This morning, Jon Heyman – who first broke the Cubs’ agreement with Carlos Villanueva – says the Cubs have signed the free agent pitcher for two years and $10 million. We’ll see if the signing is confirmed by some folks closer to the Cubs, but, if true, it’s pretty much exactly what I guessed he would get.

Villanueva’s role with the Cubs remains pending other moves this offseason, but he can pitch out of the pen or in the rotation, and is a solid add for the Cubs, regardless of any other moves.


Two years and $10 million is a pretty fair price, given Villanueva’s recent success as a starter (in 2012, he was great as a starter), and his versatility. Perhaps the Cubs gave him a little extra scratch to convince him to sign without any assurances that he’d be a starter.

The Cubs are still working on a deal for Edwin Jackson, according to reports.

UPDATE: Ken Rosenthal just said on MLBN that the Cubs have indeed reached an agreement with Villanueva. So there’s another confirmation.

UPDATE the Second: The Tribune and Carrie Muskat have also confirmed the two-year signing (but not the amount), so you can safely consider Villanueva in the fold. The Cubs obviously have not confirmed, and won’t until the signing is officially announced (which means roster space is available).

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