Must. Keep. Calm.

I’ve been banging the Anibal Sanchez drum for most of the offseason, and it sounds like I might be getting my wish. According to Bob Nightengale and Ken Rosenthal, the Cubs are currently finalizing what would be a five-year deal for free agent starting pitcher Anibal Sanchez. There will be many updates.

UPDATE 1 (4:54pm CT): Ok, so your time-line is as follows – the Cubs and Tigers were both pushing hard for Sanchez, and as of 10 minutes ago, Rosenthal said the Tigers were still a possibility. Then Nightengale said the Cubs had broken through, and come to terms with Sanchez. The deal “could be” worth $75 million over five years, which would just be fantastic.

UPDATE 2 (4:56pm CT): Jon Heyman says the Cubs are indeed working hard on Sanchez, but currently deny they have a deal. Given how these things sometimes play out, your excitement should be kept tentatively in check.

UPDATE 3 (5:00pm CT): For those who’ve missed my earlier pushes for Sanchez, consider that he’s a 28-year-old starter who has been improving the last few years, and has been excellent the last two years. Given his age, I would love this signing for the Cubs, regardless of where they are in the rebuild.

UPDATE 4 (5:01pm CT): Heyman reiterates that this isn’t a done deal, and Sanchez’s agent says he’s still talking to other teams, including the Tigers.

UPDATE 5 (5:02pm CT): Worth noting that there was no equivocation in Nightengale’s reporting – he said the Cubs had agreed to terms with Sanchez, and the only thing left to do is a physical.

UPDATE 6 (5:03pm CT): Heyman wants it to be very clear that, from his perspective, nothing is final. Sources tell him the Tigers are still very much in it for Sanchez. You knew it wouldn’t be simple.

UPDATE 7 (5:06pm CT): Well, Matt Garza sure thinks Sanchez is coming here, as he just welcomed him on Twitter. Of course, Garza also welcomed Dan Haren.

UPDATE 8 (5:09pm CT): Jon Morosi agrees with Jon Heyman: not a done deal, according to sources. He cautions that it might be a long night. Damn it. I was supposed to go get Chipotle …

UPDATE 9 (5:15pm CT): For posterity, it’s worth noting that Jim Bowden also said that Sanchez “has signed” with the Cubs … in a tweet that has since been deleted.

UPDATE 10 (5:17pm CT): Well, Nightengale felt strongly enough about his report to write it up for USA Today. His source is “an official with direct knowledge.”

UPDATE 11 (5:21pm CT): This is a new media first – Matt Garza reports that he’s heard from a credible source that the deal is happening, and from a not-so-credible source that it’s not. What an age we live in.

UPDATE 12 (5:23pm CT): The Chicago media is entirely silent so far, which means either they can’t track anything down yet (unlikely), or they’ve been told to keep it zipped, and are obliging. I still expect them to chime in soon.

UPDATE 13 (5:24pm CT): That was fast – Dave Kaplan says he’s got very good sources telling him it’s not a done deal. The Cubs are trying to finalize it, but the Tigers are still in play. Grumble.

UPDATE 14 (5:27pm CT): I’m hoping that what we have here is the Cubs making an acceptable offer, and then Sanchez’s agent taking it back to the Tigers one last time to try and see if they’d top it. And from Kap: “Cubs told another agent for a free agent pitcher they were down the road w/Sanchez + would call if they lost out. Agent hasn’t heard back.” That’s good, at least.

UPDATE 15 (5:31pm CT): Like Nightengale, Rosenthal feels strongly enough to do the full write-up thing, but his version is that the Cubs and Sanchez are in serious discussions. The Tigers remain involved.

UPDATE 16 (5:33pm CT): Phil Rogers offers a report, but there’s not much new. The Cubs obviously aren’t offering so much as a whiff on this one.

UPDATE 17 (In line at Chipotle): Nightengale is sticking by his story so far, just now tweeting it out again and suggesting Hamilton signing was catalyst because it took Angels out of market for Sanchez.

UPDATE 18 (Still): Bruce Levine weighs in with a Detroit source (not Chicago?) who says they’ve not yet been informed they are out.

UPDATE 19 (Still): And Nightengale finally backtracks. He says Cubs thought they had a deal, but as I guessed, Detroit is being given opportunity to match.

UPDATE 20 (Still): Nightengale adds that Detroit was at four years, but if they go to five, he’ll sign with them.

UPDATE 21 (6:13pm CT): The nightmare tweet, from Nightengale: “The #Cubs, among others, did not know that #Tigers would have last chance to match. And the #Tigers have just bumped their offer to Sanchez.”

UPDATE 22 (6:15pm CT): Given how this has played out, I can’t help but wonder if Sanchez’s agent just played the Cubs, the Tigers, and the media like fiddle. Maybe Sanchez desperately wanted to re-sign with the Tigers, and desperately wanted that fifth year. And his agent may have just pulled it off.

UPDATE 23 (6:20pm CT): I didn’t want to say it earlier for a (ridiculous) fear of jinxing it, but now that the cat is out of the bag … 5 years and $75 million in this market for Sanchez is a freaking steal. Sigh.

UPDATE 24 (6:22pm CT): Nightengale says it isn’t a matter of the Cubs getting played, it was just a matter of the Tigers reassessing in light of the Cubs’ offer. Keep in mind: if the Cubs got played, so did Nightengale.

UPDATE 25 (6:48pm CT): Nightengale has a quote from Sanchez’s agent (gee, imagine that: Nightengale is suddenly getting lots of quotes from Sanchez’s agent – can’t imagine who the leak was … ) that negotiations with the Cubs and Tigers are ongoing, and Anibal has not decided.

UPDATE 26 (6:58pm CT): Gordon Wittenmyer checks in, saying the Cubs and Tigers are both in plan, and it may just be a waiting game for all sides at this point. For my part, by the way, I have heard absolutely nothing on this one.

UPDATE 27 (7:12pm CT): Dan Plesac says his gut tells him Sanchez will re-sign with Detroit now that the Tigers have countered the Cubs’ offer (is Plesac an insider?). Bruce Levine says someone must have really throw Nightengale a curveball because “he doesn’t make these kind of mistakes.”

UPDATE 28 (7:14pm CT): Paul Sullivan on my agent suspicions: “Cubs not commenting on premature report of Sanchez signing. Sounds like a double cross by the agent. Too bad.”

UPDATE 29 (7:29pm CT): Kap has discussed this with Nightengale, who says if the money is even, Sanchez is choosing the Tigers. Kap implies that there’s a decision coming tonight. I can’t help but believe the Cubs will lose him if the numbers stay at 5/$75M.

UPDATE 30 (8:44pm CT): Nightengale is starting to waiver in his confidence that we’ll hear tonight. He says he was told that, but he obviously had wrong information earlier (implying that he could be wrong again this time). He added that it’s “getting late.”

UPDATE 31 (8:53pm CT): Kap tweets the following, which is only applicable here by inference: “Trying to text/work the phones while hosting 3 hr radio show. Hearing Cubs are in play on P Mike Adams (Rangers) Carlos Villanueva (Tor).” Is Villanueva the back-up pitcher about which Kap spoke earlier? Kind of feels that way, even though he and Sanchez are not in the same class. It would be hard to imagine the Cubs talking both Sanchez and Villanueva into signing on when the Cubs “already have” five starters (even though it would be awesome to get both). Thus, seems like Villanueva is indeed the back-up plan.

UPDATE 32 (9:19pm CT): I’m listening to Kap on WGN Sports Night now, and Kap’s talking to Tony Paul, a Detroit writer, who says he’s not surprised the Tigers are getting the final chance to match the Cubs because Sanchez loved his time in Detroit. He’s surprised that the Tigers are willing to talk about 5/$75 million, but he doesn’t know how high the Tigers are willing to go. He didn’t think the Tigers were willing to go any higher than four years and $60 million.

UPDATE 33 (9:25pm CT): Tony says he doesn’t expect anything tonight. It could come down to Tigers blinking and ponying up extra cash, or Sanchez blinking and going for the money with the Cubs. I’m getting the sense that he really doesn’t think the Tigers are going to outbid the Cubs on Sanchez … but that doesn’t mean the Cubs will get him.

UPDATE 34 (9:41pm CT): Kap adds on the radio that he hears Villanueva is not being viewed as a fallback for Sanchez. The Cubs want them both.

UPDATE 35 (9:45pm CT): Paul Sullivan offers his write-up, and he says the Cubs “aren’t optimistic” about landing Sanchez at this point, and he’s “expected” to go back to the Tigers.

UPDATE 36 (10:00pm CT): A humorous exchange – Matt Garza tweets that he’s anxiously awaiting word on the Sanchez deal, and then Carrie Muskat tweets at him that maybe Garza should give Sanchez a call with a sales pitch. Too funny, too true.

UPDATE 37 (10:45pm CT): And Nightengale corrects himself for the second time today, saying that we aren’t going to hear tonight. Talks with the Cubs and Tigers are expected to resume tomorrow. Grumble.

UPDATE 38 (7:30am CT): Nothing significant overnight, as expected. I’ll likely be making a new post when we get an update today. And I’ll try to do normal posting, too, as if I’m not just obsessing about Sanchez.

  • joey jo jo junior

    Why in the world would anyone blame the FO? They made a good offer to a free agent and he decided to take an offer from his current team instead. Should Jed or Theo have held a gun to his head?

    • Corey

      Bad Fans who expect Theo to fix the cubs as fast as he did the redsox…..just bad fans.

  • Stinky Pete

    So in the midst of this chaos, Muskat has the gall to put out a story about Loux and Raley playing together again. Really?

  • Brian Peters


    • North Side Irish

      Only I didn’t say “Fudge.” I said THE word, the big one, the queen-mother of dirty words, the “F-dash-dash-dash” word!

  • cjdubbya

    In light of this, I’ll take Journalistic Integrity for $1,000, Alex. Nice work by Nightengale AND Bowden reporting this as done. At least Nightengale has the stones to keep his Tweets up and not delete them.

  • Dustin

    “Cubs told another agent for a free agent pitcher they were down the road w/Sanchez + would call if they lost out. Agent hasn’t heard back.”

    I wonder what pitch this is…Brett/anyone, what do you think?

    • dabynsky

      Good chance we might be able to find out pretty soon.

    • Rizzo44

      Shaun Marcum? Mike Adams?

      • dabynsky

        Adams doesn’t make a lot of sense as a back up to Sanchez since he is a reliever.

    • Kyle

      Optimistic – Edwin Jackson

      Pessimistic – Francisco Liriano

      • Dustin

        I would like Lohse/Jackson

  • MikeL

    So I borrowed this from a poster from another site….for those of you who are thinking you are going to be kicking things, breaking things, and talking about how much the Cubs front office sucks if this deal falls through…..remember this quote from Sanchez himself….then think about it:

    “In spring training in 2012, Sanchez told a Venezuelan newspaper (per MLB Trade Rumors), “I’ve never pitched without pain. There’s always a small problem with something. I have five scars inside my shoulder, and some nerve has to be touching those.”

    • Kevin

      Maybe it’s a TJ waiting to happen.

  • Rizzo44

    Jesus man… Let’s hurry this up and either say take it or leave it, then if he goes to Shitroit, give Bourn 5 for 90. I would really love this sign. Garza, Sanchez, Baker, and Shark… Nice rotation.

    • Marcel91

      5 and 90 for Bourn??? ew….do you realize he’s on the wrong side of 30, relies on his legs, and hits for no power. In other words a glorified Juan Pierre and you want to give him “best player on your team” money…..

      No. Good luck with a 35 year old Bourn on your team. That’s why nobody wants to sign him not until he lowers his demands. Players of his type(speed guys) don’t last long.

      • DocPeterWimsey

        Bourn has a better batting eye than Pierre and a bit more pop. However, having an average batting eye and little power does that for you! At any rate, I agree entirely: we don’t want Bourn on the 2015 or even 2014 Cubs.

  • TonyP

    Nightengale’s tweets reads like his source came from the Cubs not the Agent…

  • Dustin

    THIS JUST POSTED : Anibal Sanchez agent Gene Mato on picking #Tigers or Cubs: “He has not decided. Negotiations are ongoing..” So obviously, a late wrinkle

  • Kevin

    The FO tried, at least it’s a start in the right direction.

  • Marcel91

    Seems like Cubs just got played. Worst part is…Tigers are being given a chance to match and if they do we won’t be given a similar opportunity. Bull

  • Tommy

    Why would anybody willingly play in Detroit if they could get the same money somewhere else! Rhetorical question, folks. There is no real answer to that.

    • Scotti

      To play for the Cubs he has to PASS a physical. To re-sign with El Tigre he merely needs to sign on the dotted line.

  • Ryan

    I would be happy with Shaun Marcum. Not at that price, of course. But really the media is to blame for leaking this stuff out before its finalized.

    • cjdubbya

      Nightengale and Bowden for saying it’s done. Muskat’s been slow on this but not wrong, which is still worth something!

    • DocPeterWimsey

      It is their job to report this stuff.

      • Ryan

        Yeah, there is a difference between reporting the deal is done and reporting that the Tigers and Cubs are still negotiating. Nightengale has done this waaaaaay too much recently. If we didn’t hear it was a done deal and instead that it was down between the Tigers and Cubs, and we loose out, we go ‘aw shucks, at least the FO made a competitive offer.’ Now, it makes the FO look stupid when they haven’t said nothing this whole time, because they know better. There wouldn’t be so much doubt about the FO if we didn’t keep hearing all these deals that were happening that suddenly weren’t. Except the FO doesn’t say anything, guys like Nightengale do. He doesn’t get paid to report this stuff, he gets paid to be the first one that is right.

  • brian

    whatever happens, im glad to see were willing to shell out money to be competitive, and that getting another solid SP to go with garza is a priority right now. maybe we deal for a great SP this offseason or next if we dont get anibal. either way i like the fact were willing to spend money if the guys a good fit

  • chad

    let’s see, play for world series contender for 5/75 or a team rebuilding with no hopes of seeing the post season for at least several years hmmmm…. which would I choose if Sanchez? if he did play the cubs to up detroit’s offer to him, kudos to him as hat is part of the business. the FO and fan’s should be all up in arms as this isn’t an attractive place to come right now and won’t be for another year or two. who in their right mind other than a pitcher coming off of TJ surgery would want to come here?

    • Tommy

      Clearly you’ve never been to Detroit.

  • Tommy

    Nightengale…aptly named.

  • Craig

    This could work out fine for Cubs. Five years for pitcher too risky. Sign Jackson or Marcum for three. It will work out much better in the long run

  • Spencer

    Maybe we could open ourselves to the possibility that it was the Cubs who leaked the information about the initial signing, not Sanchez’s agent. Nightengale also reported that the Cubs didn’t realize that the Tigers were going to get an opportunity to match their offer. So maybe they made the 5/75 offer, the agent said that was good enough to sign him, and they went forward with the information not knowing the Tigers would get a chance to match it.

    Of course, this scenario means that the front office did something wrong, so we can probably exclude it from the realm of possibility.

    • Brett

      No one said that was impossible.

      But, given everything, it’s pretty implausible. Occam’s Razor and all that.

      • Kyle

        The original report? It almost had to come from inside the Cubs.

        They are the only ones who thought the deal was done.

        • David

          Yeah, it couldn’t possibly have come from the agent. Oh wait…

          • Kyle

            What does the agent have to gain by having media reports say the deal with the Cubs is done and the Tigesr are shut out, while simultaneously calling the Tigers and asking for a match?

            • David

              It simply creates a sense of urgency. The agent has squeezed every nickel out of every bidder, leaks a supposed deal, but at the last minute asks the Tigers if they want one last shot? Now or never, done deal if they don’t, and it’s advertised what the bid to beat is. It’s not that hard to picture.

          • Spencer

            It could have from from the agent. And it could’ve come from the Cubs. Nightengale’s initial report was “Breaking: The Chicago #Cubs have just signed Anibal Sanchez.”

            His agent knew the Tigers would get the opportunity to match. Therefore, reporting that the deal is done is pretty contradictory. Why would his agent report it’s a done deal, when he knew it wasn’t? Seems like the leak was from the Cubs.

            • hansman1982


              Agent: Ya, I told the Cubs it’d take 5/75 to get him. Cubs offered 5/75..

              Nightengale: So the Cubs got him at 5/75?

              Agent: That is their offer.

              Nightengale: Thanks!

              Agent: Hey there Dom, old buddy. Check Nightengale’s twitter feed…ready to up your offer?

              • Kyle

                So that requires Nightengale to report something that nobody told him.

                You can believe that if you want, but I know enough professional sports journalists to give that theory absolutely no credence.

                • hansman1982

                  Oh yes the good old:

                  “I know more about this than you, so just have a seat young gentleman. ”

                  God you are a fucking douchenozzle.

                  • DarthHater

                    Take a chill pill and a beer, man.

                  • Kyle

                    I respectfully told you that you are free to believe whatever you want on the matter.

                    How you got “I know more than you so shut up” from that attempt to be polite and respectful of your opinion is beyond me.

                  • Carew

                    Sir, relax please

                  • Tommy

                    Your arrogance on everything big and small does grow tiresome at times, Kyle. I don’t think you’re near as smart as you think you are.

                    • Kyle

                      I’m OK with you thinking that, Tommy.

                  • Carne Harris

                    You rearrange the letters in fucking douchenozzle, it spells out argument from authority. True story.

              • Spencer

                “Offer” does not equal “done deal”. Nightengale said the Cubs signed him. That’s not included in your faux conversation.

                • hansman1982

                  So in a situation like this there would be a 0% chance that Nightengale mis-interpreted something?

                  That is all my scenario sets the possibility up for. I guess if I knew I was going to need minute details of the conversation and predict it in it’s entirety I would have just not even fucking bothered.

                  But you know what, the Cubs front office is so fucking dumb its a wonder they can even tie their own shoes and show up to work on time.

                  Nope, the Atlanta reporter breaking the Dempster story and Marmol blabbing to a bum-fuck Egypt radio station = cubs front office failure so immediately it’s their dumbassery.

                  JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

                  • Whiteflag

                    not cool.

                    • hansman1982

                      I don’t care. Felt gooooooooooooooooooood to type it out like that.

                      To Spencer, I apologize for having that be a reply to you.

                  • Kyle

                    So, given the choice, you’d rather believe that a professional journalist can’t interpret simple sentences over “The Cubs front office told someone something they believed to be true”?

                  • Spencer

                    hm. not really sure what to think of this.

              • Carne Harris

                We don’t have any facts… and probably never will… but that convo seems about as likely to me as anything.

        • JoeyCollins

          Unless it was sanchezs agent trying to scare the tigers into acting quick

          • Kyle

            The agent is on the phone with Detroit demanding a match or he’ll go to the Cubs.

            How does a media report saying it’s over put more pressure on the Tigers? They know it isn’t true.

            • DocPeterWimsey

              The one thing it does is lend credence to the agent’s claim. After all, the Cubs are not going to admit this to the Tigers.

              • Kyle

                A report they know is false through direct knowledge puts pressure on them?

                • DocPeterWimsey

                  Of course: the Tigers knew that they were getting a last bid chance. As such, they should expect to hear about the final fielded offer that they have to match: these thing do not stay quiet anymore.

                  Were I in their shoes, then I would have been skeptical of Matos’ claim if I were not seeing it somewhere else at that late stage. (In a way, it is a very clever tactic that makes it tougher for the Tigers to get trapped in a one team bidding war.)

                • Eric

                  What direct knowledge, the lying agent?

                  • Kyle

                    The agent is telling them they have a chance to match. They know the report that it’s done with the Cubs is false in this scenario.

            • Ron

              Maybe the Tigers didnt believe the agent when he ssid they offered a fifth year. But ofcourse i dont really know anything.

            • Eric

              How do media reports like “Cubs closing in on Sanchez” NOT create pressure? “CUBS SANCHEZ DONE” weren’t the only reports out there you know.

              • Kyle

                “Closing in” reports definitely create pressure. I can definitely by them coming from the agent.

                “Done deal” reports only make sense from the Cubs.

                • hansman1982

                  It just depends on how the information is relayed to the reporter to disseminate.

                  Remember, journalists don’t have unimpeachable ethics or histories.

      • Spencer

        hahaha. nice reference. i like.

      • Spencer

        But I don’t see why it’s implausible.

  • chad

    only to the detroit airport.

  • Dustin

    Sign Jackson/Marcum/Lohse to a 2 year deal and then offer 5/80 to Bourn. Obviously the Cubs are willing to spend that type of money. If you can’t get it out of a top FA pitcher then go after a top FA OF.

  • cheryl

    At this point the Cubs are losing out. It might be best to withdraw the offer and let the agent tell his client that it was a good faith offer and if he wants to he can stay with Detroit. Otherwise every other agent and team will do the same thing. He might be a talented pitcher but he’s not worth this.

  • JR

    So Anibal’s agent told Nightendouche to go public and say it’s a done deal with the Cubs. That way the Tigers would freak out, and do whatever they could to keep him. The Cubs got screwed by a couple jerk offs.

    • Kyle

      That doesn’t make any sense.

      The agent is going to call Detroit and say “you have a last chance to match.”

      Why would a leak saying it’s done with Chicago advance his cause in any way?

      • Spencer

        I have a really hard time thinking his agent leaked this story.

      • JR

        The agent has all of Detroit freaking out and going nuts to help push for another year. I can see if for sure.

      • Brett

        Because a media report adds legitimacy to the agent’s word of a Cubs offer. Believe that or not.

        • Kyle

          I pretty much don’t believe it.

          It theorizes that the Tigers are going to look at a media report (suspect anyway) that they know isn’t true (which makes it even more suspect) and use it to react differently than they would if it there was no leak and the agent simply demanded they match or he goes to the Cubs.

          • DarthHater

            The agent could leak info about the offer and the seriousness of it to add legitimacy as Brett says, and the dumasses in the media could misinterpret that info into “It’s a done deal.”

            But no, Twitter twats could never distort a story. That’s really implausible.

            • Kyle

              So the professional journalist was lying? You aren’t going to get very far with me with that argument, ever.

              • hansman1982

                Darth didn’t say anything about the “journalist” lying…

                • DarthHater

                  Don’t bother, hans. it’s pretty clear that Kyle isn’t going to let anything as trivial as facts get in his way tonight.

                • DarthHater

                  But I think we all just learned what Kyle does for a living. Cuz only a journalist could be enough of a moron to believe that journalists don’t lie.

                • Ron

                  I think he said journalists are a tool..

              • David

                More likely, the “professional journalist”, in a haste to break a story, got played by the agent. It’s not the only possible theory, but like it or not, it’s a legitimate one.

              • Whiteflag

                i believe they call it yellow journalism.

              • King Jeff

                I don’t really want to jump in this, but maybe Nightengale wasn’t lying, but just reporting the wrong facts. It wouldn’t be the first time. I did a quick google search and found at least three times in the past year he’s reported something that’s been proven wrong.

            • Rich

              Any Journalism student will tell you that even in this Twitter happy world your sources needed to be in triplicate to go public with any story. I imagine this is why one guy deleted his tweets (ESPN has a very hard 3 sources in writing rule). So it is not JUST an agent or someone in a front office talking to get some action. If they are reporting that something is happening then there are a number of sources being linked together and that is why there are conflicting reports. It is really fun to watch this story unfold in the “New World Media” as a prof of mine called the internet back in the day.

              • Kyle

                No one teaches triplicate. They do teach “two,” but that’s pretty much considered an anachronism.

                • hansman1982

                  If double-checking a story really is too old-timey for journalists today then truly humanity is screwed.

                  • Kyle

                    Preaching to the choir on that one.

          • David

            You can not believe it all you want, but teams and agents have been negotiating in the press for years. Now they can do it in a matter of seconds. Why that’s difficult for you to grasp, I don’t know.

            • Kyle

              Oh, I absolutely believe that agents negotiate through the press.

              But telling a media member “It’s done, he’s going to the Cubs” doesn’t advance the agent’s agenda in any way.

              • DocPeterWimsey

                Telling the media that they are finalizing with the Cubs does. Strictly speaking, it is not a lie: finalization is a protracted process, after all. Now the Tigers need to get serious.

            • hansman1982

              cause it’s much easier to believe that the front office is a bunch of morons – fits the rest of his theory.

              • Kyle

                In this case, I believe they were lied to. That doesn’t make them morons.

                A lie was told that advanced no one’s agenda if made public (“Cubs offer 5/75” advances the player/agent’s agenda. “Sanchez agrees to deal with the Cubs” does not). The lie was made public.

                Therefore, Occam’s Razor demands it was the people who believed the lie were the source of it being made public. Either directly (someone in the FO telling a reporter) or indirectly (Telling another player’s agent they weren’t interested anymore because they had a deal with Sanchez, that agent tells the press).

  • johnny kelroy

    I guess I’m confused on why everyone is so high on this guy. Since I have been hearing his name brought up a lot of this offseason I have not understood the excitement around him. He is a career sub .500 pitcher, and I’m completely open to suggestions and opinions on why Cubs fans should be excited if they actually do land this guy.

    • Scotti

      Johnny, there are plenty of reasons to like him. Start by forgetting his W-L record–he played for a crappy, crappy team. Look at his last three years and you have a young guy who averages 195 IP per year, good BB/9, K/9 and BB:K numbers (2.8 BB, 8.1 K, 2.89 BB:K over the last three years). He also has very good stuff (no-hitter, one-hitters) and excellent playoff experience. He’s young for the market and has willingly pitched with pain. There’s a lot to like there.

      The main problem is with the cause of that pain. He missed most of three seasons before his recent good three-year stretch. Kerry Wood had a three year resurgence right before he fell to pieces…

  • brian smith

    Like I told ya all from the Jump street last year…..You have to spend Money on Big Time Free Agent Offensive Players before you try to lock up Big league All Star Pitchers..No Top Notch Pitcher wants to Pitch his A$$ off only to watch a couple of bums in Stewart and Schierholtz pi$$ it away by hitting in to double plays while Riz and Castro are on base..Theo brought this on himself…The Players don’t believe in this rebuilkd crap,the believe in facts and the Facts are the MLB is a 7.5 Billion dollar money maker for the owners and they want to be cheap and the Players Union knows Ricketts and Onwers like him have money to spend and are trying to pocket it…Now this is the part when you get mad at me because you know I am right and you call me a Troll or tell others not to respond to the troll,but you don’t have to say it but you know I told ya so………..Theo and Jeds Lies are coming home to roost even faster then I predicted………I LOVE IT

  • Spoda17

    I know you all will disagree, but I do not want this to happen… I do not have a good sense about Sanchez …

  • Michael

    Again, Cub fans are disappointed. Lifelong theme.

  • http://Yes Dude

    With Hamilton signing does that put Texas in play for Soriano?

  • Believe in 2015

    I’m just happy to see the Cubs “in” on a big free agent. I think of it as a bonus of we end up getting Sanchez

  • CubFanBob

    this is so groundhog day material

  • TonyP

    Can someone come up with another team having a similar situation; let alone 3 in the last 6 months? I’m not saying the Cubs are or are not at fault in any of the 3 situations however. Just can’t remember this happening much but I follow the Cubs a lot closer than any other team obviously.

    The only thing I can think of is the Napoli situation and that is still up in the air…