edwin jackson nats[Apologies for the absence this afternoon – as I anticipated this morning, the familial sickness and attending needs took me away (literally – to the ER; but everything looks like it’s going to be fine), so I’m just now getting back.]

Today the Chicago Cubs officially (officially? officially!) announced the signing of starting pitcher Edwin Jackson, and introduced him at a press conference that just wrapped up a little bit about (about which, more later). The deal, as it was previously reported, is indeed for four years and $52 million. The Cubs haven’t yet confirmed the $8 million signing bonus part, but I reckon it’s accurate.

With Jackson in tow, the Cubs now have three guys that you’d consider front three rotation options in Jackson, Matt Garza, and Jeff Samardzija. None are likely to become a true ace, but it’s a front three that, assuming Garza’s health, sits in the top … 20 or so in baseball? Add in the depth of the Scotts, Travis Wood, and Carlos Villanueva (and Arodys Vizcaino), and, top to bottom, I’m will to bump that number to top 15 or so in baseball. Maybe.

The 40-man roster stood at 39 before the addition of Jackson, so no corresponding move was required. Now at 40, the Cubs will have to make a move before they can make the Carlos Villanueva signing official.

  • BD

    Oh, good. I was still worried it would fall through… *rimshot*

  • Spencer

    Hope everything is ok with the fam

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Thanks, Spencer. The ladies are currently sleeping, so that’s a good sign, I think.

  • King Jeff

    Damn, ER level sickness? Hope everyone get’s better. Being sick over the holidays is the worst.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      The Little Girl started throwing up a sufficient amount of blood that it freaked me out. End of story, though, is that the doc wasn’t too concerned. Just one of those things that looks a lot scarier than it (hopefully) ends up being.

      • King Jeff

        That is pretty scary. I am in my 20s and I freaked out when I was throwing up blood, I can only imagine what it was like for her, or for you as a parent. Turned out to be for the best though, the doctors found a small perforation in the lining of my stomach that could have caused some severe, long-term damage. Here’s to everything working out okay, and risking the scorn of the righteous, my thoughts and prayers are with you guys, for real, I’m not just saying it.

        • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

          Thanks, KJ.

      • frank

        I have no children, but if I did, it wouldn’t take a lot of blood to freak me out. Hope she (and your wife) are better soon.

        • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

          Thanks, frank. Good signs this evening.

      • Tom

        God bless and protect your little one.

        • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

          Thanks, Tom. Things are looking much better.

      • Keith

        Prayers with your family

  • cheryl

    let us know when she’s better.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Thanks, cheryl. I’m optimistic that she’ll be back to her uproarious self by the morning.

  • mudge

    Aye, thoughts & prayers. Nothing worse than watching your kid suffer.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Thanks, mudge. Things looking better.

  • Die hard

    Any thoughts –opening day lineup?

    • King Jeff

      Not a whole lot of choices besides who’s hitting where behind Soriano
      Cf DeJesus
      SS Castro
      1b Rizzo
      Lf Soriano
      3b Stewart/Valbuena
      Rf Schierholz/Sappelt
      C Castillo
      2b Barney

      Could see any combination at 5-6-7

  • Marcel91

    Still think signing E-jax was a better move then Sanchez. Yea Anibal over the last three years has been slightly better than E-jax but the Tigers are paying 30mil more + an extra year commitment for a guy who a lot of executives believe is a glorified #4.

    For the price of less than one 80mil Sachez we got Jackson(who has been just as effective as Sanchez the last 3 years), Feldman, Villanueva, Baker, Shierholtz, and Fujikawa. I take that every day of the week….Garza and Sanchez are very similar pitchers and the same age(though Garza has more upside) yet if the cubs signed him at 5yr 80mil cubs fans would be asking for theo’s head on a plate.

    Good move cubbies.

    • Rcleven

      Wasn’t an either or. Cubs were trying to sigh both.
      Some ya win some loose.

      Patrick Mooney ‏@CSNMooney

      On the same day Epstein and Ricketts made presentation to Sanchez in Miami, Hoyer and Sveum met with Jackson in California.

      • Marcel91

        Well i’m glad the one we won was Jackson and not Sanchez. It’ll be interesting to compare the two in the next few years. I honestly believe Jackson will be the better pitcher over that span.

        • King Jeff

          After seeing what Hoyer said about him, and the depth of the research they put into him, gives me a lot of confidence that he can be a great addition to the rotation. I was always concerned with Sanchez’ history of injuries to his throwing arm/shoulder, and at the least, Jackson should be the more durable of the two. I wouldn’t have been the least bit disappointed if they had managed to sign both though.

  • calicubsfan007

    Now I will say welcome to the team Jackson. We are happy to have you. I learned not to say this before the official word.

  • http://bleachernation.com Ramy16

    He’s going wear #36

  • Robert007

    This is crazy talk, really. Ahaha. Does anyone think the Cubs could actually contend this year ? Not exactly win the division , but contend ? I mean, I feel like we have a solid rotation. Probably one that has the most depth. I mean, would Travis wood or Carlos Villanueva be a normal #5 ? I’m not saying we have the best, just a solid one compared to previous years.
    Plus, look at the offense. You gotta believe Soriano will have his 90+ RBI’s and his 25+ Homeruns. Rizzo he’ll hit 280-290 20+ Homeruns and 90+ RBI’s.
    Then you have Castro, who I personally think, this is a make or break year. He homeruns and RBI’s improved last year. But he finished up with like a 280 AVG (solid) but not as good compared to previous years. So 15 Homeruns and 75+ RBI’s.
    Barney , he’ll hit 260-275 10 Homers and a nice gold glove to go along with it.
    Then….. Everything kind of falls apart. L
    it’s a new year, anything can happen. THIS IS OUR YEAR. <3

    • Muck

      Barney won’t hit 10 home runs lol

  • willis

    Trying not to get too wooly. But the pitching staff gives me hope that they will be able to show up every day with a chance to win. Top to bottom it’s solid.

    The lineup has a lot of holes though. So the pitching will have to be dynamite for this team to be around .500. But it’s possible.

  • Roy Hobbs


    Jackson will outperform Sanchez as well.

    Things I wanted this offseason:

    1. Edwin Jackson
    2. Michael Bourn (up to 4 years, outbid everybody)
    3. Starting pitching and Bullpen depth. ( Flip pieces, I loved the Maholm deal)
    4. Trade for Olt with Texas. (or Headley with Padres)
    5. Keep Sori unless we get a legit prospect.

    We need Bourn IMO. Stud defensive cf to help pitching staff, a good lead off hitter, and run producer. For those of you who say we shouldn’t sign him I say, “have you seen the guy play?”

    He’s energy and excitement and he’s worth paying to see play. Up to four years outbid everybody, unless we’re cheap that’s nothing that would handcuff us from doing future deals.

    Sports is entertainment first and if you charge what the cubs charge for tickets fans should be allowed to have the reasonable expectation of being entertained right?

    I’ve seen him play, and I’d pay to watch that guy. I hope they get him.

    Last year wasn’t very entertaining.

    Bourn would bring sexy back to wrigley.

    • Timmy

      I agree, Bourn would be a much-needed get — it’s worth paying a bit more than market value for 3 years so we’re not stuck with an aged player at the end of a large contract and it’d give him a chance to get another contract. He’s not the best player ever but a guy with his kind of speed and fielding can only help.

  • True(ly) Blue

    Brett, I hope things settle down with you and your family. Scary when it’s your kids who are sick!
    I’m hopeful for the Cubs this year. It would be nice to get to .500, eh?
    Happy New Year to all!

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Thanks, TB. Much better this evening.

  • Fastball

    If I was Sveum I would plug one of these guys in the number 1 spot in the rotation and call it a throw a way game for the most part (Scotts, Travis Wood, and Carlos Villanueva (and Arodys Vizcaino). I would run Garza, Shark and Jackson in the 2.3 and 4 slots so we match very strong against opponent pitching staffs. Any of those guys could be the number 5 and we would be pretty decent starting pitching wise on 4 out 5 match ups. I think it’s kinda crazy to pitch a number 2 or number against and ACE and let them take losses all the time. It’s demoralizing for a pitcher to not get wins. I don’t care about the stat’s part of it. They are going to pitch against the same players in opposing lineups no matter where they start. But if you are Shark facing some super star whats the benefit to the club in doing that.

    • David

      You do realize that after the first few games of the season, the rotation spots will line up with those of the other team pretty much randomly, right?

  • Shutupanddrinkyourbeer

    Hey does anyone think that yoenis cespdes will be available sometime soon. Billy Beane loves to flip players. I would love to see him in a cubs uniform any thoughts.

  • AJ

    Brett. Did you take her to the doctor or call the doctor. My wife is a ER nurse and said while it may not be serious she still needs to see a doctor ASAP to rule some things out. I’m sorry if you covered this but I saw you post and wanted you to know.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Thanks, AJ – indeed we did. I spent the afternoon at the ER with the kiddo.

  • http://www.justinjabs.com/blog/ justinjabs

    I would like to watch the press conference. Anyone got the video link?

  • King Jeff


    looks like it’s from a camera phone

  • http://bleachernation.com Ramy16

    Dallas Braden is still out there…. I would to see the Cubs bring him or Jair Jurrgens to a spring training invite least

  • MTM82

    Here is a link to the full press conference that I found on youtube:



  • Ch1town23

    Now if Da Cubbies can get a bonafide #1 alas David price that I’m hearing a lot about for next year then watch out. Sign garza!!! We may have price,garza,shark,Jackson, and throw in anyone of baker Feldman Villanueva vizciano or wood and see which one of them does the best in2013 and dam that’s a nice starting five… Winning starts with pitching. I just pray some of our prospects pan out like Baez soler and almora too name a few… I’m very excited about the cubs future and I may after all see a cubs World Series win before I die 😉

  • Curt

    Glad all is well Brett blood would freak me out too family 1st cubs close 2nd lol

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