meta-meta-blogPeriodically, and as part of a fiendish plot to control the world, I like to remind you that Bleacher Nation, proper, is not the only place you can consume BN-related content.

You should investigate all of the avenues, and allow them to change your life. Let that be your 2013 resolution.

Here is BN on Twitter, which you should follow. I tweet many things that don’t wind up here on the site, and am sometimes marginally cute and clever there – when the 140 character limitation allows it. Furthermore, I tweet the newest BN articles when they’re available, so it’s a handy way to remember that, “hey, I need to check back in at my favoritest site in the world!”

Here is BN on Facebook, which you should “like.” I post a variety of things that don’t wind up here on the site, including pictures and what-have-you. Furthermore, I post the newest BN articles when they’re available, so it’s a handy way to remember that, “hey, I need to check back in at my favoritest site in the world … hey! Chad is listening to ‘Creep’ on Spotify! I wonder if it’s the Radiohead version, the Stone Temple Pilots version or the TLC version?”

Here is BN on the Radio-Like-Waves, which you should listen to and subscribe to. That, of course, is the BN Podcast with me and Sahadev Sharma. It’s never too late to start listening – the podcast isn’t like ‘LOST,’ where you’ll tune in for the first time at Episode 11, and wonder why everyone’s freaking out about some smoke. You may wonder why we talk about so many pillows, but that’s an entirely different story.

Here is BN on the Message Board, which you should join and post at. It’s a bit more free form than here on the blog, so you can start any conversation you’d like. Want to propose a Cubs trade? Want to discuss Cubs tickets? Want to get advice on the best way to protect your children from eagle attacks? Go to the Message Board.

  • mak

    Brett, thanks for keeping up this site and its content. My new go to source. Happy new year.

    • Brett

      Thanks, mak.

  • Rich H

    Eagle attacks not Eagle attacks! As if i need to worry more about the silly world is going to do to my little angel now you got me thinking of eagle attacks!

    Just kidding well almost but I do want to say that BN has become my go to site (I check it hourly which my agent would freak if he found out). I can here him screaming now ” YOU OWE ME 36000 WORDS BY FEBRUARY 1st. It will get there Stu I know you read this you Cards fan!

  • Doctor_Blair

    As always, thanks for your work getting all of this great info together in such a well written, informative, and entertaining format!

    I am on the site so often that my family got me a Bleachernation t-shirt for Christmas!

    • Rich H

      Lucky man. My wife said not on her life. It would be as bad as shopping for a Cubs jersey.

    • Brett

      Love it! Thanks, DB.

    • Boogens

      I got one, too! Probably my favorite gift this year.

  • Jacob


    I’m sure you’ve looked into it before, in some fashion, but I was wondering if it were at all possible for BN to have a mobile app at some point?

    • hansman1982

      He has said it before that he would like it but needs to find content that is deliverable to the App that would be different than the site. Previously he was not comfotable with a BN app that is no more than a link to this site.

      Then again, he used to be against doing a podcast for some of the same reasons.

      • Jacob

        Alright thanks! I figured he had talked about it before and I just missed it. Appreciate the info.

        • hansman1982

          There is incredibly little that has not been discussed here previously.

      • Brett

        This is exactly correct. I don’t see a reason for the app to exist unless it offers a different/better experience than just coming to the site. It’s on my list (but, I’ll confess, as smart phones keep getting better and bigger, it moves further down on the list (because the phones become better and better at just using the site, itself). I’m open to ideas on ways an app could improve upon the site experience – very open, actually.

        (And, on the podcast, Sahadev was the equivalent of the app developer – he made the podcast a lot easier to wrap my head around, and made it better, too, obviously.)

        • Jacob

          The only reason I asked is because the internet seems to kill my battery more than apps that have articles, like the Bears app for example. Obviously that’s not the only reason you should create an app lol, I was just curious if one was in the works.

          • Brett

            No problem, Jacob – I really do appreciate (and listen to) the feedback. I wouldn’t call it in the works, but it’s on the list.

            • OregonCubsFan

              As one who reads BN often from his iPhone, I would love an app that presents the material and reply options in a way more suitable for smartphones.

              • Brett

                Which phone do you use, if I could ask? I’m probably hopelessly biased, but I actually really like the way the site works on my iPhone.

                • Andrew

                  with my phone, some articles work really well while others are a bit harder to read. The bullets for example tend to be a bit harder to read on mine for whatever reason they dont fit on the screen the way other articles do, but it might be a problem with my phone or the settings i have.

                • OregonCubsFan

                  I use the iPhone. It does have the reader feature to allow me to read your posts easily. But it does not show the. Moments in that mode. And commenting, as I’m doing now, is rather clunky. I’m not trying to complain as I still use the iPhone. But I would think a mobile app designer could make it much more convenient.

        • justinjabs

          I think it would be better to make the site more web responsive. As I pull up BN on my phone, it’s just a big layout of the whole site. It would be nice if say, it was just the column that has the stream of articles with very easy to read click-throughs. No sidebar of comments, and just the BN logo at the top.

          • Brett

            Ok. So like a minimalist thing? The BN Bare Essentials App. Something like that (with option for push notifications). Interesting. One thing I’d have to figure out is how to monetize it (I know, it’s ugly to say, but the site has to make money or I’m out of a job and the site dies while I go find a real job…). Not sure people would pay for a bare bones version, but maybe they would.

            • justinjabs

              Hey, no worries on the monetize it, gotta do what you gotta do. My suggestion was actually an alternative to making an app, but would require a bit of overhaul on the site’s back end. The gist is when the website detects it is on a screen that is smaller than X (thus, you’re on a smartphone), it goes into “minimalist mode”.

              I couldn’t find a good example online, so here’s just a bit of screen caps from my website. Here’s the basic desktop version:


              Followed by the smartphone version:


              As an example, my site dumps the sidebar, my banner-ad explanation and just give the articles in a stream. The text and images are responsive so they grow and shrink with different size phones / tablets and thus are easy to read.

              Something like this for BN would satisfy the desire for an app which, at least for me, is just an easier way of getting your content than navigating the full website on a tiny screen. This doesn’t support push notifications, because it’s just your website, but people could bookmark it as an icon (at least on Android) on their phone, essentially making it an app.

  • Rizzo44

    Want to get advice on the best way to protect your children from eagle attacks? Hahahhahah I can’t stop laughing at that!! Greta site Brett!

  • hansman1982

    Little known fact:

    Bleacher Nation is Klingon for: The only place on the internets where you can have a discussion about the definition of eyelets and aglets, homosexuality, religion, science, and turning gay that doesn’t turn into a flame war, but 1 comment disliking the direction of the Cubs and it gets all WWIX up in here.

    • Internet Random

      “eyelets and aglets, homosexuality, religion, science, and turning gay”

      These are the only topics that I’ve ever had any interest in. It made for an interesting self-directed studies degree, but one that’s served me well.

    • Brett

      Haha. Wow.

  • waittilthisyear

    been a diehard cub fan forever, dunno how i just found this site a month ago but it is now one of sites i frequent most, you’ve got a good thing going here, brett, and i thank you

    • Brett

      Well thanks, WTTY. Glad you found the place.

  • caleb

    Smear the tops of their heads with peanut butter. Eagles HATE peanut butter. Duh.

    • RoughRiider

      cause it sticks to the roof of their mouth.

    • MXB

      If we smear peanut butter on the heads of eagles, we are just making the eagles angrier and make them want to attack us more!!!

  • Danny Ballgame

    Best Cubs site around, and great comments as well. Thanks for the time and effort Brett and Luke. You dudes rock

    • Internet Random

      Worst site ever. This is my first and last visit.

  • Rice Cube

    Happy New Year Brett. You’re like CubsTR 😉

    • Brett

      Well thank you very much, RC. And a Happy New Year to you, as well.

  • cheryl

    Happy New Year Brett. Happy New Year All.

  • MichiganGoat

    Hmmm what is next in Brett’s fiendish plot? Here are a few possibilities:
    1-The BN Signal – Think Bat Signal but with the BN logo or I prefer thinking it as the Thundercats signal that calls us all to the site to read.
    2-The BN Energy Drink-to keep us all active during next years 48hr??? Blogathon
    3-BN in Foursquare-see Brett staying at his desk and going to Chick-Fil-A – captivating stuff
    4-BN the Movie, directed by Ken Burns – can you say OSCAR
    5-BN the Cereal, BN the Flamethrower – merchandising, merchandising, merchandising

    OH when will then be NOW

    • baldtaxguy

      BN Cat Pajamas

    • Brett

      Haha. *twists mustache* indeed …

    • hansman1982

      BNSquare – 4Square + What You Are Wearing ™ so we can see that Brett is going to Chic-fil-A in the BN Banana Hammock

  • legen wait for it dary

    This is honestly the best cubs site i have been on. I’m on here at least every hour except when im asleep lol. Keep up the good work Brett and have a happy NewYear

    • Brett

      Well thanks.

  • baldtaxguy

    Happy New Year to all! Brett, thanks for this site! It’s too awesome.

    • Brett

      Thanks, taxy.

  • Freshness21

    To further on what has already been said, Brett you and Luke do a great job. Over the last year you have become my one-stop Cubs destination. My employer and my wife both thank you because I no longer have to visit 5 different sites to get all of my Cubs info. Cheers to another great year and to the rebuild!

  • Rizzo44

    Happy New Years to everyone here on BN and to you too Brett! Thanks for a great site and Go Cubs!

  • Sam

    Happy New year Brett! Best of luck on the upcoming baby as well.
    Thank you for having the BEST Cubs’ site around. We read daily and thoroughly enjoy it.
    See you at a Cubs’ game soon!

  • August

    Happy New Year, Brett! Great and thoughtful copy, as always. Question: did you start BN in your garage or as a hobby? As much material as you generate, it must be full-time, right? What was your template getting started?

  • Leroy

    Korn did a remake of creep also lol… Happy new year from England everyone!!!


    Happy New Year Brett ….and Luke. Thanks for keeping us informed and updated on all things related to Chicago Cubs this year. Looking forward to a good 2013 with hopefully
    a squeal! or two.

  • college_of_coaches

    Happy New Year Brett and Luke! Looking forward to another year of all-things Cubs on your website.

  • hcs

    happy New Year, All.