Some deeply sad news out of the Dominican Republic. Yerinson (Jerison) Tatis, an 18-year-old pitching prospect, was recently released by the Kansas City Royals. Indeed, news of his release is coming off the transaction wire as recently as a couple hours ago.

According to a report from Listin Diario out of the Dominican Republic, none of that matters, as Tatis was killed Saturday night at a party, where one other person was killed and others were injured. The report, noted by Stan Croussett on Twitter, contains an unfortunate postscript to the report: Tatis was just a day or two away from signing a $450,000 with the Cubs, according to Listin Diario.

Hearing about an 18-year-old kid losing his life is heart-breaking enough, but to learn that he was on the doorstep of a payday that could have changed his family’s life – the report says that Tatis dreamed of taking his mother out of poverty – is really tough.

The details of the story are still a bit fuzzy, and at least one other report says that Tatis was actually going to sign with the Athletics. I’d not heard about a new international signing like Tatis, and it would be surprising to learn about an out-of-the-blue signee for such a substantial sum (one who had just been released by the Royals), so it’s entirely possible that the Listin Diario report has a minor detail or two (in the grand scheme of things) incorrect.

In any event, whatever team he was going to, and whatever the details on the baseball side, it’s a sad story. Thoughts and prayers to the family.

  • Danny Ballgame

    What a sad story

  • mudge


  • Eric

    no offense but “thoughts and prayers for the family” really bothers me. it’s a throw away line. Did you actually close your eyes, think to God “God, please be with this pour soul’s family and help to give them comfort in this time of great pain”, or did you just trow it out because it’s something you’re supposed to say in times like this. Don’t think I’m singling you out, I just don’t like it when anyone does it in tv and media. Seems so fake and strikes a chord with me. My point, if you’re going to say something, really mean it.

    • Kurt

      Ditto Eric, Ditto

    • Brett

      Seems a little tasteless to use this as an opportunity to air one of your pet peeves. Worse, you really have no idea what I meant by “thoughts and prayers” – I don’t have to defend what’s in my mind and heart.

      (And let’s not have a string of responses to this, or to Eric’s comment. Can we just let them stand, and then redirect focus to the story, itself, if appropriate? I’d really rather there wasn’t a huge side-tracking on this one.)

      • http://bleachernation ferris

        I couldnt agree with you more Brett, I actually did say a lil prayer but either way,whats wrong with saying some kind words in a bad time.

      • CourageUnderFire

        To be quite honest, I find it sort of tasteless, being a former attorney, that you would ask someone to give up their 1st amendment right and not say what is on their mind. Eric was merely stating what was on his mind and clearly stated “no offense”, certainly the circumstantial evidence shows you were offended and it was shown by the statement “I don’t have to defend what’s in my mind and heart”. I could not agree with Eric more!! All Eric is saying, those words are an afterthought to most people who use them. What you may or may not understand it this, people who use that term with complete sincerity are often bashed in today’s society and expected to set back and say nothing. I say that is hog wash, if he don’t like what you said, he had every right to say what he thought and having been an attorney, you should appreciate that, not condemn that!!!

        • DarthHater

          As a constitutional lawyer, I can assure you that this has nothing whatsoever to do with the First Amendment: (a) the First Amendment only protects people against infringements on free speech by the government and Brett is not the government; (b) saying to someone that their statement is a little tasteless does not rise to the level of infringing anyone’s free speech rights.

          • MichiganGoat

            People’s misunderstanding of “Freedom of Speech” might be one of the most frustrating things I deal with daily. But to hear a former lawyer understand what it means no better than my 14 year old students is really shocking.

        • Frank

          You were an attorney? And that’s your interpretation of freedom of speech? My constitutional law professors would’ve flunked you for that alone.

          • Frank

            Or does “being a former attorney” in your statement refer to Brett? I cannot believe that you were an attorney and hold that interpretation of “freedom of speech.”

      • fromthemitten

        uppity athiests are just as annoying as the lady who screams bible verses at me on the street corner when I walk to my internship

    • Tony S

      I cant speak for Brett but in every report of something like this my thoughts always turn to the family and how they would be feeling.
      I guess some people are more empathetic than others but I dont have a problem with that phrase being included as it often reflects my thoughts.

    • Can’t think of a cool name

      Absolutely. If I say to someone you’re in my prayers, they are.

      • Can’t think of a cool name

        Sorry Brett, didn’t read your response before posting.

    • gutshot5820

      It’s pretty depressing that you would actually have to attack Brett to vent your social problems. You obviously have no idea what type of person Brett is personally or as a writer. Please don’t pass judgments on people that you have no clue about and maybe altogether avoid that type of thinking entirely.

      I think actions speaks volumes about a person, more so than words. The very fact that Brett has took his time to publish this story along with his heart felt comments should be enough to show his concern. Only a fool would attempt to try to judge the level of another person’s emotional and spiritual response. It’s ok for someone to have compassion for another person’s heart-break and at the same time not have to be on his knees praying and crying the entire day to show his empathy.

      • MichiganGoat

        Guys and Gals take Brett’s advice and leave this alone, trust me I so want to go all snarky but there is something more important to concern yourselves with right now.

        • arta


    • waittilthisyear

      thats what bothers you in this? consider reevaluating your priorities

    • Ryan

      you are stupid.

      that is all.

    • bluekoolaidaholic

      What a load of crap.
      Express however you like, wherever you like.
      WTG Brett,
      It’s the thought that counts.
      MY hopes and thoughts and prayers go out to anyone that needs them during this terrible time.

  • Spencer

    This is pretty sad.

  • Myles – WSCW

    Very sad. Thoughts go out to his family. Hopefully the Cubs can help in some small way.

  • someday…2015?

    Very sad. Pray for him and his family. RIP

  • Chris Lattier

    Oh wow — my thoughts and prayers definitely go out to his family. Also, I love when people say that their thoughts and prayers go out to a family.

    But — I do hate when people say, “details are fuzzy” — I mean wa wa wa — I also hate when people don’t focus on the topic.

  • Chris Lattier

    Also —


  • JR

    Very Sad stuff. And Eric out of all the stuff that can “strike a cord with you” that’s what you pick to speak up about? Pretty weird..

  • MichiganGoat

    Tragic week, I’m still trying to find ways to express myself concerning the Connecticut shooting. Another tragedy like this really put the whole tear, anger, and frustrations we express about sports in real focus. The Cubs might suck, might never win, might win the WS, might lose game 7, might win game 7, but its all secondary to the what is really important. Excuse me while I kiss my kids- this is what really matter in life.

    • mudge

      Thanks, MG. & thanks Brett.

    • Danny Ballgame


  • Troy

    Life is so fragile. My eyes are wide open… Something Brandon Phillips tweeted earlier today stuck with me.” you can let a tragedy define you , destroy you or strengthen you.

  • Boogens

    It’s an individual thing, I guess. The first thing I thought of while reading this story is how devestated his parents must feel and I do ask God to share grace with them so they can cope with this tragic loss somehow. So, really, my thoughts and prayers do go out to the family.

    When I was younger and in situations where I happened to be around a couple that was expecting I used to think that it was less than sincere when the couple would answer “healthy” when asked if they wanted a boy or girl. I felt that secretly they probably wanted a boy but didn’t say so because it sounds kind of tacky. Now that I have three kids of my own (1 boy, 2 girls) I truly understand what they meant. It really doesn’t matter at all as long as they’re healthy. I guess what I’m saying is that saying something like “my thoughts and prayers are with you” really isn’t a platitude, especially when you can identify with them.

  • DarthHater

    I usually post nothing in these kinds of situations, but on this occasion, this news caused me to start randomly web surfing about baseball and death. I came upon a page for a book of poetry called Sex, Death, and Baseball, by a poet named David Moreau. The page included a sample poem called Borrowed Time, which I thought I would share:

    Borrowed Time

    I will not die tonight.
    I will lie in bed with
    my wife beside me,
    curled on the right
    like an animal burrowing.
    I will fit myself against her
    and we will keep each other warm.

    I will not die tonight.
    My son who is seven
    will not slide beneath the ice
    like the boy on the news.
    The divers will not have to look
    for him in the cold water.
    He will call, “Daddy, can I get up now?”
    in the morning.

    I will not die tonight.
    I will balance the checkbook,
    wash up the dishes
    and sit in front of the TV
    drinking one beer.

    For the moment I hold a winning ticket.
    It’s my turn to buy cold cuts
    at the grocery store.
    I fill my basket carefully.

    For like the rain that comes now
    to the roof and slides down the gutter
    I am headed to the earth.
    And like the others, all the lost
    and all the lovers, I will follow
    an old path not marked on any map.

  • cheryl

    Enough. We feel. We express our thoughts and hopes for those we’ve read or heard about in Connecticut or in the Dominican Republic. Let’s try and move on. Remember the phrase “pay it forward” in someone’s memory or else follow MG’s advice and leave this tragic week behind.

  • http://bleachernation ferris


  • Carne Harris

    So sorry to hear it. Maybe the team he was signing with can step up and give the $450k to his family anyway.

    • justinjabs

      That is a wonderful idea.

    • ssckelley

      Not sure if giving a family 450k in the DR sends the right message. The money may be better spent improving security there or by creating more jobs. There are ways of helping this family without throwing large sums of money at them.

    • Cubbie Blues

      I had the same thoughts.

  • Fastball

    We should always celebrate life and be joyous when someone moves on to heaven. None of us are meant to be here forever. Each person on their own brings a blessing of life. When they move on to heaven they bless everyone they loved by watching over them for eternity. If you believe in God then you believe he has work for you to do elsewhere. He liftsus whose up into heaven where we are able to be greater than they were in life. Give of yourself always. Don’t leave things un-done. Tis the season to be jolly and have joy in our hearts. Celebrate Life and move forward always.

    • Carne Harris

      No wrong way to grieve, but this is as close as it comes for me. No disrespect intended but nothing could by more self-denying and disconnected from reality than being joyous over another person’s untimely death. Got my fingers crossed this sneaks into the DSM-5.

      • DarthHater

        Yea, hoping that someone’s religious beliefs get classified as a mental illness isn’t disrespectful at all.

        • Carne Harris

          When it goes this far, it is a mental disconnect, make no mistake about it. No disrespect or personal attack was intended, just expressing what I believe. Compare that to yourself, where every other comment is DERP DERP and maybe you can tell the difference. Here’s a trick to help you: look for more than one note.

          • Frank

            Carne, you may not have intended disrespect–in fact, I’m sure you didn’t. But having studied various religious beliefs, I can tell you this–many major religions teach exactly that–death is a crossing over into a better place and is the ultimate fulfillment of our life’s journey. And though we grieve the loss, we should be happy that our loved one was called to a better place. I believe here, Fastball was taking the grieving part for granted. Secondly, without knowing the person at all, you cannot know whether there is a “disconnect.” As I said, I’m sure you intended no disrespect, but your comment could very easily have been read that way.

            • Carne Harris

              I appreciate the teaching as it’s meant to be a comfort, but I live in the deep south and have seen it done to excess, which is really the backdrop for my comment. It really is troubling to see someone celebrating a loved one’s death to the point of laughing and dancing and admonishing others for the far healthier behavior of crying and grieving. When taken to that extreme it damages not only those around them but the person themself who’s repressing the natural grieving process that will see them through their loss.

              Apologies for slightly derailing the thread, though. Just something I feel strongly about after moving to the south a couple years ago and seeing a couple of my girlfriend’s relatives do it at the funerals for both her grandmothers. (While she’s sitting next to me sobbing her eyes out.)

              • Frank

                I’m sure that was both unsettling and uncomfortable. Sorry to hear that for both your sakes.

                • Carne Harris

                  Thanks, Frank, that’s kind of you.

              • ssckelley

                I may not agree 100% with fastballs view on death but I like his approach. When I am dead and gone I would rather not have my loved ones suffering over my death, but to celebrate my life and accomplishments.

          • DarthHater

            Carne, my response to your post was snarkier than it should have been, for which I apologize. I certainly did not mean to suggest that you intended disrespect, only that the comment itself struck me as inevitably somewhat disrespectful, even if unintentionally. Beyond that, I won’t venture into the fascinating subject of how best to get along with others in a diverse community of believers and non-believers, since we’d all like to get back to talking baseball, I think. :-)

            • Carne Harris

              Thanks, DH, that’s cool of you to say. I think the best way for believers and non-believers to get along is just to remember that we’re all created equal in the eyes of Steve Trout. :)

              • DarthHater

                But definitely not of Mike Trout.

                • Danny Ballgame

                  Frickin Mike trout

  • Fastball

    That would be the honorable thing to do.

  • http://facebook #1cubsfan2013

    very sad

  • Brittney

    This is very sad. The last week has had too many tragic stories. A young kid that has so much to look forward to and possibly a bright future as a ball player.

  • gutshot5820

    I guess the lesson here is to strictly stick to sports news on a sports blog.

    • Brett

      I did.

      • gutshot5820

        I know, Im talking about other people. I hope you put up another blog soon Brett so we can start talking about baseball again.

  • Jeremy

    Seriously, people are ripping Brett for sending his sympathy out to a family for a tragedy. That’s rather sad. I appreciate you posting these types of things Brett. It brings us back down to Earth and we realize that while sports, especially baseball, are great, it’s secondary to family and friends.

    Brett’s a great writer and while I may not always agree with what he writes, from a Cubs perspective he provides excellent points of view for debate that may contrast with my own view, I appreciate the debates he creates because it’s fun and interesting. So thanks Brett, thanks for posting things like this. It really puts perspective on life. This is a wonderful site so keep up the great work.

    • ssckelley

      But don’t we get that all over the place, newspapers, TV, radio, and Internet? I get why it is necessary to report this story, it is sports related and tied to the Cubs. But honestly I come here to get away from all of that. Like the horrible CT tragedy, we got bombarded with that all over the media and I watched a lot of it. But through all of that I still checked this site from time to time. Why? It was not to check in on Bretts views on what happened or any of the other people’s opinions that comment here, but it was hoping there was something going on with our beloved Cubbies that would help get my mind away from the horrible things that took place.

      There are places all over the Internet where we can discuss world events, politics, and religion. Unless it relates to the Cubs does it necessary to discuss it here?

      • DarthHater

        People are people, including Brett. Given the large and unrestricted pool of people who can express themselves here, it is inevitable that there will be a certain percentage of stories and comments that are marginally related or unrelated to the Cubs and a certain percentage of people who will sometimes lose their temper and/or make smart-ass comments (guilty, as charged). When those stories or posts become the focus of an exchange of views, it creates the appearance that the blog is “changing” and being poisoned by “trolls” or becoming a forum for talking about subjects other than baseball. I think this is just a hard-to-avoid dimension of the medium of blogs and the species of homo sapiens.

        If you really want to try to get a handle on the problem, I suggest hooking the comment system into Facebook, so that people have to post using their actual identities (unless they manage to maintain a fake Facebook account, which is a lot more of a pain in the butt than it is to type “Darth Hater” into a name field here). If people are speaking in their own names, I think they are likely to be more discrete and civil in what they say.

  • DarthHater

    I feel insulted that The Truth thinks Brett, Goat, and Eric are bigger idiots than me. Perhaps he just had a momentary memory lapse. πŸ˜‰

    • Brett

      Thank you for not replying directly, now that we know that has the potential to break the comments.

      • DarthHater

        I’m always thinking, man. πŸ˜‰

  • EQ76

    After reading all the posts on this, it saddens me how many a-holes have the balls to be so disrespectful.. dude is dead guys. If he was a close family member to any of us it would be highly offensive to read some of these comments. I guess the bigger that this website gets, the more it attracts idiots.

  • ThereWillBeCubs

    Yay catharsis. Brett, you do an excellent job here. Probably the best cubs site on the web.

  • Eric

    sorry, I suffer from depression. So sometimes I lash out in ways I don’t totally mean. I won’t waste my time reading 1000 comments on people’s true feelings about me, which would lead to more depression. Sorry to have an opinion that isn’t properly explained. Goodbye Bleacher Nation.

    • itzscott

      Can we all just agree that the whole “Thoughts & Prayers” thing has become a cliche that people commonly use to express their sadness when hearing news of someone’s demise whether they knew that person or not?

      Nothing more and deeper meanings or levels of sincerity should not be analyzed into it.

      • DarthHater

        I think we can probably all agree that we probably cannot all agree to anything. πŸ˜‰

        • ssckelley

          I disagree!

          • DarthHater


        • MXB

          I agree…wait, disagree…no wait….ARRGGGHHH πŸ˜‰