hall of fameAfter weeks of debate about steroids, eras, numbers, anecdotes, voting privileges, and any other number of frustrating things, the votes are in for the Hall of Fame … and it’s a goose egg. No one is getting in this time around, and both sides of the aisle are going to scream.

It is just the 8th time that the BBWAA has not voted anyone in, and the first time since 1996. Craig Biggio received the highest vote total, around 68% (75% is needed for election). Sammy Sosa got just 12.5%, which is actually a touch higher than I expected.

Despite the fact that, when you really consider the caliber of players available this year for votes, this is actually a loaded potential class, nobody is getting in. Because I’m still bitter about what happened to Ron Santo during his lifetime, in some ways, I struggle to care about this result.

UPDATE: Here’s the complete voting tally from the BBWAA:

2013 hall vote

  • Curt

    I completely disagree that the steroid users shouldn’t get in the hof, should George Brett not be in the hof bc he used pine tar on a bat cheating is cheating, should others who have used drugs and alcohol not be in the hof bc sportswriter and the public don’t approve, the whole thing is so hypocritical , we’re only chastising the players who got caught, do any of you know that biggio didn’t do roids no evidence but is he guilty bc tht was his era, now I believe Clemens was guilty but a court said he wasn’t so us he kept out because we think he did , the whole pick and choose attitude infuriates me we say this guy did cant let him in , this guy didn’t let him in, make a judgement already , either let them all in or keep them all out, but really who are we to pass judgement on these players, you still have to hit the ball and pitch the ball. Basically the hof needs to get off its collective ass and say what constitutes a hof player, and decide just how long if ever these players are penalized for behavior that wasn’t even illegal in baseball at that time,and only changed the rules after the fact, like I said the whole situation reeks if being hypocritical .

  • DarthHater

    Could we, perhaps, put this debate to rest, if we just changed the name to : Hall of Baseball-Achieving Douchebags?