matt garza cubsThe Wife and I saw ‘This is 40’ last night, which was enjoyable, even if not as good as Judd Apatow’s first two features. ‘LOST’ played a prominent role, which is obviously wonderful (though it was the spoileriest of spoilers for anyone who hasn’t yet watched the show), but the Cubs came in for a it’ll-be-a-long-time-before-they-win dig. I can’t be sure, but it sounded like an ad-libbed Paul Rudd Albert Brooks line. Boo …

  • Matt Garza continues to say all the right things about his recovery from a stress reaction in his elbow, which kept him out for all of the second half in 2012. In an interview with CSN’s Dave Kaplan, Garza said he’s still feeling great. “If Spring Training started tomorrow, I would be ready to go,” he said. “I’m not ready to pitch six innings today, but I will be ready to go when the season starts. I will be ready to go Opening Day, that’s guaranteed.” Obviously Garza’s health matters in a great many ways tied to the Cubs’ performance, to his own performance, to his own contract, to the Cubs’ trade prospects, and so on and so on. For now, it’s enough to just know that Garza being fully healthy and effective early in 2013 is a good thing for everyone involved. So let’s hope Garza continues his recovery.
  • Maury Brown considers the possibility that we’ve feared around here – that local TV deals are approaching a bubble burst. If it pops before the Cubs get theirs, they could be at a disadvantage financially when compared to the big boys for a looooong time. Here’s hoping they are working feverishly to buy out both the WGN deal (expiring after 2014) and the CSN deal (expiring after 2019), with an eye toward a reworked deal with either or both network, or something else entirely. (I’ll have a lot more on this topic soon.)
  • Patrick Mooney writes about the 12 defining moments for the Cubs in 2012, and most should be familiar to you. Still a good read.
  • You can partially thank Matt Garza for Edwin Jackson signing with the Cubs. He sold his former teammate on the idea of coming to Chicago. “I told Edwin that he has to approach the season in spring training mode, where everything is day baseball,” Garza told Dave Kaplan. “He also has to be ready to handle 80 degree temperatures in Arizona and then 30’s and 40’s in Chicago and the Midwest. I also told him that as a father [Jackson and his wife have a young son], that he will love day games because he will be home to have dinner with his family and he can take his kids to school when we are on a homestand. I told him he would love playing in Chicago.”
  • The former long-time umpire clubhouse attendant at Wrigley Field, Jimmy Farrell, was well-liked and respected, and passed away this week at 91.
  • Carrie Muskat chats, and discusses the lack of late games on Fridays at Wrigley, and compares Edwin Jackson to Anibal Sanchez.
  • arta

    personally I’d like Garza to stay. i know you can never have enough prospects, but you always need good pitching and he’s good. and prospects are just that, prospects.

  • Frank

    I’m at the point where i say we keep Garza and Soriano. At least we don’t actively shop them; If someone comes to us with a great offer we take it. If not, we play ball. While we may not be the ’37 Yankees, we’re not the Astros either, and certainly not in a posting to tank another season.

    The rotation of Garza-Shark-Jackson and 2 of Baker/Villanueva/Feldman/Wood is likely better than any we’ll realistically have in 2014.
    The pen of Marmol/Fujikawa/Russell/Camp and 3 of Dolis/Wade/Lewis/Rhoderick/37 year old Japanese LOOGY will be strong; and why not take a flier on Brian Wilson? If we could get him at a low base salary with incentives and team options, that would be awesome, especially with Marmol’s time with the Cubs likely at an end after this year.

    We could certainly use another bat. Maybe Bourne, maybe shop for an Ian Stewart type low risk, perhaps Michael Taylor.

    This team could be good enough to contend to the tune of .500, and in the summer we could shop for upgrades as long as we don’t give up anything which we need for the future.

    If we don’t contend, in July we’ll have plenty of moveable pieces to acquire prospects. Garza, Soriano, DeJesus, Marmol, Feldman, Baker, and maybe Camp, Wade, and Lewis if they pay off. Remember, we got the best pitching prospect we’ve had since Angel Guzman for 2 months of Paul Maholm and Reed Johnson, each of whom we picked off the scrap heap.

    As long as we’re not doing anything to negatively impact the future plans, there’s nothing wrong with going for it.

    • ISU Birds

      Amen Brotha

    • Rich H

      I both agree with you on Garza and disagree on Soriano (Depending on who we get back).

      We need to start thinking about an extension for Garza if he is willing to listen. He has all the intangibles that you want your pitchers to have. He works extremely hard. Is a great clubhouse guy. He also is at his lowest value right now. So if we can get an extension done now it could actually be a value later.

      Now Soriano is a different story. He is due to breakdown and regress a little bit. His value will never be higher. We need to keep in mind that though he is not blocking anyone right now moving him will open up spots later on. Plus if we can get Brown from Phillie which has been rumored for what seems like months then we actually upgrade athletically. We can actually trade Soriano and be better for it with the right moves.

      Remember that there is still about 6 weeks left before pitchers and catchers report and January is normally a busy month for transactions. Maybe we go after Upton or Stanton. Maybe we move Shark or Garza. We are at the halfway point of the offseason. We are not done by a long shot.

  • Stu

    The Cubs are definitely worried about erosion of their fan base. The Jackson signing is the tell.

    I would keep Garza and try to sign an extension when his value is at a low point. Trade Soriano because his value won’t get any higher and try to replace his production with an Upton trade. He would be part of the core that matures with Castro, Rizzo, etc.

    • CubFan Paul

      EJax ain’t putting butts in the seats.

      • DocPeterWimsey

        I agree: most fans will put him in the “who is he?” category. Yes, EJax has been on several winning teams, but his name always is eclipsed by several other players on that team. This is the first winter that he really was a sought FA, and then only after the relatively big guns were signed. (Of course, this was a largely no-name FA winter: I will bet that a lot of fans ignored it in favor of football.)

        More to the point, the Cubs fanbase has withstood far worse than this without really eroding. A big part of it is Wrigley, of course, but the Cubs simply have one of those resilient fandoms.

        • TheRiot2

          I agree on Cub fans being resilient , that IMO is because the older ones like me have died off. The younger ones have stepped up to replace the golden oldies. The younger ones will be able to see competitive baseball with great regularity ,something we didn’t get to see.

          • Marcel91

            As someone in the category you speak of(21) I agree completely, I was 10 during the ’03 letdown and though I loved the cubs I was still more involved with kid things. I get alot of flak around here for my overwhelming optimism and patience when it comes to this rebuild and what you said is probably why.

            I havn’t really had to endure all the things most of you have. I don’t see the sense of urgency to trade 3-4 prospects for Upton (2 of which could possibly end up better than him) or sign a 29yr old pitcher to a 5-7yr deal when we’re realistically 2-3 year away from world series contending.

            I am much more content to wait until our current core group enters their prime(Rizzo 23 Castro 22 Castillo 24 etc) and our farm system start producing ML players THEN go all in on trades and FA. Just fits the window better and you get that FA’s best years when they actually matter instead of an aging, declining player you signed 3 years ago who’s contract you can’t move because he made you a little better 3 years ago. This team wants to build through the farm and not free agency(which is proven not to work anymore) That requires patience most cub fans don’t have anymore because some have lived and died without seeing this team win a world series.

            I have that patience simply because I havn’t had my heart broken yet and hope I never do. Hell we havn’t won in 100+ yrs so why not actually take your time with this team and build it the right way like we’ve seen with Texas, Washington, and San Fran….something past FO’s failed to try to accomplish.

            I truly hope we win for the older fans, they deserve it the most

      • TonyP

        I don’t think it is about Jackson putting butts in the seats. It’s more about turning a 60 win team into an 80 win team. More fans are apt to ride out the storm if the team is competitive.

    • Marc

      The Cubs weren’t worried about their fans running away. They signed Jackson because they were probably more worried about their rotation not eating enough innings despite being 6 guys deep before him.

  • Fastball

    I don’t see where trading Soriano is going to benefit the Cubs at this point in time. I’m of the mindset now that he can play out his contract and we won’t lose out on anything. Face it nobody is coming looking for him as a solution for a need. He is a solution for a need on this team so we should keep him. Garza I am all for keeping. We need to shore up a solid rotation. We have nothing in the minors that is remotely close to being a rotation pitcher in the next two years. Extend Garza he likes being a Cub. I believe we hired a whiz bang front office and scouts so we could get an advantage in amateur drafts and IFA signings. So we need to get our future prospects via those channels for the most part. These flippable guys may bring back 1 solid player a season. Nothing wrong with that but at the same time are we really getting better via that channel. Mediocre prospects are something we don’t need. High Ceiling characters are nice but we really need a few Rizzo types each season by way of draft or IFA signings. We draft something like 30 guys each season. If we scout well and recruit well it shouldn’t take but a few more years to shore up our farm system.

  • Fastball

    One guy I hope gets cut in ST because we have a better BP than we think is Camp. I cannot stand watching that guy pitch. He can’t throw 85 mph. I’m hoping we have better arms than his with all the guys we have signed. He is not a flippable piece at the deadline. Nobody is going trade anything more than Josh Vitters broken bats for the guy. He is the epitome of a scrap pile player. He had his career year last year for the Cubs and he still sucked IMO.

  • Fastball

    Camp looked good for the Cubs because we had the worst BP in baseball. At 53 I could have shined out of the pen for the Cubbies last year. I can probably still throw harder than Camp at my age. Maybe he learns to throw a fork ball or a knuckle ball and becomes unique.

  • Stu

    The idea of trading Soriano now is a value play. He is gone in 2 years and probably won’t have a higher value than now. Use that to build more pitching prospects which are missing in the minors.

    Replace his production with Upton who’s value may be at its lowest given his last year’s production. I don’t know what package it would take, but Arizona has a surplus in the outfield that needs to be used in other areas.

    The FO got the message with the potential fall off of the fan base. Money does talk.

  • Need mee owner

    Jackson come on mr wrigley

  • Frank

    Your right Paul. The ejax signing alone won’t put butts in seats but the knowledge that the ownership and the front office are really interested in improving the team will make people more likely to have patients. Some people,including myself were getting tired of all the waiver wire deals. While the deals make good baseball and business sense,there not very exciting. If we could add more offense,this team could be fun to watch.

    • DocPeterWimsey

      Actually, EJax is closer to the classic Cub signing of no-name free agents while “passing” on the big names. Now, Hamilton was the one big name on the market this year, but the Cubs didn’t sign him. Most of us recognize that as a good move, but Joe and Jane Sportsfan probably think that it would have been, just as they seem to have thought signing Pujols would have been last winter.

      • cRAaZYHORSE

        “Joe and Jane Sportsfan Those type of people tend to pay the bills. in the long run.

    • DarthHater

      “the knowledge that the ownership and the front office are really interested in improving the team will make people more likely to have patients.”

      Turns out that what I long suspected is true: Other teams have fans. The Cubs have patients.

  • cubzforlife

    I’m also in the keep Garza camp.

  • @cubsfantroy

    The Cubs need to sign Zambrano again. I think a 4/60-65 million will be worth it.

    • frank


      • DarthHater


    • Xavier

      @cubsfantroy Maybe we can get Milton Bradley and Big Z and use them as pinch psychos.

  • RoughRiider

    Wish I was financially secure enough to retire and move to Kane County for the summer.

  • Shep

    I think Garza will be traded. Love to get a 3b prospect like Olt
    Extending is fine by me too.

  • Spencer

    See? There’s a lot to like about day baseball.

  • tony

    matt garza is over rated.. what he good for 10 wins a year ? If a team wants to give up a couple of prospects for him at the deadline, then trade his ass..
    extend him ?? he IS NOT worth 15+ mil a year. which some sucker of a team will give him because they think he has great stuff and potential.

    soriano if dealt will be dealt in july to a team looking to add a RH power bat for the stretch run.. plus, the team that trades for him in july, will be able to easily trade him after the season because the cubs most likely would have picked up most of the 19 mil owed for 2014..

  • JR

    All this talk about extending Garza doesn’t make a ton of sense for me. He’s as big of a risk for the Cubs as other teams. His trade value sucks because he is a huge health risk, and extending him could suck because he’s a risk. What if the Cubs signed Garza for 5 yrs at $70 mill (which I think would be the low point for an extension he would accept) and he went down with Tommy John surgery in June? What a kick to the balls that would be. I still have heard nothing to prove that his weird bone injury in his elbow can’t lead to other serious injuries. Just saying…

    • Rich H

      Garza could have pitched in late August or September from his elbow if the Cubs were in a position where that would have helped. I don’t see where other than showing his health to trade him it would have done any good so it was a smart call to shut him down.

      We are in a place where if he signs an extension now we are ahead. IF he signs for Sanchez money (5 years 80 million) after proving he is healthy this year we are loosing him. So if we can extend him now for more of a discount then why not do it.

      • JR

        I guess, but I just feel all the info on his injury has been very vague. And I would love to hear of other pitchers who have dealt with his exact injury and proved to have long lasting health after rest like Garza. Sure, the Cubs people are going to say he could have pitched late in the year, they want to preserve as much trade value as possible. If we’re talking a nice discount on extending Garza I am all for it, but I just don’t see him extending on the cheap. He seems like the type of dude who will bet on staying healthy and himself and go into free agency.

      • cRAaZYHORSE

        “Garza could have pitched in late August or September” I disagree he was shut down due to injury. If he was healthy he would have pitched.

  • Fastball

    JR you are quite right. My pitching career ended because of the elbow. TJ surgery wasn’t an option. What happens is you get the elbow healed up and feeling good. Then in the back of your mind you have this little guy who keeps saying don’t throw like you used too because your elbow won’t hold up. So your motion changes a little bit and then your rotator cuff starts barking. You compensate for that and your back starts killing you. I truly hope his elbow is better. Every pitcher only has so many pitches in his arm before it starts falling apart. You can only do so many pain killers and ice therapy sessions and all that stuff. It all eventually comes to an end. The best mechanics in the world won’t save an arm that is just plain done. I can still throw batting practice all afternoon but if I crank it up a notch I’m on vitamins for a week and the arm is dangling. Garza needs to have one hell of a spring and we need to trade him as quickly as possible IMO. He may go on to pitch a long time. But, I doubt it. We will know in ST if there is a marketing campaign started on how Garza is 100% healthy. If we wait til the deadline he probably won’t make it that far before breaking down again. He is like a car that has big ticket stuff start to go wrong. Take him to the dealership while he is still running good just before he falls apart. Otherwise we are stuck with him and we get nothing for him and then he is gone. The worst part is he falls into the Dempster category at the deadline. He becomes a rental for which teams will take the stance that he isn’t worth anything significant being a rental pitcher. If Theo could sign him to a 2 year extension right now his trade value would probably go up a bit being under control and all. I doubt that can happen. If Garza was smart he would take what he could get from the Cubs just to ensure he has paychecks for a couple more years. I’ll wager he won’t sign for $12M a year though.

  • Fastball

    I would love to see Garza traded for Olt. Problem there is Greg Maddux is in Texas and he knows Garza well enough. His brother Mike and Nolan Ryan are some pretty smart pitching minds. I doubt seriously they would sign up for a Garza trade unless he just looks impossible to hit in his first few starts. A deal for Garza would need to be made quick IMO. Problem is every team in baseball is gonna take a wait and see approach on him. We are basically SOL on him unless he comes back perfect.

    • LouCub

      Fastball, Maddux was the guy who pushed for the Garza trade in the front office…He recommended him to Hendry and wanted him

  • Kyle

    That’s the thing about elbow injury recovery. It doesn’t just feel weird all the way through the recovery if it’s going to go wrong. If it goes wrong, it’ll feel perfectly normal right up to the day in Feburary when suddenly it hurts again.

  • Andrew

    I think holding Garza the whole year without extending him wouldn’t be a bad idea. If we hold onto him until he hits free agency, we make the qualifying offer and then the cubs have a huge advantage in resigning him as we would be the only team not needing to surrender a draft pick to sign him. Then at worst we get the equivalent of a late first round pick if he signs elsewhere. If somebody is able to wow us with an offer at any point, that would change, but i dont think anyone will. Anyone trading for him would either

    A. get him before the season starts and bet on his health.
    B. get him after the season starts and not get the advantage of making the qualifying offer.

    Considering no one has been able to wow the cubs with an offer in the last year that hes been somewhat available, I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

    • Jeff1969

      I agree. I dont think the Cubs will be able to get anything close to what they want back for Garza until maybe the deadline. I don’t think Spring Training will convince anyone enough to offer a prospect like Olt for him. The Cubs best deal might be the draft choice they get on a qualifying offer if he signs elsewhere. Sad. As for Soriano, if they really want to move him, instead of making him a 5 mil per year guy by paying off the rest, pay off the 2nd year completely, and throw 7 million at that 2013 salary, essentially making him a free player to whomever trades for him in that last year. Wouldn’t a team like the Phillies or Rays be willing to take what is essentially a one year chance on Soriano, to see if he can come close to his 2012 season? For one season at 11 million. Maybe the Cubs just want too much in return to make him seem worth the risk?

      • Andrew

        I think the phillies and rays would like to have soriano for a couple years at 5 mill per, only thing is that the cubs want things in return. Phillies already reportedly turned down soriano for dom brown so I think there really just isnt that much value in soriano anymore

  • Fastball

    I’m sure he can throw just fine right now. It breaks down when you have to take it to the next level. You don’t get to that level in bull pen sessions. It’s when the adrenaline is flowing and you reach for a little extra. Sometimes it comes all at once like a blow out. Other times it just starts hurting and you try to work out the soreness and the soreness never really goes away. It just falls apart a little bit at a time until it’s gone. Only so many fastballs in an arm.

  • Roy Hobbs


    [I say some extraordinarily nasty things.]

    I’ve got to get back to sports center now.

    Appologies to the educated and polite who read this post.

    [Ed. – That was incredibly inappropriate. I really can’t even go line by line and explain why so much of that is completely and totally unacceptable here. Don’t do that again. And you might consider checking out the Terms of Use of the site, because you violated a bajillion of them: ]

    • Carew

      Bring on the banhammer perhaps

    • mudge

      It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood…

    • caryatid62

      Given the number of one-sentence paragraphs in this post, I just have to ask….

      Rick Telander, is that you?

    • Andrew



      Tonight i will be in Lisle . At a bar that is one block north of the metra train station on main street . I am always willing to have a nice conservation over a game of pool. That the type of person I am .

      • mudge

        nice Farmer’s Market there in the summers.

        • cRAaZYHORSE

          Lisle – talk about going into bars that cater to both Cub and Sox fans, sometimes the conversations can get pretty loud – but it all good and fun.

    • Internet Random

      Roy Hobbs will have you know Roy Hobbs graduated top of his class in the Navy Seals, and he’s been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and he has over 300 confirmed kills.

  • Roy Hobbs


    Probably best to let darthloser and I resolve this between the two of us.

    I have a serious problem with what he has said to me and I’m talking to him directly.

    No need to involve yourself in this matter.

    If darthloser is allowed to call me a pissant and start a fight with me, then I’m definitely in my right to tell him how I feel about that.

    • Andrew

      to be fair, you sound like a pissant

    • mudge

      Roy Hobbs, it’s not a site for personal slagging matches. It’s for baseball discussions. What you said was offensive and disgusting to read.

      • frank

        Agreed – I can let out a string of expletives with the best of them, and if you want to “take it outside” go ahead; the rest of us on this site don’t need to be subjected to that.

  • cubsklm

    Brett, is there a stat, that measures each team’s outfield offensive production?

    I am pretty sure that the Cubs have to be at the bottom. This to me is the most glaring need of this team. I realize the future Cub OF is in the minors at least a year or two away. With Soriano on the trade block, if he’s traded, OF production will be worse.

    I’d like to see the Cubs go get Eric Young from the Rockies for a SP and stick him in CF and let him lead off. He can also play LF if Soriano is trade. And he brings much needed speed to this team.

    • Andrew

      i too would be surprised if the cubs left the outfield the way its projected to be now. I havent heard anything about Eric young, but if available, im sure the cubs would be interested.

      • DocPeterWimsey

        The Cubs should not be interested in Eric Young Jr. He’s 27 (28 in May) and he’s never been good enough to start on the Rockies, which is saying something: they’ve had openings for good OFers the last few years.

        At any rate, the Cubs need OBP and slugging, not speed: many of the top offenses have little speed, and speed simply cannot overcome low OBP and/or low slugging. Young Jr. is not good enough to start because he cannot provide either.

        • mudge

          Doc, what’s your best hope for center field?

          • DocPeterWimsey

            A time machine, cloning and Willie Mays.

            Seriously, I’m kind of stumped. I would rather that the team not surrender assets (even if ones that probably will not make it) for a guy like Young. (Young did look promising a few years ago: yes, his power numbers were inflated by Colorado Springs, but he had good OBP; it’s possible that the Rockies just buried him, but The Other 28 GMs rule makes this very unlikely.) Quite frankly, BJax would probably create more runs by homering and walking a bit.

            And as it’s the 5th day of XMas, maybe Santa will give him a shorter swing, too….

            • mudge

              yup, Brett Jackson might be a risk worth taking considering the alternatives.

        • Andrew

          Maybe I’m not looking into the stats deeply enough, but his obp was .377 last year in about 200 PA and .342 the year before that. Bill james predicts an obp of .348. These are all above average obp numbers. He doesnt provide any power but if he can supply good defense (and i dont know what people say about his d but he was above average last year according to UZR) and speed which is definitely useful, there is some value to him, considering hes cost controlled through all his peak years.

          • DocPeterWimsey

            Bill James’ projection is almost certainly based on Young being a part time player. And, yes, Young’s numbers last year looked pretty good: but they were buoyed by a ridiculous 0.419 BABiP in July and August. Most of which came in August: he was starting that month and 26 of the 53 balls he hit fair went for hits. We used to call that “LaDiculous”!

            I suppose that it is possible that the Rockies simply don’t appreciate what they have, and that somehow the other 28 GMs have not realized this: given that the Rox rarely use him, they almost certainly would be willing to trade him. But my suspicion is that what Jed & Theo do not see in him is the same thing that many, many other FOs do not see in him.

            • Andrew

              Ya I guess i saw the 377 obp and got overexcited. As a fourth OF hes probably a decent piece, but Dejesus and BJax are probably both better players.

          • cubsklm

            The Rockies messed this guy up. They tried to make him a 2B early on in his career. Seems he’s found a home in the OF.

            I am not saying he is the end all be all, but he is an improvement. He was just coming into his own last year when he got hurt. His OBP is better than anyone the Cubs currently have to lead off. He’s cheap and under control.

            Currently the Cubs have neither power or speed. No power in RF, 3B, C the biggest need is get more hitters on base more often and try to manufacture runs.

            Again Young is an improvement not the answer. I would say the same thing about Roger Bernadina. I would rather watch young kids trying and losing 100 games than trotting out the same lineup as last year.

            • DocPeterWimsey

              One month of having half of the times a guy make contact is not “coming into his own”: it’s winning the effin’ lottery!

              As for the manufacturing of runs, again, when does this work? People try to use Tampa Bay as an example, but they are not: the Rays outslug and out-OBP their opponents. They don’t do it with great offense, but with great starting pitching (and, to a much lesser extent, good fielding).

              Still, I do wonder why Young never got a shot at playing full time given his miLB numbers. Yes, he was a bit old (24) in his last miLB year, but it is a bit surprising that nobody got him from the Rox on the cheap (again, how much would they have wanted for a utilty guy?) and plugged him into a lineup.

          • Kyle

            The “Bill James” projections are notoriously bad.

            They aren’t actually done by Bill James, he just licensed his name out to them. They project every hitter to be about 100 points higher in their OPS than they were last year.

            There was a funny moment on a Royals blog where they took their Bill James projections and plugged them in to a win calculator and it spit out 91 wins. They were really excited until they did the rest of the league, and 91 wins was only 10th-best.

            • Kyle

              10th-best in the AL

            • Andrew

              interesting, do you have a place to get better projections?

              • DocPeterWimsey

                ZIPS projections are pretty good. Obviously, there are a lot of exceptions every year: after all, with 300 players, you expect 60 “one in 20” cases. However, those often are the freak injuries or the crazy BABiP or HR:FB months

              • Kyle

                It’s a little early in the offseason. ZIPs is still being rolled out. CAIRO I think has a very early beta version.

  • Fastball

    LouCub, That was 3 years ago. Garza didn’t have anything wrong with him 3 years ago. The Maddux brothers and Ryan probably have Theo on call block right now. Maddux is very smart and Garza isn’t someone he will stake his new job on.

    • Rich H

      I know I am blasphemous for saying this but Maddox may be smarter than your average bear but he knows nothing about evaluating talent. Blake Dewitt and Wallach ring any bells? Both hand picked by Maddox in our trade with the Dodgers a couple years ago. Both busts. If he told me to buy on a player I would run the other way.

      • cRAaZYHORSE

        I always thought Maddox was well respected . Just curious who did we give up to get those players. (i am sure i will go and check anyhow) And i am curious is how maddox picked them?

        • King Jeff

          That’s the Ted Lilly deal isn’t it?

  • ruby2626

    Forget about renegotiating the deals with WGN and CSN, Fox is the way to go. If they layed out such incredible cash for the Angels and Dodgers just imagine how a team that people actually watch like the Cubs could command. Wonder how that would work considering their regular programming, maybe Fox2 ala ESPN2.

    On a separate matter anyone have ideas on what the Cubs plan to do with that McDonalds property they bought across the street. Heard a rumor about a hotel popping up. Can you imagine how much a hotel could get a night for a luxury hotel right across the street from Wrigley.

  • Roy Hobbs


    Did you notice my post started with @darthhater?

    Nobody asked you to read my post, you chose to read it.

    And apparently you chose to read all of it.

    I guess you can’t make ur own decision to not read something you find offensive.

    Should we ban rap music because you feel it’s offensive? Maybe we should let u decide what to ban or allow based on your little feelings?

    And where were you and the rest of the morality police anytime darthloser has been rude and offensive to others, the same way he was to me?

    Maybe ur just nice to people who blatantly disrespect you, but I’m not a punk like that.

    If my comments offended you, it’s because you are a wimp.

    Stop trying to censor comments that were not directed at you, that you CHOSE to sit thru and read, that were clearly intended for darthloser.

    • mudge

      Darth is funny. You’re just a jerk.

    • Andrew

      [Ed. – Be bigger than that.]

  • ShutUpAndDrinkYourBeer

    Hello Brett

    Love the website read it all the time never have posted before.
    I’m with the consensus that we should keep Garza. Would love to see a starting five of Price, EJax, Smarzidja, Garza and Wood in 2015 (maybe 2014 if we get lucky)

    Hoping that they go out and trade for a couple of bats in the outfield other than that like where the team is going.


  • Spencer

    Things have escalated quickly.

  • Marc

    – Garza’s mysterious elbow injury of death is one of my favorite things that got overblown last year. Big fan of Garza and I hope the Cubs keep him. In other words “f prospects, get Ws.”

    – I’m not worried about that TV bubble bursting in the case of the Cubs.