jackie robinson 42There is a relatively important – and hopefully good – movie coming out April 12, and it just got its second trailer. The movie, ’42,’ is a biopic of Jackie Robinson, the first feature about his story since ‘The Jackie Robinson Story’ 60 years ago, staring Robinson, himself. Here’s a little more background on the movie, which includes the first trailer.

That first trailer was good, but it was hard to tell if the flick was going to be a great one, or a disappointment (and it was hard to tell if Harrison Ford as Branch Rickey was going to be an over-the-top success, or an over-the-top annoyance). The second trailer doesn’t give us much more to answer the parenthetical question there, but as for the movie … man, it looks good.

See for yourself:

  • TWC

    Han Solo looks different in this one.

    • DarthHater

      Spending a year frozen in carbonite will do that …

  • walterj

    Looks awesome . Can’t wait .

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  • Andrewmoore4isu

    Saw zero dark thirty last night and the trailer was a preview. The 3 minute trailer was better than the tree hour movie. Anyone thinking about seeing zero dark thirty–don’t. Just watch seal team six which you can rent or watch on Netflix. Virtually the same movie just in 1/3rd the time

  • http://www.justinjabs.com/blog/ justinjabs

    Looks good.

    But did anyone else hear this at about 1:10?

    “If Robinson Cano …”

  • Jungle Jim

    I hope the actual film doesn’t use contemporary hip hop music as the trailer did.

  • Jungle Jim

    “If Robinson can help us win…”

  • 5412


    I saw Jackie Robinson play his rookie year in Wrigley Field. I was something like 8 years old. I remember there was a big hoopla about him and my aunt and grandmother took me to the game. I remember two things.

    First is it seemed very crowded. I suspect he did put some additional people in the seats.

    Second is, in those days, pitchers would wind up with a runner on third, instead of stretch as they do now. The second the pitcher started winding up, Robinson broke for the plate and I remember wondering what he was doing. The crowd was screaming. I think he was safe; but the real memory was he electrified the crowd. I had never seen attempt to steal home before.

    He was one tough cookie and a very good athlete. It still was a few years before Gene Baker and Ernie Banks arrived on the scene together.


  • TSB

    I have heard that there were Blacks that played in the majors before J. Robinson, but they were passed off as “Cuban”, and I’m not talkin’ Mark; though they didn’t speak Spanish…

  • pj


    Thanks for sharing that memory.

    Perhaps you’ve read Mike Royko’s remembrance about that day. If not, it’s the second column at this link: http://www.press.uchicago.edu/Misc/Chicago/730719.html

  • cubzforlife

    Great comment on the Jackie Robinson game. Read the Royko piece too and to those not old enough or not from Chicago Mile Royko was one of finest blue collar columnists I’ve ever read. Can’t wait for the film. I liked Zero dark thirty.

    • mudge

      Royko. We’ll not see his like again. He wrote about California’s laid back culture, and said, “You can get laid back in Chicago too. Probably with a brick.”

      • Toby

        I remember Royko used to play a lot of softball and more times than not he’s wind up afterwards in Glascott’s, having a few.

  • cubzforlife

    Royko was a regular at Billy Goats but I’m not surprised to hear he drank at Glascotts. Back in the 70’s that stretch of Halsted was rough. I lived at Larrabee and Armitage and would run after getting off the Halsted bus at Armitage. 180 degrees from now. There was a restraunt behind Glascotts that served Gyros?

  • cubfanincardinalland

    Best thing about Robinson, he used to beat the Cardinals like a drum. This after the Cardinals called him every name in the book, played extremely dirty, and threatened to strike if he played. Enos “Country” Slaughter, one of the Cardinals resident racists, spiked Robinson in 1947 and opened a seven inch gash on his leg.
    Best story I ever heard about Robinson, on the morning of his first game in the big leagues, he was having breakfast with his wife, and she was planning on coming to the game.
    Robinson told his wife, “Honey, I will be wearing number 42 with the Dodgers, so that way you will be able to recognize me on the field.”

  • pmorgan

    can anyone send me that awesome video link you had up in one post with that super slow mo about that knuckleball pitch?? it was a few months ago