the moon for hours, nothing seems to be happening, but my wrist is sore.

      1. Jimmy james

        Sure it’s your “wrist”, careful you could go blind

  25. Frank

    Relax people,this is all part of a new reality show. After we all throw our fits,the host of the show will come out with the camera crew. After we’ve had a few laughs,they will tell us who we really signed.

  26. Frank

    The dodgers just designated Scott vans lyke for assignment. Another Scott available sign him quick!

    1. Melrosepad

      Personally, based on his numbers the past two years at AA and AAA I’d rather have him on the roster than Campana.

  27. Kubphan82

    I look at him as the player everyone wants… Until either:
    A. They acquire someone better (but he’d be nice to have in case they couldn’t land that ther guy, so get him while you can)

    B. They find something in his medicals as to why he keeps being released. Like he’s a guy worth taking a chance on UNTIL a closer look.

    Hope it’s A.