In anticipation of impending roster madness, the Chicago Cubs today opened up one spot on the 40-man roster by designating lefty reliever Jeff Beliveau for assignment. Beliveau is removed immediately from the 40-man roster, and the Cubs will have 10 days to trade, waive, or release Beliveau. Assuming they don’t have a trade on the horizon, they’ll likely go the waive route, in an attempt to outright him back to Iowa.

Will he be claimed if waived? Hard to say. Two years ago, Beliveau broke out in the minors, and was the Cubs’ minor league pitcher of the year. He had a shot to make the club out of Spring Training last year, but didn’t quite get it done. Eventually he did make it up to the big club in July, and was thought to be in the mix to be one of the lefties in the pen in 2013. I’m sure the Cubs hope they can keep him, again, barring a trade. He certainly has good stuff.

Beliveau threw 17.2 innings for the Cubs last year, and struck out 17, which is swell. Unfortunately he walked 12, which is not. His control issues were the very thing that held him back in the minors, and the very thing he corralled in his breakout 2011 season.

If Beliveau is out of the picture, the Cubs’ left-handed relief depth is hilariously thin. It’s James Russell and … Travis Wood? Brooks Raley? Chris Rusin? All of those three are nominally starters, so we’ll have to see what’s what. I’d expect a veteran lefty on the way at some point.

The move technically takes the Cubs’ 40-man roster back down to 39, but they’ve still got to add both Nate Schierholtz and Ian Stewart. There is also the possibility that Chang-Yong Lim’s deal will require a 40-man spot.

  • Njriv

    Damn, I liked him.

  • Luke

    Hope he clears waivers and makes it back to Iowa.

    If not, Raley might be the best bet for conversion to the pen. His breaking stuff could be fairly effective in relief.

  • Ben

    Seems a little odd to remove a LHP from the 40 man to add a couple of position players. Hopefully there are some follow-up moves to this.

  • Carne Harris

    Hope this means there’s a trade for him on the horizon. I don’t think he clears waivers.

    • Spriggs

      Dang I hope he clears too, but I doubt it very much. Like his stuff and upside. Kind of need the lefty arm.

  • ruby2626

    Wow, this is one of the few moves Theo and company have made that I completely disagree with. A year or 2 removed from playing in the futures game and being named Cub minor league player of the year, seems like a quick hook on a still young guy. We still have a ton of dead wood on the 40 man, would have let someone like Clevenger go instead.

    • ssckelley

      I agree, good lefthanded pitchers are hard to come by. I doubt he clears waivers.

      • santos toupe

        good? seriously, he has good stuff but he’s not a good picture yet. this is why a team has a front office not controlled by the fan base.


      Can THeo trade Concepcion YEt?

    • Kyle

      They’ve been oddly disdainful of potentially useful role players inherited from previous regimes. See also: last year’s rule 5.

      • Chris

        I have to agree with you on this one Kyle. I considered Beliveau a nice surprise out of the pen last year. Surely Sandy Rosario isn’t a better alternative to Beliveau in the pen. If they picked up someone measurably better, I could live with this move. But none of the guys signed recently, save for Fujikawa, is a significant upgrade over Beliveau. And we don’t really know for sure about Fujikawa.

        • Kyle

          This is where the Concepcion signing just drives me nuts. Every time we DFA a player who is clearly a better or more interesting player than Concepcion, it’s because our front office can’t admit their mistakes.

          • willis

            I agree with this. That signing was not a good one, and it’s hamstringing the 40 man.

          • Serious Cubs Fan

            I don’t know about the FO not being able to admit their mistakes but I completely agree about how its was an absolutely terrible decision to sign him to a major league deal. I really don’t see much of any talent with this guy. He’s a tall lefty who at best could turn out to be a backend of the rotation guy who is nothing special

  • ruby2626

    Why does Bowden still have a spot on the 40? Yes he pitched well in Sept but pitching well in Sept is kind of like fool’s gold, just ask Justin Berg and Esmail Caridad. Bowden has a 92 MPH fastball that could not possibly have less movement on it, I just don’t see him having too much of a future with the Cubs.

    • Justin

      B/c he came from Theo’s system! He is not going to throw is own players to the wolves

    • Spriggs

      Agree. Anytime he got a man out I was surprised. Plus that short arm delivery drives me nuts.

  • FarmerTanColin

    I gotta say I think Campana is a bit more expendable then Jeff. Hope he goes unclaimed, he really must not have been a Theo/Jed guy.

  • Kurt

    And in other news Jon Heyman reports that the Bosox have agreed with Dempster on a 2 year 26.5 million dollar contract.

    Never understood the women crying when they were happy thing.

    I think I get it now, though!

  • Justin

    Lim has to be on the 40 man when he isn’t even going to play all year? Why waste a spot when they can wait until next offseason to add him? Or do they have to do it right away?

    • Brett

      Not entirely clear yet.

      • North Side Irish

        Mooney is saying it’s a minor league deal and doesn’t require a spot on the 40 man…

        “The Cubs have not commented on the reports, though sources said the money has been overstated, cautioning that if they close the deal, it would be a two-year minor-league contract that contains only a small amount guaranteed. It would not come with a spot on the 40-man roster.”

        • Brett

          Thanks, NSI. Had that open in a tab on my computer, but haven’t had a chance to read it yet today with all the craziness.

        • terencemann

          Yeah, that’s the point of a split deal. They don’t have to add him to the 40 man unless he comes up but he still gets some money even if he doesn’t make it.


    I like this kid – He is a pitcher I thought the Cubs would keep and let him fight for a bull pen spot. I doubt he will survive the waiver wire . Our luck Oakland will sign him and he becomes a good / powerful relief pitcher and occasional starter.

  • Myles – WCSW

    I had Beliveau breaking with the 25-man roster. This is curious indeed, we need a lefty…

    • #1lahairfan

      I meant to say Lim

  • #1lahairfan

    damn why would they do this? Won’t Park start the year on the disabled list?

  • willis

    Yeah I don’t think there’s any way he clears waivers. I don’t understand this move. Out of all the trash arms on the roster, his actually had some talent.

  • Matty

    I’m crossing my fingers that there is a trade in the works with Beliveau.


    This is how bad this team is . now people are discussing possible moves in the year 2014 over a silly tweet involving Price.

    • Lou

      So, let’s say the Cards and Rays hook up on a David Price trade. With the Cards saving all that $$$ by not extending Puljos, you’d rather see him there.

    • Mick

      It’s a lot more fun than talking about how bad this team is.

  • bbrave307

    I think this is a strong message that walks won’t be tolerated out of the bullpen. It is also why there is no talk of extending Marmol.


    Has Beliveau ever had TJ surgery? If not that would seem to be a definite black mark against him with the way the pitching staff is being built.

    • Brett

      Ha. Nice.

    • cjdubbya

      Well played, sir.

  • Lou

    Tom Gorzolanny…come on down!

    • Morken

      I think you’re absolutely right!

  • abe

    intresting they rather keep sandy rasoria then him…

  • Morken

    This another aspect on how the Concepcion signing hurts this team.

  • Adventurecizin’ Justin

    Even as a Kool-Aid drinker…I’m perplexed by this move.

  • cubchymyst

    I really hope he gets through waivers because he is a lefty and still has the potential to be good. However this is consistent with what Theo and Jed have been doing with the bullpen all offseason. Anyone with a high BB% is being removed in favor of players who will pound the zone.

  • Morken

    Cubs are in deep talks for Sanchez.

  • Eric

    I’m hearing it’s one over at PSD. wow. just wow.


    Well that is nice to hear that the Cubs are in serious talks with Sanchez 5/75 million

  • B_Scwared

    Will that shut some of the haters up for awhile? Probably not.

    • King Jeff

      No, they’ll find a different reason to be miserable.

  • TakingWrigleyToSaoPaulo

    Lets get dirty…Sanchez!!

  • B_Scwared

    is a squeal coming????

  • ottoCub

    the Cubs are movin’ and shakin’ this off-season!

  • John

    Does anyone think a big trade may be coming with all these signings the cubs have to free up some of the 40 man roster