Pending physicals, the Cubs’ pitching staff is about to get crazy deep …

  • BOOM: Patrick Mooney reports that the Cubs have signed Edwin Jackson to a four-year, $52 million deal, pending a physical.
  • The following bullets were from before that Mooney report, so they may sound a bit off – still useful stuff, though.
  • Dave Kaplan reports that the Cubs are in “prime position,” per sources, to land Edwin Jackson. Given that we’ve heard from multiple sources that the Cubs are the favorite, and we’ve started hearing numbers – four years, $52 million, the tea leaves are really strongly pointing to the Cubs getting their man. Kap adds that the Christmas holiday could hold up the timing of an announcement, but …
  • Jackson’s former teammate in Washington certainly thinks Jackson has come to an agreement today, tweeting, “Congrats to my boy @EJ36 for his big deal today. You will be missed, couldn’t of happened to an amazing friend and great pitcher.” That doesn’t mean it’s the Cubs, obviously, but it sure seems likely.
  • Another former teammate – Matt Garza – continues to suggest that Jackson is coming to the Cubs. Adding a bit more to his cryptic tweets earlier (asking what uniform Jackson might wear), Garza notes that he “knows Jackson really well.” Which could mean that Garza knows Jackson wants to come to the Cubs, or it could mean simply that Garza knows uniform number is very important to Jackson. Obviously the former makes slightly more sense, but, once again, this isn’t a confirmation that the Cubs are definitely getting him.
  • Speaking of Garza, and this will obviously become the subject of a great deal more discussion if and when the Jackson signing is made official, Kap says that he hears from agents that the Cubs don’t plan on flipping any of the pitchers they’ve signed. But Kap doesn’t hear the same thing about Garza (implying that the Cubs could deal with their glut of starting pitchers by dealing Garza – to which I say, “still virtually impossible to trade him until he shows he’s healthy”).
  • On Carlos Villanueva, whom we heard about earlier today and last night, multiple reports now have the deal as done, pending a physical. So that’s the status there.
  • I’ll wait for just a bit more confirmation before delving deeply into the implications of the moves (roster, rotation, plans, etc.), and the substance of the deals. Instant reaction is: I love the depth it gives the Cubs, and I love the options it gives them. I think each deal is very fair in this market, and the arrow is pointing up.

UPDATE: Ken Rosenthal’s sources also tell him that the Cubs and Jackson are in agreement on a four-year, $52 million deal.

UPDATE the Second: Jon Heyman and Jim Bowden enter the fray, and also confirm on Jackson. By the way, Bowden was the one who started this whole discussion of the Cubs and Jackson actually potentially happening this week, so he probably deserves some credit.

UPDATE the Third: Heyman says there’s no no-trade clause in Jackson’s deal, which was never really a concern.

UPDATE the Fourth: Probably worth linking back to my take on Jackson as a target for the Cubs from earlier this week. I’ll have much more on him and the rotation in the coming days/weeks/etc. The Cubs’ situation has changed pretty dramatically in the last two days, even if these two pitchers don’t actually suddenly turn them into a playoff contender.

  • Brady

    Attention good people of the world,

    Can you throw a baseball like a man? Can you lay down a bunt? Then you are needed for the 2013 Chicago Cubs! Just come on down to Wrigley and step into Theo’s office. Tell him Brady sent ya and we’ll get that contract squared up right away. Good luck out there and go get em boys!

  • Walter Sobchak

    I believe the rotation coming into spring training as follows:
    Shark (Opening day starter)
    Baker (when healthy and avail)
    Wood, Feldman, Villianueva (Spring training tells the tale of who gets the fith spot)
    And Wood Villa and Feldman will on be in the mix at the beg. to fill in anyway….but there is good quality comp. and depth all great signs……

  • Jimmy James

    i feel pretty confident that garza is the opening day starter if he’s here…..

    • Brett

      If Garza’s here and healthy, he’s the Opening Day starter – absolutely no question about it.

  • cub4life


    Other then these 2 guys and Schierholtz is there any other guys that we have “signed” but not official signed yet? Just looking at the 25/40 man roster and it doesn’t look easy to figure out who they will DFA, baring a trade soon.

    • Brett

      No – those are the only three “signed” but not officially-officially signed yet.

      • cub4life

        awesome, thanks.

  • RoughRiider

    THe Cubs now have a possible starting staff that you can look at and say there is a chance of winning every time they take the field. (Assuming I don’t wake up and find this was all a dream). Much better than a staff that you look at and say the chances of winning are slim to none. I’m looking forward to the day we can look at the starting pitcher of the day and say we have a very good chance of winning. They appear to have the makings of a decent bullpen as well.

    • Galvan316

      While we all are certainly excited about these signings.

      Allow me to throw a bucket of cold water on your campfire a little bit here.

      We still have some pretty glaring deficiencies at CF, RF and 3B.

      Our Pitching will definitely be better, markedly better in fact. But lets not plan our World Series Parade route….YET anyway

  • I-CubFanBoy1864

    You know, here’s a good idea…how ’bout we just hold on to Matt Garza and have a pretty good freakin’ pitching staff in 2013. Maybe we even just finish .500 in a division overloaded with swing for the fences power hitters. Maybe we even have some good times at Wrigley that involve something besides tormenting the other team’s outfielders with verbal abuse and chillin’ in the local bar scene afterwards. Maybe we even put The Rizzo in a position to win a few games with a key hit now and then and even possibly smell a pennant race late in August. Seems like a better deal then picking up a prospect who’s name I maybe actually learn in a year or two…just sayin’.

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