Today the Chicago Cubs officially announced the signing of Korean reliever Chang-Yong Lim, a sidearmer who most recently pitched in Japan, and who is coming off of Tommy John surgery in July. He gets a split minor league deal, and, under that agreement, will not be added to the 40-man roster until he’s actually brought onto the big league team. The Cubs also announced the Ian Stewart re-signing, and the Jeff Beliveau DFA, but you already knew about those.

Lim is expected to rehab for most of this season, with a possible appearance in the second half of the season. His agreement is for two years, so the signing is clearly made with an eye toward 2014, rather than 2013. The deal was originally reported to be worth $5 million, depending on when he makes it to the big leagues.

I shared more thoughts on Lim back when the original reports of his signing surfaced, and you can check them out here. The short version? There’s clear upside, but a 36-year-old coming off his second Tommy John surgery is not likely to become a dominant piece. I still like the signing, though. A lot of teams were interested, for whatever that’s worth.

Here are a couple videos on Lim, which I’d been saving for the official announcement of his signing – gotta love that arm action (the first is a highlight package, while the second is a longer look):

  • Diamondrock

    In the second video he’s pitching at Koshien against the Hanshin Tigers. I wonder if Fujikawa was there?

  • David

    In the first video at the 45 second mark, is it just me or does that guy look very, very fast?

    • Cubbie Blues

      Yes, he does look very fast.

    • Hee Seop Chode

      I was thinking the same thing. Man, they hustle down the line over there…

  • cub2014

    lim’s slider, fastball movement and 3/4 delivery
    looks similiar to marmol’s. looks like he threw
    pretty hard?

  • jdblades7

    How fast is 154 km/hr in mph

    • cub2014


      • Mr. Spock

        Actually, it’s 95.6912, Captain. 😉

    • Chris

      It’s about 96 mph. Brett’s earlier report said he used to work in the mid 90s and now sits just under 90.

  • jdblades7

    I calculated it and it’s 95 mph

  • jdblades7

    Thanks, I was being lazy

  • Mikelach13

    After sitting through the Bears game yesterday, it’s nice to see some baseball videos of a new Cub!

  • ETS

    did they release contract details? For example, 5M split deal in my mind meals you make Minor league salary until you get to the bigs then you make a rate equivalent to $5M/2 years. I’m assuming that’s not the deal here though because
    1) I would think that he would require some sort of signing bonus guaranteed.
    2) If it’s thought he may not pitch at all in 2013 that he’d want most of that $5m to be available if he is in MLB all of 2014.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Kev

    I once read about this famous NYC Cab-Driver/Photographer (whose name currently eludes me) who took about 200 pictures a day (this was before digital cameras, so he went through a lot of film). His philosophy was that if you simply snap a ton of pictures while driving around NYC, a few of them are bound to be excellent. And he was right. He had some amazing stuff that he more or less happened upon just by accident.

    It seems to me like the Cubs are doing the same thing lately, in a way–buying up cheap, post-surgery players, because, after all, statistically speaking, some of them have to pan out in the end.

    I guess the real question is whether or not they’re just aimlessly picking up cheap players–like the cab driver snapping pictures of everything he saw–or if there’s more of a method to this pattern that I’m just unable to see. I also wonder–statistically–how many bounce-back candidates actually bounce back. Is it 1 in 10? 1 in 100? I have no idea.

  • cubzforlife

    A club cannot have too many pitchers. These guys need to form a secret club called the TJ’s. when you do the secret handshake you say ouch!

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