starlin castro throwingChicago Cubs shortstop Starlin Castro told a Dominican radio station that he plans to play in his native Dominican Republic’s professional baseball league (Dominican Winter League, as you may know it) soon. Play ends Thursday, January 17 – the day before the Cubs Convention begins – so Castro will have to hurry if he wants to get a few games in.

Of course, Castro will have to convince Cubs management that it’s a good idea to let him play for just a few games after not having played since the first week of October. Presumably Castro’s been keeping himself in baseball shape, so I doubt it would be a huge issue. Still, any extra ball for a franchise piece makes you slightly nervous. And, if this is a precursor to Castro wanting to play for the Dominican Republic in the World Baseball Classic this Spring, you might get slightly more nervous (even if you think it’s cool).

Obviously Castro rarely gets the opportunity to play in front of his home country fans – and probably much of his family and friends, too – so I can certainly understand his desire to play a bit. Castro, if he’s permitted to play, will be playing for the Escogido Liones, for which Lendy Castillo already plays.

  • Cubbie Blues

    I cannot cannot cannot stand the World Baseball Classic. There is a reason the players are limited in spring training games.

  • Featherstone

    This being the Cubs, I forsee a “God’s Wrath” post with Castro’s name in the title.

    • Boogens

      Oh no!!! I hadn’t thought of that! @#$%&*!!!

    • kmr1453

      I thought the same thing. With Nate Samson signing with the Reds organization, the possibilities are increasing.

  • Jumbo

    Wait… we’re letting Lendy play?!

    • justinjabs

      God help us, who’s going to be our #2 starter if he gets hurt?!

  • North Side Irish

    Keith Law just posted his Top 25 players under 25 list…Castro comes in at #8. For the most part, it’s hard to argue with the guys ahead of him, like Trout, Harper, Kershaw, Stanton. But he’s got Manny Machado at #7 and that one bothered me. Machado’s projected to be a star, but he’s got all of 202 plate appearances in the majors. Castro’s been doing it for three seasons now.

    • North Side Irish

      Rizzo is #18 on the list too…forgot to add that part.

      • Seth

        Rizzo is the top 1b on that list. Love to see that.

    • justinjabs

      Agreed on Manny.

  • CubFan Paul

    How’s Lendy doing this offseason? Where would he start the year – AA?

    • Brett

      I’m sure the Cubs would like it if he could hold it down as a starter at AA this year (at least). His Winter has been rough, if I remember correctly.

  • chuy z

    But it gets the cubs name out there.for the young prospects…free advertising?

  • North Side Irish

    I see ESPN has an article titled “Who’s the Next Derek Jeter” and Castro is one of the shortstops pictured…I think this is an article about who the next great long-term SS will be.

    Nope. It’s about who the Yankees can get to replace Jeter when he’s gone. Because the Yankees can get anyone they want.

    • Brett


    • Kyle

      I still think there’s a chance that neither Castro nor Baez will be here in five years. This is the front office that traded Garciaparra and Hanley Ramirez.

      • Spriggs

        But Hanley and Nomar had both played in the bigs when they got traded. It could prolly even be said that Nomar was close to done – and they knew it. Did they actually trade great propspects who were still in the A+ range of the minors? Just asking… not sure.

      • Spriggs

        Never mind… I misread your quote. Sorry.

      • North Side Irish

        I agree that the Cubs would trade him if they thought it made the franchise better in the long-term. I was just annoyed by the arrogance of the article’s premise that the Yankees could acquire any player they wanted.

        Hanley was traded at 21 or 22 and Nomar was 31…I have a harder time seeing them trading Castro in his prime, but I absolutely agree the FO would move any player for the right package.

        • Norm

          Any more arrogant than talking about getting David Price next year?
          (Not *you*, but people in general)

          • North Side Irish

            Yeah but it’s the Cubs, so it’s OK. Actually that’s a valid point…we all just got excited about Price after Olney mentioned the possibility on Twitter.

            I’m sure that much of my response to the articles comes from the fact that it’s the Yankees. If it was about who the Phillies could look at to replace Rollins in two years, it probably wouldn’t have annoyed me as much.

  • Cubs1611

    Hi Brett First time here , but i came here because your blog is well known everywhere (cubs) and i just want cubs fans understand that Paul Sullivan said it wrong on Twitter about Starlin Castro and some new “bullets” you should add .
    I reported on Wednesday it wasnt a radio station , it was a Dominican Newspaper, ELCARIBE
    Heres the link , they reported that on Tuesday as I did too

    Firstable : The reasons why S.Castro wants to play in DWL,
    -Help his favorite team (ESCOGIDO BASEBALL CLUB) win the championship
    -Prepare for the WBC

    In that link , he also added that he has been training hard this offseason.

    I also heard on twitter, that Escogido GM , Former cubs player Moises Alou would like him to play everyday at SS.

    Heres the interview that went viral worldwide ( twitter, newspapers, tv, espn, etc) just because Paul Sullivan misconstrued that ( radio station )

    He sounded very optimistic about getting the permission (cubs) to play at DWL and WBC

    MOISES ALOU IS ALSO THE GM OF DOMINICAN REPUBLIC WBC TEAM. So theres a high chance Castro plays WBC if he also gets cubs permission.

    The user CDNRD37 uploaded the real version on youtube.

    For more cubs news and rumors follow us : @cubs1611 Thanks for Reading this post

    • Brett

      Thanks for sharing that, cubs1611. I will have to check those links out.