hall of fameAfter weeks of debate about steroids, eras, numbers, anecdotes, voting privileges, and any other number of frustrating things, the votes are in for the Hall of Fame … and it’s a goose egg. No one is getting in this time around, and both sides of the aisle are going to scream.

It is just the 8th time that the BBWAA has not voted anyone in, and the first time since 1996. Craig Biggio received the highest vote total, around 68% (75% is needed for election). Sammy Sosa got just 12.5%, which is actually a touch higher than I expected.


Despite the fact that, when you really consider the caliber of players available this year for votes, this is actually a loaded potential class, nobody is getting in. Because I’m still bitter about what happened to Ron Santo during his lifetime, in some ways, I struggle to care about this result.

UPDATE: Here’s the complete voting tally from the BBWAA:

2013 hall vote

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