blackout cubbetry sosa

  • TWC

    Yay! Blackout Cubbetry!

    ‘Cept this one was kinda sad…

    • Brett

      Yes. It was…

      • MichiganGoat

        These are becong more zen like each time.

        • Brett

          It is my only artistic release.

          At least until EBS’es return.

          • Cubbie Blues

            I don’t know about that. The She-View series is fairly artistic.

    • Spencer


  • Spriggs

    No mention of a corked bat or a boom box? Refreshing.

  • John (ibcnu2222)

    I would like to see the entire list of positive drug tests from 2003. How do we know it is legit if we only know a few names? I’m not saying that I do not think that Sammy didn’t juice, I just want to see actual proof.

    • AP

      I would also like to see the person who kept leaking those names punished in some way since that document was supposed to remain sealed, but whatev…

  • King Jeff

    Wow, that was somewhat depressing.

  • rizzastro

    i agree john, without knowing the entire list it puts many players in doubt in my mind. i would not be surprised at all to see marquee players on the list like pujols, griffey jr., etc. most players use/used PEDS for injury prevention/rehab and for the everyday wear and tear on the body. i knew guys that were on steroids back when i played and they were not any stronger than I was but they had a slight advantage in recovery time. their muscles just seemed to rejuvenate slightly quicker after a hard workout but that was the only difference i really noticed.

    • Hee Seop Chode

      Of course Pujols and Griffey Jr. juiced! It amazes me how much people don’t want to comprehend PED. And people talk about like there was a period and it some how ended.

      Either Albert Pujols:

      A) Tries harder than anyone in the history of baseball, and
      B) Is the best power hitter ever, and
      C) Was naturally born stronger than the guy from the Green Mile

      or the most obvious answer:

      D) The guy has been on various forms of human and muscular growth narcotics since before he was 17.

      This fantasy world that Sammy was not caught and so he may have not taken any PED has to end. You guys need to open your eyes to the obvious and accept it.

      • Njriv

        I know that you’re kidding (hopefully) but if it turns out that both of these guys get caught for using PED’s, I would totally stop watching baseball, that would draw the line for me.

  • dan

    we know your hat size does not change over night, he got what he deserved.

    • Internet Random

      609 home runs and many millions of dollars?

  • Carne Harris

    I read this like the traffic report from We Built this City.

  • Dustin S

    I almost forgot about Sosa and his corked bat incident too. Steroids, the corked bat, and forgetting English at the hearings…together just cumulatively put him in a tough position.

    But HOF aside, I would like to see Sosa accepted back into the Cub fold and not completely shunned like he is now. Maybe he wouldn’t even want to come back and take the abuse from some fans, but it would be nice to see him at the convention or at a game once in a while. It could be done in a limited way. Even pre-steroids, so many pitchers would scuff or slobber up a ball. Don Sutton, Gaylord Perry, Whitey Ford are all HOF’ers who admitted or got caught throwing them. Just something to think about.

    • Hee Seop Chode

      When pitchers scuffed up the ball they didn’t become more dominant than Bob Gibson and have greater accuracy than Greg Maddux. The two are in no way comparable.

      • Toby

        Pitchers scuff balls and players steal signs. Kids grow up thinking that’s ok, and I think its just a part of the game, because it harms nobody, except for somebody’s stats. Taking drugs to cheat is a completely different matter. They can cause you to become sterile or grow your hat size with unknown side effects or go home after a game and beat your wife. Drugs are dangerous for innocent kids to emulate because they also end up thinking its part of the game.

      • King Jeff

        Go back and look at the numbers of some pitchers from the “junkball” era. I agree on your point about scuffing balls and roids not being the same, but there are definitely guys who got the most out of their “scuffing” of balls, and to suggest that their stats aren’t greatly improved because they cheated, is naive.

        • Toby

          I think that those pitchers that got the most from scuffed balls were also better than the ones that didn’t.

          • hansman1982

            I think that those batters that got the most from steroids were also better than the ones that didn’t.

        • Norm

          Why aren’t they the same though? Scuffing gives pitchers more movement on the ball, roids give more speed on the ball (theoretically). Is more movement any less of an advantage to higher velocity?

          • Sal T

            Well arguably the steroids affect each and every pitch a pitcher throws whereas scuffing spit balls would only occur once in a while.

  • Toby

    Sosa’s Pinterest pictures made him look like a narcissistic d-bag which made me feel embarrassed to admit I cheered for him years back. In a twisted way I’d love to see the team have a Sammy Sosa day just to watch him get booed off the field, so he always has that as his last memory of being on the field at Wrigley.

  • cheryl

    I think there werea combination of facors involved. One – people just didn’t know that much about how drugs were involved. We watched baseball on TV and our minds were on the game. Two – there was emphasis on smoking and liquor and the words greenies, PEDs, steroids, etc., were not as much a part of society and known like they are today. In our ignorance we thought that players worked out to improve themselves and their game. It wasn’t until the bloated bodies of some of these players caught our attenton that most of us became aware of what was happening. Three – we also wanted to believe that these players we looked up to weren’t doing drugs.

    • DCF

      No need to write in past tense.
      We still don’t know much about how drugs are involved and people still want to believe that the players today aren’t doing drugs.

  • 2much2say

    you heard it hear 1st Bevell HC Taub DC Tresselman OC

    • King Jeff

      Who is Tresselman?

  • cubzfan

    I am still a sosa fan. Baseball needed sosa and mcgwire. We all know baseball did not care at the time because these two brought fans back. Such hipocrits for anyone who says any different. Yes steroids are and were bad, but everyone did not care when these two were filling seats. Its a shame their accomplishments are not recognized. I also feel the Cubs organization should try to reconcile with sosa. My opinion…

  • Toby

    In the years leading up to the PED era, I never stopped watching baseball, and neither did any of my friends. You either like the game or you don’t. PEDs attracted some new fans the way freak shows used to attract people to the old traveling carnivals. I’m sick of hearing how Sosa and McGwire “saved” the game – I think they ruined it. Before PEDS it was easier to get tickets to a game and they were cheaper, there was a lot fewer commercials and it was unheard of to return to game action after a commercial and realize you missed a batter – 1/3 of a team’s at bats that inning – because an extra commercial was squeezed in.

  • cubzfan

    I also am a old school fan, but after the last strike attendance was down. Whether you beleive they did bring fans back or not attendance rose during that season. Remember the saying,” chicks dig the long ball”. Baseball didn’t care, and neither did the fans.

    • Toby

      I admit I am probably in the minority of preferring a snappy 2 hour game that features good pitching and defense and a little timely hitting. To me, those kind of games emphasize every play and make the manager’s moves count for more, making it more a thinking man’s game than a football-like shootout.

      I’m sure baseball’s attendance would have returned either way. I actually wish it had been slower so that the owners and players alike would have learned that strikes have consequences as far as the fans go and maybe they’d be a little more careful about protecting every baseball season.

      I also prefer natural breasts to those freakish looking silicone ones, but that’s just me.

  • Jon Staats

    I for one loved watching these guys in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. It was fun, not just for myself but for ALL Cub fans. It was the most excited I have seen my father get with the Cubs. It did not matter to us that in 1997 Sammy Sosa looked more like Bruce Banner and then in 1998 looked like the Hulk. He was a central figure for us at the time and everyone loved him. Well maybe not Ryne Sandberg, but almost everyone. Hell he carried the Cubs on his back in 1998 and took them to the playoffs. As for his PED’s use, well I am of the same mindset when it comes to anyones body. Their body, their choice. It did not seem to bother people when we went to the playoffs or when we were 5 outs from going to the World Series in 2003. I suspect that had we gone and won it in 2003, people would be more forgiving of him. Remember two things, not just about him but about all the PED users. They ARE modern day gladiators, playing to packed Arenas 162 times a year, not one of them wants that to end. The second is that they are HUMAN and make human mistakes. We expect them to be able to just turn it off after games but the reality is nothing is that easy. Of course these guys will look for any edge they can, unfortunately it was PED’s.
    I hope they bring him back and people are more respectful but I am a realist and now Cub fans boo people unmercifully.

  • arta


  • Brandon

    Baseballs first 300 game winner Pud Galvin admitted using ped’s back in the 1880’s, you really think all mlb records are ligit? Players just found a better way to use them(peds)as time went on. Its been part of baseball for over 100+years, IMO if the players wouldnt have gotten as big as what they did this would be a nonissue, Congress wouldnt have gotten involved and everybody would have claimed that the game is “pure and clean”.

    • AB

      I realize the dynamics beween the NFL/NFL HOF and MLB/basball HOF are different, but you gotta love how the nominees for the football HOF came out and there was no speculation whatsoever that any of them used PEDs.

      What hypocrisy.

    • CubFan Paul

      yep, Galvin openly used a PED and was still voted into the HOF.

  • scorecardpaul

    I am amazed how blind some of the people on here are being. I think those of you who keep using hat size and bulging muscles as your only indicator of PED’s need to do a little more research. Lance Armstrong is a very skinny guy, and I don’t think his hat size has grown? He is an admitted steroid user He used for a very long time. I would bet lots of money that most of the players have used, or still are using some type of PED.

    • Toby

      Lance Armstrong didn’t use HGH like Bonds did. You’re making the mistake of generalizing the side effects of PEDs, mixing them all up.

  • BoyzofZimmer

    Against peds and cheating and sick how much money these guys make, but look at us… Here we are in the offseason, on a cubs blog, judging these guys personally&professionally, talking crap, basically dehumanizing them all together… as fans of the cubs and the game of baseball… No wonder some of these players make bad decisions and cheat… They put their bodies and their names on the line for us not to rip them apart and to ultimately please us fans and their teams respected city, state, hometown or country… Again I am completely against cheating by any means, I understand why “the hawk” is pissed off, but the amount of pressure these guys face today is more than most normal people could handle. No excuse to juice but I believe relevant to the issue. Thoughts?

  • rizzastro

    gaining size by using steroids is going to be determined by the dose and type of steroids in which the athlete takes. many steroids are considered cutting agents, which gives the athlete gains in lean muscle mass while avoiding significant weight gain and water retention. while others like deca, test, anabol, andro, etc. usually gain more mass. so without proper testing one can not truly determine if an athlete is using. PEDS have always been around and some steroids have been around since the 1930’s. PEDS are not always steroids. there are plenty of drugs that can give an athlete the edge. one must be really naive to believe that this game has always been clean because *spoiler alert* it never has

  • Fastball

    Does anyone think Sammy gives two shits what anyone thinks about him. U dint care what he dude or did not do. He got paid to put on a show and that’s what he did. the fans got what they where paying for. I doubt seriously that Sammy misses any sleeper what everyone talks about. if he didn’t Di the rods he wouldn’t have made all his money. i doubt he cares about the hall of fame he has everything he wants and needs in life .

  • Sal T

    The thing that bugs me the most is that the players lie or don’t admit that they used PED’s. They lose my respect for not being honest. If they don’t think it’s cheating and everyone does them, then why can’t they admit to using them?

  • Clifton

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